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quake.ie main news
  Quake4 LAN - 13/10/2005Zero | 16845 views | 33 replies 
wake up nerds. ye can put away the battlefield, the day oh defeat, and whatever other shite ye are playing til we check out quake4, seeing as its out in a week or so.
was thinking the best way to decide how much we hate or love it, would be a big fuck-off lan, where all the quake 1,2 & 3 nards come along and play fuckloads of ffa/tdm/ctf in this so called kwayke-four.
to make it interesting, when we have played enough quake4, we can go play some of the other games like:
- quake 4
- quake 4
- quake 4
- or even quake 4

after an evening-to-early-morning of that, well have decided that either the game is complete shite and we have no interest, or else, that the game is class and well have kick-started the scene and lazy cunts like me killy and eric will go off and start organising leagues, clan wars etc.

we can hire bio for the lan, no prizes or bullshit, and the entrance for it will be barebones cost split across the amount of people that turn up, i.e. if we all go its gonna cost fuckall.

what ye think? (not that i care, ill prolly start organising this anyway)

that is all.

  sticky : Welcome to Quake.ie - 11/10/2005MindPhuck | 17725 views | 33 replies 

..introducing the new http://www.quake.ie!. after many many nights, days pouring my heart and soul into the new site, its finally here. ive always wanted to write a forum of sorts. so, i decided to give it ago, but also give it a twist to the way our old site works, basiclly, keeping all the nice style and functionality of our beloved quake.ie but with all the coolness of a board in the background. its been fun. many thanks to ppc, syxpak, legion, biohazrd, zero and all the tig lads for all their help on this one.

besides all the normal features that q.ie had, heres some of the most noticable new editions to the site -
- integrated forums, with private forums and forums on the fly
- full admin features for deleting/editing/moving of threads
- banning of ips, forum and thread management - all the bells n whistles
- private messages with email notification
- polls
- attachment uploads
- rss feeds for you firefox freaks
- member ranking system
- bb codes when posting, no more html
- no more anom postings - sorry, too much spamage.
- full searching features
- and many more..

god, almost sounds like im selling it - anyway, if you run into any problems, please let me know by private messaging me () or posting your question/suggestion in the help section. (http://www.quake.ie/forum.asp?item=3). oh, and dont forget to edit your profiles!

the domain will be switched over any day now and well be all back in our www.quake.ie home! more features for clans and leagues will be added soon, in the meantime - have fun.

  nearly there - 05/10/2005MindPhuck | 17067 views | 11 replies 
the new site is just about ready - feel free to login there and have a gander about. don't bother trying to register, it wont work and accounts and data is going to be re-imported. your existing password should work, if not try using test/test as an account to use.
admins, you know who you are, try out the adminage features like creating private forums, editing posts, etc.

let me know if you get any problems or any suggestions would be nice.

new site

  cpl q4 winter championships - 05/10/2005[spectator] | 15846 views | 11 replies 
now that quake 4 got its official launch date, the cpl quake 4 registration for the winter championships opened and is already booked out by now (took 30 hours to get 128 pro-gamers to register).

as expected, it seems that pro-gamers from various games have all united to play quake 4, but we'll really have to wait a few months after the release of quake 4 to know if the pro-gaming community is driven by the cash prizes or by the exciting new game quake 4 is expected to be.

in the meantime, here is the full list of the registered players:


  quake four gone gold - 10/03/2005OverLord | 15738 views | 14 replies 
straight from shacknews www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/38922

  quake 4 weapons artwork - 28/09/2005[spectator] | 16074 views | 4 replies 
very nice imagery, check it out here:


  new logo - 22/09/2005MindPhuck | 16644 views | 16 replies 
any of you logo designers out there willing to spend a free little time? fancy having the honor of creating a new logo and loook for the new quake.ie ?

have a go and paste put up your artwork, if your stuff is teh win, you get your logo and style ingraved in stone! well, sorta seriously tho, i could do with some help with some nice gfx for the top please.

  fatal1ty is in ireland - 15/09/2005Spaceman | 17566 views | 7 replies 
creative labs have named a sound card after him and hes knocking about the gaff - i'm gonna get him to autograph my rail gun! (and fix the aim on it)

  cpl 2006 1v1 game - 14/09/2005[spectator] | 17217 views | 7 replies 
it's official, it's quake 4 ...




  quake 4 official release - 14/09/2005[spectator] | 16274 views | 2 replies 
seems to be the 16th of october!


as soon as i'll find an official announcement, i'll update this news.

(thx [foe]zonic for the tip )

  new host.. new site - 13/09/2005MindPhuck | 14900 views | 3 replies 
planned this week, quake.ie is moving to a new host. along with that, we will have the new site up and running within the next week

so, its all good

  the polish cheater - 05/09/2005Illkillya | 15236 views | 3 replies 
nd`torzelan pointed this out - a funny story posted by carmac on the ggl website about a cheater... read it here.

  q4 weapon clips - 02/09/2005melachi | 15198 views | 0 replies 
shaky cam vids of rl, rg, machinegun and the darkmatter/anti matter gun (bfg in disguise).

to be honest, q4 is looking incredibly similar to q3 but with improvements graphically and otherwise.

  quake 3 source released - 22/08/2005x0n | 15403 views | 4 replies 
i'm not sure if anyone here is really interested, but i was:

i managed to compile it up with some wacky alterations to the source code. fun fun fun.

  q3ctf 4v4 week-end - 22/08/2005[spectator] | 14534 views | 1 replies 
if you have a team and you fancy some 4v4 q3ctf (or if you + 3 friends want to create a one-off clan), go and signup at the following url (6 spots left):


the ctf scene (or what's left of it) is quite good these days and even if you don't want to play, it should be a good show to watch on gtv so don't miss it.

  more indepth stuff about q4 - 16/08/2005melachi | 15026 views | 25 replies 
the crazy polish fuc* carmac interviewed wheat who recently played a bunch of q4 at qcon, find his interview at ggl.


carmac: does the game feel like quake 3/2/1?

djwheat: the game feels more like a combination of quake 3, doom 3, and quake 1. that may seem a bit sporadic considering each of those games is completely different in the way it's played and the feel of the game. but imagine if you took the best elements of those games and threw them into the multiplayer game and tweaked them to work together.

perhaps the new quake era will paint a different picture for the irish quake scene as we now have somewhat decent connections. someone also mentioned that there would be an mp test demo released before the scheduled release date of q4 (oct 11th). wow can't believe it's coming so soon. another thing is that it will most likely become the world tour 1v1 game of cpl next year.
personally i'll play q4 or et qockwars. cs 1.6 was chosen over cs:s so despite having a great deal i'm not waiting a another year for major tournaments. that and quake being 5000 times better than cs, even though i'm pretty awesomeo at that randomshizgame. smoouv.

  banning poker wankers - 14/08/2005MindPhuck | 13667 views | 4 replies 
ive decided to put in a feature for all admins to ban the ips of those wankers who keep posting their crap about poker and viagra, etc.. the post will be deleted and that ip will never be allowed back to quake.ie. feel free to use it liberally. don't be banning normal users now or i'll get pissed!

poker cunts, please fuckoff now

  quake 4 - first multiplayer foot - 11/08/2005[spectator] | 13128 views | 12 replies 
yessssss! this looks t3h business. straight from quakecon via a post on esreality, visit the following link to have a preview of the new q4. looks great, can't wait!


edit: new videos from esreality:

quake4 multiplayer & vendor area video


and finally, from a pro-gamer's screen: fatal1ty playing it at quakecon


edit 2: more q4 videos from qcon:

you can hear bits like: "feels a lot like cpma" or "it's pretty fast too" which should please some qw players ...


also, some rumours about having q4 as the main tournament game for the next cpl worldtour here:


q4 ramp jumps


q4 portal firing


q4 singleplayer presentation + idsoftware q&a


q4 ctf videos



q4 nail jumping


  quake ii - lost marine - 08/10/2005[spectator] | 12872 views | 0 replies 
quake ii - lost marine is a total conversion mod for the doom 3 engine.


could this give us a glimpse of what quake 4 will be?

  quakecon 2005 - 08/09/2005[spectator] | 12865 views | 5 replies 
it starts tomorrow (wednesday 10th of august) and will be on for 4 days.

schedule available here: http://www.quakecon.org/schedule.php

as idsoftware kept et/qw as a big surprise for e3, i think they will probably have some very good surprises on this year's show.

i expect the official announcement of their new intellectual proprety that will be using the new render engine on which john carmak is working on since d3 is released (see his 'recorded' keynotes from last year on gamespy http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/doom-3/539265p1.html).

  jolt ffa tournament - 08/08/2005Illkillya | 11258 views | 1 replies 
just noticed on the jolt dml page that there is a ffa tournament starting. the format is not decided yet, as they're finalising a few things with feedback from the public on the jolt dml forum. i think i'll be a little bit too late getting broadband for this; and isdn doesn't cut it in 10 player ffa. it looks like a 1 night only affair, on the 16th of august.

"the tourney will start at 20:00 gmt (21:00 cet) with the ffa games running a full slog 20 minutes, a 10 minute breather followed by the top 5 or 3 (depending on how many sign up, i will confirm this on the 14th) going onto the next round, and so on, until we have a winner"

any of ye on a broadband connect should sign up to this if you think you'll be available that night - the last jolt ffa league was very good fun.

  quake 4 - 08/03/2005Dardoz | 11264 views | 8 replies 
amazon.com is now taking pre-orders for the long-awaited “quake 4,” promising a release date of oct. 31.

game manufacturer id software previously said quake 4 should be in stores before christmas, but has not confirmed a specific release date. last year, release dates posted on amazon for doom 3 (also published and developed by id software) were correct.

amazon says quake 4 will have an "arena-style multiplayer that allows players to play as strogg or marine." whether this means that those will function as player classes or just models is unknown.

wendy zaas, a spokesperson for id software, would not confirm that amazon's

information is correct. "there is no official release date. it's when it's done."

taken from ggl.com

  doom - the movie - 28/07/2005[spectator] | 9868 views | 0 replies 
it's coming in october and it looks like a mix between resident evil and aliens.


  unreal - 25/07/2005MindPhuck | 9933 views | 2 replies 

not exactly quake related, but the guys over in unreal.ie asked me to let you lot know their alive and well and have been revamping their site. i must say, its looking very well. alot better than the version i once wrote for unreal.ie *sniff*, almost brings a tear to my eye anyway, go here for a gander.

  sunday night is qw night - 16/07/2005Illkillya | 10326 views | 26 replies 
illkillya on boards.ie sends word that he is looking for qw players for this sunday night for fun and 4v4s, perhaps leading to something more regular if there is an interest shown. sounds like a sad attempt by some q3-rejects to feel like they're resurrecting an irish quake scene or something but have a read anyway at this thread and be sure to pop onto #quake.ie sometime on sunday night for some informal games - all welcome. except vin

  disinformation & lies. - 13/07/2005saik | 10308 views | 27 replies 
not only is qw bigger than q3 it seems unreal tournament is too, what with gamecon lan attracting internet game superstar fatal1ty (moll in disguise) here.

and a promise of 2500 euro to anyone who can beat him.

  qw > q3 - 07/12/2005MIXU | 9766 views | 18 replies 
it's official. put down your railguns and pick up your shafts, quakeworld is played more in ireland than quake 3 at the moment.

hail to the king, baby

  irish salmon fishing - 07/11/2005Zero | 9390 views | 4 replies 
irish salmon fishing, salmon fishing in ireland.
ireland is the only country in the eu still using monofilament driftnets, basically irish fishermen are slaughtering salmon across the mouths of rivers when they come back here to spawn.

  shrink me a human head - 23/06/2005[spectator] | 11028 views | 4 replies 
ever experienced a bad trip after having taken a very strong acid? well prey definitely looks like the closest you can get to it (don't ask me how i know this, i won't answer anyway).

another beautiful looking and very original game licensing the doom 3 engine where gravity, portals, mad-looking weapons and out-of-body experience mix all together to give you what seems to be a fresh wind of novelty in the fps genre.

11 minutes and 31 seconds of wonderful in-game footage available here:


a two-page review from gamedaily.com is available here:


  nvidia's new geforce 7 is out - 22/06/2005[spectator] | 9747 views | 3 replies 
last night, nvidia threw a party for the release of their new geforce 7800 in san francisco. if you have close to a 1000 eur to spare, here is a suggestion on what to put them in:


with impressive comments like:

"the 7800 series, [...] is nearly anywhere two to three times as powerful at processing graphics as the current geforce 6 series, even with high quality filtering, pixel edge detection (using multi-passes) and hatching shaders."


"... based on tests run using the unreal engine 3's engine citystreet2 demo, a single geforce 7800 gtx is faster than two 6800 ultras running in sli, by almost 30%."

the new nvidia card looks like bad news for ati.

isn't john carmack working on a new renderer? isn't he famous for having a close relationship with nvidia's engineers? watch this space ...
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