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  never forget - 04/11/2001MindPhuck | 4888 views | 5 replies 
not quake related at all, but it brought a tear to my eye when i watched it. wtc disaster clips.

  q3 ctf team trials - week 2 - 28/10/2001MindPhuck | 4937 views | 6 replies 
anyone that is interested in playing
for the irish team, please show up this wednesday night, 9pm for trials. #ctf.ie,

even if you wish to make up numbers for the games, please, feel free to show up and you
will get some games. a couple of requirements for wednesday which are :

- osp .99w

- threewave
unification pack

- q3
pointrelease 3.0

  aude - 25/10/2001nDPodgeen | 5036 views | 3 replies 
aude - this is a new quake video similar to frags done extreme except all the clips are off australian players. im downloading it atm so i dont know how good it is. heres what challenge-tv had to say
" pyth and pace did a very nice job making it, even the soundtrack is good. it'll take awhile for anyone on a 56k modem, it's 265 megs. i think it is very well done and worth the download"

anyways you can get it here and here.
maybe eric will put up a mirror. (i dont know how)

  q3 ctf trials - 24/10/2001MindPhuck | 5053 views | 11 replies 
i've already mailed everyone that has expressed interest in the team, including all those on the draft team at the moment. however, just in case people are not aware, the trails are on tonight at 9pm, #ctf.ie on quakenet if you feel your the man for the job.

  savlan 3 - 24/10/2001M1ke | 5034 views | 0 replies 
savlan 3 will be kicking off friday nov 2nd and will have a very good showing from the q3tdm community. bio will have 2 teams there, and hopefully will be competing in the q3tdm and ctf tourneys. chilled from savage sends along the following details for anyone interested in attending :

"savlan 3 is a q2/q3 lan taking place in coventry between 2-4 november. savage are looking for 37 for 3 days of lanning, pickup, tourneys & prizes. this is a community lan, mainly focusing on q3 with 160-odd players signed up so far. players from clans bio, !, fear.uk, unr, ek, [email protected] & c3x, digital nemesis, gunzoids, lanlords, mortal retribution, and nme are amongst the attendees and it promises to be a lot of fun.

i'd just like to confirm that ati have signed up as sponsors for savlan 3. they have initially provided 5 x radeon 7500s for the q3 events. this is in addition to the prizes of savage clan ports and the 1 v 1 competition sponsored by scan with a dvd player as 1st prize.

i've also been asked to pass on the news that any players who have signed up should pay up as soon as possible so that they can confirm their place. we're coming towards the final deadline, and the number of sign ups could mean that we will have to work on a first come, first served basis for the remaining spaces. you can now pay for savlan3 online by visiting http://www.pccyberstore.com/product.php?id=4 (unfortunately vat is charged via this method, therefore ticket prices are up 17.5%)."

  ul lan - 23/10/2001nDPodgeen | 5195 views | 3 replies 
most of you are probably read boards but for those of ye that dont there's a ul-lan coming up soon. the website is here this has everything you need to know about it, regristration and accomodiation details etc. the discussion on boards is here

  techdemo - 22/10/2001MindPhuck | 5067 views | 1 replies 
torc interactive - you've heard the name,
now let me tell you about them. based in ireland, they are a five man team working hard to
move from the spare-time situation they currently find themselves in, to full-time game
development professionals. two of irelands quake oldies, freak_bruther and donron, are
working on it.

anyways, take a peek at their site http://www.torcinteractive.com
and maybe even download their techdemo,
which at under 7.5mb gives a quick and decent idea of where they are coming from.

they have had positive responses from the likes of david perry and graeme devine (of id
softawre no less!), as well as making iotd on href="http://www.flipcode.com/cgi-bin/msg.cgi?showthread=10-10-2001&forum=iotd&id=-1">flipcode.
there is more news mentioned from various web sites around the world on their site.

here is a few screenshots of the demo, a first-person-shooter which is set in an old
celtic monastery, where you have to battle your way thru to collect the torc artifact and
complete the demo. you can check out the rest of the href"http://www.torcinteractive.com/techdemscr.htm">screenshots on torc's site and you
can nab the demo here. there is a cool
specifications page which you should take a look at too.

  osp 0.99w - 22/10/2001Drexciyian | 5291 views | 0 replies 
quicker than quakenation, quicker than ch-neo(ch-uk) your heard it here first the new osp is out, slurp it here

  new website for hatstand - 20/10/2001Crusader | 5366 views | 1 replies 
i'm sure i won't be the first to point out that the good mr mindphuck has cooked up a new website for the hatstand clan. if it doesn't get plugged here he won't get the props he deserves for it, so take a look at www.hatstand.cx

  euro ctf country list - 19/10/2001MindPhuck | 4985 views | 0 replies 
quakenation posted a list of all the captains for 20 teams in odee's euro ctf. in true copy and paste fashion, heres the list :




n. ireland













isle of man





thanks to qn for my blatant ripofery.

  barrysworld q3 tdm league - 19/10/2001MindPhuck | 4976 views | 0 replies 
the draft divisions for season 7 of the barrysworld q3dm league have been posted on the leagues new webpage as the build up starts for the next edition of the longest running uk based tdm league for quake3. for the 3rd season in a row the league will feature 140 clans from 14 different countries.

the season itself will be kicking off on ther 6th/7th november with the divisions, maps and fixtures all being finalised over the next week.

looking at our old favourites, i see bio.b(lue) in div 1a, hat in division 2a, bio.r(ed) in div 3b and finally, fh are in div 3d. these are draft and a few of the clans may move up or down the divisions before the final listings.

  q3 ctf euro championships - 18/10/2001MindPhuck | 5115 views | 7 replies 
as the title says - the q3 ctf european championships will be starting again very soon and theres a team to be made for the squad.

last season there was great interest in the league, some conflicts and some headaches. at the end of the day, most people enjoyed it.

if your interested in playing for ireland, stick your name here. trials will be held as soon as there is enough people.

  return to castle wolfenstein - 16/10/2001MindPhuck | 5011 views | 1 replies 
unless you're in a church or a clinic for the terminally clueless, that person will probably tell you that return to castle wolfenstein (rtcw) is a remake of the classic wolfenstein 3d. if you whack them again with the cat they'll probably then tell you that the world war ii shooter is a collaborative effort between id software, gray matter studios (doing single-player), and nerve software (doing multiplayer). one final thump from your kitty carcass may reveal that the game is powered by the quake 3 engine and is pretty much the most anticipated first-person shooter on the horizon. gamespy have the review of the full game..

  cpm league review - 16/10/2001MindPhuck | 5039 views | 6 replies 
just noticed this over on quakenation, (/me thumps emp!) that empedocles has updated his qnation column with an indept review of week one of the bw cpm league. if your into promode and want to keep on top of whos who, good, shit, whatever, its worth a read.

  ctf european championships - 15/10/2001MindPhuck | 4993 views | 2 replies 
odee has sent word about the next q3 euro championships. heres what he has to say :

following on from the first championship that finished in august with
germany being crowned the first q3ctf european champions. i am pleased to
announce that the 2nd tournament will get underway in january 2002.
i would like to invite players who would be interested in representing their
country as national team captain. i am hoping to increase on the 21
countries involved last time round so please email me as soon as possible.

i wonder, would there be enough interest in this to create a team? let me know.

  bw season 7 ctf league - 15/10/2001MindPhuck | 5022 views | 0 replies 
the draft divisions for season 7 of the barrysworld q3ctf league have been posted on the leagues new webpage as the build up starts for the largest season of the competition so far, with 84 clans signed up to participate from countries all across europe.

the season itself will be kicking off on ther 28th/29th october with the divisions, maps and fixtures all being finalised over the next week.

incidentially, my ctf clan, ts (tortured souls) and clan bio are both in division 2a. im kinda looking forward to knocking two shades of purple out of them. heh, gwan!

  return to castle wolfenstein - 14/10/2001MindPhuck | 4994 views | 0 replies 
clanbase has started a return to castle wolfenstein (rtcw) ladder. at the moment only the rtcw multiplayer test is out, but as the stats show that version is already more popular than any form of q3a or ut - only the big hl mods are played more than rtcw currently. when the full version of rtcw is released, the ladder will be continued with that. worth a look.

  unification mod released - 11/10/2001MindPhuck | 5163 views | 1 replies 
threewave have released their awaited mod. it has four different paks. the compilation packs 1 and 2, classic pack and the threewave pack.

this looks very promising. its a whooping 123 mb download and you can slurp it here.

  threewave ctf - 11/10/2001MindPhuck | 5190 views | 0 replies 
tomorrow sees the long awaited release of the lastest and probably last pack files from threeewave. it promises to be an excellent set of maps, which will bring a new lease of life to the ctf community.

planetquake have been busy lads, as they have some really cool screenshots of some of the maps. you can check them out here.

we will of course have a mirror up on quake.ie as soon as the new packs become available.

  coaching - 09/10/2001MindPhuck | 5360 views | 0 replies 
if your a coach for a team or a team captain and interested in the coaching aspects of team games, i suggest you take a look at an interview.. actually three interviews with fuzzy, godsmurf and existenz. gunpower has the low down.

  barrysworld q3 tdm season 7 - 09/10/2001MindPhuck | 5500 views | 0 replies 
sign-ups for season 7 of the barrysworld q3dm league have been opened. if your team wants to enter they should sign-up via the league website. deadline for sign-ups is next monday.

  predator-strike - 08/10/2001MindPhuck | 5577 views | 6 replies 
i saw this and said 'this is pharking brilliant'. if you liked the film predator and you've played a bit of camper-strike, then your gonna love this. go take a look!

  eircom delays adsl - 02/10/2001MindPhuck | 5395 views | 15 replies 
just read this over on adsl.ie that eircom have decided to delay the launch of their i-stream product.

due to of ongoing discussions with the office of the director of telecommunications regulation [odtr], eircom regrets to announce that the commercial launch of , eircom's new adsl service, scheduled for today (tuesday 2nd october 2001) has been postponed. eircom will make every effort to resolve all outstanding issues with the odtr and to bring adsl technology to customers as soon as possible.

looks like us wee-people are gonna be stuck with isdn for a good while longer yet.

  bw ctf league review - 02/10/2001MindPhuck | 5362 views | 4 replies 
bigfoot has posted his review of season 6 of the barrysworld q3ctf league, this can

be found on quakenation. it features the usual stats, division by division reviews and quotes from
participants from each division and allways worth a read.

  #q3proball - 01/10/2001Illkillya | 5631 views | 4 replies 
amid the recent proball hysteria, vamp|ro has set up #q3proball in the tradition of #q3pickup and #ctfpickup. for those of you who haven't played it, proball is a football/basketball mod for q3 that has become very popular after two servers were set up by barrysworld last week. pop into #q3proball for a game, or just to idle.. and if you haven't played it yet, download it off barrysworld ftp, its great fun

  challenges - 30/09/2001MindPhuck | 5432 views | 2 replies 
the first of donkings challenges kicked off in the wee hours of this morning with our very own koopa v's north american player, bronx. donking's weekly challenge site is yet to be setup, but keep checking challenge-tv during the week.

the first game was played on an irish server giving koopa a big ping advantage, the rest, were played on an american server. koopa narrowly wins all games. check out the demos.

demo 1

demo 2

demo 3

demo 4

  q3 pointrelease - 28/09/2001MindPhuck | 5595 views | 4 replies 
the latest quake 3 point release, 1.30 has just been released for general usage. you can download the full release here.

  new quake3 tdm league. - 26/09/2001Illkillya | 5476 views | 7 replies 
this one has cash prizes, so it could be very interesting. its run by zommy of thrustworld. even if you're not interested in the q3 league, its worth looking into the services for a variety of games promised by thrustworld, including leauges, ladders, clan server booking and rental. heres what zommy had to say:
thrustworld (read for more information) are announcing that they will be launching a new quake3 tdm (and ctf/ra3/cs – more on these later). the leagues will be run in the now standard divisional based system, 2 x 20 minute maps, running on a home/away basis (each clan picks a map at the start of the season). there will be a prize purse of around 5000 per month, divided up between q3/cs etc. for more information regarding the league and to provisionally signup email zommy at [email protected]

also, if your interested in signing up for a beta account which entitles you to one month of free gaming please do so here.

  barrysworld ctf league - 26/09/2001MindPhuck | 5444 views | 0 replies 
bigfoot sent in word about the recently finished bw q3ctf league's winners:

division 1 & overall champions - wr - warriors of the realm
division 2a - potzw - prince of the zorgons world
division 2b - ex - excrucio
division 3a - inf - inferno
division 3b - bu - belgium united
division 3c - xpd - expedient demise
division 4 - sps - self preservation society

  multiview demo recording in qw - 09/01/2025OverLord | 5617 views | 1 replies 
highlander has developed a long needed method for recording all povs to one demo.

its just one improvement in his new demo protocol - mvd. get all the info here. i've put up a test server on slosh.ign.ie:27503 which includes the latest ktpro mod as well.
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