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quake.ie main news
  lan arena 5 duels - 08/01/2001Zero | 5518 views | 0 replies 
since the duels were on so late in the night and couldn't be featured in bunny's excellent report i've decided to throw the results up here:

1. ocr-stelam

2. *aaa* vipere1

3. menendez

4. pow3r

polosatiy lost to vipere1, and kane lost to menendez. the full coverage is as usual over on xsreality.

  happy .. - 01/01/2001MindPhuck | 5304 views | 0 replies 
well, happy near year and all that. i hope you have a good year ahead of you and may your gaming skillz become more l33t!

  current state of quake servers - 31/12/2000OverLord | 5494 views | 0 replies 
ok, it's about time we kept people up-to-date on the quake servers available to players from quake.ie.

1. vishnu.ign.ie:27960 - this is the main server on the default port. it runs the osp 0.99n mod. still running 1.17 for the moment.
2. vishnu.ign.ie:27961 - same as above but running osp 0.99p which supports q3a 1.27g. i recommend any quake3 player to update to 1.27g as soon as possible.
3. vishnu.ign.ie:27962 - strider's cache-4. this server is running the latest test version of striders quake experiment to reduce online latency in q3a 1.17. recommended.
4. vishnu.ign.ie:27970 rocket arena 3 server. nice...

any questions or help email [email protected]

  new osp - 31/12/2000M1ke | 5317 views | 0 replies 
a new version of osp with 1.27g compatibility has been released. it's mean't to clear up a load of bugs but of course there's some problems with it. the changes in this version can be read here. oh and this is version q, soon they'll make it to z and people can use osp as a medium to teach children the alphabet.

  teamplay guide for q3dm7 - 30/12/2000Bunny | 5152 views | 1 replies 
wiseguy has written up a "spectator's guide to q3dm7" which covers just about every teamplay aspect of the level without going into overly advanced tactics. its easy to understand and even has some useful overlays of the map to help you out, everyone into team dm should have a look at this...heres an extract...

a respawn will have by game default 125 health (they cannot be killed in one shot), and one machinegun with 50 bullets. out of those 50 bullets it is quite common to have 25 percent accuracy and have about 13 bullets hit the intended target. with each bullet doing 5 points of health damage, that is 65 points...not quite enough (you need 100) to kill one player...but put two respawns on one player and you can see it quickly reduces the target into a respawn themselves. teams will "cess" an area by dying, respawning, attacking until they die again and the cycle just repeats...

read the full guide here.

  demo upload facility - 30/12/2000MindPhuck | 5130 views | 0 replies 
ok, youve asked for it, you got it. the new demos upload facility lets you guys upload a demo from either your own pc's hard drive, or from another web site. (ie, your own homepage, etc). you dont even need to download it yourself. and the best thing is, it doesnt use up your net, just set it going and off you go and play games. just keep your browser open for the duration of the upload. anyway, i hope to see loads of demos getting uploaded now that you can do it easily. have fun.

  news round up - 29/12/2000M1ke | 5374 views | 0 replies 
just a few bits
and pieces from the uk quake3 scene in summury here.

titan folded

after a high profile
launch in october ti looked like they could be the uk's 3rd clan at one stage,
things didn't work out and they folded. a interview with seccy can be read over
at quakenation.

la5 team announced

a very suprising
selection was made here by the
. the panel of 10 selected were unr-luke, unr-blokey, unr-rude, dc-war18,
dc-mozilla, neo-chamber, unr-tasan, z-harl, neo-nocode, dc-zoser. the absence
of 4k members (even though relic and scruffy trialed) is down to the fact they
already recieved sponsorship to attend la5 as 4k and not the uk team. some interesting
reads on the selection can be found at challenge-uk at z-harls
and the comments made over at xs

season finished

this league finished
around 2 weeks ago. fh did well in their wpdml group coming 3rd in their division
next to demonic core and fed. it's the uk's second deathmatch league now that
the clan wars dml is no longer due to be played. the clan wars league concluded
with z taking the title, and with bio runners up. otherwise the news has been
a bit slow recently with most leagues and comps being suspended over the christmas

  iq3cl - update - 28/12/2000M1ke | 5126 views | 0 replies 
well they say it's better late then never... and it's late the formal excuse going around is that quake.ie was down for a period and after that i ran into comp problems but i hear the word on the street is different.

that's that ! the league is over, with 28 games, 18 were played and 10 defaulted. at the end of it all nd win with a flawless record.

final standards

winners : na dagha
runners up: bring it on
3rd: se7en
4th: fh
5th: protected species
6th: acid
7th: irish rangers
8th: hurlin

statistics :
nd had the largest frag difference with 490
bio scored the most frags with 871
ir had the smallest frag difference with -646
acid had the most frags scored against them with 791

player preformance based on frags :
1st bio-boom 271
2nd bio-skelter 197
3rd nd-podgeen 154

interesting facts:
bio-boom scored 2.10077 times more frags then the irish rangers clan put together and .6 times the frags of clan acid.

1.)m1rv moaned the most, simo barked the loudest (woof) and skelter remained more silent then a nun.
2.)na dagha used the most french and irish while speaking on servers
3.)ir had the highest pings averaging around 999
4.)nd caused the most scandals/flame wars, followed closely by ps
5.)members of h talked the most bullshit in the scandals/flame wars

6.) fh did the most blackmailing/threatening of admins

to view screenshots from all league games click on the result of the match in the results section here.

demos from at least 1 pov in every match played are also available from ftp.quake.ie

  some new features - 26/12/2000MindPhuck | 5142 views | 0 replies 
over the last week or so, i have been working on a bringing you some new features to quake.ie and am delighted to announce them on-line and ready. just so you know, previously, quake.ie was almost 90% xml (urg). but now, shes a nice datadriven site with bells and whistles to booth. over the next week, you will notice new features and the likes appearing. feel free to comment and let me know what you think would be good. anyway.. enjoy.

  4k beat sk - 26/12/2000Bunny | 5174 views | 0 replies 
clan 4kings from uk are on their way to the lan finals of eurocup 2 after beating the german favorites sk by 3 maps to 1. most people really expected sk to win comfortably but i think they underestimated 4k and 'paid the price'....yes. 4k will now face some of the world's top q3 clans (allstars, ocr, 4z, evol) at the eurocup 2 lan finals to be held soon. demos and a decent report are up here.

  happy christmas - 26/12/2000MindPhuck | 5009 views | 0 replies 
being christmas and all that, i would like to extend a warm and happy christmas to all our readers. im taking a break from doing news, although, i'm actually working on some really cool features which will hopefully be on-line over the next week. in the mean-time, why dont you download and install this really cool virtual dancer winamp plug-in. its damn good. anyway.. have a nice one!

  challenge pro mode arena beta re - 26/12/2000MindPhuck | 4836 views | 0 replies 
along with both the release of 1.27 and id software's team arena, the guys at challenge-world have released the pro mode version of team arena. cpma also offers a large subset of match/player controls, as it has incorporated much of osp's code base. features such as multiview, client authentication, referee/player/admin control options, and stats are all included in this beta release of cpma. anyways, like a good boy, off you go now and download it locally.

  quake.ie hosting - 26/12/2000MindPhuck | 4936 views | 0 replies 
with quake.ie back in shape, once again we are offering clan or personal page hosting. let me know if your interested.

  eurocup last match - 26/12/2000MindPhuck | 4821 views | 0 replies 
the final game of the online part of the eurocup will see sk versus 4kings. it will be played this saturday at 2pm. the winner goes to the lan finals in january. qtv's and scorebots will be available on quakenet, #eurocup.

  babbages cpl aftermath - 26/12/2000MindPhuck | 4762 views | 0 replies 
some intresing threads over on xsreality on the blue vs excalibur game on t4. was cheating involved? , or a game bug on blues computer? the evidance is staggering. definetly worth a read.

  wanna watch babbages cpl? - 21/12/2000MindPhuck | 4784 views | 0 replies 
the big event this weekend is babbages cpl in dallas. so you cant make it, but you can still watch it via qtv. here's some ip's of local qtv relays.


cpl.ngi.it:27960 - 27969


also, heres a couple of sites who are covering the full event and worthwhile checking out over the weekend.

babbage's cpl

the playing fields



xs reality



  1.27 point release - released! - 26/12/2000MindPhuck | 4654 views | 0 replies 
yes, it's out. nicely timed with the release of team arena. one should note that the 1.27 release fixes alot of different issues and also creates a few. you will need to download new versions of various mods like osp, ra3, etc, because of changes to the changes made by 1.27. you can leech the 18mb download from here

  savage leagues - 26/12/2000MindPhuck | 4425 views | 5 replies 
one of the longer standing leagues is just finishing off their third season. the savage uk team run leagues from tdm, ctf, cctf and ra leagues and have been rather successfull over the years. registration for their sunday cup fourth season is still open and people should firstly add their clan to their database and then register. hatstand are the only part irish team in the ctf league to date. it would be nice to see other teams signing up. it would be certainly good experience for any players considering playing for the team.ie ctf team.

  team arena - 26/12/2000MindPhuck | 4351 views | 0 replies 
this ones a tad late, but its never too late eh? last week, id software announced their latest product team arena had been shipped of for production. well, rumour has it, its will be released in the shops tomorrow and can be bought over the net from various venders on the planet. as soon as i get a copy, i'll throw up some local team arena servers.

  test - 23/01/2001AlyGreeny | 4113 views | 0 replies 

  cpl games.. - 26/12/2000MindPhuck | 3921 views | 0 replies 
the guys at mplayer europe have a very detailed list of all the games that has gone on, scores, demos and comments. most definately worth a look at if you want to keep yourself up-to-date.

  la5 team results. - 07/01/2001Bunny | 3907 views | 0 replies 
schroet kommando walk away with the title at lan arena 5 after defeating 4z over two maps. eyeballers went on to beat 4z and ocrana totaled eyeballers to finish in 2nd place. the final results were :

1st - schroet kommando

2nd - ocrana

3rd - nine-eyeballers

4th - 4z


sk beat ocrana in the finals - cpm4: 116-96 dm14: 78-67

sk v ocr game1 cpm4 (sk-kane's pov)

sk v ocr game2 dm14 (sk-spod's pov)


sk beat 4z - dm14: 87-79 dm7:184-84(!!!)

ocr beat e9 - dm7: 98-85 cpm4: 73-75 dm14: 77-61

demos of these games here

the duels are currently underway, but are running very late and quite a few players have had to leave already. it seems as though the russian and german players (4z, ocr, sk) will be staying at the event till later on tonight. reports on the duels are basically non-existant, the only news i've heard so far is that 4z.devil and 4z.satan have been knocked out by french players.

  more results from la5.. - 07/01/2001Bunny | 3737 views | 1 replies 
now there are four clans left...

formoza(4z) beat tulls

dm7: 144-124 dm14: 132-150 cpm4: 150-146

schroet kommando(sk) beat mtw

dm7: 75-90 dm14: 99-75 cpm4: 90-64

eyeballers(e9) beat cicatrix

dm7: 113-95 cpm4: 129-88

ocrana(ocr) beat poq

dm14: 165-24 cpm4: 159-40

so the final four consist of the 2 german clans ocr and sk, the swedes e9 and the russians 4z. i've managed to find some demos aswell, here are several sk demos from kane and kila's povs, and here are a few from e9panicore's pov (and a stelam demo). still no duels so far.

  more lan arena 5 - 07/01/2001Bunny | 3658 views | 2 replies 
results are slowly starting to come in and here are the finalized rankings after the
quarter finals (these are the eight clans still in the teamplay comp)

schroet kommando



formoza (4z)





no sign of the duels starting yet though. information about this event is scattered,
but if you want to find up-to-date coverage i suggest you check some of these sites...

challenge sk

ocrana page (ocr)

russian coverage

french reports

and the site for the event itself is here.
more news soon...

  classic capture the flag - 06/01/2001MindPhuck | 3502 views | 0 replies 
a new version of cctf is out, 1.10 to be exact. they have added some nice new features and fixed a couple of bugs n stuff. also, they have an upgrade to 1.11 for those using the new 1.27g patch. both can be grabbed here and here.

  lan arena 5 - 06/01/2001MindPhuck | 3623 views | 0 replies 
la5 in france kicks off today @ 5pm gmt. the competition boasts an impressive 34 clans for the q3 comp and 280 individual players for the duel q3 simple elimination competition. if you thought that was good, they have 380 players for their counter-strike comp. all-in-all, it looks like its going to be a great lan. for more info, live qtv's and reports check out #la5 or the lan arena site. some qtv's for your pleasure. note : they are still using 1.17 so you will need it to view the games.

  smackdown ii - 06/01/2001MindPhuck | 3396 views | 0 replies 
the world wide league, smackdown has opened its doors again for the new season with signups already in motion. broken down into 5 divisions, it will prove to be an excellent league. i wonder if any irish quakeworld team would enter it this time round? or how about we create a team to enter it ? let me know if your up for it.

  saddam hussein, boyz with toyz.. - 05/01/2001Zero | 3716 views | 0 replies 
very funny excerpt that was thrown up on xsreality by hakeem, apparently it's not true but it's funny all the same :

according to a report from the us defense intelligence agency, saddam hussein has purchased as many as 4000 sony playstation 2 units. the us government believes that he may be using the powerful processors to build a crude-but-effective military supercomputer.

the full article is supposed to be here, but seems to be dead atm.

  trinlan / iq3cl / nd vs ps - 05/01/2001Zero | 3306 views | 0 replies 
i have been thinking, seeing as there is going to be such a good showup at trinlan, how about we run a mini iq3cl there?

nd can field a team.

ps can field a team.

se7en/hat can field a team.

ir and acid can surely field a team.

can fh/bio/others field a team there?

it could be tdm or ctf, either way it would be great. the match that ps have waiting for vs nd could also be played that day, although we all know that nd will win, *cough*

skyclad is running the event, we will see what he has to say about running a competition on the day.

  quake.ie q3 league - 05/01/2001MindPhuck | 3261 views | 0 replies 
the team at quake.ie are about to launch the new leagues section. what we want to know before we start something that cant/wont get finished, is what teams are available to play over a 5-6 week period. let us know.
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