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  ireland vs austria - 11/09/2004Illkillya | 13892 views | 8 replies 
opening with our game against austria... a tough game to start with, as they had several eurocup winners in their side. we easily agreed on a gameservers.net server, ireland with a ping disadvantage of about 8-10 ms. team.ie lined up with the attacking trio of myself (killy), dest, and sno; kat and melachi in defence, and spectator coaching. they had private, scorp, viech, tropf, and ko (with van-wilder coaching). our map was q3wcp1, which started in our favour and we looked well in control for 6 minutes or so, until austria capped against the run of play. this turned the tide of the game, and a repeat performance put them 2-0 up. a good cap created by sno and finished by dest brought ireland back into the game, and when dest brought the flag back into our half of the map a few minutes later i thought we could have drawn level, but it resulted in a cross-steal with cluckilly holding the blue flag in red base. we managed to get both powerups, and their flag carrier died, and as i was standing on the flag spot hoping for a return, i was killed and our flag was not returned, they picked it up and capped. 3-1 down with not long to go, it was time to throw caution to the wind and attack like mad. this left our base vulnerable for austria to get a 4th, and end the game on a slightly flattering (imo) scoreline of 4-1.

w3 was austria's map, and they clearly knew how to play it. from the start they did very well syncing their home regen with haste, attacking with many bodies. our defence (consisting of a rejuvinated melachi and kat) was up to the task, and fended off most of the austrian attackers. however, the game was played always on the back foot, and although ireland had a few opportunities, austria's powerup work was too good. they went 2-0 up with some well worked caps, and in the final minutes we were forced to stretch ourselves again, like on cp1, in the hope of getting a cap to bring us back into it, but it only led to another score for austria. 3-0 to aut, well played to them, deserved winners and sound people. check for a report on clanbase soon, and if you want demos then sno has some uploaded somewhere.

promising admin work by global, who is putting a lot of effort into this nc... makes a big difference from previous seasons which were run without enthusiasm. our game vs turkey is postponed until next week.

  cb nations - team.ie captain - 11/05/2004Zero | 15841 views | 30 replies 
nobody seems to be stepping up to be captain of the team, and as mp and myself are offline it proves very difficult to organise anything. so i dont mind doing it as long as there is a "backup guy" with regard to practices etc in the evening. but if i'm running it there won't be trials, there will be a squad of about 10 players named and the team made up / named on the night depending on the map being played etc. if killy is around for this cup and is going to play in it, i'd like him to play the "backup guy" / team picker for the matches.
the squad would be more or less made up from:
killy dest nexus kazz sky melachi benji bd sno flash ch pyro
also anarchy if jim will make a re-appearance.
isdners like vin and possibly space in the running too, need to get vin on a decent connect for games. rapp obviously if he can get online. depends on the limit of the squad numbers allowed by cb, but the final squad would be picked from the above. im sure i've missed one or two but that'll happen at 9am. so are people interested? (people as in key players that the team is fucked without)

  a good reason to buy playboy - 11/04/2004[spectator] | 14608 views | 1 replies 

this month, don't miss the best excuse you'll ever have to buy playboy: the november 2004 edition has "20 questions to john carmack" ...

playboy webby

... i got it for the article sweetie ...

  quake.ie says no! - 11/01/2004MindPhuck | 14844 views | 28 replies 
.. in the run up the american presidential elections, we here at quake.ie would like you to say a big no thanks to a mr. bush. we all know what kind of corrupt fuckwit silly person that bush is and that regardless of what kerry is like, he should be voted out of office mainly just to make the world a safer place to live in.

go here to here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, or here. you get the idea. please feel free to post other links


  darkside x - 29/10/2004Illkillya | 15127 views | 2 replies 
this weekend, the biggest thing to happen in irish q3 since i got dsl, darkside x. with the bulk of the active irish quakers attending, there should be plenty of games to be had. expect reviews/demos/scandal here on monday, or sunday night if people are particularly wired. starts 10pm tonight.

  league update - 29/10/2004Illkillya | 14261 views | 5 replies 

clanbase ctf opencup

good and bad season for irish clans in the group stages of the ctf opencup. unfortunately n8z dropped out of their group and

out of tdm opencup also. fh finished undefeated in 3rd league, with wins over ston3d, ppp, naos, and uf!. this sets us up

for the playoffs, most likely against clan tt from group d; fixtures will be set sometime during the week. ded didn't make

much of an impact in group d despite moments of promise, such as a map win vs ^x^ and a win vs err... disappointingly defaulting against tt in the final week, ending

4th in the group ahead of estonians viga, and behind ^x^, tt, and ek.

jolt q3ctfl

fh currently are top of division 3a, although ^x^ have a game in hand and could overtake. a mixed season so far, a draw with

x, and a draw and a loss vs the dark-preachers, who have improved lots since our last encounter only 6ish months ago

countered by wins over bdi and a2q. difficult games remain, against belgians dx!, uk clan n2s, and king.

div3c is the one with most irish interest, as it contains two irish clans n8z and ded. in week 3, for the first time since

clan-wars deathmatch league (fh vs acid), two irish sides clashed in a uk q3 league. i would have done a preview if i had

noticed beforehand, but luckily managed to catch the game live on gtv. disappointingly the heavy hitters were unable to show

for n8z, with rapp offline, melachi inactive, mp/zero offline, and coda unavailable, but this game saw the return of kazz in

the n8z line-up. i was worried beforehand that n8z would be unable to field a team, but they had taken in some

reinforcements from ek (old friends of n8z and nd before them) in the form of cyph and van-wilder, their team of 5 completed

by the regulars broadband-powered-pyro and sky. ded had what looked like a usual line-up, arild, cascade, tru3n30, benji,

nozi and baz (i might be missing someone, am just going by memory).

ctf2 looked like a good, competitive game from the start. n8z were leading, and ded's chances of getting back into the game

were damaged when nozi had to quit because of porn trojans on his pc, and was replaced by baz. it was a disappointing return

for kazz who had bad ping, hitting 160 at times, but it didn't matter in the end as n8z were comfortable in a 4-1 victory.

w7 was when the new recruit cyph showed his worth for n8z, with some impressive caps, resulting in a 5-1 win for n8z,

sparking whines from some of the ded players. this put a end to ded's good start (win vs qq, draw+win vs inf), and also to

n8z' bad start (loss vs inf, loss vs lr). both teams had their week 4 games postponed. some potentially tricky fixtures

remain, against the likes of frenchies no, dutchies mobach g, and brits kw. given the starts to the season i would expect to

see ded finish up in the promotion spots, but n8z would have a lot to do to get there.

jolt tdm league

fh and n8z are plodding away in division 2... fh plagued by a new kind of ping problems, with killy (me) on 200 ping a lot of

the time on tuesday league nights, and vinnit unable to connect to jolt with oceanfree and having to resort to the inferior

eircom 64k, but we have managed to squeeze out points so far with the likes of aly, dest, mako, and ch on green or white

ping. the league kicked off with a very disappointing loss vs ac, disappointing since it should have been a nice win for fh

but aforementioned ping troubles struck to give ac a win by just a couple of frags on osp5, and a more comfortable win on

dm14 while i swam in the void on 200 ping. pings stayed down a bit in week 2 against es(a) and we were rewarded with maximum

points, thanks mainly to the opposition having to draft 2 guys from their b team. week 3 resulted in a draw, with 2k (still

mourning the loss of their star players rapp and staik... and rufus and rock and will) grabbing an 8 frag win on the

unfamiliar ospdm15rc3, while fh took a comfortable win on the more oldschool cpm4.

n8z remain a sleeping giant, no points

gained so far thanks to a loss vs il, no disgrace given the fact that the belgians were tipped to win the division and should

have been placed in div1 but were late to sign up, and default loss in week 2 vs rb. a ctf-heavy line-up in week 3 came

second against the french clan ac. with zero returning from america, and 4 games left to play, hopefully they will manage to

field a stronger side before the season is over, perhaps getting rapp onto a broadband connect, or persuading melachi to


  stop... its hammer time! - 28/10/2004MindPhuck | 13141 views | 9 replies 

so while you've all been bl33ting about the nc captaincy and i've been offline, i've made myself a little busy recoding our beloved quake.ie. click here for a snippit.

if anyone feels proficient in .asp or can do up some nice graphics/avatars/icons and would like to lend a hand, drop me a mail, catch me on irc please or just post a comment saying so.

i've a huge amount of work to do, but soon my lovely's.. soon, the precious will be back

  doom 3 expansion pack - resurrec - 25/10/2004[spectator] | 10788 views | 10 replies 
a double-barreled shotgun, new maps and 8 players multiplayers support.

all links for the same news with roughly different comments ...





i can't wait ...

  x-factor pimpage - 21/10/2004MindPhuck | 10275 views | 5 replies 
a friend of mine has got herself into the finals of the tv show, the x-factor. whats this got to do with quake? f'all to be honest, but she needs your vote! so head on over and vote dammit!

  irish ctfs squad - 19/10/2004Illkillya | 10865 views | 0 replies 
this is worth a bigger mention than it gets on the right hand side of the page over there in small print... theres an irish ctfs squad getting together... post on that thread there or contact bourn3 on irc if you're interested. (thats threewave capturestrike afaik)

  jolt tdm review - 19/10/2004MindPhuck | 10335 views | 5 replies 
i noticed over on jolt that biffy is back doing his weekly reviews. nice. so, go here for div 1 and 2 and go here for the other div's.

  cb nationscup 7 - 12/10/2004bAz | 16014 views | 119 replies 
recently announced here . anyone going for captain ?

i’d be willing to do it, or at least help out. lets put the effort in now, and leave what happened in the past, in the past, and give the best of the irish a chance to show what they’re capable of.

  octogan - 10/12/2004MindPhuck | 10635 views | 9 replies 
if your into science fiction and read alot of books 'n stuff, then you should not miss the national irish science fiction convention which is happening this weekend in the glenroyal hotel, maynooth, co. kildare. for more info, check out the octocon web site or head over to the lost car park.

  come to the darkside.. - 11/10/2004MindPhuck | 10863 views | 5 replies 
for those of you living under a rock, the next generation of darkside lans, the 10th one in fact, is on at the end of the month. its on the halloween weekend (oct 29 / 30 / 31). most of the oldskool quakers have already signed up, but if you havnt, ehhh, you should!!

head on over to the darkside webby to sign up or to
room101 for extra info. biohazrd recently opened the signups for 100 players, so it should be an excellent lan!

  league update - 10/08/2004Illkillya | 11071 views | 0 replies 

clanbase ctf opencup

we're into the 3rd week of this i think; mixed results so far.

n8z in second league group a with no success so far... the season opened with a loss to the experienced and very active dutch

clan, scarab (here) despite a close

game on cp1. no games documented since then, although i would think hazzle would be difficult games and next1 potentially tricky too; the fixture

vs inf proposed for wed 13 oct is one they should look to win.

good start for fh in 3rd league group c - an easy win over the swiss clan ston3d (
href="http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?mid=41615&lid=1637" target="_blank">here
) followed by another comfortable

win over the polish ppp (here).

good play by the newly recruited potemkin. next up is dutch clan uf! agreed for next thursday.

ded, also in 3rd league lost out in a 3 mapper to x (no report there), before a 3-1 points win vs estonians err (
href="http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?mid=42653&lid=1637" target="_blank">here
). ded were well out pinged but

did well to take the win on a swedish server. next up for them though is a more difficult game vs the well skilled uk clan


clanbase tdm opencup

just n8z involved in this... a controversial default loss in week 1 (
href="http://www.clanbase.com/warrep_show.php?wid=3632431&cid=215508" target="_blank">opponent's report here
) which

should have been a wildcard, and no more games that i know of since then. they're in a group with the uk qw clan a2k, don't

know if they've played them yet. next up if that game isn't happening soon is dwc, a game that n8z should win easily if they

get a team out.

jolt q3ctfl

all 3 clans in div3 this time... fh got moved to div3a the night before the league was due to start, so had to postpone our

first league game. will be playing two games this week as a result; sunday vs ^x^ and monday a2q.

ded and n8z both in div3c; a good start for ded with apparently comfortable wins over qq on w3 and cp1. bigfoot mentions good

performances by casc, nozi (aka s1r-k1llal0t), and tru3n3o, on the ded side. n8z lost heavily to uk clan inferno...

while the foot claims "the lads of n8z were simply out-gunned and out-played", the result suggests to me that there must have

been some problems with the line-up at that early hour. n8z should be looking to get points vs lr on sunday, while ded take

on inf, who are one of the better sides in the div.

jolt tdm league

has 2 irish clans signed up for the first time ever(?), seeing fh chance a return to tdm for the season, since q3p did not

enter in time with flamey gone to uni and a bit inactive lately. don't know exactly what our line-up will look like yet, but

will chance on (#fh if any clan wants a prac). n8z and fh are in the same div, div2, alongside some french clans ac, rnf

(featuring appleseed), euro/uk clans 2k and es(a), the always-improving xe, and super active q3pickuppers rb(b). mostly

familiar names there, but i have no idea who should be tipped to win the div. starts this week, although fixtures arent


  .. and exhale - 10/08/2004MindPhuck | 10692 views | 5 replies 
and were back! sorry about that! some clever chap in eircum decided it was great laugh to cancel the dns records for the site. fair play. once again, our friend ronin stepped up to the challenge and got the dns entries sorted out. thank you velly much paul.

im also back! after taking a breather for a few months, im about to move into my new house, along with a nice broadband connection, i'll be posting news and playing with a vengence!

  augmented reality quake - 07/10/2004x0n | 10604 views | 1 replies 
geek students + spliff = arquake.

arquake is a modified version of quake from id software, designed for play outdoors using augmented reality technology. augmented reality is where a user wears a head mounted display (sorta like virtual reality goggles you've seen in movies), and the user can see both the quake game, and also the real world at the same time. we modified quake to take its view information from a gps and orientation sensor, and so as you walk around, quake moves in sync with the real world. monsters and buildings appear to sit in the real world as though they were really there, and then you can play a game of quake while you are in the real physical world.

  250 - 500 - 1000 hertz for your - 24/09/2004Rapier | 11565 views | 13 replies 
i found out about these higher hertz rates for a windows contolled mouse a couple of weeks ago. i have yet to see the 'hacks' posted on a quake related website which i find oddly strange because quakers are the people that invented setup 'fussyism'. anyhow theres an elite rtcw player (less elite in et) that has a friend with a keen interest in nerd stuff who discovered how to do this shit. visit this site

to see how its done. i wouldnt recommend the 1000hz sampling rate as it simply did not work with my mx500 - its possible it works for newer mice but i wouldnt bother trying it anyway. i was using the 500hz 'patch' for a while and notice my fps dropping below 125?!? a good buddy from et sol pointed out to me if you go into task manager and move your mouse around fast whilst in 500hz mode you can see your cpu usage go up to 20-25%! which is probably why bill gates didnt bother with more than 125hz sampling rates for usb, however the 250hz patch seems perfectly fine. if you do go forward and try this stuff out use mouserate to view the differences in mouse sample rate here

personally after trying out all the 3 patches, it isnt anything revolutionary, it offers somewhat less 'swing' to your mouse control. really, really good aimers will probably benefit but people with less than average aim should stay clear as it might cancel out the luck shots . to sum up, 1000hz results in a dead usb port, so it obviously needs to be looked into, although its possible it works for more advanced mice - razer?. 500hz feels good but causes increased cpu usage (need all the cpu i can get with 1800xp). 250hz feels sluggish after using 500hz for a while and im not so sure it differs from default 125hz all that much in feel.

you can download the hex editor - hex workshop here

  jolt ctf starts up soon... - 22/09/2004Zero | 9873 views | 5 replies 
well well, lookie here, the three irish clans are in the same div. gl all, lets finish up with the three irish as the top 3. (ye after us). (cunts). (come get some).

  quake 3+1 pc zone screens - 14/09/2004[spectator] | 11200 views | 6 replies 
hurry up to check this out...

... before it's put down

to me, it doesn't look as polished as d3 is. now d3 was 4 years into production and q4 won't be out before 2006 so it's maybe only the first draft.

  quadnation - 13/09/2004MindPhuck | 10134 views | 1 replies 
i noticed over on quadnation they got themselves a whole new look n feel to their site. i know it was released since last thursday, but hey, im playing catchup. head on over for a look.

  daddy carmack interviewed - 11/09/2004[spectator] | 10515 views | 0 replies 

  duke nukem forever?? - 10/09/2004[spectator] | 10503 views | 10 replies 
seems to be using the d3 engine now ...


  doom 3 1.05 patch - 09/09/2004[spectator] | 10295 views | 12 replies 

will be out very soon now. full .plan from robert duffy here : .plan

  quake 4 in pcgamer - 09/09/2004[spectator] | 10385 views | 4 replies 

10 pages exclusive in pcgamer this november. there is only a cover atm but check it out.

  jolt q3dml finishes. - 09/07/2004Zero | 10649 views | 10 replies 
the jolt dm league finished last night, with the sole irish participants n8z coming in a tight second (frag diff) in div3 to earn a promotion to div2 next season. wp to all the guys, we'll try and do the same this season in div2.
jolt ctf is starting this month, and with fh relegated from div2a, n8z staying put in 3c and ded joining up maybe we'll have three irish clans in the same div, which would be class. clanbase opencup for ctf and tdm is starting up soon too, couldnt pull a clan list off em, but n8z are signed up on their own in the tdm, i assume kill0r and baz have signed up for the ctf. in other news, eamo is gay.

  new logitech mouse - 06/09/2004[spectator] | 10284 views | 6 replies 

logitech is working hard to make sure that if your aim is bad, it's not because of them anymore. check out the new logitech mx1000 laser cordless.

if it's true that the "fast rf™ cordless" equals usb corded connection, then i want one ...

  quakelan 2 - change o' plan - 25/08/2004Zero | 12627 views | 22 replies 
we are going to run a qlan 2, not sure when yet, but it's probably going to be a small affair, more in the way of a clan-invite lan in a big gaff.
there are a few reasons for this, but one of the big ones is darkside x, which is taking place over the bank holiday weekend at halloween, so get your gay asses over to room101 and sign up before its full of gaylords-what-play-other-games. with 3 active irish clans, we want loads of tdm and ctf wars, and to see if carl33to can get revenge on melachi for his 13-12 (that we all hear so much about!). sign up. now.
(sky, kazz, bass etc, start booking your flights :)

  teh pickups - 24/08/2004Zero | 10536 views | 12 replies 
we went through a phase of playing a load of pickups every night on games2, was great crack, think it's time we did it again, tdm/ctf tonight from 8pm.

  pczone update - 23/08/2004Illkillya | 10443 views | 10 replies 
pczone cup is over

for irish clans, not a great showing by the three teams who were all in silver cup this time,

but could have been worse. n8z didn't get off the ground after missing their games when

they didn't receive the email about the cup or something. ded topped their group

consisting of kw, 6s, and wosf. fh finished second to old sparring partners n2s,

eliminating dp and death.

in the second round on w7, ded got an easy win over frenchies no, while fh were

comfortable in beating the english bdi. third round, quakelamers strike again, after

knocking n8z out of clanbase summer cup playoffs (

target="_blank">in 4 maps
) they beat ded on cp1. fh had to forfeit the rest of the

competition due to a lack of players.

all three clans are signed up for the clanbase open cup, and with the jolt q3ctfl starting

soon, if bigfoot is in charge, i wouldn't be surprised if the three irish clans end up in the same group.

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