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  barrysworld saved! - 27/02/2001[sk.Ser] | 4866 views | 1 replies 
well, seems that it's all going to be ok for barrysworld.

tedthedog's column:
well, for the first time in months, the barrysworld emotional rollercoaster is finally pulling out of its headlong dive and starting to climb again. the assets of the company have been bought from the liquidator by electronics boutique (uk).

read the story from tedthedogs column here

mcv report here.

register report here.

this is great news for gaming in europe, viva barrysworld!

source quakenation.

  akke interview - 27/02/2001[sk.Ser] | 4885 views | 2 replies 
old school and quad whore akke has ainterview on besmella-quake.

akke now play's for the best quakeworld team today, flaming fist's.
is a intresting read, so check it out
i have played against akke and watched many demo's of him. he played with schroet kommando for a while, i sadly never got to play with him.

he rocks.

  koopa gets some fame? - 27/02/2001[sk.Ser] | 4849 views | 0 replies 
our own koopatroopa get's some fame on xsr, the demo vs blokey from the celebrity deathmatch night which is run by mindphuck has got quite popular getting a massive 1030 downloads already.

get the demo here , some nice rails both sides.

  savage leagues - 27/02/2001MindPhuck | 4926 views | 5 replies 
i noticed over on quakenation a news item about the savage leagues are going to be on the same night as the barrysworld tdm league. it looks like the savage lads are still intending to run their leagues on the same nights as the barrysworld leagues. theres alot of mixed feelings about the whole thing. my own team, hatstand, entered the savage leagues only as an alternative to the bw league since we heard that bw may not be around for a 5th season. however, should bw have a 5th season and it is on the same night as the savage league, we will probably drop from savage to play in what we feel is the 1st league. your thoughts?

  barrysworld saved? - 27/02/2001[sk.Ser] | 5083 views | 0 replies 
well maybe, read over at register that electronics boutique are looking at buying barrysworld, it's not sure which part though, but it could be taken over as soon as tonight! click here for more.

  more on 4z - 27/02/2001[sk.Ser] | 5072 views | 0 replies 
i read over at challenge-de that dev1il and pow3r have left formoza and plan to start a new team with pele.

how will this effect formoza, will they still be russia's #1 quake3 team, or will the new team with dev1il, pow3r and pele lay the smack down?

there are some demo's of the new formoza player's in a 2v2 on xsr which show the player's in action. they seem to have very high sensitivty like pele.

  euroctf kickoff - 27/02/2001MindPhuck | 5053 views | 2 replies 
the savage euro ctf league announced that saturday the 17th of march is the kick off date for the league. irelands first game being v's scotland. since its on st. patricks day, im kinda wondering who will actually be playable and sober for the game

  barrysworld reviews - 27/02/2001MindPhuck | 5080 views | 0 replies 
according to custom, at the end of each target="_blank">barrysworld league, bigfoot, the main bw league
admin, does a review of the entire season.  and this season is no exception as he has
gone and done up two excellent and very lengthy reviews of the ctf and tdm league.
  both are really worth a read and gives an accurate picture of how the games were
played out.  you can read the ctf one href="http://www.quakenation.com/interviews/interviewdetails.asp?ident=3083"
target="_blank">here and of course, the tdm one href="http://www.quakenation.com/interviews/interviewdetails.asp?ident=3095"

  4z situation - 26/02/2001[sk.Ser] | 4979 views | 0 replies 
on polosatiy's web site he informs all that clan formoza take on two new members:

team 4z has an addition. today we have accepted in team two very good players and former leaders of their clans - mikes and lord. so lets welcome them, 4z-lord and 4z-mikes... and another thing - 4z-devil and 4z-power arent leaving our team yet...

i have never heard of these new memebers, the cyberquest 2on2 tournament went on the 25th held in moscow which formoza won beeting formoza team2 in the finals. pele won the 1v1 (pow3r came 11th).

  who? - 26/02/2001[sk.Ser] | 5196 views | 6 replies 
when you cant see the angles no more, your in trouble.

  european clan arena league - 26/02/2001MindPhuck | 5014 views | 0 replies 
jopasc sends word that he is organising the next qw european clan arena league at the moment. he is currently sorting out some links on uk gamer (ecal link at the top of the left column).

according to jopasc, you have about three weeks to sort out a clan and let him know if your entering etc. if your clanless let him know aswell. it seems that many people are interested so he can sort out a board for people to meet / recruit. for more details, catch him on #ecal on quakenet.

  trinlan - 25/02/2001MindPhuck | 5115 views | 6 replies 
trinlan was a most excellent adventure. with about 5-6 teams in attendance, there was a
shit load of wars going down. the big games of the weekend was the head to head with ps
and nd. unfortunetly, due to lack of time and some eejeet plugging out
the switches on the 3rd game, only two games took place. both of which were absolute
crackers with nd loosing to ps on dm6tmp and loosing by 1 single frag on dm7!!! you can
slurp both demos below.

i also threw in another demo of the spinsol team taking on clan acid in a friendly
game. big kudos goes to skyclad and quozl for setting up
the lan and getting things in cool working order. well done guys and thanks for an
excellent weekend. when i get a breather, i'll do up a weekend review, but for now, heres
those demos.

nd v ps -

nd v ps - dm7

spinsol v
acid - dm7

acid v fish
heads - dm6tmp

  no news? - 24/02/2001MindPhuck | 5395 views | 0 replies 
well, thats because everyone from quake.ie is off to this weekends trinlan. sure, when we get back, well update you lot with gossip, matches, demos, screenies, drinking stories, chicks, fights, chicks, rarrrrrr!! and the general laugh were all gonna have. you get the idea. see you lot sunday night!

  geforce3 on the horizon - 23/02/2001Jay | 5349 views | 1 replies 
the latest nvidia gpu was demonstrated at macworld yesterday, including a demonstration by john carmack of the doom3 engine using it.

mac will be shipping the geforce3 with their systems come the end of march.

you can take a look at the video clips in high or low quality.

/timedemo 1
/demo demo001

  new bio site launched - 23/02/2001M1ke | 5411 views | 7 replies 

after lots of work the new bring
it on
site is now live. the code behind it was designed in php by chris
imeson and our own bio*skelt did the graphics.

the site will feature community news - from bio news to news on irish quake
3 and news on quake3 in general. there are also member columns and plenty of
php features.

checkout the site at www.clanbio.com

  barrysworld dm league - 21/02/2001MindPhuck | 5125 views | 7 replies 
the barrysworld
season 4 came to a dramatic close this week.  as m1ke reported earlier, 4k
took the prestigious league title for the fourth time after defeating unr.
it was a really enjoyable league for all the teams envolved and great experience for
everyone.  thanks to bigfoot, athena and all the guys at barrysworld
for putting up with us lot.  for the irish teams, heres how we all faired -

div 2c

1st place - mr : 24 points ( 829 frag difference)

3rd place - bio : 24 points ( 675 frag difference)

4th place - ps : 23 points (919 frag difference)

div 3b

1st place - hat : 37 points ( 1779 frag difference)

div 3c

1st place - i* : 37 points ( 1853 frag difference)

8th place - hat-b : 19 points ( 71 frag difference)

  4k win - 21/02/2001M1ke | 5072 views | 8 replies 
4k defeated unr on 30 frags difference to take the bwdml for the 4th consecutive time the scores being 111-107 (dm7) and 33-94 (cpm4). you can get the demos off barrysworld ftp q3dm7 game, cpm4 game.

also you can read reviews of the match on quakenation, the playing fields (they've photos of some of the 4k lads in action. and a review over at xsreality.

on another note the game last night between ps and poq was amazing, with ps playing poq 3v4 on q3dm7 for most of the match before koopa turned up with 4 minutes to go and they managed to snatch the lead in a bit of a cliff hanger. unfortunately dm8 didn't go to plan and ps lost, loosing them promotion. hard luck lads, we were routing for you in irc/gtv :/

  listed! - 21/02/2001MindPhuck | 5447 views | 7 replies 
are you on this list?. if the answer is yes, then you are going to the most awaited lans in a loong time. if your answer is no, then your probably from bio or something!. either way, if your not going to trinlan, your soo gonna miss out

  eq3l finals - 21/02/2001MindPhuck | 5433 views | 0 replies 
the eq3l final kicks off tonight between ea and mtw. the eq3l is an invitational ctf league with over 30+ clans participating. the final should be of great interest to the team.ie ctf squad as most of the players in both clans are in the german national team for the savage ctf tourney. for more details on the final, join #mtw and #azeroth for updates on gtv and scores.

  thats it man, its game over, its - 21/02/2001MindPhuck | 5509 views | 2 replies 
the millennium fragfest lan event in malaysia had to be cancelled at the last minute. last nite, a gang of 5 parang-wielding crazed men broke into the event center. they proceeded to treathen people and held them as hostage whilst the men unloaded the 20 or so pc's, from the hall, into the back of a truck and then drove off! it sounds like an inside job to me. all i can say is - what the hell!!

  more on eurocup - 20/02/2001MindPhuck | 5492 views | 0 replies 
erazor from xs reality has done a really excellent preview of the up'n coming league. he brings his thoughts on each division on the different teams involved and its definately worth a read if your interested in the cup.

  2v2 quakeworld league - 20/02/2001MindPhuck | 5513 views | 0 replies 
paladin, the man behind the clan arena european league, sends word that he intends to run a 2v2 quakeworld deathmatch league in the near future. what he'd like to see, is who would be interested in actually playing in the league. you can drop him an email or just post a comment here. for more details, just check out his preview site for the competition.

  1.27g/h demo fix - 20/02/2001Bunny | 5550 views | 3 replies 
for some reason the demo menu in 1.27g/h (latest version of quake3) didn't work, you basically had to rename and play the demo manually. well, no more, its taken awhile, but there's a fix out.

download it.


- fix: lists version 1.27g/h demos.

- fix: demos with spaces in the name can be played.

- wider demo file list box.

- option to alphabetize demo list.

- option to switch between dual column and single column

  osp 99s1 - 20/02/2001M1ke | 5525 views | 0 replies 


the latest osp tourney just released today, version s1. below are the changes,
nothing major it seems but added to the first s release means quite a lot of
new stuff. you can get it here.

feb 20: 0.99s1

fix: jumppad sounds. still not perfect, but more consistant.

- fix: suicide stats cleared properly.

- fix: random double loads on startup.

- fix: bot optimization on maps with/without items.

- fix: cpm hud timer during timeouts.

- fix: some older maps used a lot of configstrings, that would inadvertantly
affect osp.

- add: badlands message if in badlands mode.

- correction: pmove_fixed defaults to 0, not 1, as was stated in 0.99s history.

- correction: server_availmodes defaults to 59, not 63.

  savage ctf - 19/02/2001MindPhuck | 5534 views | 0 replies 
the first week of the savage ctf league took place yesterday. two irish clans particpate in the league, hatstand and bring it on. bio took on rv resulting in a loss of 33 caps to 0 whilst hat took on tjd and defeated them 15-0. i'll try and keep you updated on a weekly basis on how the two teams progress.

  osp merges with q3comp - 19/02/2001MindPhuck | 5426 views | 0 replies 
another release of osp marks the merging of q3comp and osp. this is pretty cool and will make the standard for gaming totally international. you can slurp it here.

  game boys - 19/02/2001MindPhuck | 5544 views | 3 replies 
a few months back we had the cpl dallas event, you all remember that? the quakenation boys have two movies from the channel 4 documentary on the event and on the gaming lives of timber and sujoy. if you havnt seen these, i'd grab them as their the best coverage i've seen of progaming by far.

you can grab both parts here and here.

  more on quakeworld - 19/02/2001MindPhuck | 5485 views | 0 replies 
it certainly looks like quakeworld is back. over on the z-quake site, they have updated their popular mod/proxy for qw. it has some really nice features for qw players that the likes of qizmo and cheapo dont have. check it out.

  xsr changes - 19/02/2001MindPhuck | 5513 views | 1 replies 
xs reality has made its main site into several sub sites. it looks like their just seperating the different games and gearing up for coming games like doom3. i did a check and they have q3.xsreality.com, cs.xsreality.com and ut.xsreality.com. interesting.

  hoony on quakeworld - 19/02/2001MindPhuck | 5481 views | 0 replies 
the challenge network head guy, hoony, has wrote an article on the resurection of quakeworld via the smackdown leagues. although it seems more of a promotion of smackdown, its still an interesting read and worth a look.
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