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quake.ie main news
  news archive - 23/05/2002MindPhuck | 10131 views | 0 replies 
for those who like to trawl through the past, the news archive is now up'n running. check it out.

  barrysworld ctf season review - 22/05/2002MindPhuck | 9824 views | 5 replies 

bigfoot has posted his review of the full season of the bwctf league. some very
interesting point of views from the various clan leaders and a well thought out set of
articles.  interesting enough, from the stats, fh happened to come 2nd in the top
cappers with 157 caps and bio coming 1st in the lowest cappers with 16 caps.  heh?
whats that all about eh?.  anyway, head on over to href="http://www.quakenation.com/">quakenation for a read.

part i
- introduction, stats, divisions 1, 2a & 2b

part ii
- divisions 3a, 3b & 3c

part iii
- division 4

  quake.ie q3 cup - teams - 19/05/2002MindPhuck | 15029 views | 46 replies 

congrats to the han solo (manc, forever, deya, blunt, martel, vin) team who beat
chewbacca (explicit, ql-sid, ritch, ayreon, detwisj, firestorm) in the finals.  what
a great day.  shame about some of the 'bangers', but that couldnt have helped with
some of the players not showing, we know who you are, booo hisss!.  thanks to
everyone who did turn up and i'm sure you had a great laugh.  next time, i will be
more vigilant with teams and their players and make it a little more even sided.
  anyhooows.. till next time [more]

the teams for the quake.ie ctf cup are now up. we tried to be as fair as possible by
randomly choosing who goes on what team just by the order that people signed up on and
then re-allocating some of the players to even it out. we made it into 12 teams, with most
teams having 6 players. the reason behind this is because there will be players who don't
show and teams who will be sort players will get the extra ones floating around. last year
we two entire teams due to people not showing. this time, it should cover that event.

remember, if you don't have the ctf map packs, you will need to get them (see below).
don't wait till 5 minutes before the game to check, people will get very p1ssed at you if
you do. were gonna be tight for time. do the decent thing, you have a whole week to get
them, sooo.. get them!

please note the starting time is next sunday (the 26th) at 1pm, its a little early.. its
so we can try and complete it in time.

here is the teams as they currently stand.

the light side players points
skywalker wij, the_stranger, sd, m1ke, 2fish 0,2,2,0,2, - 6
solo manc, forever, deya, blunt, martel, vin 2,2,2,0,2, - 8 (27 caps)
chewbacca kotr|explicit, ql-sid, ritch, ayreon, detwisj, firestorm 2,0,2,2,2, - 8 (21 caps)
leia pabz, nexus, arclight, renegade, 4k^dynamic, sp1r1t 0,0,0,2,0, - 2
yoda acidbeard, gerry, kyro, cascade, slinks, rapier 0,0,0,0,0, - 0
obiwan eri, caraway, deadlynun, buff0x, morphy, anakin 2,2,0,2,0, - 6

the dark side players points
vader aly, thrax, dr_gonzo, riot, spaceman, juz 2,2,0,2,2, - 8 (17 caps)
tarkin odee, sai, larma, [lola], bender, ^dark^ 0,2,2,0,2, - 6
fett tom, griff, bourn3, h3ll, dutch 2,0,2,2,0, - 6
palpatine no team, the players were spread out over the other teams. 0,0,0,0,0, - 0
maul sifer, global, crusader, guesseyder, bunny, zero 2,0,2,2,2, - 8 (21 caps)
jabba sky, seccy, vast, dead, rev hellfire, crys 0,2,0,0,0, - 2

team team time server map score
skywalker solo 1:00 1 q3ctf2 2-4
chewbacca leia 1:00 2 q3ctf2 4-1
yoda obiwan 1:00 3 q3ctf2 1-2

skywalker chewbacca 2:00 1 q3w2 4-1
yoda solo 2:00 2 q3w2 1-8
obiwan leia 2:00 3 q3w2 4-1

skywalker yoda 2:30 1 q3w5 8-1
obiwan chewbacca 2:30 2 q3w5 3-4
leia solo 2:30 3 q3w5 5-7

skywalker obiwan 3:00 1 q3wcp11 4-10
leia yoda 3:00 2 q3wcp11 8-4
solo chewbacca 3:00 3 q3wcp11 3-4

skywalker leia 3:30 1 q3wcp9 5-0
solo obiwan 3:30 2 q3wcp9 4-2
chewbacca yoda 3:30 3 q3wcp9 8-4

team team time server map score
vader tarkin 1:00 4 q3ctf2 3-2
fett palpatine 1:00 5 q3ctf2 5-0
maul jabba 1:00 6 q3ctf2 5-0

vader fett 2:00 4 q3w2 2-1
maul tarkin 2:00 5 q3w2 3-4
jabba palpatine 2:00 6 q3w2 5-0

vader maul 2:30 4 q3w5 3-4
jabba fett 2:30 5 q3w5 3-5
palpatine tarkin 2:30 6 q3w5 0-5

vader jabba 3:00 4 q3wcp11 4-3
palpatine maul 3:00 5 q3wcp11 0-5
tarkin fett 3:00 6 q3wcp11 2-5

vader palpatine 3:30 4 q3wcp9 5-0
tarkin jabba 3:30 5 q3wcp9 8-1
fett maul 3:30 6 q3wcp9 1-3

semi finals 1&2 time server map score
solo vader 4:00 1 q3wcp5 7-3
maul chewbacca 4:00 2 q3wcp5 0-3

finals time server map score
solo chewbacca 5:00 1 q3w3 3-1

files -

q3 point release 1.31 you definately need this! (26 megs)
osp 1.01 you definately need osp 1.01 (54 megs)
threewave v1.0 full if you dont have the maps, get these files (120 megs)
threewave v1.1 patch upgrade to the map pack (8 megs)

  cpl cologne - 19/05/2002OverLord | 10120 views | 3 replies 

it's cpl weekend and boy are forze kicking ass in quake 3. winners of the winners bracket and looking awesome for them is mikes.
my own favourite individual demo of all time is here

also, thestranger has provided some coverage over on quakenation which you can read here.

  barrysworld dm season review - 17/05/2002MindPhuck | 9844 views | 1 replies 
bigfoot sends me word on his review of the entire season of the bwdm league. its a very long, but extremely good review and worth a look. check out the various parts -

part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

  realistic bots? - 16/05/2002ThrAx | 10105 views | 7 replies 
sick of having nobody to play offline exept stupid unrealistic bots? well over at art of war they have been working on a new bot modification for quake 3 called brainworks that apparently makes the bots operate in a more human-like manner.

  cpma's new mvd code! - 16/05/2002dyna` | 10466 views | 14 replies 
ok q3 great game, osp great mod, but cpma is kicking the shit outta them both, i mean the diversity of the different gamemodes, the power of the lg, the quality of the netcode and now they come up and tell us 8 player multi-view-demos!!!! i mean that's just taking the piss

the latest version of cpma is 0.99w5
then get the mvd-capable upgrade.

i had a look at one of the mvd demos and they're amazing, you can check the score at any time, switch to the 8 different players, slowmotion, fast forward, anyway....

download an mvd demo here to see this magnificent mod in all it's glory.

  quake.ie q3 cup - 14/05/2002MindPhuck | 15960 views | 101 replies 

with all the exams nearly over, were gearing up for a new competition, simply called
the quake.ie cup. we ran one this time last year and it was a great success. you
dont need to be in a clan and even if you are, it won't matter. each player will be
seeded based upon their skill level and randomly assigned to a team. rated, 1-4,
each team will have a skill level 1 player who will be the team leader. every player
will get a game and will have a bit of fun doing it. the idea of the cup is to have
fun. it will be ran over one day with the finals held that same night.

this cup is an on-line competition and is open to everyone from ireland, the uk and
mainland europe. what we need to know is who is interested in competing. were
hoping to run the cup on sunday, may the 26th. so sign up now and add a comment so we can
get this on the road in a week or so time. it'll be good craik, you know it!

edit - btw, last year we ran a theme, which was transformers, where each team had the name of a transformer, like, megatron, etc. this time, the theme will be starwars (just to be with the current season of movies). so prepare for the likes of hansolo vs vader and princess leia v queen amidala. ta to the_stranger for helping me decide which theme to do. next time we'll do your idea - '80s pop bands )

update: the cup will be q3ctf in the interests of getting the most fun out of things, afterall, if you're not the hottest shot on the block you can still defend in ctf, whereas in tdm you just die lots.

the maps that are going to be used will be provided individually for download so people can get them without having to grab the entire mappacks.

oh, and i corrected mp's spelling of queen armadillo.


  switzerlund take gurmany - 13/05/2002MindPhuck | 10886 views | 7 replies 
for those of you who didnt watch the euroctf finals on sunday (i missed it!), switzerland beat germany over 5 maps, taking the title. the scores were 2-2 (w3) 0-1 (ctf2) 3-0 (cp5) 9-0 (cp9) and 3-0 (w2). you can nab the demos, courtesy of barrysworld from here.

  2 new irish clans - 13/05/2002Zero | 9490 views | 5 replies 

a new irish clan has been formed called playful destruction. formed on the quake boards by a number of interested clanless players and headed by thrax, they have their site up already and everything.
this is the first clan in a long time to be made in such a way, but hopefully with thrax's experience, he'll hold them together and get some practises in. welcome aboard lads.

when i actually bothered to read to the bottom of the thread, i found that kyro and his mates have also set up a clan called ico (ice cream orange). no site yet, but hopefully they will also get organised soon. nice1, we need more irish players.

note from mp : pd's new web site is now hosted on quake.ie, you can have a gawk here

  l33t engine - 12/05/2002dyna` | 9152 views | 2 replies 
found something which may be of interest to you code monkeys out there, it's a quake2 based engine that can load quake3 data files, like maps, models and sounds. hells kitchen have created a quake iii arena-like engine, usable for free open-source games, films, demos, etc.


pretty impressive considering that no other q3 map renderer provides support for modding and network gaming

i had a look at the l33t engine and had a spot of bother getting it going, if anyone tries this and gets it working let me know

you will need both q2 and q3 to run as well as the l33t engine.

visit the hells kitchen website for downloads, screenshots and more info.

  unbeatable record? - 11/05/2002Illkillya | 8664 views | 5 replies 
could be... someone gave me this link in irc - huge dm17 stack by a load of spanish people (they crouch and make steps out of each others backs... or something)

  euroctf final - 11/05/2002MindPhuck | 8387 views | 0 replies 
the long awaited final for the euroctf league takes place this sunday at 4pm between germany and switzerland. it should be a cracking game.

  round the world in 30 seconds. - 10/05/2002Zero | 8284 views | 4 replies 
stranger used to do these "column inches" over on qn, and i always thought they were interesting, so while dossing around this morning i said i'd point at a few columns myself

on sky's ch-uk column he talks about going to savage lan last weekend, although it sounds like he played more playstation than quake:
...i staked my claim to some space under some tables, and crashed not too long after i stopped ddr'ing, carrying with me the statistics - hours at lan: 8, hours of q3 played: 0. i groaned into life the next morning without the faintest idea of the time. i briefly entertained the fantasy that it was still 4am and i could legitimately sleep for another 5 hours, but the call that "breakfast was being served" served to dis-spell that illusion...

anselmo writes on his quakenation column about cratered lan, which seems to have been a big qw lan that also went on last w/e:
...chatted to him[blitz] for a minute before a gangly ginger pony tailed streak of piss came crashing out of the doors demanding to know who i was. a couple of grunts later and i’d established that this was tezz...

over on xsreality, some absolute twat called vicious gives us the low-down on what comic shop owners think teamplay is. a prize for anyone who can find bunny's anonymous comment. try not to puke:
...to me real teamplay is not playing 100% along the strategy you chose before the match. it is a very special and unique feeling. it is there when you look your partners deep into their eyes before a tough lan game...

finally, over on mar's ch-au column, a quite funny joke about the 4th reich.

  qwhite men can't jump, - 10/05/2002dyna` | 8452 views | 1 replies 
the latest craze to hit the quake ii scene is the jumpmod. the mod is server side and a map pack is available with over 150 different maps to chose from.
jumpmod times how long it takes a player to get from the start of the level to the finish, although to finish the level a number of difficult jumps have to be used, like circle jumps, strafe jumps, slope jumps, double jumps, water jumps and more.

jolt currently have a jumpmod server running at
the fastest players to complete the level will have there names posted on the jump website, which has a live update.

read more here

  bwctfl week 10 - 06/05/2002Illkillya | 9173 views | 4 replies 
bwctfl this week saw ts lose out to gs, 2-1 in a close game on ctctf2, before the belgians took cp9 more comfortably, 4-1. this doesn't change much, it just means gs are 4th, while ts will finish 5th. their final game next week is against omg, a meaningless fixture for ts, but bio will be hoping they don't slip up.

bio vs tc was postponed because of savlan i think. next week they'll find out whether they'll still be in division 1 next season, when they play nv on sunday and the rearranged game vs tc on thursday.

fh have all our games played in div3a, beat w33d comfortably in a rearranged fixture on thursday, before a big win over swcs on sunday. that means the div3a title is officially ours, finishing on 43 points out of a possible 44. our connects haven't been as good in a long time as they were vs w33d, and our pings were great vs swcs on sunday also (aside from a couple of moments which saw all of us on 140 ping). i think oceanfree is the isp to use to bw at the moment, although people have always said that its a bad isp, it was miles better than eircom/indigo for the 5 of us the past couple of weeks.

  qw happinings - 05/05/2002Spliffy | 8419 views | 2 replies 
theres been a lot of action in the quakeworld league scene over the last few months, with nations quake rank now reaching the finals after a lot of tense and exciting matches. it has ended with hellfire vs zetor reaching the finals with what should turn out to be a very interesting game, with zetor being more an oldsk00l clan making a massive comeback. the times havnt been announced for this game yet, but you can find out more in #nqr on quakenet irc. im sure there will be alot of cams specing the game to handle the large amount of spectators wanting to watch it.

also with nqr getting the league action started again in the scene it has also encouraged the peeps at challenge smackdown to get the finger out and get the great smackdown league moving into its fourth season. the group games have now finished for it and we have had some good games and good results. there is no word on dates for the playoffs yet but im sure it wont be long till they get going. #smackdown on quakenet for more info.

nqr site

smackdown site

on another note, there has been a demo site dedicated to the new file type mvd (multi view demo) put up, this allows you to view anyones pov while watchin the demo. the site is here

  savage ctf season 7 - 03/05/2002Illkillya | 8587 views | 8 replies 
with bwctfl coming to an end, we wont have long to wait for some more competitive ctf thanks to the resumption of the savage ctf league.

it has often been said that savage have a ridiculous means of structuring their leagues.. and this season is no exception. last season bw div1 clan ts were waaay down in div4, which they easily won, beating their only rivals gzd. i can understand the logic in clans working their way up to the higher divisions, but somehow this season, gzd (who finished below ts in div4) have found themselves in division 1, while ts are a level below in div2. i presume gzd were chosen to replace inf (who decided not to accept their place in div1) because they beat ts in the "fun" savage ctf cup. anyway, with ts' main challengers gzd out of the picture, i don't think anybody will bet against them winning division 2, as all of their opposition (aside from rv) played in div2 in bwctfl last season: inf, wc, gm, lkff, and kazz's clan mb.

fh i think are well placed in division 4, where we'll be replaying some of the more difficult clans we faced in bw this season, mia and b&k, along with other upper div3 bw clans ql, sv and r|x. tipped by fruitbat to win our div are sec, a swedish clan that i had never heard of before this.

fruitbat's predictions are here. although they haven't been updated since the changes in div1 and 2, its worth noting that he had expected ts to finish above gzd in division 2. the league starts on sunday 12th may, when ts play gm and fh play 3p on q3wcp5. the league will be using two of the popular chicken team maps, ctctf2 (as seen in bw) and also ctctf3.

  full final placings - 03/05/2002MindPhuck | 8463 views | 0 replies 

just to add to killys earlier post, i saw the quakenation lads had posted up the
final placings for the bwdml.
  the actual play-offs for the 1st division title is between unr, iron, ir, gzd, aaa
and -==- and should take place very soon.

division 1a - unr - clan unreal

division 1b - gzd - the gunzoids

division 2a - rp - reverse psychology

division 2b - lk - lethal killers (nd) come in
6th place

division 2c - bio - bring it on (whoo!)

division 3a - sbz - sobaze

division 3b - ql - quake lemmings

division 3c - 2ex - 2 extreme

division 3d - lsr - lost souls rising (fh) came in
5th place

division 4a - sex - sacred exterminators

division 4b - k2k - kill to kill

division 4c - potzw - prince of the zorgons world

division 5 - nvr - no visible remorse

  bwdml final placings - 01/05/2002M1ke | 8938 views | 2 replies 
the regular season has concluded with only the final knockout stages for div1a and div1b left. the final placings are as follows

division 2c - bio division winners
bio take the title for their division with a win as expected over spanish clan spr. they finish with an unbeaten record this season and take automatic promotion to division 1.

division 2b - nd 6th place
this division took an unexpected twist with kr defaulting to lk. ek went onto beat nd over both maps and would have expected to gain promotion but for lk getting 3 points over kr. ek settle for a playoff place, lk take the title and nd place a disappointing 6th from bottom although a 2nd place playoff was almost within their grasp. from the stats, this looked like the most evenly matched division in the league.

division 3d - fh 5th place
fh comfortably took both maps against iy 82-26 on dm14tmp and 95-43 on ospdm5 to place mid table this season. lsr top their division with an unbeaten record. lsr only dropped a single map out of 18 to fh - fh will prehaps have felt unlucky not to have done better this season.

  bwctfl week 9 - 30/04/2002Illkillya | 8844 views | 5 replies 
a good week for the quake.ie clans in the bwctfl saw ts take maximum points in some comfortable games vs the uk clan pq (6-1 on cp5 and 3-1 on w2). this leaves them in joint 4th/5th with gs who have a game in hand, in a division of two halves where 5th place is a massive 13 points above 6th.

bio did well to hold the french clan sarl to a draw on each map. this is a great result for bio which rekindles their hopes of staying in div1 for next season. they're capable of winning their remaining two fixtures vs tc and nv, although maximum points from both games probably wont be necessary.

in div3a fh beat icf.>>, a close game on cp5 although >>'s only cap occurred when it was 5v4 in their favour when nex timed out. we cancelled that out with a 5v4 cap in the first minute of the second map, although i don't think their depleated team made much difference since the first 10minutes of that game were very one-sided in our favour, leading 7-0 at one stage before things settled down. that leaves us one point from securing the title, with a possible 8 points left to play for. hopefully we can settle it on thursday when we play bottom placed w33d.

  id software website update - 29/04/2002dyna` | 9093 views | 1 replies 
in case some of you didn't know already id have re-done their website
with information on their latest games (quake 3 arena, wolfenstein) and some of their older and still played games (doom, quake 1, quake 2) nice of them to update their website since the release of quake, no mention of doom 3 though?

  esat announce their dsl packages - 29/04/2002MindPhuck | 9132 views | 18 replies 
esat today announced that it has unbundled the local loop at an exchange in limerick. this historic event marks the first step of a government part-funded programme to bring fast, always-on internet access to communities throughout ireland. by december 2002 esat plans to have unbundled 40 exchanges which can potentially serve some 400,000 lines.

here's a quick breakdown.
512k/256k asymmetrical service

download speeds up to ten times faster than a standard dial up connection. quarterly subscription rental of €270 with a once off connection fee of €125.64.

1meg /256k asymmetrical service

download speeds up to twenty times faster than a standard dial up. quarterly subscription rental of €615 and a once off connection fee of €125.64.

2meg /256k asymmetrical service

download speeds up to forty times faster than a standard dial up. quarterly subscription rental of €1200 and a once off connection fee of €1500.

for the full press release, check here.

  tdm review - 27/04/2002MindPhuck | 9331 views | 5 replies 
biffey has posted his weekly review of the barrysworld q3dm league. some interesting comments on the up and coming week 9, which is a real decider for those clans hoping to make the play offs. have a read.

  lan arena 7 in paris - 26/04/2002Zero | 8833 views | 9 replies 
there must be a lot of frogs playing quake3 these days. i see over on xsreality that lan arena 7 is coming up in paris in july. an idea of the figures expected:
"the event will take place in the hall of the villette and provide around 10.000mē to receive the 1500 awaited gamers. in order to provide an unique spectator show, the event will have a 3000mē theatre with 1200 seats, huge screens to broadcast live matches, and finals played on stage"

just wondering, wasn't it lan arena 3 or 4 that team.ie made their first jaunt to? that was a little pokey gym room in a sidestreet in paris with about 40-50 people. qw/quake3 has definitely come a long way in france.

  bwdml update - 25/04/2002M1ke | 9036 views | 5 replies 
in div2b nd comfortably beat lk* 104-54 on ospdm6 and 107-50 on poq3dm5. nd are currently sitting mid table but a win next week would secure them 3rd place in the leagues final standings.

in div2c d&m unfortunately had to give a default win to bio because of clashes with the spanish national team games. bio sit 2nd in the division 2 points behind french side rnf - however we've 1 game in hand over them and if we secure 3 points versus spr next week we take the division title.

in div3d fh also easily overcame their opposition dnd , 42-94 on ospdm6 and 73-107 on dm7. they're around mid table in their division but with only 3 points separating 3rd place and 6th place things could change next week.

  bwctfl update - 23/04/2002Illkillya | 9057 views | 1 replies 
the two quake.ie clans in div1 of bwctfl clashed this week, but the outcome was disappointingly one-sided, ts winning by a landslide. its a pity the fixture didn't occur earlier in the season when it would have been a lot closer. an win vs iqs on monday would have seen ts move into the top 3, but unfortunately, iqs managed to get the larger share of the points, drawing the first map before taking. both bio and ts will have a good opportunity to gather some more points next week against the frenchies sarl and uk clan pq (who have lost a lot of key players since the start of the season).

fh are back on top of div3 after playing two games last sunday, winning a difficult game vs the dutch mia, before a more comfortable victory over c++ (despite 2fish's frequent suicidal attempts on his w7 debut to reach that "camping ledge" out the window). another postponed fixture will be played next thursday, against the improving uk clan w33d. that will lead on to sunday's potential title-decider vs second placed >>.

  quake3 clan arena server - 22/04/2002Zero | 8966 views | 3 replies 
we now have a new server up, thanks a lot to reverend hellfire. its clan arena and it can be found at games2.iol.ie:27961

  rctw - nation - 22/04/2002MindPhuck | 8665 views | 0 replies 
from the people who bring you quakenation, they have just launched a brand new site about, yes.. you guessed it, return to castle wolfy. worth a look.

oh, on similiar news, osp and team abuse are bringing out their mod for rctw. i saw this on clanbase.

  irish irc - 20/04/2002MindPhuck | 8493 views | 0 replies 
at long last we finally got our very own irc server linked back onto quakenet again. big huge kudos to ronin, regi and cloud for getting things running. you can connect to it by going to ign.ie.quakenet.org.
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