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quake.ie main news
  and.. were back! - 25/09/2001MindPhuck | 5187 views | 0 replies 
sorry about the down-time guys. bit of a networking problem with the servah. anyhows, thanks to ecksor for sorting them for us.

  escape from new york - 21/09/2001MindPhuck | 5212 views | 1 replies 

i recently reported a story about beast's escape from the world trade centre in my column. we'll it seems nicky's escape is taking the nation of ireland by storm. his story is sitting there nicely on page2 of the evening herald. heres the scanned one.

  cpl terminates affiliate sites - 19/09/2001MindPhuck | 5153 views | 2 replies 
with no notice, the cpl in the us has ended its website affiliation program with all its affiliated sites. i wont comment at all about this, but i feel you should read what other people have said on their sites, which kinda mirrors what i would have said. have a read :


  new morequakeworld 0.94 released - 18/09/2001Drexciyian | 5363 views | 5 replies 
from what i can gather is the main change in this version is the fakeshaft has been removed, this is due to a poll on challenge-tv in which 52% voted for it to be removed. you can nab it here

  beast escapes the wtc - 17/09/2001Zero | 5298 views | 6 replies 
mindphuck has updated his column with a mail he got from beast. it describes how beast escaped the terror of the wtc attack. its worth a read

  and the next big game is... - 16/09/2001MindPhuck | 5152 views | 3 replies 
return to castle wolfenstein. rcw test was released tis morning. it does look like its soo gonna own. servers up later today, but for now, download a local copy here.

  gtv 3 released - 15/09/2001MindPhuck | 5181 views | 0 replies 
gamers tv have released their latest version of gtv for quake 3. this new version will work for 1.29 and the pending 1.30. you can download it here

  filur enters the pond... - 14/09/2001Illkillya | 5275 views | 0 replies 
filur has released one of the most enjoyable mods i've played in qw, a deathmatch/arena mod with a boinking sound, and for once its the fish who are in the action. player models have been replaced by fish, and there are plenty of other clever modifications, such as fishing floats for rockets. there are a couple of maps which come with the mod, very simple.. but that hasn't stopped 'end' from being one of the most popular duel maps. alternatively, you can spice any of the regular dm maps by playing them in fishmod. boinking around dm3 has never been as much fun. download it here. theres a temporary server up here:

  rodan - 14/09/2001MindPhuck | 5044 views | 0 replies 
fellow irc op and gamer on quakenet, roy-ove "rodan" rodan died because of an liver tranplantation that never happend. he will be missed.

  eircom announce - i stream - 11/09/2001M1ke | 5852 views | 29 replies 

this must be something quake
players are interested in so i'll give some info on it here. eircom have finally
made a move on dsl, publically announcing a package, and a date... since it's
the only available dsl package in ireland at the moment it's a total rip off
when compared to other european countries. also there are rumours of a "cap"
being put on the service... which coupled with the high price would make it
even more unattractive.

i steam solo

the product has both a usb port or ethernet option

speeds are up to 512kbps downstream/128kbps upstream

connection fee is 125 (ir£98.45) - monthly fee is 99 (ir£77.97).

additional equipment required: adsl usb modem 145 (ir£114.20) or adsl ethernet
modem 200 (ir£157.51)

i stream plus

speeds are up to 1mbps downstream/256kbps upstream

connection fee is 125 (ir£98.45) - monthly fee is 165 (ir£129.95).

they're 34 exchanges flagged
for upgrading throughout dublin for dsl. after talking to an eircom customer
rep i was told that shortly after launch, and in the proceeding weeks all 34
exchanges will be upgraded.

ther'll be a 15 day wait
from ordering to installation (i was told the same delays that accompanied isdn
installation will not be present with adsl installation), after a phone line
test to verify your line is within the nesessary distance from telephone exchange.
they'll be accepting pre-orders from about next week onwards and say they'll
start installing lines in peoples houses on the 28th of september.

  bwctfl week 9 - 11/09/2001Illkillya | 5100 views | 4 replies 
another baaaad week for bio in this week's bwctfl where they played two difficult fixtures, against neo and mtw. the first game was against mtw, where bio lost 0-9 on wctf3 and 0-10 on wctf2. an hour later, bio faced neo only to come to a similar fate, losing 0-7 on the first map, and 0-8 on the second.

however, this week, struggling division 1 clans so and bio were given a glimmer of hope as xyz folded, meaning only the bottom 2 active clans in the division get relegated. either of these teams can potentially knock omg into the bottom 4 given wins in their remaining two matches (so face a daunting task in the final week vs ss). two crucial fixtures next sunday sees bio play so. then they play omg to decide their fate, a win here following a win over so will see them move two points ahead of omg and into safety. bio's inferior cap difference means that the larger share of points vs omg is vital, thus creating a few permutations that will grant bio a place in div1 next season: if bio share the points evenly with so, they will require 4 points vs omg; 3 points vs so will warrant 4 points vs omg; if bio gain maximum points vs so, 3 points will suffice vs omg, as both teams will finish on 19 points and the result between them would work in bio's favour. that sounds right anyway... its 5.30am so i'm probably not thinking straight...

a very unlucky season for ts finished well. going into the final week, ts had a default win vs 5e, so their fate was in the hands of pr, who did them a huge favour by losing both maps to iced. with the remaining games only affecting the upper half of the table, ts finish the season in 7th place, 1 point above relegation, with an impressive cap difference of +6.

  challange-smackdown cd - 10/09/2001MindPhuck | 4915 views | 0 replies 
you may have noticed that over on the smackdown site, they have released over 400 demos, screenshots, match reports, map guides, and lots of bells n whistles all in a nice cd.

for $15 us dollars, you can relive the whole smackdown 2 season. its totally cool. i myself will be ordering a copy, but if anyone else wants me to order while im at it, let me know and ill get several copies.. and no, i wont copy you a copy in case you ask.

  kteams pro beta - 09/09/2001MindPhuck | 5028 views | 1 replies 
rxr just released a new version of kteams pro with some major bug fixes and some very very cool features. its still a beta, but its getting very close to the final version. you can download the new ver locally or visit the kteams pro site and have a look-see yourself.

  best dm4 dueller - 08/09/2001Illkillya | 5171 views | 3 replies 
theres an interesting poll on challenge-tv concerning the best dm4 dueller in the world. its not surprising that koopa is leading the poll for now, ahead of pietro, dag, lakerman, kane, sod, griffin, reload, timber, and emm... hawkki...

  eurocup iv clans announced - 06/09/2001M1ke | 5031 views | 0 replies 
the european conference is 2x8 clans and the scandinavian conference 2x6 clans - this sees a sharp decrease on previous incarnations of the eurocup, excluding some of the smaller gaming nations such as, cough, ireland.

the list of clans is available here. my favorites for the event would have to be sk with their new squad ... but ic will run them very close - besides that, i can't see anyone else running away with it.

  a wolf in sheeps clothing. - 06/09/2001MindPhuck | 5125 views | 11 replies 
this is the title of frosts column over on esports-america. for some, you will reckognise this story, for others, you won't have a clue.

its about a woman from the irish gaming community who basicly preyed on peoples emotions which lead to some startling events. check it out.

  cpml league - 05/09/2001MindPhuck | 4926 views | 0 replies 
barrysworld have opened their doors to a new 2v2 cpm league. ran by your very own drexciyian, empedocles and a little bit by myself, there gonna bring you the best in cpm action. check out the cpm league site.

  gtv for 1.29 - 05/09/2001Illkillya | 4850 views | 1 replies 
i'm just back from watching crimson curse play elite strike in the cal ctf league, the first time gtv has been used in q3 ver 1.29. when 1.29 was first released, the lack of gtv support was a major worry, but from what i've seen its as good as it ever was. this doesn't affect us much in europe since we're still stuck on 1.27, but at least we know that when we do upgrade, gtv should already be sorted (this version won't be released publicly, since its the first test, but we can expect a public release in the future).

  warped reality invitational webs - 03/09/2001Illkillya | 4748 views | 13 replies 
the warped reality invitational league website is up and running now, so i can give a bit more info on the league itself. the league has some interesting rules, such as a max of 7 players in each squad. each week, the fixtures will be given, but no date or time set, as this is left up to the clans to sort out between themselves. if this works well, then it could really be good for the league, allowing each clan to field their best four players. to silence potential moaners, there are no surprises in the map pool: dm2, dm3, e1m2, e2m2 and androm9. each clan picks a home map, one point for a win, and a bonus point for winning both maps. a change of plan scrapped the qualifying, and qc, fe, and mor were admitted to the league without having to fight off competition. these are the groups:
group agroup b

group a is by far the more difficult group by the look of it, and while dn are likely to finish top without much trouble, there will be some good matches in deciding 2nd place. gt's lineup consists of nexus, honky, lorcan, vincent, koopa, razor, and creamylust.

  bwctfl week 9 - 03/09/2001Illkillya | 4684 views | 1 replies 
another week down, and another close fixture sees ts narrowly miss out on valuable points. this week they took on title hopefuls potzw on q3wctf1 and 2, but failed to cap, thus conceding defeats of 0-1 and 0-2 which leaves them one point outside the relegation zone, ahead of pr who have two games in hand.
a similar situation in div1 sees bio 3rd last ahead of so and gm (who have withdrawn). the bottom 4 clans go down in this division, and bio are 7 points with a game in hand behind ss, to whom they lost this week, 0-2 and 1-4 on q3wctf1 and 2 respectively. this loss is likely to prove critical in deciding bio's placement in the league next season. today they played the postponed iqs fixture, but had no luck there either. they lost respectably 3-0 on q3wcp5 before getting trounced 7-0 on q3wcp7, iqs scoring almost a cap a minute in the middle of the game. luckily bio's remaining fixtures include games against the other two bottom placed sides, omg and so. while both of these teams are quite strong, they have been struggling this season, and bio will want maximum points from those games and something from the mtw game in order to send ss down to div2 instead of themselves.

  bio movie (final) - 01/09/2001MindPhuck | 4544 views | 9 replies 

the bring
it on
movie is now online with a low res and high res version available
for download from quake.ie. it was put together by liquid from clanbio
and is definitely one of the better produced .avi's i've ever seen for
quake 3. it's 7.5 mins long and well worth a look at high res.

it's available
to download from quake.ie ftp

res (70mb)

res (16mb)

due to a
high demand we have an extra mirror available here.
thanks www.gunpower.be  

  bwdml - week 7 - 01/09/2001M1ke | 4488 views | 7 replies 
this week in the bwdml saw some good results with bio getting a draw vs mistermen seeing them retain 3rd place in div1a - if they can keep up the form there's a possibility they could make the bwdml finals. fh also beat >> in two fairly close games which sees them just edge out of the relegation zone in division 3b, they need to get points out of the iu and rush games to secure a place in division 3. hat's game vs ice was postponed. they're currently 4th in division 2a with a few games in hand. they could possibly snatch promotion yet - this tuesday sees a decisive game vs c* which will shape the division. bio hpb had a tough game against cable internet clan and lost twice in div 4d, although dm7 was a close game cic had a 10x ping advantage.

bio - mr : 111-67 | 83-106 - 3rd div1a

hat - ice : postponed - 4th div2a

fh - >> : 88-73 | 96-89 - 7th div3b

bio.hpb - cic : 59-142 | 67-103 - 7th 4d

  "it was some other guy wot plays - 31/08/2001Zero | 4697 views | 0 replies 
funny thing over on challenge-au about some spa with an imaginary friend who got caught cheating in cs. he writes a column basically saying "i don't cheat, my mate installed cheats on my machine, and punkbuster caught me." (punkbuster is the qizmo effort for cs).
then his "mate" adds first reply to the column totally backing him up, surprisingly enough using the exact same style of writing as the guy himself. even says of himself : (quote)"i am hopeless at tfc and cs. i cheat to make things interesting....i did put cheats on his computer..." etc.
have a read of it, it's so pathetic it's funny.
(disclaimer : maybe i am wrong and two idiots like this actually exist and not just one.)

  eurocup iv - 31/08/2001MindPhuck | 4440 views | 0 replies 
eurocup iv is upon us! the fall 2001 season will see three eurocups, just like the spring 2001 season: the counterstrike eurocup, the q3dm eurocup and the utctf eurocup. all three will be called eurocup iv for easier future reference. you can find more details on the eurocup site.

  qw help section - 30/08/2001MindPhuck | 4455 views | 0 replies 
i see on zero's column that he has thrown together a quick help section for people who want to get on their feet in qw/mquake.
check out his column

  moonglum's base 2001 - 30/08/2001Zero | 4749 views | 6 replies 
a potential map for quakelords season 2 is up and running on kali.ign.ie:27501, just type in "mgbase" in the console and it will load up the server-side new version of the map, modified my mindphuck(mainly) and myself.
it's a first effort, there are a few bugs in it, (e.g. we moved the shaft but forgot to delete the first one, and now 2 of em are together), but we are trying to make the map viable for a 4v4 war. so hop on, take a look and let us know what you think.

  bwctfl update - 29/08/2001Illkillya | 4495 views | 0 replies 
this week of the bwctfl was not very successful for our clans. last thursday bio took another heavy defeat (0-6 and 0-9 against wr on q3wctf2 and q3wcp1) which saw them drop to 8th in div1, just outside the relegation zone, although neo have four games in hand which should allow them to move up the table. bio will be hoping to gain enough points over the remaining weeks to knock ss or nv into the bottom four.

in div2a, ts shared the points with lkff after two close games on q3wcp5 and 7 finishing 3-5 and 3-1. despite a lot of good performances this season, and a number of single cap losses, ts lie 3rd from the bottom of the division, ahead of 5e who no longer play ctf, and lkff who have 4 games in hand. the bottom 3 clans get relegated in this division, so ts will be hoping for wins in their remaining two games. they face a daunting task next week against potzw, but a default win over 5e in week9 will help them to remain in div2.

fh regrettably had to withdraw from the league, with a variety of problems causing player shortages, from holidays to broken computers and injuries. it came at a bad time while i'm out of the country, and even though i get back in time for the final week of the league, i could not guarantee a team for two games next week, so conceded a default to n2s rather than have to waste their time again.

  quakelords : quest for a map... - 29/08/2001Zero | 4640 views | 13 replies 
quakelords season 2 is set to kick off in a few weeks time, and by general concensus we have ditched androm9 and ukcldm2. the current maps are dm2, dm3 and e1m2.
we are looking for at least one if not two more decent maps to use for the competition, so if anybody has any ideas mail myself or mindphuck.
another idea we have had is to do our own "tmp" versions of current quake maps, like abuse. i have posted a "bsp to map" converter in the files section for anyone who feels like giving it a go. we ourselves are currently about to have a look at changing e2m1 and mgbase.
let us know what you think.

  frags done extreme 2 - 28/08/2001Bunny | 4755 views | 11 replies 
if you like watching your computer game slowed down with accompanying scratchy metal playing then this is for you. slo-motion frags from some of quakeworld's top players and i can't comment yet as i haven't seen the thing. big download either way. grab it locally here.

  man dies from playing computer g - 27/08/2001Bunny | 4602 views | 11 replies 
a thai man has died from heart failure during an all-night computer game.

the 22-year-old was found dead at his computer terminal in an internet cafe in chiang mai.

police say his friends told them he was addicted to the game and played it from wednesday evening until he was found slumped over the computer's keyboard at noon on thursday.

they confirmed that thanet sommoi, a worker at a ceramics factory, died from heart failure.

he had been playing half life: counter strike, which casts players in the role of terrorist or counter-terrorist. up to 32 people can join in on the internet.

police say investigators believed thanet developed tension and fatigue after playing the game for hours, and his heart eventually failed.

the nation reports he was taken to hospital, but was pronounced dead after doctors failed to revive him.

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