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  lan arena 6 - 27/05/2001MindPhuck | 7878 views | 1 replies 
for those of you that didn't know, lan arena 6 took place this weekend in paris.  gonzo,
from quakenation has done a fair bit of href="http://www.quakenation.com/index.php?section=73" target="_blank">coverage and
its worth a look at.  also,  for more results and news on it, check class="ulink" href="http://www.clanbase.com/cvs.php?url=www.cyberfight.ru" target="bla">cyberfight
and target="bla">gamekult.  in the mean-time, here are the results of the q3 tdm
competition that took place.


anc - sk: 2 - 0

3rd place

c58 - mtw: 2 - 0

1/2 finals

anc - c58: 2 - 0

sk - mtw: 2 - 0

1/4 finals

mtw - team9: 2 - 1

sk - tulls: 2 - 0

c58 - lag: 2 - 1

anc - neo: 2 - 0

  quake.ie - teams announced - 26/05/2001MindPhuck | 7708 views | 11 replies 
i have posted the teams for the next sundays quake.ie cup. along with the teams, i have the schedules for each of the matches. take the time to have a look at your team who your going to be playing against. any questions, just stick it in the commants. cyahs next week.

  clan bio reviews - 25/05/2001MindPhuck | 7664 views | 0 replies 
saw this over on quakenation. m1ke from clanbio has done up the clans review of the expiences in the barrysworld tdm league. its a good read and put together well. check out their site.

  ping time analysis - 25/05/2001nobby | 7467 views | 0 replies 
according grenville armatage lag of over 150 milliseconds is unacceptable to most quakeiii players. he details his not very scientific findings here.

  new gt website - 24/05/2001Illkillya | 8083 views | 2 replies 
the old gt website was one of my favourite quake websites around. after a re-design by argh its looking as slick as ever. its well worth a look here. even in beta, its an amazing design in my opinion, completely overshadowing my meagre attempt at a new fh website... although i must admit that bikerfish is l33t

  shots of an upcoming map - 24/05/2001Crusader | 7893 views | 4 replies 
hot from the hands of lloydm (he of ancient archipelago fame) come these screenshots of a ctf level he is working on.

here is the link.

(thanks to prophecy on quakenation for the headsup)

  interview with b100.death - 23/05/2001nDSonic | 7701 views | 1 replies 
there is an interview over on cyberfight with death. well worth the read, a very modest lad who doesn't overrate himself unlike some players i know.

  new quark version - 23/05/2001MindPhuck | 7574 views | 0 replies 
map makers will be interested in this. the long time going mod, quark has just got a new release. some interesting features added. for those of you not in da know, quark supports, q1, q3, q3, hl, sof, and many more. its worth a download if your into map making.

  female gamers get a bad time! - 23/05/2001MindPhuck | 7175 views | 2 replies 
i saw this over on nightstrike's column. he describes a recent experience himself and his sister had while playing on-line games. or maybe, i should say, he describes a recent bad expience which resulted in his sister vowing never to play q3 again! worth a read.

  cpl questions and answers - 23/05/2001MindPhuck | 7127 views | 0 replies 
those of you coming or thinking about coming to the cpl world championships this
december should read this very imformative forum post href="http://forum.thecpl.com/cgi-bin/board.pl?show&read=12994" target="_blank">here made by cpl
founder and president angel munoz

  new "pro" edition maps - 21/05/2001x0n | 7151 views | 3 replies 
i'm sure you've all managed to download the new "pro" versions of t2,t4,dm13 and dm6 (from the upcoming new point release) from somewhere and have been busy trying them out (myself included and i like 'em), but they might change just yet; quote from paul jaquays:

the leaked maps are mostly older versions. very good chance that all the maps that are eventually officially released will be different versions than those out there right now.

at id we are not very amused that they have been leaked. is it any wonder why we don't do very much pre-release testing outside our own offices?

i wonder if he's just saying that to dissuade people from using the leaked maps, thus encouraging people to patch their servers which means "bumping" the protocol number again meaning more incompatible demos etc.

  asus dumps "see-through" drivers - 19/05/2001Osiris | 7488 views | 37 replies 
over on www.decursor.be, it has been revealed that asus will be putting an end to the "see-through" cheating drivers:

"asus taiwan marketing manager kent chien e-mailed today the company will delete the see-through cheating code in their future drivers, as a result of the protests from the gaming community. but maybe this move comes too late, because the company already released the drivers for their geforce 3 video card. as long as this driver works with current directx versions, it can be used to cheat. removing the code in future versions will not stop current asus buyers from cheating. even the cheating detection by checking the windows registry (as asus proposes) can be disabled by a skilled programmer. i think asus realised too late what were the consequences of their newest driver "features":

thankfully asus finally saw sense to stop producing these drivers. unfortunately though, it looks as though they might have stopped it too late...check out the whole story here.

  starcraft 1.08 has been released - 18/05/2001Osiris | 7524 views | 39 replies 
not really quake related i know, but since alot of irish quakers have an interest in this game i thought i'd thrown it up. you can get details of the patch on scnation, and the patch itself can be downloaded here.

  3wave compilation pak 1 - 18/05/2001Crusader | 7116 views | 2 replies 
3wave have come up with the goods again in the form of 8 reworked versions of popular ctf maps for quake3. grab them from a mirror near you now! threewave 's homepage has the list.

update : you can also grab them here, on the quake.ie ftp site.

  smackdown - 17/05/2001MindPhuck | 6995 views | 0 replies 
with the challenge smackdown2 league nearing its final stages, i saw that 4k were beaten by favourites, flaming fist on tuesday night. ff have only ever lost 3 wars in their entire clan history, one of those loses was against 4k. two years later, they get their revenge. shame, i kinda liked the thoughts of 4k whooping them!

you can catch the full report of the games over on the north europe sd2 page. the league itself is into its quarter final stages, myself or bunny will keep you updated.

  world cyber games - 17/05/2001MindPhuck | 7150 views | 0 replies 
im sure you have already read the news about the href="http://www.worldcybergames.com" target="_blank">world cyber games championships
around many web pages.  it is to be held on the 5th-9th of december 2001.  while
its good news to hear that the wcgc have announced their dates for their tourney, it also
happens to be on the same weekend as the href="http://www.thecpl.com/index.asp?p=events" target="_blank">cpl event.
   i am sure this will be a blow to the cpl as most european teams/countries
will go to korea for the wcgo and get their expenses paid for by the wcgo to go to their
championships.  something which the cpl does not do.  imagine being left with
the delimma of, 'urm, paid trip or get sponsorship for my trip'.  i hope one of the
events change dates so there will be no clash.  it's just a matter of who.

  q3 pro maps - 17/05/2001AlyGreeny | 7022 views | 0 replies 
the new maps to be included in the next point release have been leaked early. download them here and have a peek.

  week 8 - 17/05/2001MindPhuck | 6738 views | 0 replies 
with two weeks remaining in the href="http://leagues.barrysworld.com/bwq3l/dm/default.shtm" target="_blank">barrysworld
team deathmatch league, we are starting to see who is going to get promoted and
relegated from their divisions.  heres how this weeks matches on cpm4 and dm8 went :

bio v v :            42:128

hat v pr :         108:81    149:42

fh v frag :       84:80     117:75

hatb v cwc :   45:88     88:49

lsd v sxr :         75:0

bio - 8th place - div 1a

hat - 3rd place - div 2a

fh - 5th place - div 3b

hatb - 5th place - div 3c

lsd - 10th place - div 3c

  enemy owned - 15/05/2001MindPhuck | 6714 views | 0 replies 
50squiff from clan nemesis has put together an amazing avi of mid air shots, mad rails and some pretty cool stuff. it's a whooping 12mb download, but its definately worth the look. grab the movie here.

  cpl to cancel events - 15/05/2001MindPhuck | 6494 views | 0 replies 
the cpl have just announced that they are going to cancel the href="http://quake.xsreality.com/?action=features&feature_id=119&category_id=1&page=4">frag
5 event and the counterstrike tournament in october and august of this year.
  there will however be two large events per year with appox $150,000 in prize money.
'this revised approach to competitive gaming in the united states promises to yield
stronger growth for the cpl through consolidated efforts..'.  more details on the href="http://www.thecpl.com">the cpl web site.

  amsterdam reviewed - 15/05/2001Bunny | 6552 views | 0 replies 
i just noticed over on mindphuck's column he has a lenghty review of his weekend at the cpl which goes into some of the things they got up to over there.

  ecal ii starting - 14/05/2001Illkillya | 6681 views | 3 replies 
the ecal ii is starting next wednesday. there are three irish clans involved, and some stiff competition from elsewhere in europe. i put together a bit of a preview which you can read here.

  death wins cpl - 13/05/2001nDSonic | 6597 views | 6 replies 
one of the russian players death has beaten lakerman twice to win the european cpl. vicious aim and aggressive play kept lakerman at bay in 2 very exciting games

  cpl update - 12/05/2001Zero | 6326 views | 3 replies 
was reading the russian site http://cyberfight.ru, they have cpl updates up there, my russian isn't what it used to be but it looks like the following results for the irish boys:

ser beat gadget 21 to 5 and went through

beast lost to b100.death - 3:35 on ztn3tourney1

gman lost to james.mask - 1:0

sujoy beat dev - 16:13 (this our dev? gg if it is)

thefanj lost to trixter - 1:0 (this our fanj?)

in the following round, kane beat ser - 24:1

this might all be totally wrong, but i hardly look like i care.

played lads.

  cpl update - 12/05/2001Illkillya | 6534 views | 0 replies 
decent coverage of the event is hard to find, with most of the sites down, but dr_gonzo on quakenation has been posting the results as they come in. unfortunately, all irish players are out of the competition. in round 1, rising star, thefanj, seems to have given a default win to trixter. beast lost 3-35 against b100.death on ztn, while ser got a good win 21-5 over gadget. he was lucky enough to meet kane in round 2... and that finished 1-24.

  bwdml week 7 - 12/05/2001Illkillya | 6285 views | 1 replies 
mindphuck is in holland, so i thought i'd update the bwdml results for this week. theres not much to report on, since it was a very quiet week for irish clans. bio got a draw with the belgian clan hsb - winning mexx1 by 69-65, and losing dm14tmp 64-81.
in div3c, hat-b also drew, losing 82-112 against ax on q3mexx1, but winning 109-96 on dm14.
hat and fh got default wins, while acid defaulted against kudos.

  cpl update - 11/05/2001MindPhuck | 6376 views | 4 replies 
well, we got here. were currently helping setup the network and having wonderfull fun and games with crc errors and norton ghost! beer is good, women are amazing.. *cough*.

oh, and ser and beast both forgot to sign up.. nice one. more later.

  the cpl anniversary event - 11/05/2001Bunny | 6472 views | 9 replies 
more details have been released concerning the upcoming cpl event in dallas, texas (june 28th) in order to go you'll need to register which will cost you $20 which is nothing compared to the crazy prices i have seen for aer lingus flights (2 hops) not mentioning the hotel accomodation for the 4 days. the good news is that the quakeworld competition has a prize purse of $15000 ($4000 for 1st...down to $200 for 16th place) and there will be savage computers provided. there will also be counter-strike, unreal tournament and doom2 tourneys. some irish players have shown interest, but as of yet there are no definites mainly due to the huge cost of actually getting there. but that huge cost also means that most top european players would not be able to go which would greatly increase our chances...a bit of a catch22 situation. i will talk to our players, lookout for sponsorship and keep an eye on who's going for now.

  cpl seedings - 09/05/2001MindPhuck | 6304 views | 2 replies 
i just noticed over on the cpl holland event page, that the q3 seedings were posted. what i find amazingly bizzare is that there is no mention what-so-ever of our two irish players, ser and beast. surely this a mistake?

  salary cap on gaming - 09/05/2001MindPhuck | 6448 views | 2 replies 
thorin has wrote an article over on esports america, explaining the current situation with teams having all the top players in them, thus eliminating the competition. its worth a read into and would be rather interesting to see what the cpl are going to do.
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