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quake.ie main news
  #vq3pickup - 12/06/2005Illkillya | 9994 views | 2 replies 
shady sends word about a new pickup channel which gives a chance to test the vq3 gameplay under cpma. it seems to have caught on very well, as there are already over 100 users in the channel, #vq3pickup. at the moment, most of the players are german and dutch, but they're striving for a more international mix.

theres a mention of the new channel on the qub website, here, mirrored on esreality.

accompanying the launch of the channel, they're running a 16 slot 1v1 cpma vq3 cup, all the usual maps - check out the qubism website for more details and coverage of the cup, as well as for information and faq on cpma vq3 in general.

  eire > uk - 30/05/2005MIXU | 10768 views | 3 replies 
i was browsing through some forums on quakeworld.nu and came across a post about the most rememorable 1on1 demo and it reminded me of the 4on4 demo (heh) between ireland and uk from a few years ago. one of those games you got to see to believe

download fuhquake and check this demo out!

  more on et:quakewars - 20/05/2005MindPhuck | 11906 views | 11 replies 
ign posted up the first et:qw trailer. deffo worth a look if your interested in where the future of quakeland is heading -

check it out here.

  quake 4 and et/qw - 17/05/2005[spectator] | 12091 views | 15 replies 
two big news for the quake/id fans :

  1. first quake 4 trailer available here : http://www.nofrag.com/fichiers/quake4/videos/1010/

  2. an a new game/ip coming up, enemy territory: quake wars

** addition **

ign has it all covered nicely here:

e3 2005: quake 4 interview (tim willits part 1):


e3 2005: quake 4 interview (tim willits part 2):


e3 2005: quake 4 interview with todd hollenshead:


quake 4 voice-over session:


quake 4 screenshots:


** /addition **

also, i have recently started to play roe for doom 3 and the single player is sooo much more entertaining than vanilla d3. at some point, i was messing with the grabber in a dark room with a table and few objects lying onto it when 2 'new' imps spawned in the room and started to attack me. their blue fireballs sent flying everything up in the air while projecting blue lights and shadows on the walls and the next 30 seconds it took me to leave the room with half my hp were spectacular. this engine looks very good and it gives you a great feeling of full-on action when the scene is well designed.

  enemy territory nations cup - 09/04/2005Rapier | 16101 views | 14 replies 
right to get straight to the point, the what must be 4th et nations cup is starting again soon, ireland has been given an extended sign up deadline of april 10th which is tommorrow(sunday).

last years captains, nex and sol dont want to do the job, i've been thinking about applying for the position but wouldn't be the best prospective captain due to eccentric work hours. (fancy a 12hr night shift anyone?) however that might change if my current plan to get sacked goes ahead.

the other issue is player numbers: we just don't have enough decent and/or interested players for the squad, its 6v6 but at the very least you'd hope to have minimum 8 players, maximum 12 for the squad. i'm suprised at the lack of interest in the game from the q3 community here, especially as it is similar to q3 in ways (strafe jumping, physics, aim style).

basically this is an appeal to anyone who thinks they might like to try their hand at the game. i personally dont think it would take long to get up to scratch aimwise but the tactics and teamplay are more in-depth in comparison q3 with good comms a necessity, i guess a close q3ctf match might resemble et comms a bit. anyway if your interested try and stick your name down here by tommorrow evening
we'll try and get you up to scratch on how it was meant to be played by the time and maybe even during the cup itself.

p.s. mindphuck and melachi you still play et or want to play?

  new logitech mouse - 06/04/2005[spectator] | 16185 views | 4 replies 
looks like logitech did find a way to improve the mx510, check out the new mx518:


  eircom upgrade - 03/04/2005MIXU | 16732 views | 10 replies 
it seems that the lovely guys and gals over at eircom have decided to take the upgrade into full account after all. whether this be a little gift to us customers or a tactical move against smart telecom, who knows? the latter would make more sense in fairness..

so, whats the up's and downs of this upgrade? as far as i can see, there be only one and that is the download rate. no upload rate upgrade has been mentioned as far as i know.

so on with the jist.


your current bandwidth reading is:

1.58 mbps

which means you can download at 202.24 kb/sec. from our servers.


cool! 202kbs from blacknight.ie

wow you say? this is amazing, fast speeds !!!

yeah, until you realise your ping is fucked again. seems i've an extra 15ms added onto my connection outside of uk/ireland, so gg.

hopefully this will be fixed soon, so i can continue my eircom propaghanda against all other people on dif isp's with higher pings!

on another note, seems quetzal from galway has an uber leet connection (ping wise). 13ms to local servers, 26 to uk, 27 to netherlands, 38 to germany/denmark and 52 to sweden. this is with wifi, who'd of thought?

  nations cup - 01/04/2005benji | 15910 views | 10 replies 
i think we should enter the nations cup again, and i think we a bit more praccy compared to last time we can put in a decent performance

anyone interested?

if we get 6-7 ill sign us up

cmon bai's

  happy paddy's day - 16/03/2005MindPhuck | 17491 views | 2 replies 

from all the staff here at quake.ie and all the people in the world who somehow mysteriously are suddenly irish, (it might be 'cos you drank a guiness or saw a leprechaun once)... heres to a happy paddys weekend!.

go drown that shamrock!

  darkside - 14/03/2005Zero | 15506 views | 7 replies 
any quakers going to the ds lan? (other than the few i see signed up)
i have stuff on saturday night so if i was going twould be from friday night prolly thru the night til saturday sometime when i could get some sleep in. if a good few were goin on fri night we could play a bunch of ctf/dm/whatever, havent played q3 in a long time, could be a good laugh.

  doom 3: roe - 02/03/2005[spectator] | 17063 views | 0 replies 
two articles for the upcoming expansion pack for doom3: resurrection of evil.

the first one is a hands-on and the second one is an interview of matt hooper, id designer and executive producer for roe.



the ctf mode looks good, i can't wait to try it.

  quakeworld for freshies - 28/02/2005MIXU | 16417 views | 3 replies 
welcome to quakeworld! this manual covers most aspects of what you need to know in order to play, to enjoy and to be successful with this game called quakeworld.
this is a work in progress and is regularly updated."

qw for freshies is an extensive guide on quakeworld; containing everything you need to know about the game in order to get into the full swing of it. featuring detailed outlines of all the dm maps (including a sky view too!), explanations on the more common commands, a quick qizmo setup guide, hints & tips on jumping/bunny hopping.... this is definately one of the top guides to check out.

made by the main man himself, apollyon, he has recently made a few updates and there definately worth checking out.

  irishbroadband tbh - 27/02/2005benji | 11815 views | 6 replies 
was playing off a friends connection yesterday, the ibb 1meg/1meg 8:1 line, and my god the ping was vicious.

it was a nice steady 25 to jolt and felt perfectly smooth, (also while i was playing with this 25 ping, the 2 other lads were playing fps's aswell with not even the slightest glitch to the ping ) .

then on games5 it was 8-9dos ping and in game was about 11-14, which i thought felt like lan, and as such we didnt bother host a lan server, and just used games5.

anyone else got the same conn and know of any problems? otherwise i might considering switching for it :>

  galway lan - 02/02/2005MindPhuck | 14288 views | 2 replies 
for anyone whos interesting in heading west the weekend, the latest in the long running and now famous galway lan (12th lan) is kicking off on saturday morning.

as usual, it will be an excellent lan and anyone who can make it, should. even tho all places are full, i'm sure you can head in and have a laugh with the lads there.

for more information, head over to room101.org and have a gander.

  et:f - 15/01/2005MindPhuck | 12436 views | 4 replies 
for those of you who are fans of the game enemy territory, like me, you should rush over to these mirrors and slurp right away. (jolts fast). basicly, its enemy territory fortress mod and its pretty damn good. whats better.. its free!

note, you need the orig et. can be obtained from here too.

  q3 at eurocup finals - 13/01/2005MindPhuck | 13033 views | 3 replies 
since clanbases previous announcement, they have decided that it will be quake 3 will be their 2 on 2 event with cash prizes -

1st 2.500

2nd 1.250

3rd 750

4th 500

they also have signups for their opencup. more details can be found here.

  new chickenteam map released - c - 12/01/2005[spectator] | 12638 views | 1 replies 
chickenteam is a set of maps by ctf players for ctf players. they have released ctctf6 last night, you can get it there :

  ressurection of evil - 07/01/2005[spectator] | 14174 views | 11 replies 
well, it seems that dr. betruger really wants to do bad things in this universe as he'll be back stronger than ever with new monsters to send after your poor little ass ...


and, oh yeah, that's right: there will be a ctf mode for the multiplayer \o/\o/\o/. the threewave team has been hired to work on it which probably means that the maps will be great. and it also explains why there wasn't any comments/work on doom3 from them so far ...
now i really can't wait

  biffys review - 07/01/2005MindPhuck | 13967 views | 9 replies 
i noticed over on quadnation that biffy has posted up his, as usual, excellent review of the jolt ctf season. two areas that are of interest to irish clans are div3a and div3c. of course you can read the whole thing here.

  more clanbase'ness - 01/03/2005MindPhuck | 9737 views | 1 replies 
clanbase seem to be the only movers and shakers at the moment with their opened the sign ups for their spring 2005 opencup. ctf signups->here, tdm->here and clan arena->here. get signed up and start the new year with a bang!

  clanbase goes lan - 03/01/2005MindPhuck | 9567 views | 0 replies 
clanbase announced that they are going to hold the eurocup xi finals at a lan with 50,000 euro in cash prizes. while the 1v1 fps game hasn't been decided, were hoping that it will be q3. check it out here.

  quake 3 arena source delayed - 01/02/2005[spectator] | 9292 views | 1 replies 
new .plan update from john carmack.


ps: happy new year 2005 to everyone!

  clanbase merges - 22/12/2004MindPhuck | 10458 views | 8 replies 
clanbase announced earlier today that they have merges with the global gaming league in an exciting partnership.

the ggl's marketing crew will find sponsorship for both clanbase and ggl tournaments from now on. the ggl has awarded more than $100,000 in prize money in 2004 alone, and can now add the huge marketing potential of clanbase ..

you can read more here.

  happy christmas - 21/12/2004MindPhuck | 10388 views | 6 replies 
from all they guys and girls here at quake.ie, have a happy christmas and may your new year bring you only good things.

have fun!

  remember the nations cup? - 15/12/2004MindPhuck | 10214 views | 2 replies 
well, the last of the semi finals are on tonight at 8pm gmt with the netherlands taking on swedan. (incidentially, did you ever see the netherlands list of players ? heh). anyway, it should be an excellent set of games and definately worth a look if your into cee tee efff. #cbnations.q3

  choose life.. choose qw - 14/12/2004MindPhuck | 10323 views | 8 replies 
for those of you who still like to see and play the beautiful game, you just have to check out these set of demos. the first game is from clan malfunction vs griffins tappra gossar on dm3. keeping in mind, the players are some of the worlds best players in qw, just keep the demo on fix's pov. the guy is just an absolute monster. check it out here.

the set of games is from def vs caban in the duelmania qw competition. theres 4 maps in total, ztn dm6 dm2 aerowalk. fcuk me, these are some games! thats all i can say. go download now.

  the way to heaven!! - 12/06/2004Spaceman | 11533 views | 7 replies 
map to lan

reeee!! things are taking shape,

attending: me killy mp pyro dest benji spec weemcd vin gib carl weak-infant baz

pyro is bringing a 24port hub

bring power blocks and cat 5 cables if you have them (i have a pile here but better safe than sorry)

come at 8pm saturday and we'll take it from there.

baz asked me to say he will provide a escort service if needed!! (you must be over 18)

  clanbase ctf opencup - 30/11/2004Illkillya | 9767 views | 1 replies 
a win over the austrians, rofl, on sunday match report
target="_blank">here following on a win over the german
clan tt in the 1/4 final, sent fh into the final of the 3rd league
in clanbase
ctf opencup
. we will be facing the senti-powered swedish/estonian clan vires.

  jolt ctf season ends - 23/11/2004Zero | 11061 views | 16 replies 
now that myself and mp's dsl orders are in, looking forward to being back online playing. looking at the jolt website, the results are in for the end of the ctf league, where we have some good results from the irish sides.
fh come in a very strong second in div3a, (won: 10, drawn: 1, lost: 3, cap diff: 23, points: 21), earning themselves promotion to division 2.
joining them in division 2 are n8z, who despite player unavailability problems (me included), got themselves together after a shaky start and came in second in div3c by a point, (won: 9, drawn: 1, lost: 4, cap diff: 28, points: 19).
baz's ded team came in 3rd in div3c, (won: 7, drawn: 1, lost: 6, cap diff: 12, points: 15), narrowly missing promotion. all in all, a good show from us paddys, keep it up next season guys.

  great half life 2 article - 13/11/2004x0n | 12815 views | 7 replies 

width="170" align="right" vspace="5" border='0' onerror="this.src='http://archive.quake.ie/images-icons/forums.gif';">gamespot
has posted an excellent, 25-page, in-depth article titled
the final hours of half-life 2
. the report covers:

  • the choice by valve software
    to develop their own game engine

  • the inclusion of realistic physics and articulate characters

  • why half-life 2
    didn't appear at e3 2002

  • the real story behind the september 30, 2003 release date

  • the lawsuit between valve and vivendi universal games

  • how game levels are envisioned and created

  • how a 21-year-old german named axel g hacked into valve's network

yeah, i know it's not quake, but there isn't one person here who isn't going to be itching for this, especially after the lukewarm reception the single player game in doom received.
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