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  Sam on wikipedia LOL - 01/12/2007Spaceman | 92372 views | 3 replies 

Once a notorious duel player...

  na fianna eql tdm - 04/10/2007johnie | 69653 views | 12 replies 
Irish quakeworld tdm team na fiannna kicked off their eql season last night with a resounding 2-0 win over div5 opponents +forward.

The team consisted of [fian] mickah , [fian] driz , [fian] john_rambo , [fian] johnie. The lads played very well locking both maps [dm3, dm2] early on and with good timing and support for quads and pents we where able to hold the maps for most of the games. Next up is dc on sunday and if [fian] hotel gets his connection sorted he will make his eql debut.

attachments :
851-138.jpg (46.16 kb)
851-139.jpg (36.88 kb)

  Latest news from Irish QW scene - 18/09/2007pleuraXeraphim | 75132 views | 1 replies 
The 6th season of the European Quake league kicks off this week with a grand
total of 67 teams entered. There are six different divisions including a Rookie division for teams new to QW TDM.

In Division 5 we have newly formed Irish clan Na Fianna featuring a formidable lineup up of the following:
undone, john_rambo (vinnit), mickah, jonnie, f, driz (Aus), beast and a few rookie players such as hotel and hedgehog.
In the new Rookie division the Mob Of Oddballs clan features Irish player pleuraXeraphim.

There are also two Irish teams entered in to Division 5 of the 2on2 NNQL league.
We have from Na Fianna Mickah and Jonnie and new team The Silver Bullets featuring undone and pleuraXeraphim

Be sure to keep an eye on the progress by checking out the following links between now and Christmas

European Quake League - http://www.eql.nu
NNQL 2x2 League - http://nnql.llamah.se

or join
#nafianna on irc.quakenet.org

  Making a comeback. - 25/08/2007Rapier | 65089 views | 3 replies 
buyign a new pc furture p[roff and all
2900xt new core duo 7650 and 2 gig 800 ram. will be the camping guy in vehicles. raping the fuck out of you. why have cotton when u can have silk. No honour jst detruction/


  Making a comeback. - 25/08/2007Rapier | 57749 views | 0 replies 
buyign a new pc furture p[roff and all
2900xt new core duo 7650 and 2 gig 800 ram. will be the camping guy in vehicles. raping the fuck out of you. why have cotton when u can have silk. No honour jst detruction/

attachments :
44-smartspeed.JPG (37.38 kb)
44-Tranquility_by_Burning_Liquid.jpg (590.48 kb)
44-00961_blueeagle_1600x1200.jpg (71.99 kb)
44-blueeagle_1600x1200.jpg (159.86 kb)
44-Empire_320x240.jpg (8.3 kb)

  Quakeworld Team 4x4 Rookie Leagu - 16/08/2007pleuraXeraphim | 57269 views | 4 replies 
As part of the efforts to recruit players back to Quakeworld there is moves a foot to create a Rookie 4x4 TDM league for the winter.

You can read more about this over on the main Quakeworld News portal site


If you want to get involved in some low skilled team fun then make sure you read the article and join the #qwrookie irc channel on quakenet.

  Ignition Quakeworld Rookie Tourn - 15/08/2007pleuraXeraphim | 56760 views | 0 replies 
The second season of the Ignition Quakeworld rookie tournament is about to kick off with sign-ups currently still open. If you have not played qw before or havent played for a few years then you should give it ago.

You can sign up at the competition website which is located here

If you are new to quakeworld or returning after a few years then grab the brand spanking new client nQuake which has everything you need to get playing.

Also go here for other help on getting setup.

  #Dizzyclan q4 CTF clan recruitin - 26/07/2007Dardoz | 58238 views | 3 replies 
In case any of you havent been watching Sky Sports News enough, the highly successful Clan Dizzy q4 CTF squad will be recruiting at Gamecon.

This team of highly talented crossbreeds comprising of Dar, Nag, Vin, Jazzy, AntoB and a couple of charming young english men will be seeking out the best that irish talent has to offer to further cement our position as the best irish q4 clan...bar none

If any of you have q4 and havent tried out the ctf, this is your chance.

ps..we also suck so no great standard is required.


Mel and Kronic just joined the ranks, hopefully rapp is soon to follow

  Def and Dag Extreme 3 - 22/05/2007MIXU | 63465 views | 4 replies 
Its been years in the making but finally the final (?) installment to the trilogy has been released.

Frankly put as one of the best quakeworld films made.

Torrent: http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3691373/QuakeWorld_-_Dag_Def_Extreme_3_-_High_Quality
Direct: http://gamefiles.virginmedia.com/blueyondergames/movies/quakeworld/dde3%20-%20Xvid%20HQ.rar

  The Quake 4 Revival - 30/04/2007Illkillya | 62108 views | 2 replies 
Some good news about the state of Quake 4 in Ireland, via Darren:

I just thought I should tell you all about the mini q4 community explosion there has been in the last couple of weeks in this wee island of ours.

After the 1.4 patch came out and i30 came along, myself and young Vin specced a few of the streams, followed by a few demos and following some gentle persuasion, I persuaded Vin that the game was seriously fun now. The bugs are all patched up, the gamer is faster, the weapons are more balanced, the hitboxes are greatly reduced in size. The crouch sliding really brings the game to a whole new level. The game really is good fun to play now.

So, after Vin started to see the light, he began working on the unreal.ie community lads to give it a lash. And now, what dya know, there are almost a dozen of the UIE lads, myself and vin amongst them playing q4 a few times a week.

Now I know some of you reading this may think, WTF, it couldnt be better, Q4 was pants. I couldnt agree more. All I can say is it is a totally different game now, the speed, smoothness and fun are back.

If you want to give it a go again all you need is the 1.41 beta point release and Q4MAX (v0.78b)

Im gonna try get them all to perform #quake.ie 2nit to ease the pain


  et:qw demo - 17/04/2007MindPhuck | 61934 views | 4 replies 
word from the inside is that the long awaited ET:QW demo is out tomorrow. nice.

apparently its going to be exclusive to fileplanet, so get yourself an account. ill try mirror it on quake.ie aswell.

  id Seeks Quake Wars Beta Testing - 21/03/2007naitkris | 65159 views | 4 replies 
from Voodoo Extreme - http://ve3d.ign.com/articles/774/774345p1.html:

id Software is now accepting applications from active clans for entry into the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Multiplayer Closed Beta. If your team is interested in helping us improve our product, please send an email to [email protected] with all of the required information shown below. Thank you and good luck!

1. Clan name
2. Number of active members
3. Games played regularly
4. Games played competitively
5. Clan website
6. Clan IM details
7. Clan email

  King Of Tuesday Kenya 2 - 20/03/2007pleuraXeraphim | 64446 views | 0 replies 

So who will be the next King of Tuesday Kenya ?

Last week Seese was crowned the King after defeating Swi in a very close and exciting finale on VDM3.
It rounded up what was an enjoyable evening where over 100 games were played in quick sucession over the space of 4 hours.
Currently discussions and a vote for the next map are taking place over on the forums

What is KTK?

Well there has been much talk in recent times on the issue of regenerating quakeworld by trying to attract back some of the old players and indeed new players alike. Some people feeling that in order to attract new players, the community must make a start by allowing a greater choice and variety of maps for Tournament mappools.

With the suggestions and backing from some of the community,
Vio and Sassa have gotten together to organise an informal tournament to take place every Tuesday called: King of Tuesday Kenya

Every Tuesday evening there will be a 1on1 duel tournament
which will feature a different Kenya (Custom) map each week.

So make sure you get involved for the next KTX Tourney.

Check out the Map Vote here: http://quakeworld.nu/forum/viewpoll.php?id=1586

  Hail to King Seese - 13/03/2007Illkillya | 65628 views | 3 replies 
The inaugural King of Kenya Competition ran without a hitch tonight. More than 100 official games played over the course of the evening, with vdm3 in the spotlight this week. Congratulations to Seese on being crowned King of Kenya, following a thriller in the final vs the favourite: swi. Full results are available at http://quakeworld.nu/forum/viewforum.php?id=34 and I have uploaded demos of the final to http://qw.clanfh.net/duel_seese_vs_swi_kotk.tar.gz

Well done to sassa, vio, et al on a great event; impeccably run. Aside from being an enjoyable evening, the King of Kenya gives us a chance to thoroughly test out new maps in a reasonably competitive tournament - to showcase their potential at all skill levels. vdm3 performed very well, and I would like to see it making some more appearences in the future.

From my own perspective, the Scandinavian focus is a bit of an obstacle for the rest of us, with all of the official servers tonight being located in Sweden/Finland/Norway. Particularly on a map like vdm3, where the gameplay revolves around a telejump at the centre which is almost impossible on high ping, this made it kind of pointless for the rest of us - myself, Pleura, mushi from Portugal, and a couple of the Russians. Hopefully future tourneys will have some central European servers on offer.

Keep an eye on the quakeworld.nu forums for news of next Tuesdays map.

  NNQL Update - 09/03/2007Mickah | 64567 views | 1 replies 
NNQL (http://nnql.llamah.se/) is a European 2v2 QW tournament. Ireland have two teams entered. The Liginds (Johnie & Pleura) are in Div 6 and Scobes (Killy & Mickah) in Div 5.

Scobes are currently sitting 10th out of 22 with 1 win from 4 games. We started off well with a great win over Fraggers United Management beating them on DM4 (their map) by one frag before taking it home on DM6.

Tokio Hotel was another close match. We lost ztndm3 narrowly with nasty ping spikes, won a close DM6 and lost the decider on Aerowalk.

Urheiluseurojen Aatelit were just too strong for us, we lost 2-0. Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato should have been closer, we screwed up a quad on DM2, they got a lock down and won 2-0.

The Liginds are sitting mid-table 5th of 8 teams with 0 games played in a highly inactive division. Its a pity Id fancy them to do quite well.

  King of Tuesday kenya - qw - 09/03/2007pleuraXeraphim | 64511 views | 4 replies 
There has been much talk the past week on the issue of regenerating quakeworld by trying to attract back some of the old players and indeed new players alike. The debate has raged with some people feeling that in order to attract new players, the community must make a start by allowing a greater choice and variety of maps for Tournament mappools.

Tradtionally the qw community tends to be conservative and there are some strong arguments for and against using Kenya (Custom) maps in in the main stream tournaments.

However with the suggestions and backing from some of the community,
Vio and Sassa have gotten together to organise an informal tournament to take place every Tuesday to be called: King of Tuesday Kenya

Every Tuesday evening there will be a 1on1 duel tournament
which will feature a different Kenya (Custom) map each week.

So if you havent played qw in a few years or you want to give it a try. Then this would be a good tournament to try out as it will even up the playing field somewhat and its just for fun on new maps.

For full details check out:


  kyu.one - QW movie release - 07/03/2007pleuraXeraphim | 64729 views | 4 replies 
If there is one thing you do today then download the latest qw movie release from Nylon. It shows how far qw has come and how its a match for any modern fps game. The movie is a promo for a new camera system client for quakeworld named camquake and the effects and graphices are very impressive.

The movie is available here and is aprrox 160MB:

http://jogi.netdome.biz/kyu.one_by_nylon.zip - x264
http://jogi.netdome.biz/kyu.one_by_nylon_xvid.zip - xvid

VLC Media player worked for me. You can download VLC from here:


Let us know what you think of it and its well worth the download.

  Clan Tayto - first NQR win - 06/03/2007pleuraXeraphim | 63245 views | 4 replies 
The premier competitive event in European Quakeworld - NQR is now into its 5th week and with it brings news of a first win for the new Irish Clan Tayto.

The game was played against Clan Allans Vittnen (AV) from sweden on a German Server. Tayto won the first map comfortably despite a slow start and finished 218-90 on DM3

It was looking like it would be a short match and foregone conclusion when they lined up to fight on E1M2. However Clan AV had other plans. They battled hard and managed to sneak the map at the end by a very close 158-133. It left the tayto lads wondering if they had blown the win.

So at one map all the game went down to the final decider map on DM2. The experience of Clan Tayto came through as they kept their nerve to finish 183-110.

The win was badly needed to lift the lads off the bottom of the table and they now sit comfortably in 7th place.

Team lineup was: (Swedish) Draco, Hote, Killy, Jonnie, Turbo (Portugal),

Mathc report and screenshots can be found here:

  The Quakeworld Revival - 13/12/2006Illkillya | 68043 views | 3 replies 
For no known reason, the prodigal sons of Irish Quake are returning home in droves.

We have three Irish QuakeWorld clans gearing up for the next season of the EQL (European Quake League). Clan RAW (Red Armour Whores) - now well established with a league campaign or two under their belts. Clan Tayto (theres always one) - a dose of oldschool experience enhanced by renewed enthusiasm. The lower divisions have also reported a disturbance which could be linked to a dynamic and elusive force that some refer to as Team Chameleon.

On a typical night on the Irish Quake server, you might see any 12 of these -
johnnny (the artist formerly known as JUDAS)

Reported but unconfirmed sightings include Nexus, yum, sno, gerry, Anjo, Rook1e, Spaceman, anti, walt0r, cbs, kharn and weakinfant among others.

There has never been a better time to get back into the beautiful game. With loads of active players (of all abilities) playing 4v4s, duels, and random pickups every night, the traditional barriers have been axed and the road to dm3 RA-camping bliss is now clear. You will have access to fun, casual games on Irish servers every night, with league participation also an option in the New Year.

Join up, #qw.ie on Quakenet
Quake Server: games1.iol.ie:28401

If you dont have the game, you can download it for free at equake.quakeworld.nu

If you have never played the game before - I urge you to give it a try... there is a reason why a 10 year old game has such an active and devoted community, you have nothing to lose. If you are an old Quake players, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

  sticky : Ping Please! #2 - 09/10/2006MIXU | 62527 views | 21 replies 

Ping war time again. At the moment Im on Eircoms package of 3072/384, based in central Dublin. I think its 49euro a month (expensive) but my ping is good, no wait; my ping is GREAT. Observe.

[email protected] ~
$ ping games1.iol.ie
PING games1.iol.ie ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=57 time=11 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=57 time=10 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=57 time=12 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=57 time=12 ms

----games1.iol.ie PING Statistics----
4 packets transmitted, 4 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
round-trip (ms) min/avg/max/med = 10/11/12/12

Yes, 12ms stable in game. Who owns you now?

So lets break it down internationally:

Ireland :: 13ms
UK :: 25ms
Netherlands :: 25/38ms
Germany :: 38ms
Denmark :: 38ms/52ms
Sweden :: 52ms
Spain :: 52ms
Czech :: 52ms
Norway :: 52ms
Austria :: 52ms/65ms
USA :: 92ms

All above pings rock solid in quakeworld. I would also like to point out that Im using the PPPOATM option instead of the standard PPPOE with Eircom. There has been dispute that Eircom DOES NOT support ATM, it clearly does. Vinnit will also confess to his ms dropping 3-4ms by utilising this configuration.

Comparisons please,


  Altec Lansing AHS615 review - 28/09/2006Rapier | 61943 views | 7 replies 
The AHS615 Gaming Headset is a new arrival from Altec Lansing, a company thats been around since the 1930s with a reputation of producing reliable and affordable sound equipment. The AHS615 comes in clamshell style packaging that is not only child-proof but adult-proof as well. Once youve switched off your chainsaw or turned the gas off on the blowtorch your left with a sturdy looking headset with a navy/black/silver coloured finish.

My first impression was that it looked quite different from other headsets that Ive seen thanks the the open-air ear cuff design and the double headband implementation. I presume the logic behind the open air design was to reduce heat and sweat accumulating around your head during those long instense gaming sessions, the good news is that it does its job well, the bad news is that after a couple of hours the top of your ears begin to ache but this just takes a few days of getting used to. The headset weighs very little and has 10 feet of cord to make life more comfortable.
The bi-headband structure is another feature that sets the AHS615 apart from the norm. The upper headband acts to hold the entire unit together whilst the lower headband is an automatic bungee based adjustment system that works suprisingly better than most of the manual adjustment systems Ive used on other headsets. The headset automatically presses inwards resulting in less loss of sound quality.

Sound Performance
The sound quality from this headset is exceptional considering its mid-price range status. The SRS 3D audio system adds an extra dimension to games that support surround sound, increasing your immersion in the game world and enable you to pinpoint where that shot was fired from. The downside to the SRS is that an AAA battery is required but the headset will work and sound fine without the battery, however you better not forget to turn off the SRS because contrary to popular belief - the energiser bunny doesnt go on forever. The AHS615 also does a great job in blocking out background noise such as the TV or your girlfriend telling you that you play too many games.

Microphone Performance
This is the best microphone Ive encountered on a headset in terms of adjustability, customization and voice quality. The microphone boom pivots and flexs 270 degrees which is more than enough range of motion for any user and more importantly, it stays firm wherever you put it whether it be down your throat or near your cheekbone to allow pizza to access. I tested the microphone on Ventrilo, Teamspeak and a couple of other well known messenger programs. Everyone I spoke to concluded I sounded crystal clear and background noise was minimal.

Inline Controller
The inline controller contains 4 sets of controls, main volume, SRS volume, microphone sensitivity and the SRS on/off switch. There is also a large belt/shirt clip. I found the microphone controls particularly useful as you could mute the microphone when you needed to speak on the phone or in the real world and not distract or annoy people on Ventrilo.
However a problem with the controller is that its cumbersome, when you have it in your hand and are adjusting controls its beautiful, fits the hand like a dream and your fingers or thumb wont go into spasm but once your satisfied with your adjustment you cant let it just hang as it tugs at the headset. I found the best solution was to clip it to the hip area of my waist but I was still a bit too aware of its presence.

Overall I was very satisfied with the Altec Lansing AHS615 and would recommend it to friends. Its positives by far outweigh its negatives. Its from a respected, well known company and is available at the reasonable price of £39.99 at creativecomputing.net

Good performance to price ratio.
Excellent microphone and sound quality.
SRS 3D audio is a nice and useful option.
Well designed, unique and well-built.

AAA battery required for full functionality.
Inline controller may be too awkward for some.

  WCG Lan was class :) thanks - 24/09/2006Spaceman | 62123 views | 2 replies 
Thanks to Eirc Bio PPC and everyone else for a class lan. Lovely setup. Had some really good games.

thanks again!!

  Vengeance Nations Cup - 21/09/2006Illkillya | 58030 views | 1 replies 
[un4n] has been in touch about a new Quake 3 4v4 fun-oriented TDM nations cup. Signups so far include UK, Hungary, Finland, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Are there enough active Irish Q3 Players to enter a team?


  World Cyber Games Ireland - 10/08/2006MindPhuck | 75409 views | 17 replies 

The World Cyber Games are coming to Ireland for the first time in September 2006. The World Cyber Games is the worlds first Cyber Games Festival designed to build a healthy cyber culture. The best gamers from around the world will gather in different cities to share the excitment and fun of the games tournament.

Since 2000 more than 70 countries have participated in Grand Finals in 5 countries across the world. This years Grand Final takes place in Monza Italy from 18th - 22nd October 2006.

The Irish Heats to send participants to Monza, in Italy will take place from 23rd - 24th September 2006 at The Digital Hub in Dublin. http://www.thedigitalhub.com/ To be in with a chance to represent Ireland in Monza, get yourself signed up.

The format of this event - there will be two sections to the event. the BYOC area and the competition area. The BYOC area is a free lan area for all participants, which will allow players warmup for the competitions themselves. The competition area will be setup with state of the art PCs with top of the range kit. Players will be playing on the same kit for the games.

Signups close on the 18th of August, so get yourself registered by going over to http://www.worldcybergamesireland.com/ or you can register and login on room101 and sign up there - http://www.room101.org/lan-signup.asp?item=316

Please note - applicants must be over 18 to apply. ID will be required on registration at the event.

Competition area
BYOC area
24hours+ long
Gigabit switched ports
Console gaming
Big Screen Projector
FTP servers for patches, updates, mods etc.
IRC and TeamSpeak/Ventrillo server for communication
Intranet Website
WiFi LAN Access (b/g).

lan dates :
23/09/2006 to 24/09/2006
24 hour lan

attendee requirements :
BYOC - for those intending to participate, please bring your own computer

games being played :
Fifa Soccer 06 (pc)
Half Life - Counter Strike 1.6 (pc)
Need for Speed : most wanted (pc)
Starcraft : Brood War (pc)
Warcraft III : Frozen Throne (pc)
Dawn of War : Winter Assault (pc)
Dead or Alive 4 (xbox 360)
Project Gotham Racing 3 (xbox 360)

lan address :
Digital Hub Development Agency,
Digital Exchange,
Crane Street,
The Digital Hub,
Dublin 8

cost details :
free of charge.

alcholol? : no
net connect? : yes
age limit : 18+

  DeltaCTF open beta release - 14/07/2006[spectator] | 79791 views | 0 replies 
quote :
After 4 months of hard work and dedication we are finally releasing a public beta of our mod. Some people asked us why we waited so long to release a public version and the short answer would be so more was done for people to enjoy and not get sidetracked with so much being wrong but able to enjoy the game we have made. Granted there are still problems, which is why this is a beta and not final. So please give us your feedback. We still have features to show off for final, but your opinions will help make this mod the best ctf mod for quake 4.


  Prey demo is out - 22/06/2006[spectator] | 85404 views | 3 replies 
Starts from the beginning of the game, has 5 full levels and two multiplayer maps.

Go and grab it quick:


Links source: http://www.nofrag.com

  Johnathon "fatal1ty" Wendel Inte - 31/05/2006x0n | 91397 views | 1 replies 
"Professional video gamer Johnathan Wendel, aka Fatal1ty, is living his dream. But its not as easy as it sounds."


  E-Sports Association of Ireland - 24/05/2006Illkillya | 93499 views | 8 replies 
Blackthorn over Room101 introducing http://www.esports-ireland.com. Hopefully this will harness the casual gaming culture in Ireland, and steer it towards increased competitive activity.
quote :

Paisean inár gcuspóir,
Fírinne in ár mbriathra,
Agus onóir inár gcroíthe.
Anois agus go deo.

I posted my thoughts in full on my own website - http://www.jamesgalvin.com.

  CMF Win NQR - 11/05/2006Illkillya | 96617 views | 2 replies 
Congrats to the Finnish clan Clan Malfunction who won NQR 9 today, beating Slackers 3 maps to 2. Theres a full report on esreality here:

Here are the scores:
Clan Malfunction [3:2] Slackers
DM3 - [163:164]
DM2 - [162:223]
E1M2 - [246:168]
E1M2 - [264:223] (CMF choice)
DM3 - [178:162] (SR choice)

  cpm masters cup games tonight - 01/05/2006x0n | 98816 views | 6 replies 
unless youve got a severe aversion to promode, I suggest you all get the GTVs out and the popcorn on. Tonight:

20.30 - naKoddy vs Griffin
21.30 - xerox vs rat
22.30 - Lugia vs vamp1re
23.30 - Aph vs vo0

All Times CET (GMT+0100) so first game at 19.30 Irish time.

Standings at http://www.challenge-tv.com/putty/vamp-cpma/bracket_view.php?show=Standings
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