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  maxpackets, rates discussion - 18/02/2001MindPhuck | 5364 views | 1 replies 
i wouldn't normally post news about discussions in forums, but this one is rather interesting as it will effect how bio will be able to play in the up'n coming eurocup. also a thing to note, is the general agreement is max_packets 100 can and does flood isdn and modem players.. something people should note when playing against lanned players. anyway, have a read.

  all your base belong to us! - 18/02/2001MindPhuck | 5692 views | 5 replies 
if you havn't seen this already - erm, click here

  celebrity deathmatch - 18/02/2001MindPhuck | 5459 views | 2 replies 
well, tonights games went down a treat.  all the players showed and really enjoyed
the games from all accounts.  i had a great laugh and i think most people did aswell.
  the games were very entertaining with some cracking action. bigfoot
from barryworld helped alot in
supplying the server and the gtv.  thanks for that dave, it was excellent.  a
huge thanks goes to the players, who, without them, we'd have no games at all.  so
thanks to illkillya, deathlord, skelt, mekon, jedi, swelt, m1rv, sid, koopa
and blokey.  again lads.. thanks for the games.  thanks to
havok for manning the gtv.  played lad.  now to the games. 

illkillya v's deathlord

t4 : 2 -

ztn : 5 -

pov pack

skelt v's mekon

t4 :
5 - 23

ztn : 4 -

mekon's pov

jedi v's swelt

: 1 - 6

ztn : 6 -

m1rv v's sid

t2 :
3 - 11

t4 : 24
- 7

ztn : 2 -

koopa v's blokey

t4 :
9 - 27

t2 : 6 -

blokey's pov

that's it for this weeks episode of celebrity deathmatch.
  if you would like to participate and be one of our many superstars, drop me a mail
and we'll take it from there.  from the moment, it's good night.. good fight.

  fancy some team arena? - 17/02/2001MindPhuck | 5424 views | 0 replies 
we'll you can now, overlord sends word that there is now a public ta server up n running on vishnu.ign.ie:27965 which im sure will prove to be popular.

  threewave ctf map pack - 16/02/2001MindPhuck | 5435 views | 0 replies 
wow, load of packs getting released. here's one to be released real soon. it looks like that long-waited threewave ctf mappack is getting closer. casey just updates the threewave site with details on the 30-40 maps they are going to release. thats a shit load of maps. impressive. it will probably be released in small packs for eas of download, etc. in the meantime, check out the preview screenshots of it.

  team.ie internet team - 16/02/2001Zero | 5516 views | 0 replies 
myself and bunny have thrown up something quick on the team.ie net team. it's on bunny's column, go have a look.

  xsreality's new look - 16/02/2001MindPhuck | 5467 views | 5 replies 
today see's the unveiling of the new xsr site which their dubbing, version 2. its not up just yet, but it will be live later today.

  celebrity deathmatch returns - 15/02/2001MindPhuck | 5379 views | 0 replies 

yes, its here, coming this saturday nite, we bring you the irish v's the rest. this week on celebrity deathmatch we have a great line up of stars playing out the some of the best duelers around. for more, check it out.

  bio interviewed - 15/02/2001MindPhuck | 5872 views | 27 replies 
in case you missed this one, bio were intervied by splitty from challenge-eu about their recent win v's nd for the eurocup placing. an interesting read to say the least. here is an extract -

[splitty] so were bio expecting to win?

[m1ke] not really tbh, not after all their bl33ting. not with players like bunny,koopa,overlord etc.. big names in quakeworld, we thought we were gonna get stuffed tbh ... but they never stood up well

  team arena map pack - 15/02/2001MindPhuck | 5466 views | 0 replies 
id software have just released the first of their map packs for team arena. containing four team-style maps it looks like they have created some truly fine playgrounds. snarf them here.

  missing person appeal - 15/02/2001MindPhuck | 5467 views | 0 replies 

on a totally quake-unrelated issue, trevor deely has been missing since 8th december 2000. some of you may have already seen this posted all over the city. there have been no confirmed sightings since, nor have there been any leads as to what may have happened.

as i'm sure you can appreciate, his family are going through a horrendous time and we are desperate to find trevor. if you know of his where-abouts or know any further information on this, please let us know.

  barrysworld roundup - 14/02/2001MindPhuck | 5393 views | 2 replies 
the second last week in the target="_blank">barrysworld league is showing the men from the boys.   heres
how the games played this week -

team dm7tmp dm8tmp
ps imp 69-81 152-42
bio sq 75-0 75-0
hat utp 122-70 121-94
hat-b craps 57-116 68-126

*nb - hat's games were played on mexx1 and dm8 as it was a postponed match from
two weeks back.

ps are now favorites to grab the no.1 spot from div 2c.  last night ea,
  slipped up against son losing on both dm8 and dm7. meaning  that all ps need
to do is win against struggling clan poq to get the no.1 spot and get promoted to div 1.
also in the same division, bio will unluckily finish 3rd or 4th on frag difference after having completed all their games, but m1ke isn't too unhappy and plans to spend another season in div2 working on teamplay before taking on the teams in the top flight. hat also are doing very well.  tonight saw them defeat utp, a
team who like hat were undefeated until now.  hat are now guaranteed promotion to
division 2 and if they win their next game, they will take their division.  the ever
improving hat-b are doing relatively good in their division aswell and will probably do
alot better in future games.

  ec3 groups announced - 14/02/2001M1ke | 5445 views | 1 replies 
the eurocup groups have been announced over at clanbase. bio will be competing in group c which comprises of the following : bio,bwl,cx,mtw,neo,tulls. i hope you'll all be putting your money on bio using the cbooky, everyone likes ez money yah ?

  register your nick! - 14/02/2001MindPhuck | 5576 views | 19 replies 
due to popular demand, nick registration has been setup. so no more posting under other peoples nicks. head over and register your nick now.

  bio victory - eurocup place seal - 13/02/2001M1ke | 5923 views | 28 replies 
the games were finally both played, after quite a bit of disruption choosing a server. the games were played on jolt first on q3dm8, with a 120-104 win to bio and on barrysworld a q3dm6 132 - 109 win for bio. a 3rd decider map wasn't needed.

in general the connections were simliar and erractic for both sides at times with some incidents such as m1rvs ping spiking to 250 on q3dm8 and nd being unable to connection to barrysworld until 11. the bio team that played was m1ke,m1rv,sky,skelter,simo,e^z and jedi. nd played overlord, koopa, jay, zero and bunny. due to the server and the fact that sky had to be gone by 11 no pauses could be issued on q3dm6 leaving a good proportion of the game 3 bio players v 4 nd players but bio still managed a solid win.

i talked to godsmurf after the match and bio have been awarded the eurocup place for ireland. screenshots of the 2 games can be found here q3dm6 and q3dm8. demos will follow tomorrow when i get them off the lads.

  iq3cl iii - who's your daddy? - 13/02/2001Zero | 5537 views | 11 replies 
yes, the third (mini) iq3cl will be held next week at trinlan. it's to be held on the sunday, we'll need confirmation of clans etc so i can do up the schedule, but so far it looks like this :-


acid x 2


nd x 2


we need confirmation of clans, who will be there, when you are arriving, if you are sharing/have your own pc. the league will be played out on the sunday starting bright and early. reply in the comments, one reply per clan please.

let's get it on !!

  na daghda v's bring it on - 13/02/2001MindPhuck | 5429 views | 16 replies 

the place for clanbases eurocup
will take place tomorrow night at 8:00.  the first two games will be played on
q3dm6tmp and q3dm8, q3dm14tmp being the decider.  should the matches go to a third game,
the final game will be played at 10pm to give the players competing in the href="http://www.barrysworld.com" target="_blank">barrysworld league a chance to
finish out their other games.  the two teams will have to play out of their socks to
prove whos gonna get that precious top spot.  playing for href="http://www.clanbio.com" target="_blank">bio will be m1ke, jedi, m1rv,
skelt, simo, e^z
and sky.  whilst on the href="http://clans.quake.ie/nd" target="_blank">nd team, they have koopa, jay,
bunny, zero, podgeen
and sonic.  this game is going to be
mega.   details of gtv ip's will be in #quake.ie on quakenet.  more news on
this as it comes in.

  nd - bio eurocup playoff back on - 12/02/2001Zero | 5158 views | 0 replies 
the playoff for the eurocup 3 place between nd and bio may be back on tomorrow night. due to the short notice about the game, both teams might have trouble putting out teams. more later on my column.

  trinlan signup - 12/02/2001MindPhuck | 5064 views | 0 replies 

skyclad sends news for all the people intending to go to trinlan, they should quickly run over to his site and sign up immediately.. don't miss your place!

  savage q3tdm cup groups confirme - 11/02/2001Illkillya | 4894 views | 10 replies 
hot on the heels of the wpdml, savageuk q3dm has announced groups for its cup which is designed to formulate balanced divisions for the league. in group 1, hatstand will have to contest with four kings. acid, in group 2 get unr in round one, while fish heads, in group 4 will be playing neo. despite having 3 of the 4 best clans in the uk, these groups look nice, with second place wide open. bio seem to have it easy in group 13. there is a good summary of the cup on the savageuk website, with a brief description of all clans including players to watch.

  wpdml divisions set - 10/02/2001Illkillya | 4991 views | 8 replies 
shill and sar of clan-wars have organised the 70 clans that signed up for the wpdml into divisions tonight. there are seven divisions, based on ability like with the bwdml. some interesting placements, our very own acid have been placed in div2, while fish heads and hat-b are in div4. bio will have tough competition in div1 against some of the best clans around. apparently theres still 10 places left in the league, and its starting the beginning of march.

  nd v's bio for place in the euro - 10/02/2001MindPhuck | 4873 views | 7 replies 
heres one for the books. el_pres has pulled ps out of the eurocup league due to crappy connections. heres what wen't down :

[ps-el_pres] tell, yah what. i could organise a once off net game, best of 5 or whatever

[ps-el_pres] winner gets the invite?

[godsmurf] that's a good idea

[godsmurf] take a clanbase server

[ps-el_pres] ok, ill organise it

[godsmurf] best of 3 should be enough, if they want best of 5, also fine

[godsmurf] thx

so there you have it. if both nd or bio want the invitation they have to play each other and winner takes all. sounds fair. i didn't realize that bio were looking to play in the ec aswell. as for the game, it's got to take place before wednesday due to the clan rosters being posted. i'll keep you posted as it comes in.

  trinlan featured - 10/02/2001Bunny | 4766 views | 0 replies 
mindphuck has put up a small feature on the up and coming trinlan event which is worth a read.

  challenge- portugal - 08/02/2001MindPhuck | 4707 views | 0 replies 
the newest of the challenge network sites came on-line a few days ago. like its sister sites, challenge-pt will bring you the latest of news from their country. best of luck guys.

  eurocup - 08/02/2001MindPhuck | 7234 views | 55 replies 
jedi sends word that ps have been invited for the next clan base eurocup. concerns about the clans connection problems or lack of decent connects leaves ps looking for players from nd to fill their ranks for the competition. a suggestion has been made that nd replace ps. another suggestion is team.ie take their place. i think, regardless of what form it takes, it would be a shame to let such an invitation to go to waste due to connectivity problems. personally, i think they should create a new clan just for the league. your thoughts?

  more barrysworld league - 07/02/2001MindPhuck | 4840 views | 3 replies 
the second last week of the barrysworld games kicked in, producing some interesting
results for all envolved.  doing my usual, heres the results :

team cpm4 dm14tmp
bio vvv 126-54 119-59
ps ea* 76-77 168-64
hat ea- 97-75 146-70
hat-b aa 66-107 54-145

next week sees the finals games of season 4 and we will be able to see the overall
winners of each division.

  reflex tester - 07/02/2001Bunny | 4690 views | 5 replies 

this has been up on xsreality awhile back but deserves a second mention. the description really sums it up...

this game will test your aim, your reflexes but most of all it will test your sanity. if you have played quake then you know the importance of a steady railgun, you can practice that here. just bought a new mouse? see how it scores against your old one.

i wouldn't bother reading the instructions, you just have to click the green bubbles before they disappear which becomes very difficult after awhile. good test of your aim..give it a shot here. don't forget to post your scores up.

  world rankings - 06/02/2001Bunny | 4761 views | 2 replies 

this is a site that quietly accumulates vast amounts of data about every player on every server. it covers just about every fps game including mods for all of them. alot of you won't have heard of this page, but chances are you'll be on it, i did a search for my name which came up with results and a world ranking...i also did the same with an alias i used in qw about 6 months ago, and there i was, ranking, results, etc. i suggest you check it out here.

  fatality's dm7 tacts - 06/02/2001MindPhuck | 4691 views | 0 replies 
mr. limelight himself, fatality, has produced an excellent set of tactics for any serious player or clan. along with demos and screenshots, the tactics he uses are for the qil championships which covers dm7, dm6tmp, dm14tmp and dm12tmp. definately check it out.

  lansanity finals - 06/02/2001MindPhuck | 4724 views | 1 replies 
a little late with this one. the lansanity finals took place over the weekend with the ck team, fatality & zero4 defeating the abuse team, latrine & pureluck. it took five games to decide the victor. the winners took home $1500 between the two and $1000 for the runners up. demos of the games are over on challenge-us.
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