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quake.ie main news
  ie ctf team - 20/01/2001M1ke | 5230 views | 0 replies 
below is a list of the players who've been selected to play in the european ctf league. we'll have a web site up soon hopefully. in the mean time i'd ask everyone on this list to register themselves on league web site.

capt: lucutus












  love the railgun or hate it ? - 19/01/2001MindPhuck | 5205 views | 0 replies 
steve gibson has started off his editorial for shugashack. he opens with : the railgun is fun. point, click, boom. someone who didn't even see you all the way across the map who had no idea you were even in the game just got a slug to the noggin. oh the joy!. some of the comments he makes is quite amuzing, but very entertaining. check it out.

  do you play weapons factory? - 18/01/2001MindPhuck | 5309 views | 0 replies 
mark has asked me to put up a word on q3 weapons factory. he is looking for irish clans and players who are interested in playing this mod to get in contact with him about some games. personally, i don't know anyone in ireland playing it, but there you go!

  10 top ways to be a llama! - 18/01/2001MindPhuck | 5341 views | 0 replies 
our pal x0n send me this one. i found it a very entertaining read all about what we call 'llama's'. if you're like me, and laugh maniacally when you shoot someone into lava, this list is for you. check it out.

  zero's dm7 tactics - 18/01/2001MindPhuck | 5400 views | 0 replies 
zero has updated his column with basic tactics for dm7. he expresses that team.ie hopefulls should take a particular interest in it. check it out.

  team.ie q3 trials - 18/01/2001Bunny | 5582 views | 0 replies 
more trials are coming next week and the games will be played on dm7 only. now theres always a few problems with madey up teams concerning teamplay...if one or two lads are wandering around lost it affects the whole team...so in a day or two me/zero will stick up some basic but essential dm7 tactics (and team binds) that everyone should have a read over. i think this'll make the games fairer and help everyone display more of their teamplay skills.

  irish team trials - 17/01/2001Zero | 5507 views | 0 replies 
there was a great turnout for the irish team trials last night, i have written up a quick report on my column. check it out.

  osp are running out of letters! - 17/01/2001Osiris | 5926 views | 0 replies 

the latest release of this popular server manager, osp v .99r, seems mainly to tackle bug fixes, with loads mentioned in the readme, but it also has a number of new features added:

- add: more options/cleanup of cgame \menu command.

- add: disable of model leaning option: cg_showplayerlean 01 (default = 1)

- add: allow the use of old (pre-1.27) ctf sounds: cg_oldctfsounds 01 (default = 0)

- add: real time/date stamps for demos/screenshots

- add: real time/date stamps in admin log

- add: gauntlet enable/disable feature. its added in the weapon_have and weapon_start bitfield as 256, but to maintain compatibility with older server .cfgs, i`ve also added a new var: gauntlet_disable <01>, which defaults to 0.

- add: \autoscreenshot command (like \autorecord)

- add: sliding option for motd

- add: team_nocontrols option for public servers to remove captainship, team commands, and score updates

- add: console "loadmaps" command to manually reload map queue

- add: team score logging under osp format

- add: motd config file option. if new var(server_motdfile) is set to anything beside "none" (the default), the server will reload the motd after every level load. note, if this file is not specified, then the normal server_motd[1-8] will be used instead.

- add: option for custom server-specified graphics. check out the osp-q3-server-gfx.txt for complete details.

- add: new mode server specification/voting format. check out osp-q3-mode-info.txt for complete details. this is a radically different format, so please check this stuff out. it makes adminning osp servers 10x better!

- add: \callvote set1v1/setctf/settdm/setca [map] for standard server settings.

- add: new server .cfgs to follow new mode setting specifications old reference configs are now in osp/cfg-custom/ directory.

download it from orange smoothie productions

  irish quake3 arena team trials ( - 16/01/2001Zero | 5470 views | 0 replies 

right lads,

we are changing stuff slightly. like eric put up for me there, we are playing at 9pm, i think it will suit more people.
the main change is that we are making this more official. we are going with the 'net team until we can find a way to get our "allstars" on the net. what i mean is basically that beast and ser, who are the 2 best teamplayers we have, currently are offline, (i'll work on that when i get back to ul), so atm we need a team practising on the web, it prolly wont be tuesdays, we'll sort that later on, but basically we are going to have an official net team, wiht people on it who are available to play at regular intervals and are either very good or have the ability to get good within a few weeks. of course people have to be aware that if nicky somehow managed to get on the net, someone would lose a place. i know it's unfair but the purpose of team.ie is to get ireland's best team to play.

so what we are doing tonight is the start of an official irish net team, so if you want a chance of getting on the team, you want to be there.
meet in #team.ie on quakenet at 9pm tonite. this is basically a chance for all you quaker's who have been sitting in team.ie's shadow for the last year to get your shot at the team. the team will be picked totally fairly, clans/friends do not come into it. overlord is setting up the server to force recording so we are going to play maybe 1 warmup war, and then two proper games on dm7 and dm14tmp which will produce 16 demos, myself and bunny will watch them all.

what are we looking for? the single thing to keep in your head at all times during the game is "think of the other three on your team". if you are a snatcher or a fragmonkey you won't even be considered.

we want every regular net player to consider trying for this, there are a few names we really want to see there tho, ppl that we know are on every night, and they are overlord, m1ke, skelter, mindphuck, koopa, jedi, el_pres.

these are the few that stick out in my mind, there are other regulars we would like to turn up also, people like simo, m1rv, gerry, sico, havok.

if there are ppl left out it's purely because i am writing this in a rush, you know who you are. there are other names up here that at the moment can only be considered for the lan team, there are a heap of names, and like above, you all know who you are.

boyz, this is important, and it's our step forward, because if we get a team playing regularly, we are sorted. please post any comments you have here, and please try your best to be there.


  team.ie tdm trials - 16/01/2001MindPhuck | 5535 views | 0 replies 
its all very much go go go at the moment with all the trials going on. zero sends word that the team.ie tdm trials will be on tonight @ 9pm #team.ie for anyone who is interested in participating.

  irish q3ctf team trials - this s - 15/01/2001Lucutus | 5471 views | 0 replies 
thanks for the reminder zero, this was put on the backburner for a while other stuff happening with dm and ctf leagues for bio.

we are late for this big time and we gotta pull together a team for it quicksmart. we can do well in our group, and perhaps go on, who knows.

anyone who had expressed an interest in playing in the ie q3ctf team please show on saturday coming, (the 20th) on irc to #q3ctf.ie at 3pm for trial.

we have less than a month to get a team together and practise for this, so it's imperitive that you be there on saturday if you want to play. if you can't make it, post in the comments or to the quake board on boards.ie

  irish ctf team - 15/01/2001Zero | 5556 views | 0 replies 
i think lucutus offered to run a q3ctf team over on the irish quake boards a few weeks back, m1ke was also talking about it.

well, it's time for whoever is doing it to get their asses in gear. the savage ctf eurocup is starting on 10th february, and we are in a group with n.ireland, england, scotland and wales. (easy)

  yet another qil4 update - 15/01/2001AlyGreeny | 5703 views | 1 replies 
clan kapitol stormed home to victory in the qil finals over canine this evening to cement their position as the usas number one clan. in the much awaited east vs west coast decider ck ran out easy winners 2-0:

131-82 ck - dm7

124-56 ck - dm12

earlier stickmen had overcome canine in a close match decided by just 5 frags to take 3rd place by 2 games to 1.

meanwhile in the questcon 2001 1v1 tourney ck-czm defeated o|mojo 12-5 on ztn3dm1 to take the title. final standings were:

1. ck-czm

2. o|mojo

3. 4|cloak

4. stx-wombat

5. a|method

demos from all those games should be available on xsreality shortly.

  qil again - 14/01/2001MindPhuck | 5551 views | 0 replies 
canine defeated abuse two games to one in last nights games. the final scores were -

73-56 canine - q3dm12

169-107 abuse - q3dm6

98-82 canine - q3dm7

canine take on clan kapitol tonight in the finals which will prove to be an excellent final to watch.

  xsr pro-gamers league - 14/01/2001MindPhuck | 5649 views | 1 replies 
rumour has it, xsreality are about to embark on a new venture and create a new professional gamers league. the man heading it up is thorian who has a few different ideas how events should be ran. i would imagine it would be similar to the old pgl but it is quite interesting to see more pro-gamer leagues appearing and i'm sure, if its to promote gaming, everyone will welcome it. more news on that when it comes in.

  qil4 - update - 13/01/2001MindPhuck | 5515 views | 0 replies 
last night saw clan kapitol defeat the stickmen to advance into the finals. tonight sees abuse take on canine. more news on that later, for the moment, here are the score from last nights games were -

ck 144-118 stx dm7

ck 127-148 stx dm6tmp

ck 144-104 stx dm7

  striders demo converter - 13/01/2001MindPhuck | 5656 views | 0 replies 
earlier i reported that strider was working on a demo converter to convert 117 demos to the new 127 format. well, he's released it and you can grab it from our files section here.

  team.ie - 12/01/2001Zero | 5529 views | 0 replies 
training for team.ie online on tuesday. details here.

  qil questcon update - 12/01/2001Zero | 5492 views | 0 replies 

rage over on esports-live.com has posted up his top 10 predictions for the qil questcon duel tourney. they can be read here

xsreality is exciting the nerds at the moment with an interview with some porn star wot plays ut. asia carrera is her name, and apparently when she's not taking it from 10 angles for the camera, she's taking it from rocket launchers. has her own website and servers and the lot. the interview is here.

nothing going on in irish news really, apart from the bw league updates that m1ke & co have reported on already. i myself am going off the cigarettes "cold turkey" starting tomorrow morning, from 60 to 0 quicker than a subaru imprezza, check out my column for updates on my extreme pain as the week runs on.

  savage fixtures - 12/01/2001MindPhuck | 5316 views | 0 replies 
the fixtures for the up-n-coming savage ctf super sunday cup have been announced. the cup starts on sunday the 21st @ 5pm, with the finals the weekend after. to check out the list of competing clans, have a look at the savage cup page. also, thor has written his predictions for the cup which you can read here.

  team arena night - 12/01/2001MindPhuck | 5252 views | 0 replies 
by now, most of you already have got team arena or have had a play of it. were hoping to run a team arena night on sunday the 21st. it will be a pickup game night with lotsa fun and action. what we want to know is if you think your 'ard enuf so we can get an idea of numbers. let us know.

  qil questcon - 12/01/2001MindPhuck | 5301 views | 0 replies 
the qil4 finals takes place in the states this weekend. it looks like its gonna be a cracker of a final between abuse, canine, clan kapitol and the stickmen. i'll try post news on qtv's, etc as soon as i get it.

  league results - 10/01/2001M1ke | 5259 views | 0 replies 

tuesday saw few results in the bwdml for irish clans. in division 2c ps got a default win over sq and bio beat suq 295-125 leaving ps in 3rd position ahead of bio by a 45 frag difference.

in division 3b hat beat rot 188-87, and hatb got a walkover. this leaves hat 1st in division 3b and hatb have moved up from 4th from bottom of division 3c. this weeks maps were q3dm7 and q3mexx1.

  clanbase final announced - 10/01/2001MindPhuck | 5308 views | 0 replies 
clanbase have announced that the final for this season is to take place on the 27/28th of january in amsertdam. the finalists are 4k, all*stars, evolution, ocrana and the russian team who won the bwec. i'll look forward to watching those games on qtv (hopefully someone will have re-made qtv by then).

  demo converter for 1.27x - 10/01/2001MindPhuck | 5250 views | 0 replies 
strider has been working hard on a demo converter for all your older demos, 117 to 127. he's almost got it complete as you can have a read from the forumns over on xsreality.

  tech support? - 09/01/2001MindPhuck | 5329 views | 0 replies 
heres a really funny .mp3 file osiris gave me earlier. yes its nerdy, but its funny all the same and worth a listen. grab it here.

  bwdml mid-season review - 09/01/2001AlyGreeny | 5448 views | 0 replies 
bigfoot has posted his review of the barrysworld dml season so far on quakenation with news on the irish clans :

div 2c: i think if any sides are going to break up ea/mr it will probably be either ps or bio.

div 3b: hat lead substantially on frag difference, and would be many peoples tips to take the title

read the whole article here

  speed boost dlls for q3 1.27g - 09/01/2001OverLord | 5538 views | 0 replies 
as you may have noticed 1.27g is terrible on fps.

so the lads at shugashack decided to remedy this by compiling dlls that run faster than the code that comes
with quake3 out of the box.

in the old 1.17 patch similar dlls sped up yor fps but slowed down your movement on the server - good and bad. but now with 1.27 thats all fixed so they just speed up your fps i.e. it's all good.

get the speed dlls for normal quake3 (no team arena)here and the speed dlls if you have team arena here

  another patch for q3! - 1.27h - 09/01/2001OverLord | 5267 views | 0 replies 
sujoy was quick off the mark with this one - maybe because he's living in california.

fixes and additions

- fixed james model bug

- cd key read correctly when starting from q3a vs ta shortcuts

- handicap exploit fixed

- bot routing bug fixed

- potential 20 fps increase for some clients :-)

- sensitivity is back how it was

notice the last one. dont worry about it being introduced on the servers just yet but we like to
keep you informed of these things. if you want to give it a go, you can find it in our files section and if your too lazy to even move the mouse to the left a bit then click here

maybe canni will stop moaning now? nahh

23:07 - seems the patch is backwards compatible - thanks m1ke - so download it!

  demo uploads - 08/01/2001Zero | 5337 views | 0 replies 
girls n boys,

we want to make a decent collection of irish demos, i mean duels n stuff, not just iq3cl demos. if you look on the bar there on the left, the demos upload lets you upload any demos on your machine.

get uploading some demos til we make a decent collection.
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