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quake.ie main news
  cpl holland 'n stuff - 12/03/2001MindPhuck | 5691 views | 33 replies 
i have set up the details for everyone who is participating in the cpl qualifiers for the cpl holland event. take the time to have a look at the rules and the general details of the qualifier. as yet, no details of prizes, but have a look anyway.

  ps-ser, ps-beast rename to bio-s - 12/03/2001[sk.Ser] | 8391 views | 68 replies 
since team ps has now gone totaly inactiv, myself and beast needed a new team to join. had some good offer's from uk teams, but have decided to join team bio. they have a fully activ online team at moment (well nearly *cough* ecup3) so we shall help out with lan side of things.

how do you think this will effect the irish quake3 scene, if it will at all.


  on group c - 11/03/2001MindPhuck | 4825 views | 2 replies 
in clanbases eurocup, there was a few games last nite. notibly, neo v's bwl and bio v tulls.

the neo v bwl match went down to three games. bwl taking neo 96-49 on dm14, neo snatching dm7 with 108-91. it was a great comeback for bwl on dm6 who won 120-102. you can read more about it here

the bio game was a little mysterious as it turns out bio didnt show for their game and tulls got a forfeit. according to cb rules, a team can show up and play whats called their wildcard just before a game and have their match replayed at a later date. i briefly spoke to m1ke, leader of bio, who told me he turned up too late to play the wildcard. the official standing does look like a forfeit against bio, but it may get replayed just yet.

  us qw 1v1 - 09/03/2001Bunny | 4889 views | 1 replies 
there is a new 12 man qw 1v1 tourney taking place in north america. they have a webpage here. so far 12 people have been invited to participate:

division 1: chuga, def, fiend, fuman, skitter, xoque

division 2: czm, clown, bulldozer, jester, wang, yogic

zzjohnzz will be running the comp. as of late the quakeworld servers have been filling up and there are rumours that izno may be organising a big european qw competition, something along the veins of the famous tgi comp.

  external q3 timer - 09/03/2001Bunny | 5135 views | 10 replies 
there's quite a few timer scripts floating around at the moment, but ureal has managed to put together an external timer which is supposedly better than the current ones. however, since its an exe, theres debate over whether its a cheat or not. you can grab the timer here.

  bio in the eurocup - 08/03/2001MindPhuck | 4695 views | 2 replies 
i almost missed this one from early this week.  href="http://www.clanbase.com/claninfo.php?cid=25946" target="_blank">bio played in
their first target="_blank">eurocup game v's target="_blank">cx.  the maps were dm14tmp and cpm4.   bio lost dm14,
44 - 104 and unfortunately lost on cpm4, 34-135.  you can read the full details of
the matches over on the href="http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?mid=1762&lid=338" target="_blank">eurocup

  nice - 08/03/2001[sk.Ser] | 4797 views | 4 replies 
america: the only place in the world a poor black boy can grow up to be a rich white women.


  new doom3 interview - 08/03/2001[sk.Ser] | 4788 views | 1 replies 
over at daily radar there is a new interview with id programmer jim dose. the interview does not tell you much more about the game that you havnt heard already, but still all the same worth reading.

practically every title that id software has released in its decade-long history has been groundbreaking, whether in creating a genre or in defining a new level of graphic detail. we expect doom 3 to do the same thing, so we spoke with id about what we can expect and what is perhaps unexpected. a doom game with a decent story?

read full interview here.

  bw groups announced - 07/03/2001MindPhuck | 4782 views | 10 replies 
the barrysworld tdm groups were announced tonight. taking a quick look at the tables :

bio - div 1a

hat - div 2a

fh - div 3b

hatb - div 3c

lsd - div 3c

no sign of ps in any of the groups. does this mean ps are no more ?

  you know this woman? - 07/03/2001[sk.Ser] | 4753 views | 3 replies 
psychic uri gellar (left) and unknown white woman (right) attend the official book launch of 'confessions of a rabbi and a psychic,' in london on march 5. (jonathan evans/reuters).

check the picture here.

can you name the pritty woman?
comments section.

source dotcult.

  windows 2000 for gamers revisite - 07/03/2001[sk.Ser] | 4719 views | 10 replies 
i found a intresting report on how win2000 is for games. i know many of you use it, i myself much more prefer winme for games. i have always felt a fps drop in performance with win2k (even though many of you have told me otherwise).

overall, the general message is that windows 2000 is no longer a connoisseur of incompatibility, but a very viable alternative to windows 98 for users from all walks of life.

installing windows 2000 is a day’s work, but maintaining it requires only seconds. if you plan the upgrade beforehand, you should have no trouble, and the less hassle in the long run, the more games that can be played.

get some coffee and read the full report over at eurogamer.

  q3 2v2 league - 07/03/2001MindPhuck | 4799 views | 0 replies 
jedi sends word that he is willing to run a 2v2 league to keep the old scene ticking over. if anyone is interested, drop him a mail with details of your team of 2. the plan is to have the league up and running over the next two weeks.

  too much heat? - 07/03/2001[sk.Ser] | 4733 views | 2 replies 
too much heat cannot be good for your hardware. some lads while being very board, was trying to see how much heat there hardware can handle.

this was going to take some thinking through, and some important safety precautions. we took neither. instead we decided to wing it. luckily, no one was killed (does not include people living in the state of florida or georgia).

  cpl ranking system - 07/03/2001[sk.Ser] | 4717 views | 0 replies 
the computer sports network today announced that it has partnered with the cyberathlete professional league to provide the official cpl rankings.

the cpl has established itself at the forefront of a new sport and this step further cements its role. csports will provide the design and maintenance to make a meaningful ranking system a reality.

the cpl rankings will aim to rank computer gamers who play in cpl endorsed tournaments and other selected events around the world. the ranking system will be based on systems used in other sports and will also form a basis of seedings for cpl tournaments. the first versions of the rankings will appear on the computer sports network site at the end of march.

  cpl qualifier for the holland ev - 06/03/2001MindPhuck | 4781 views | 18 replies 
src="http://www.quake.ie/images-links/nethouse.jpg" width="148" height="44" border='0' onerror="this.src='http://archive.quake.ie/images-icons/forums.gif';">

on saturday the 31st of march, target="_blank">nethouse will be running their cpl qualifer for the href="http://www.cpleurope.com/en/index.php3" target="_blank">cpl holland event which
takes place in loosdrecht / amsterdam, holland on the 11-13th of may.   the
qualifier will be in the blackrock nethouse branch and will open its doors @ 10am.  
if you intend participating, stick a comment here.  remember, you will still have to
submit your entrance fee and details to target="_blank">nethouse.  local rules and details will be posted later, but for
now, get practicing. 

src="http://www.quake.ie//images-links/top.jpg" width="79" height="31" border='0' onerror="this.src='http://archive.quake.ie/images-icons/forums.gif';">

  bio new member! - 06/03/2001[sk.Ser] | 4841 views | 7 replies 
just looking at the clanbase page, seem's bio have a new member!

click here to see.

  savage cup results - 06/03/2001MindPhuck | 4707 views | 7 replies 
the first week of the savage
tdm cup
took place last night.  groups 1 and 2 played out their games.  the
irish contingency was from hatstand
in group 1 and acid in group 2.
  hatstand came 2nd in their group by winning their first three games and narrowly
losing to 4k (*cough*).  acid came in 4th in their group,  loosing 3 games and
deafeating dn.   if you take a look at the scores below, you can see that they
were all close games (bar the unr and 4k games).

hatstand 101 v 76 zieke puppies  ( href="http://www.quake.ie/html/demos-comments.asp?item=87" target="_self">demo)

hatstand 91 v 46  legion

hatstand 164 v 48 i cant frag  ( href="http://www.quake.ie/html/demos-comments.asp?item=89" target="_self">demo)

hatstand 31 v 211 four kings 

acid 30 v 169 unreal

acid 159 v 74 digital nemesis   ( href="http://www.quake.ie/html/demos-comments.asp?item=90" target="_self">demo)

acid 81 v 94 star du x revival  ( href="http://www.quake.ie/html/demos-comments.asp?item=91" target="_self">demo)

acid 74 v 93 alliance
  (demo) style="mso-bidi-font-size: 10.0pt">>>

what i would like to bitch about is the crazy placings of the various top teams.
  4k, unr, neo, etc were all placed in groups which they are not meeting each other,
thus guaranteeing that the top teams get out of the group to meet in the finals.
  this pretty much makes participating in the cup for someteams a pointless afair as
they have no chance to get out of their groupings.  i would have thought teams like
4k and unr should have been seeded and placed into a group of their own. but hey, im not a
sore looser, i pointed this out before we started the thing and we entered purely for the
laugh of it.  i would like to point out that hatstand took the piss for the 4k game
as we knew we were gonna get destroyed. and no you cant have the demo ))

  i did it cos i play quake3! - 06/03/2001[sk.Ser] | 4772 views | 4 replies 
a 15yr old boy has gone on a shooting spree in a school in california, about 10 miles northeast of san diego.

read more here.

i think that the media is the problem. they glamorize it so much, and make it seem "kewl" to shoot kids up at school. look at the attention this little shit got, for shooting his teacher's and class mates up.

what has this to do with quake though? well everytime this happen's they need to put the blame someware, and where better then computer game's?

does playing fps game's make you realy want to go kill you teacher? (shooting your boss is ok!).

should there be a higher age limit on violent game's?

also found this link which im sure was writen by an american.

  savage dm cup - 05/03/2001Havok | 4939 views | 0 replies 
the savagedm cup kicks off tonite at 7. with over 60 clans divided randomly into 16 groups this could make for quite an entertaining leauge.

best of luck to all irish clans taking part such as acid in group 2,
hatstand in group 1 and fh in group 4.

with such bizare match up's like acid vs unr ( at 7 tonite ), this could end up a nice "just for fun" leauge.

  bw ctf league - 05/03/2001MindPhuck | 4821 views | 0 replies 
bigfoot has posted the divisions for season 5 in the barrysworld ctf league. they are only in draft format, but it will still give you and idea of whos playing in what division. keep an eye on quakenation for bigfoots season preview, which is always a good read.

  starcraft tourney - 04/03/2001MindPhuck | 4814 views | 10 replies 
since a huge contingency of q3 gamers play starcraft (me being one of them), this will interest you lot. daishi from xs reality sends word on a new sc tournament. here's what he said :

i'm helping to organise an international starcraft tournament, with around 25 teams taking part. it's due to start in around a month, and be played on a weekly basis, with possible lan finals - depending on sponsors of course.

i'm looking for someone from ireland who can setup a team consisting of 6 1 on 1 players, and 3 2 on 2 teams. players can be in both 1 on 1 and 2 on 2.

i've been appointed an organiser, but if anyone else feels they want to do it, let me know and i'll pass this on. in the interim, drop myself or dashi a mail if your up for some serious games.

they're going to have a vote in a couple of days as to the tournament format. so far the confirmed sides are : america, australia, austria, belgium, bulgaria, brazil, canada, china, france, germany, greece, holland, italy, ireland, israel, norway, poland, russia, south africa, sweden, switzerland, uk. still looking for definate representatives from: denmark, finland, hong kong, singapore, spain and any other country you can think of.

  on eurocup - 04/03/2001MindPhuck | 4718 views | 0 replies 
something of interest to bio, our representing clan from ireland in the eurocup. two team from bio's group got it on this weekend. neo beat tulls over two maps. dm14tmp - 104:74 and on dm7 - 118:108. already contraversy is brewing over servers and connections, which you can have a good read of on clanbase.

  clan 404's music - 03/03/2001MindPhuck | 4824 views | 1 replies 
a friend of mine, van, pointed this out to me. its a list music/mp3's from the infamous clan, 404. if you havnt heard these, your such a newbie and should get yo ass in gear and slurp them.

  eurocup3 settings - 02/03/2001[sk.Ser] | 4834 views | 8 replies 
xsreality asked 20 gamers (not all in ec3) about their thoughts on the new clanbase eurocup 3 ruling which was that teams must use the default network settings in quake 3, namely snaps 20, cl_maxpackets 30, cl_timenudge 0, unless a compromise can be agreed by both teams. you can find it here along with some other reports.

who do you think suffers more, isdn or the leased line players?

i think myself that the isdn people loose out more, but making the leased line players suffer becuase of other peoples problems, also doesnt seem fair.

  cpl to run leagues - 02/03/2001MindPhuck | 4856 views | 0 replies 
the cpl are to run on-line amature leagues. the leagues will be in three divisions, cs, ut and q3. the purpose of the new league will be to enable average gamers, such as those who do not have the resources to attend a live professional event, to participate in online tournaments. the news comes from avault and is not official as yet. we will have to wait until the cpl announces exactly what they will be doing. stay tuned on this one.

  all your base...... - 01/03/2001Zero | 4863 views | 0 replies 
hah, "all your base" makes time magazine. we really have too much time on our hands.

time magazine article

  5th season - 28/02/2001MindPhuck | 4875 views | 9 replies 
bigfoot has announced that barrysworld will be running a 5th season of both the team dm and ctf leagues. you have till sunday to get signed up for the leagues. can i suggest that every clan, be it, ps, bio, nd, acid, fh all sign up for them and get practicing. talk is cheap. lets be having yah

  definitive analysis of nv20/gf3 - 28/02/2001x0n | 4894 views | 2 replies 

if you can discern the difference between anisotropic filters and any tropical filth, you can read about the former here.

see my column for any nvidia related driver/tweakage news and other quake paraphenalia.

  savageeuro ctf cup - 27/02/2001Lucutus | 4902 views | 3 replies 
okay, so our game versus scotland was supposed to be saturday the 17th. however, the scots, being fellow drinkers after our own hearts have agreed to postpone until sunday @ 5pm, (thanks stranger). other details to be sorted out later.

as well as that, we will have a practise versus them this monday coming on all the eurocup maps, starting @ 8pm, #ireland.ctf for ie.ctf squad players pls.

  want to o/c you gf2? - 27/02/2001[sk.Ser] | 4984 views | 0 replies 
x-bit labs have posted an article called "nvidia geforce2 gts and geforce2 mx voltage tweaking and extreme overclocking". not long now untill the new geforce3 comes out, nows the time to get all you can out of your gf2's. they managed to overclock the core a huge amount.

read more on how to do it, and the results here.

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