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quake.ie main news
  barrysworld tdm - 10/02/2002MindPhuck | 5320 views | 0 replies 
clans wanting to join the next season, season 8, in the barrysworld q3 tdm league should get moving quickly and click here.

  'tis brillo - 09/02/2002MindPhuck | 5437 views | 3 replies 
another excellent flash movie i found on my travels. check this out!

  urban terror 2.4 - 09/02/2002MindPhuck | 5337 views | 0 replies 
the latest in the beta's of urban terror got released late last nite. for those of you who havn't played it yet, get it, play it, decide yourself.

anyway, you can download the 22mb upgrade here and the full mod (148mb) here from the quake.ie ftp.

  more peering - 08/02/2002MindPhuck | 5552 views | 13 replies 
gamers using esat and ireland on-line should experience some excellent pings to our pals over at barrysworld now. just a meer 9 hops as opposed to 25+, should make things nice 'n sweet.

a huge thanks to ronin and bigfoot.

  iqool news - 08/02/2002Zero | 5501 views | 3 replies 
lads, ye have 7 days to play your first 3 games in the league, consult the iqool page if you are unsure of your opponents. get playing!!
there is also news of a regrettable dismissal from the league on the page.

  godsmurf on ecv - 08/02/2002MindPhuck | 5359 views | 1 replies 
godsmurf has updated his column with some insights into his recent selection of the eurocup v teams. i thought id post this as it has particular interest to bio and his reasoning behind it. some even more startling comments.. have a read

  barrysworld ctf league - 08/02/2002MindPhuck | 5431 views | 6 replies 
the sign ups for the next q3 ctf season, season 8, has been opened. if your up for the best fun league (imho) going, click here. nd, fh, get in there!

  10 v 10 quakeworld - 07/02/2002Bunny | 5417 views | 4 replies 
finland played poland recently, 10 v 10 qw on death32c. you'll need the latest mqwcl to watch it, or something called qwplayer if you don't have mquake. these demos are about 10 megs each.

round 1, finland v poland

round 2, finland v poland

  eurocup explanations - 07/02/2002Bunny | 5676 views | 4 replies 
godsmurf has written up a column explaining why certain clans (including bio) haven't made into the fifth installment of eurocup. plenty of comments so far, worth a look.

  clanbase ctf cup - 07/02/2002MindPhuck | 5411 views | 1 replies 

the q3 ctf groups were announced on href="http://q3a.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=517">clanbase for their spring cup.
i was surprised not to see bio in this aswell. my own clan, torutured souls got into 2b.
  anyway, here they are as follows :

premier league

1a: neo, wsp, hf, med, souls, nv, suq, iqs

1b: ex, nf!, tc, *kr, mb, capcom, gs, eoe


second league

2a: ownies, bl, ]i[, omg, gm, xl

2b: cacre, iced, +so+, cd, scrb, ts

2c: gzd, @, gos, 32nd, ea, wc

2d: pro, mb, dbh, swq, rofl, 666

third league

3a: xq, elaw, mia, nir, +lords, bop

3b: duf, ownage, mch, sv, nrg, tff

3c: 3p, sba, org, dp, sec, lkff

info snarfed from quakenation.

  starcraft patch - 07/02/2002MindPhuck | 5421 views | 5 replies 

earlier today, blizzard released the latest patch for starcraft (1.09).  some
minor fixes, but one which is significant is that you can now play sc using udp.
  nice.  you can slurp them from the following links -

broodwar patch 1.09 - ftp://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/broodwar/patches/bw-109.exe

starcraft patch 1.09 - ftp://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/starcraft/patches/sc-109.exe

  barrysworld tdm review - 07/02/2002MindPhuck | 5410 views | 4 replies 
bigfoot has posted his review of the recently completed season 7 of the href="http://leagues.barrysworld.net/bwq3dml">barrysworld quake 3 deathmatch league .
  as usual, its excellently written and always a good read.  here's some

of all the clans in the play-off hunt i think bio.b might be the most disappointed,
they had chances to take 3rd but only got 2 points from their last 3 matches to miss out.
maybe this was due to them missing jedi who left the squad for real life stuff

hat deserve a lot of credit for finishing mid-table despite losing a number of players
this season to other clans and to inactivity (or the evilness of cpm / cs). they battled
on bravely despite these problems and pushed a number of very good sides very close, an
amazing achievement considering the quality of those players who they lost..

bio.r followed their teams example in most other competitions by probably recruiting
their way to victory, although they didn't take on as many players as bio.b or bio.ctf
they did add some names here and they probably helped to secure the promotion..

fh meanwhile are a clan who need something to kick start their bw campaign, after a
so-so season 6, dropping out of the ctf league and now a mid-table performance here they
seem to have lost some the interest a little bit. they still have a talented squad, and
with eircom peering in they might get a bit better connection..

anyways, go get something nice to drink, sit back and have a read.

part i -
introduction, stats & divisions 1a & 1b review

part ii -
divisions 2a, 2b, 2c & 2d

part iii -
divisions 3a, 3b, 3c & 3d

part iv -
divisions 4a, 4b, 4c & 5

  iqool kicks off..... - 06/02/2002Zero | 5399 views | 4 replies 
today sees the quake.ie iqool kick off. 24 players, 4 groups, 6 maps. check it out here, and if you are entered, get playing!!

  eurocup 5 - 06/02/2002Bunny | 5725 views | 7 replies 
sk have said they will compete in the upcoming q3 eurocup 5 competition, heres what stelam had to say:

due to the recent changes to the clanbase eurocup v map pool and because of obviously a lot of people wanting us to compete in ec5, we want to revise our decision and will participate in the upcoming eurocup season.

we will once more do our best to represent the german quake3 scene as well as possible. and how can we do it better than by defending our title?

as usual teams will be initially split into two large conferences, then broken down into smaller groups, here are the competing teams from each conference;

scandinavian conference (the matches are going to be played on norwegian, swedish, finnish and dannish servers)

cyberfight (russia)

deluxe (finland)

dunno (sweden)

evolution (sweden)

forze (russia)

ice climbers (sweden)

north stars (sweden)

p1mps (sweden)

quad peoples org (sweden)

vikings (denmark)

violence solves everything (norway)

wargasm (denmark)

arca (sweden) vs. eyeballers (sweden)

clan armageddon (norway) vs. rectum intruders (norway)

legacy of the mob (sweden) vs. meton (sweden)

nocturne commando (norway) vs. weird science project (norway)

european conference (the matches are going to be played on uk, belgian, french and german servers)

against all authority (france)

deegroller (netherlands)

dreams and magic (spain)

marauders squad (italy)

mortal team work (germany)

murk (iceland)

ping of death (germany)

schroet kommando (germany) - !

shuuk (germany)

tulls (italy)

unreal (uk)

xplicit 4 (netherlands)

four kings (uk) vs. gunzoids (uk)

gemini (belgium) vs. majestic 5 (belgium)

iron fist (uk) vs. mortal retribution (uk)

suck my rocket (germany) vs. radium (germany)

games will begin on feb 18th.

  osp 1.1 released - 01/02/2002MindPhuck | 5375 views | 0 replies 
they fixed most of the 1.0 bugs, so, its what osp1.0 should have been. you can download the full version locally here or nab the 9mb 1.1 upgrade here.

  wcg ii - 31/01/2002Zero | 5670 views | 5 replies 
there's a poll up on the wcg site about what games people want played at the next wcg. surprisingly enough, out of over 21000 internet votes so far, counter-strike isn't in the top 5. quake3 is coming in at a close second. take it cs.

  iqool final day to sign up - 31/01/2002Zero | 5372 views | 4 replies 
after tonight, we are setting about organising groups/maps etc for the iqool, so if you havent signed up for it, sign up now. you know you want to.

also, we are deciding on certain maps for the iqool, some of which are going to include the new osp maps. not sure which ones are the best, so have a quick vote here on boards.ie as to which maps you think should be included. we are going to pick four out of the mentioned seven, (as well as some of the regular maps, each week will have a different map set).

  ctf review - 31/01/2002M1ke | 5396 views | 2 replies 
quakenation have a great article up reviewing the bwctfl season. it is a very good read and requires a cup of tea. also you can't miss the interview with yours truly very informative and a great insight into the league itself, 5 star article

of most interest to people here would be the section :

part i - introduction, stats & divisions 1 & 2a

  geforce 4 pictures - 30/01/2002ThrAx | 5630 views | 0 replies 
for those of you whose fps will never be high enough, heres the first pics of the geforce 4:
geforce 4

  barrysworld > ireland link impro - 28/01/2002M1ke | 6095 views | 22 replies 
barrysworld is now peered directly to eircom via the london internet exchange. i've done a few tests and the hops have been cut from 13 to 8, very impressive indeed and only 2 hops off slosh.ign.ie so very playable. i also didn't experience any of the packetloss or lag spikes of last week. thanks go to bigfoot at barrysworld for sorting us all out. bring on the euroctf

  iq3ool - 28/01/2002Zero | 5390 views | 3 replies 
have a look in the features section, we are running a duel competition. how hard are you?

  euro ctf - review - 26/01/2002M1ke | 5306 views | 0 replies 
i've added a review of last nights action in the euro ctf competition to my column which you can read here.

  best mouse for q3? - 24/01/2002Illkillya | 7974 views | 23 replies 
there have been loads of articles lately detailing the best mice on the market at the moment. the ms intellimouse explorer 3.0 and the logitech mouseman duel optical in particular have been subject to much scrutiny lately, and i know a lot of irish players have been using the former with mixed reactions.

heres the first review i've read that does not recommend the explorer 3.0 for gaming, instead it rates the common logitech pilot wheelmouse usb as the best for q3, the one with the ball innit... my mouse :d (altho i think i have an older version). the allegedly skippy logitech mouseman dual optical comes in second place. its written by a guy with small hands called stony on xsreality (which has been churning out a lot of well researched news-worthy articles lately).

anyway, after reading this, i'm thinking of sticking with the mouse i have atm, so read the article and tell me if stony knows what hes talking about.

  clanbase ec5 - 24/01/2002MindPhuck | 5371 views | 2 replies 
clanbase have announced the next eurocup5. there will a good number of cups which are of interest to us gamers being played. only the q3 dm will be a lan cup final tho.

* quake 2: dm, ctf, insta dm

* quake 3: dm, ctf, ra3, urban terror

* return to castle wolfenstein

now, heres a thought. the bio or nd lads could be up for the dm. i donno if we could enter team.ie into the ctf cup, but hey, it would be well cool.

  elive - 23/01/2002Illkillya | 5503 views | 3 replies 
theres a new irish isp supporting 128k isdn, called elive free. its a local number, same type of thing as ocean. its giving great ping for modemers. the isdn seems ok, its definitely worth keeping in mind when all the other isp's go bad (which is happening a lot lately).

you can find your local number on the elive site. no signup necessary... does anyone know about this dialup? is it unison with a different name or what? thanks to saik for pointing it out anyway.

  euroctf fixtures - 22/01/2002MindPhuck | 5449 views | 2 replies 
sorry, i meant to post this earlier, but bigfoot, from quakenation has done it up. mind if i copy'n paste ?
this weeks games in the euroctf cup are as follows :

tonight - sweden v russia at 7.00pm & austria v germany at 8.00pm

tomorrow - portugal v spain at 10.00pm

thursday - iceland v russia at 6.00pm, holland v greece at 8.00pm, england v n. ireland at 9.00pm

friday - wales v ireland at 9.00pm

sunday - belgium v france at 8.00pm & sweden v norway at 8.00pm

so, once again,a big thanks to quakenation, for letting me rip off some quakenation stuff, 'cos quakenation are cool!.

for more info, you could always look up quakenation.

  bwctfl - 21/01/2002M1ke | 5334 views | 2 replies 
the bwctfl concluded this week. tonight saw bio draw with iced meaning bio wins division 2a and gains promotion to division 1 next season.

ts had a group of good results today beating iced and ea to come within just one point of bio leaving them in 2nd place which also earns them promotion to division 1 next season.

so any updates next season will be focusing on division 1 which will be kewl. for anyone that doesn't know it already neo have won the bwctfl with iqs coming 2nd and kr coming 3rd.

  bwdml week 9 - 17/01/2002Illkillya | 5401 views | 5 replies 
in div1a, a lagged bio drew with il, winning dm14 easy enough by 78-53 before losing dm6, 100-130. there should be a report on the bio website. tonight, they play mr in what promises to be the most interesting div1 fixture of the season imo. currently, bio are 5th and have a good chance at making the playoffs (top 3 go through). unr and m5 are in automatically. the remaining place will go to the winner of bio vs mr, unless dc manage an upset vs unr. a draw is all bio needs to finish joint on points with dc, but since bio won their game with dc, they will finish higher up. i'll update tonight on the result of that.

hat did well in beating the french clan lkff in div2a. lkff have struggled this season, but are a decent team who have done very well in the past. the scores were 59-109 on dm14 and 100-105 on dm6. thats all their games over, meaning they finish very respectably in midtable, either 5th or 6th depending on how poq do in their remaining game.

bio.r had no trouble with t-u in div3b, taking dm14 by 105-35, and dm6 by 109-70. t-u will consider themselves unfortunate to have met bio this late in this season, since the bio.r team has come a long way since the start of the league, and this result means they get promoted and not t-u. all games are finished in this div. expect a colourful report by arexes at some stage on their website.

fh had a disappointing game in div3d, with a draw against the bottom placed udfc who hadn't got any points over active clans until then. despite us holding ra for most of the games, and getting most battlesuits, it was impossible to attack quad without our connections flooding, so it finished 51-54 to udfc. dm6 was very different, good performances by lorcan and cascade gave us the win, with a scoreline of 99-81. we have one fairly meaningless game left vs fight club uk, most likely to be played next week although the fixture hasn't been announced yet.

  bwcpml 4v4 league - 17/01/2002Illkillya | 5394 views | 5 replies 
last (was it the first?) season of the bwcmpml was a 2v2 league, but now they've taken the step up to 4v4 that we've all be waiting for.

drex issues a health warning that "your clan could get seriously owned", but sure whats new eh? i know there hasn't been much cpm played in ireland, but given our strong qw background (apart from me and also the q2eers) it could give us the edge over a lot of q3 only clans given decent connections. i'd enter fh but with the lag in fights we've been getting in tdm recently theres no point.. does anyone know if this problem occurs to the same degree in cpm? they're taking signups on the site now... the league is being run by drexciyian and empedocles, both admins on quake.ie so they should be able to give u a few more details. league starts feb 14th.

  tallie-ban - 16/01/2002Zero | 5531 views | 3 replies 
not quake-related but an extremely interesting read : http://globalresearch.ca/articles/tal111a.html
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