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  ireland lose to england in savag - 29/03/2001Zero | 5015 views | 0 replies 
the games just finished there about 10 mins ago, ireland lost over 2 games to england in the savage ctf league, the scores being 8-0 and 7-0 to england. lucutus will update more later on, hopefully we have some demos too.

  boards.ie - 29/03/2001MindPhuck | 4937 views | 0 replies 
one of my favourite sites, boards.ie just broke the five million exposures since april last year. some people might not think thats good, but for a wee irish site, its pretty fucking good imho.

  barrysworld tdm week 1 - 29/03/2001MindPhuck | 4792 views | 0 replies 
the first week of the barrysworld tdm league was rather interesting for all involved. already i can see bigfoots predictions going down hill and i can see some teams should be in higher divisions and some, lower. ahh well. here is the brief breakdown of the games.

maps - dm7 / dm8

bio     v i*    - 100-60 | 87-54

hat  v smr   - 33-173 | 85-165

fh     v kotr -  70-62 | 69-114

hatb v lsd   - 112-72 | 140-107

  bigfoots review - part ii - 29/03/2001MindPhuck | 4944 views | 0 replies 
again, the man has his second part done up over on quakenation for the barrysworld tdm league. you know the drill, check it out.

  clanbase eurocup - 27/03/2001MindPhuck | 4935 views | 7 replies 
this saturday sees our own bio take on the might of bwl (bored with life) in their next clanbase eurocup game. bio to-date have been unlucky in their games v's the other teams in their groups and hopefully this weekend will see this change. since most people from the quake community will be at the cpl qualifiers in nethouse for the game, we will pause the competition to watch it on the big screen and cheer them on. best o' luck.

  bigsfoots review - 27/03/2001MindPhuck | 4852 views | 0 replies 
with season 5 barrysworlds tdm league kicking off tonight, bigfoot has done up his most excellent preview of the season. the usual cup of coffee and a smoke is required for this lenghty, but worthwhile read. just a reminder of who our star teams are :

div 1a - bio

div 2a - hat

div 3b - fh

div 3c - hat-b

div 3c - acid

  rocket arena 1.5 - 26/03/2001MindPhuck | 4768 views | 0 replies 
the latest version of rocket arena is out which now includes 5 new maps amongst a slew of fix and new features. you can slurp the client upgrade from previous verions here and the server mod here.

  eurocup ctf practice and league - 25/03/2001Lucutus | 4884 views | 2 replies 
can everyone in the squad check their email for a little more detail pls.

practice tomorrow:-

scotland @ 9:30pm (after bwctfl) - q3wctf3, q3ctf3 & q3wctf2.

eurocup versus england

thursday @ 8pm - same maps.

i'll announce the team tomorrow night before the scotland games in #ireland.ctf (9:30pm)

  quick counter-strike cpl update - 25/03/2001Osiris | 5002 views | 5 replies 
after about 15 hours of play, the qualifiers are finally over, with gss emerging victorious having not dropped a single game. their results were as follows:

1st gss

2nd dnc

3rd ai

4th clergy

gss 19 : hiv 4 on de_cbble

gss 10 : clergy 2 on de_aztec

gss 12 : dnc 1 on de_prod

gss 13 : dnc 4 on de_train

gss's team consisted of 3mo, bullit, gideon, muzzle, snaggle, kaiddle, and myself.

full results should be available on the does not compute site soon.

  on counter-strike - 24/03/2001MindPhuck | 4784 views | 1 replies 
being an avid cs fan, i thought you lot should know this. irelands first counter-strike cpl qualifier will be held today in does not compute in temple bar. its a 16 team double elimination qualifer. the winning team will be sponsored by dnc to go over to the cpl event in amsterdam in may. i'll be popping along to help organise it. for more details, check out the official dnc page. best of luck to the teams.

  savage ctf eurocup vs scotland - 22/03/2001Lucutus | 4840 views | 6 replies 
well, after a very exciting evening (me watching from gtv), we came away disappointed having lost the three most incredibly close ctf games i've ever witnessed.

the first on q3wctf1 was a disputed(?) win to scotland 1 - 0. i've never seen a cap happen at the very last millisecond of the game before. the cap seems to happen (on my client anyway) a split second after the timelimit hit, scores on my client didn't update to 1 - 0 and the 'blue leads' sound kicked in after timelimit hit...so i can't really say, to me, it seemed like a bug.
demo's probably wouldn't help because they're clientside...mad interested to find out other people's opinions...

second map, q3ctf2, went to scotland @ 2 - 1.*

the third q3wctf2 went to scotland again @ 4 - 3*, with valiant efforts by m1rv, jedi and m1ke all in the last minute to equalize. sky and simo did and excellent job defending this map considering the pressure they were under from the scots.

all in all the team (sky, m1ke, m1rv, jedi and simo) played incredibly well as individuals with a couple of shining teamplay moments, however, lack of practise to tighten up teamplay is what lost it for us at the end of the evening. thanks to mindphuck who coached and shouted stuff that would shake mir from orbit over rw.
hopefully we can pull together enough practise to win some over the coming weeks.

if anyone has demos or screenshots please upload 'em here

england next week on q3wctf3, q3ctf3 and q3wctf2
stay tuned.

* - scores from m1ke's screenies

  ireland vs scotland - savage eur - 22/03/2001M1ke | 5429 views | 31 replies 
tonights savage euro game ireland vs scotland takes place at 9p.m. could the team selected please meet in #irelandctf tonight @ 8.

the maps for tonights games are q3wctf1, q3ctf2 and q3wctf2.

the team has been selected and it is jedi, m1ke, sky, simo and skelter with subs : m1rv, mindphuck, koopa, vampiro and overlord.

  cpl qualifier rules - 21/03/2001MindPhuck | 4822 views | 1 replies 

a quick update on the maps and game settings for the cpl qualifiers.

  • game version played: quake iii arena v1.27h

  • game mod played: osp newest release

  • game mode: tournament

  • maps: q3tourney2



  • timelimit: 15 minutes

  • forced respawn: 5 seconds

  • sudden death overtime

  • no power-ups

for more details, check out the href="http://www.quake.ie/html/featured-area.asp?item=11" target="_self">rules section on the cpl qualifier.

  ordering a boomslang 2k - 21/03/2001x0n | 4866 views | 2 replies 

having had a bad time trying to order from gameplay, i checked razer's affiliates and they mention a danish place -- (which incidentally _only_ ships bs 1k,2k and 3m mouse mat -- nothing else!) dailyrush.dk. now, these guys ship to pretty much everywhere bar ireland, but upon my pleading, they responded:

i don't think there should be a problem for us to ship to ireland. 

yours sincerly,

pernille yding andersen
[email protected] // www.vindenhund.dk

so, who wants to get a boomslang 2k? save a bit of shipping presumably if we get together on this. us$99 a pop btw.

  ireland vs scotland - 21/03/2001M1ke | 4732 views | 0 replies 
the savage euro league has already commenced and ireland is due to play scotland in ctf on thursday 21st @ 9.00. check www.savageeuro.com for more details. irelands final selection of 5 has yet to be chosen but should be by wednesday evening, squad members stay tuned.

  challenge-tv's demos - 19/03/2001MindPhuck | 4751 views | 0 replies 
have posted their top 5 most downloaded demos.   one of the demos, href="http://www.challenge-tv.com/demos/index.php3?demo=9204" target="_blank">cote|bulldozer
vs. yogic, has an amazing 1300 downloads and has only been up for 3 days!  my personal favourite is venture v's james, which is definately worth downloading. anyhows, heres
ch-tv's top 5.

- href="http://www.challenge-tv.com/demos/index.php3?demo=9204" target="_blank">cote|bulldozer
vs yogic

- target="_blank">def vs tricks

- target="_blank">the viper squad vs denial

- target="_blank">9-maynard vs 9-villert

- target="_blank">flaming fist vs daltons

  liberia announced - 19/03/2001MindPhuck | 4741 views | 0 replies 
another tournament ranking system is coming up. zarkof introduces ligarena, which is going to provide an international player and clan ranking system:

ligarena.com is a website dedicated to rating players and clans all around the world. in order to rate players and clans, each match from most of the tournaments in the world will affect their rating using a complex system partially based on elo.

in order to built world, european, american tops, arena.com will elaborate a balance system between all countries and continents. this will reduce the points to win by people in a very active country or continent, and increase the points to win by people in a very inactive country or continent.

  clan arena lan - 19/03/2001MindPhuck | 4867 views | 6 replies 
our man vampiro (aka dre) has been a busy little bee of late. he sends word that there will be a clan arena lan which will
hopefully take place in the near future.

himself and jopasc have been
discussing this lan recently and have decided what numbers we can get for
it. the way the lan will take place will be first off in dublin with a
crowd from the uk coming over. this lan will hold competitions such as 1
on 1's 2 on 2's and mbar even a clan compo. two weeks after this lan takes
place the uk will have a lan over there and places will be provided for a group of us to play.

what the guys do need is numbers so if you might be interested in this just replay to this. remember nothing is certain yet as they are just estimating numbers. sounds like a really good idea.

  is quake 3 dead? - 19/03/2001MindPhuck | 4914 views | 0 replies 
an interesting article by daishi is over on xsr where he asks 20 top players the question - is q3 dead with the recent announcement of the cpl. definately worth a read.

  barrysworld tdm delayed - 19/03/2001MindPhuck | 4803 views | 1 replies 
bigfoot sent word that the first week of season 5 is to be delayed for a week. he hoped some of the issues would have been resolved in time for tomorrow nights games however it now appears
unlikely this will happen. the season will now commence on tuesday 27th /
wednesday 28th march.

  savage sunday ctf - 18/03/2001MindPhuck | 4918 views | 1 replies 
week 5 of the savage sunday ctf cup saw two good results for bring it on and hatstand. all games were on japanctf. heres the breakdown -

bio - pr



hat - inf

6-0 (demo)


  cpl to drop q3 again. - 18/03/2001MindPhuck | 4813 views | 0 replies 
in an interview with angel munoz for esports america, angel indicates that they will possibly drop q3 from the frag 5 event. this is seriously going to impact on the q3 scene and another big blow for us all.

  happy st. patricks day - 17/03/2001MindPhuck | 4966 views | 0 replies 
just wishing you all a good paddys day from all the
team here at quake.ie.  its kinda weird tho. with the foot and mouth scare
about, the actual paddys day celebrations, which would normally occur all over ireland,
are really diminished due to cancellations by 'da government'.  bah anyway!.

the replacement celebrations (*cough* pissup) will be held next month, so i will be
looking forward to that, in the mean time, have a good one.

  quakenation gets sexay! - 16/03/2001MindPhuck | 4862 views | 0 replies 
ooh suits you sir. one of my favourite sites, quake nation has gone and had a facelift. check it out!

  needing numbers - 14/03/2001MindPhuck | 5726 views | 29 replies 
ok, for those who are going to the cpl qualifers, could you just post a comment here to say that you are intending to compete so i can get an accurate idea of who is going. mucho tnx

  fish heads recruiting - 14/03/2001Illkillya | 4916 views | 0 replies 
fh are looking for 2 lpb's who can fire a rocket reasonably straight. you must have at least one grandparent who is a fish, drop us a line if you're interested. our website can be found here.

  cpl world championships - 14/03/2001M1ke | 4866 views | 4 replies 
the cpl world championships have announced their main event to be counter-strike based instead of quake3 based. is the end of quake3 coming nearer and nearer ? with more and more of the top quake3 clans trying their hand at counterstrike we're probably about to see the start of a shift away from quake3.

"the cpl announced today that their banner event of 2001, the cpl world championships, will be a counter-strike tournament. the prize money for the event is $150,000."

  and now for something completely - 14/03/2001x0n | 4910 views | 0 replies 

i will be be thrown against the wall and shot for this but, in the interests of defending ourselves against herds of llamas trying to pitch this game against the heralded doom iii -- news of unreal ii courtesy of voodooextreme.
draw your own conclusions.

- x0n

  barrysworld season 5 schedule - 13/03/2001MindPhuck | 4885 views | 2 replies 
bigfoot sends word that the full seasons schedule is now up on the league website, and we have 140ish clans ready for the start of what promises to be a very interesting season 5. for more details on whos playing who, check out the barrysworld league page

  cpl holland rules - 13/03/2001MindPhuck | 5226 views | 21 replies 
the cpl have announced the rules for the cpl
holland event from 11. -13. may in loosdrecht, holland:

game version played: quake iii arena v1.27h

game mod played: osp newest release

game mode: tournament





timelimit: 15

forced respawn: 5

sudden death overtime

no power-ups

ztn3tourney1 is a custom map by sten uusvali and almost exact copy of ztn3dm1 except it
has the rooftop-hiding-bug removed.  ztn3tourney1 can be downloaded href="http://www.cpleurope.com/download/ztn3tourney1.zip">here.  hub3tourney1 is
a custom map by the hubster, and can be downloaded href="http://www.cpleurope.com/download/hub3tourney1.zip">here.  these are the
maps the cpl holland are using.  what do people feel about playing these maps ?
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