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  catching up. - 28/06/2001MindPhuck | 7342 views | 6 replies 
sorry for the lack of updates, i've just started a new job and its a bit busy at the moment.

barrysworld q3 tdm league

bigfoot has posted the draft divisions for season 6 on the league website. this season will see 140 clans participating, with 25 or so allready on the waiting list. the divisions have been posted with the times they will take place.

the divisional letters do not indicate skill, they are only there to split up clans we believe of equal skill into more manageable groups. for example, div2a is intended to be as strong as div2b and div2c and div2d, and so on. the structure of the league is exactly the same as last season with a slight change to the div2 <-> div1 promotion/relegation. clans have until sunday evening to ask for changes with the divisions being finalised and seasons fixtures being posted by monday evening. barring unforeseen problems the league will start as scheduled on the 10th / 11th july.

the map pool for season 6 is as follows:






irish related clans have been placed in the following divisions -

hat - div 2a (didn't move from last season)

bio - div 2c (relegated from division 1 from last season)

fh - div 3b (didn't move from last season)

hatb - div 3c (hatb are dropping from the league as the whole team will be playing as one side)

bio.hpb - div 4b (new to league - high ping clan )

lsd - sadly, it appears acid have dropped from the league?

barrysworld q3 ctf league

the draft divisions for season 6 on the league website were also posted. this season will see 74 clans participating, with 13 clans on the waiting list currently. divisions will be finalised on sunday, with fixture lists for the entire season being posted on sunday or monday.

barring any unforeseen problems the league will start on sunday 8th / monday 9th july. the map pool for season 6

will be:








irish related clans competing in the league -

bio - div 1 (were promoted from division 2 to division 1)

fh - div 3c (i believe fh are new to the league?)

ts - i personally play for ts (who are now placed in division 2b), who although not an irish(ish) clan, i think i'll pimp them here from week to week

i also noticed over on quakenation that nightfever has wrote up his predicitons for the forth coming season.

  romero releases un finished quak - 26/06/2001Osiris | 7940 views | 5 replies 
it seems that e2m10 had to be removed form quake originally, but john romero has now made it available, although unfinished.

for a long time now, i've kept one remnant of quake's creation that i had to cut out. it's the lost entrance of the dismal oubliette. yes, there used to be a much more interesting beginning to that area of quake, but i had to amputate the guy and cauterize the wound into its current state, the starting point of e2m6. i remember spending many hours trying to get it just right, to create the feeling of an awful, cavernous pit for the player to get out of and into the real horror of the oubliette. it added a nice bit of gameplay time and i'm sorry that it had to go, but we set the .bsp file size at 1.4mb and had to be strict about it.

you can get your hands on it here

  being all nostalgic.. - 22/06/2001MindPhuck | 7880 views | 6 replies 
today sees the 5 year anniversary of quake. yes, its 5 years old since its first release! methos has done up a lenghty history lesson about quake and how it has affected us all. a good read.

on the homefront, i got this mad nostaligic buzz the other night while me and coda where having a mad chat about the good owld days. anyway, the end result is, i've put up a quakeworld ctf server on kali.ign.ie. using an old winquake mod, i ported it to qw so that uses the old id maps, sounds, keys, etc.

god, i remember the indigo days, i lost countless nights, creeping into early mornings, playing ctf. sitting at base with haste and an grendade laucher and it was pineapple city! like the good old days eh. have fun!

  bw all*star games - 22/06/2001MindPhuck | 7916 views | 9 replies 
the matches for the barrysworld
tdm all*stars games will take place on tuesday 26th from 8.00pm. it will be best of
5 maps. with hopefukly scorebots and gtv's in place it could be an entertaining
evening. the current line-ups are as follows : (these will possibly change as div 1a
is short a few players?)

division 1a

playing captain - neo-ranger





division 1b

captain - v-yodaz







note : don't look now, but is that bio-jedi in div 1b. nice to see an irish player standing up there.

  more on the barrysworld leagues - 22/06/2001MindPhuck | 7838 views | 7 replies 
sign-ups for season 6 of the barrysworld q3dm league have opened. with 105 clans allready carrying over from season 5 there are just 35 places to fill in what is the biggest uk based league of its type.

clans have until tuesday 26th to sign up as new clan entrance will not be done on a first come first served basis.

also, sign-ups are now being accepted for the 6th season of the barrysworld q3ctf league. the league is the biggest uk-based one of its type with 72 clans expected to start season 6 early july, 53 have been automatically re-entered from those completing season 5 and new clans have until sunday 24th june to join them.

  dreamcast map pack - 20/06/2001MindPhuck | 7939 views | 1 replies 
sega has released their full map pack for q3a. these are the supposed 'dc-only maps', but now, you can happily play against your mates on real computer systems!

a reminder, you need to be running q3 1.16n or earlier to play against dc's players though. as usual, you can download a local copy of the maps here.

  season 6 of barrysworld ctf leag - 20/06/2001MindPhuck | 8898 views | 8 replies 
sign-ups are now being accepted for the 6th season of the barrysworld q3ctf league. the league is the biggest uk-based one of its type with 72 clans expected to start season 6 early july, 53 have been automatically re-entered from those completing season 5 and new clans have until sunday 24th june to join them.

  q3 129f beta released - 19/06/2001MindPhuck | 8123 views | 15 replies 
well, you've heard the hype about it and its finally here. a few changes to this one :

- new id pro maps

- new network code

- auto-update system

- new protocal change

- loadsa bug fixes

as usual, you can grab a mirrored copy here. anybody interested in doing an article on the new changes?

  savage sunday cup - 18/06/2001MindPhuck | 8348 views | 5 replies 
in yesterdays savage sunday cup, neo defeated potzw in a 9-0 final.

i would like to say it was a great cup, however, you can read what i have to say about it over on my column. and if you think my word aint good enuf, check out what furax from iqs had to say over on quakenation.

  barrysworld ctf league review - 18/06/2001MindPhuck | 8460 views | 18 replies 
bigfoot has posted his
of season 5 of the target="_blank">barrysworld q3ctf league on the league`s official coverage site, href="http://www.quakenation.com" target="_blank">quakenation. season 5 finished last monday with european super-clan iqs winning the division 1 title for the 2nd season in a row, ahead of their close rivals cn. the review looks at all 6 divisions in depth,
including the views of 2 or more participants from each. there is also the usual barrage
of stats for the whole league which saw 76 clans start competing in back in early march.

i must make a note now to make sure that bio get a mention for winning division 2 of the league, just in case
any wingers come on and say i didn't.

  iqcl '98 - revisited - 15/06/2001Bunny | 8424 views | 2 replies 

mindphuck has done up a really excellent review of the irish quake clan league back in '98. it's got some class pictures,
demos and even an amazing results page, so you walk down memory lane and have a good laugh at it.
check out the review here.

  ecal update - 14/06/2001Illkillya | 8595 views | 6 replies 
the european clanarena league ii is about halfway over, and things are looking good so far for the irish teams. clan eazy sit comfortably on top of group a, with a flawless record, while icp are just behind them, having lost only to the group leaders. in group b, gt are unbeaten so far, and remain in 2nd place with a game in hand behind clan denial. their two remaining fixtures are against group leaders dn and last season's beaten finalists uk.

  q3 only event - 14/06/2001MindPhuck | 8445 views | 2 replies 
i noticed this over on xs-reality,
nightstrike announces details of a q3 only event in gemany.  in true
cut and paste fashion -

cyberfight have news that href="http://www.thecpl.com">cpl germany will only feature quake 3 and not href="http://cs.xsreality.com">counterstrike. the event, which will take place in
berlin from 31st august until 2nd september, will feature q3 tdm and q3 1v1 exclusively.
meanwhile cpl europe's website has been given a
face lift ahead of the elsa cpl european championships
in london

  cpl europe gets a face lift - 14/06/2001MindPhuck | 8475 views | 0 replies 
not much else one can add to that, but you can take a look and check out the details of the future events on their site.

  due to lack of numbers.. - 14/06/2001MindPhuck | 8512 views | 7 replies 
nethouse have cancelled their qw masters competition for this friday. instead, their just holding a lan for anyone who wants to come along anyway.

  national irish q3 team trials - 13/06/2001MindPhuck | 8629 views | 23 replies 
next month sees the cpl tourney in london. its a team event. no 1v1 competition this time round for the cpl. in fact, some people might dare to say, that this could be the last q3 team event at any cpl competition, i hope not myself.

ok, back to team.ie, i will be holding on-line and lan trials for the team. i will be ensuring that the team picked will be the best and that same team will be looked after in proper sponsorship. each player will get their flights and accomodation paid for and any extra activities which may occur from the weekend.

as yet, no dates are being published for trails, but for now, please stick your name down here if you want to be on the national irish q3 team for play against the best in europe.

  isdn? - 12/06/2001nDSonic | 8645 views | 0 replies 
on 3dspotlight there tutorial on isdn tweaking for win2k. dunno how usefull it is but have a look anyhow

  more on the barrysworld ctf leag - 12/06/2001MindPhuck | 8078 views | 1 replies 
the barrysworld
quake3 ctf league
finally completed season 5 last night with the div4a and div3b
titles being decided. the final winners list now looks like this:

division 1 - iqs - international quake squad

division 2 - bio - bring it on

division 3a - lkff - loz kampoz fragging force

division 3b - wc - wolfclaw

division 4a - gos - gamers of sweden

division 4b - hah - heaven and hell

well done to bio in
winning their division.

  barrysworld tdm review - 12/06/2001MindPhuck | 8461 views | 15 replies 
bigfoot has posted his review of season 5 of the href="http://leagues.barrysworld.com/bwq3l/dm" target="_blank">barrysworld quake3 dm
league, the biggest uk based league of its type with 140 clans involved, on the
official coverage site of the league - target="_blank">quakenation. the review is split it into two parts and features the
usual mix of stats, a detailed look at each clans performance in every one of the 14
divisions and the views from a participant in each division.  you can read the first href="http://www.quakenation.com/coverage.php?section=2&index=3942" target="_blank">part
here and the 2nd href="http://www.quakenation.com/coverage.php?section=2&index=3943" target="_blank">part

  time running out to sign up for - 11/06/2001Zero | 8224 views | 14 replies 
just a reminder, if nethouse dont get numbers by wednesday, there's no competition on friday, which would be a terrible pity, surely there are more than 10 people that would go for some dm4?

list looks like gerry, sico, fanj, ol, devore, bunny, zero, gman, slaan, renton.

surely there's more could come along for some slaps?





mp, you know you want a hiding.

koopa, enter the comp if only to make the numbers.

cmon kids, you know you want it.

  urban terror review - 10/06/2001MindPhuck | 8001 views | 0 replies 
godsmurf from clanbase has done up a very lenghty and concise review of the new urban terror beta.

urban terror clearly outshines counterstrike in the realism department. locational damage and climbing on structures are major reality features cs just doesn't have, and then there are a multitude of smaller features that give ut an edge: sprinting short distances, throwing knives, bandaging team mates, realistic weapon reloading, realistic kevlar, weapon silencers, night vision, ... . most of these features not only enhance the realism but also the fun.

its very detailed review and really worth looking into if your interested in ut2. check it out here.

  now - thats what i call tv - 09/06/2001MindPhuck | 9402 views | 16 replies 
now - network of the world is the first truly converged internet and digital tv content
service, combining the unique capabilities oftelevision, the pc and the world wide web.
the now service began its 18-month rollout across the globe on 30 june and is the flagship
offering from pacific century cyberworks (pccw), one of the worlds largest internet
companies, founded by 33 year-old richard li. now represents pccw's broadband strategy and
delivers original and cutting edge television programming, fully synchronized with
multimedia content available on the internet.

supercap::02 broadcast schedule for this weekend!

friday 8 june - clan greater-than-j00 versuss clan bring it on - 17:00 gmt and then
every 4 hours after

sunday 10 may - clan new european order versus clan bbring it on - 17:00

gmt and then every 4 hours after watch the shows live at http://www.now.comthe
following web pages with video-on-demand will be live on the site from transmission of the

bio vs gtj - http://www.now.com/feature.now?fid=1786885&cid=20315

bio vs neo - http://www.now.com/feature.now?fid=1760475&cid=20315

now broadcast across the internet. to watch the shows (and stranger and locki, making a
fools of themselves) just visit www.gamer.now.com.
quake republic is broadcast at 17:00, 21:00 (friday), 01:00, 05:00, 09:00, 13:00
(saturday) (all times are gmt)

to watch video-on-demand, just go to href="http://gamer.now.com">http://gamer.now.com - click the headshot link, and pick a
match report.

  deathmatch classic - 08/06/2001MindPhuck | 8027 views | 0 replies 
its good fun. its not quake, its not halflife, but its damn close. its good craik.

ive a temp server up - kali.ign.ie:27050 if you want to have a larf.

you can also slurp a local copy of it :

  quake3 fortress - 07/06/2001MindPhuck | 8026 views | 0 replies 
the guys from quake 3 fortress have released 18 lovely shots of the upcoming beta 2 release. they look delicious, and are available here.

for those of you who are still uneducated, quake 3 fortress is a game 'inspired by' qwtf* for the quake 3 engine. it's being done by a load of qwtf nuts, who like to idle in #q3f on irc.quakenet =)

and for those of you who remember spazball, the qwtf map, have a look at q3f_spaz. it looks very very nice indeed.

* quakeworld team fortress is a game by team fortress software, who were hired (i belive, correct me if i'm wrong) to make tfc for valve. qwtf is the mother of all class based mods, and all you youngsters need to play it. i will be playing it in dnc this saturday night if you want a go.

oh, thanks to deadbankclerk from fortess.ie for this one.

  the nethouse quakeworld masters - 06/06/2001MindPhuck | 8277 views | 16 replies 
fanj sends word that nethouse are about to run a qw competition called, the nethouse qw masters. its a duel competition with cpl rules. i have been asked to run this baby on friday the 15th of this month. ok, so, its £10 quid in. there is a good prize, which will be announced when everyone has signed up. now, anyone who is intending in competiting, stick a comment down here.

if your just one of those people who want to sign up for things and waste peoples times by not showing up, you know where the door is.

  cpl london - 06/06/2001MindPhuck | 8084 views | 3 replies 
cpl europe has given more details about the london event in the weekend of august 3-5: the event will be held in a novotel hotel and will feature q3a 4on4 and cs 5on5 competitions and a byoc area with room for 350 players. the total prize amount is € 30.000

  urban terror - 05/06/2001MindPhuck | 8023 views | 2 replies 
urban terror, a "realistic" mod for quake 3 has been given a major update, new guns have been added, along with a breath meter.

the mod is similar to counter-strike and has the ablity to jump and catch onto ledges =)

get it from: urbanterror.net

thanks to deadbankclerk for this one.

  quake.ie cup results - 03/06/2001MindPhuck | 8049 views | 9 replies 
the winners of todays target="_self">quake.ie cup were squaktalk who beat shockwave
in the finals over three maps, dm8, dm14 and dm6. i have to say, it was truely a great day
and i had really good fun. i think most people had a ball. thanks to everyone who turned
up to play. big huge thanks to the_stranger and to drexciyian for sorting out the href="http://www.barrysworld.com/" target="_blank">barrysworld servers for the entire
day. also a thanks to 4k for the loan of their server. ta to sky and crusader
for doing gtv and the scorebot. it was great. for now, i'll leave you with the scores of
the final games and some chase pov demos i made. if you want more details of the actual
scores of the games, take a look at the href="http://www.quake.ie/html/featured-area.asp?item=17" target="_self">quake.ie cup

winners - squawktalk

arbitor, impc7us, gerry, dest, bone

runners up - shockwave

drexciyian, djack, illkillya, feisty, dan

dm8 dm14 dm6
href="http://www.iol.ie/~eem/demos/qie-cup-squawktalkvshockwave-q3dm8.zip" target="_blank">128:114 href="http://www.iol.ie/~eem/demos/qie-cup-squawktalkvshockwave-q3dm14tmp.zip"

next time, we'll have an even better time!

  clanbase ra3 - 31/05/2001MindPhuck | 7899 views | 0 replies 
for those interested in rocket arena, the final of the href="http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=350" target="_top">clanbase rocket arena
3 cup
will be played at 9pm. uk's, href="http://www.clanbase.com/claninfo.php?cid=35347" target="_top"
title="click for clan info">clan x
will take on the french clan  href="http://www.clanbase.com/claninfo.php?cid=17319" target="_top"
title="click for clan info">xtreme eleet
.  you can find out more details of the
match on #clanbase.q3 or over on target="_blank">clanbase itself

  barrysworld season 5 final - 31/05/2001MindPhuck | 7957 views | 0 replies 
vikings have defeated champions 4kings in
the barrysworld tdm
last night to take the division 1 title. 4k won the first game on dm7, 81:79.
  tho, vikings took the other games 97:72 on cpm4 and 79-60 on dm14tmp.   
well done to vikings!  now, how did the rest of the league pan out for irish playing
teams ?  have a look:

team div final placing points
bio div 1b 7th 8 points
hat div 2a 3rd 19 points
fh div 3b 4th 17 points
hat-b div 3c 4th 16 points
lsc div 3c 10th 0 points

i would like to add a big thank you to the barrysworld team for running another
successful league.  thanks.

update : quakenation released the demos of the finals -

href="ftp://ftp.barrysworld.com/pub/games/quake3/misc/demos/bwq3l/season5/week10/s5w10_4k_vs_v_q3dm7tmp.zip" target="_blank">4k
vs v (q3dm7tmp)

href="ftp://ftp.barrysworld.com/pub/games/quake3/misc/demos/bwq3l/season5/week10/s5w10_4k_vs_v_cpm4.zip" target="_blank">4k
vs v (cpm4)

href="ftp://ftp.barrysworld.com/pub/games/quake3/misc/demos/bwq3l/season5/week10/s5w10_4k_vs_v_q3dm14tmp.zip" target="_blank">4k
vs v (q3dm14tmp

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