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quake.ie main news
  room404 - venue not found - 12/03/2002MindPhuck | 5497 views | 0 replies 
the biggest lan of the year, room101, just got cancelled due to planning problems at the venue. the organiser (me) has posted details on it over on boards.ie :(

  bwctfl week 3 - 11/03/2002Illkillya | 5615 views | 1 replies 
the result of the week was in div1, where ts shared the points with bwctfl champions neo in a two low scoring games. next week they will be looking for a win over the french clan sarl.

bio, in the same division as ts, weren't as fortunate, and failed to pick up any points vs the uk clan pq, a new side in div1 who have looked very dangerous so far, only barely missing out on points vs iqs last week. bio play the belgians gs next.

fh had an unpredictable fixture in div3a vs ndc, who had started off their season playing 4v5s and only getting a point from each game. this week however, following a merger with div1 belgian clan il, they had a much strengthened squad, and their new players made things very difficult for us on both maps, although we salvaged maximum points. i would expect them to improve a lot as they build experience. next week fh play dpq, a uk clan with a squad similar to the wizzzards.

ts cp9 0-0 w7 1-1 neo 2-2
bio cp9 0-4 w7 1-3 pq 0-4
fh cp9 4-1 w7 4-0 ndc 4-0

  ireland -> barrysworld peering - 08/03/2002M1ke | 5925 views | 5 replies 
everyone has noticed recently there's been a change in the connections over the past few days.

from barrysworld data :
"a lot of peering is barfing over the next 2 weeks as they make room for the peering lan split"

from what i've been told the peering will eventually return to normal although i'm not sure on the time frame.

  dnc merger - 07/03/2002Illkillya | 6444 views | 26 replies 
its a big surprise to me, but i suppose a lot of you know more about this... top irish cs clan dnc (does not compute) is expanding, and has merged with the english div1 clan gunzoids. dnc is irelands most professional clan and have had a lot of success lately in cs competitions, winning primary strike 2002 for example, now with the gzd players on board they can hopefully mirror that success in q3. theres a good account of the merger on uk terrorist.

  iqool update - 07/03/2002Zero | 5510 views | 0 replies 
been loads going on lately, havent had a chance to update. but that's no excuse for you nerds not to get the rest of your games played. get on it, will update later.

  bwdml wk1 - 07/03/2002M1ke | 5880 views | 4 replies 
results from week 1 of the bwdml are just in. and it's fairly good news across the board.

nd drew vs poq, loosing 72-57 on cpm4 and winning 61-75 on dm14tmp. a good start for the season against a clan with lots of potential but erratic at times.

bio took all points from the craps game winning 60-114 on cpm4 and 67-128 on dm14tmp a nice start to the season. muppet report on bio site here.

fh will prehaps be disappointed to draw with lsr - coming close on cpm4 but loosing 67-75 and then going onto solidly win q3dm14tmp 82-51.

  euroctf quarter finals - 06/03/2002MindPhuck | 5468 views | 0 replies 
the quarter finals of the euroctf league kicks off this week. theres some great matches in store in the coming week which i'm sure you avid ctf fans will be watching on gtv.

france v wales
denmark v germany
england v belgium
switzerland v iceland

more details on this as it comes in.

  bwdml preview - 05/03/2002M1ke | 5498 views | 3 replies 
bigfoot over at quakenation has done up his usual preview of all the divisions. makes for a very good read here.

bunny from nd is also one of the two people interviewed from div2b.

below are some extracts from what bigfoot has to say about the irish teams competing.

nd, div2b

info: making a welcome return to competitive quake, nd feature a lot of recognisable names from the irish international sides of old. although they have been away for a while i think div2 is their level, and whilst it may take them a few games to get going there is the potential for good things towards the end of the season, assuming their connects are decent enough.

bio, div2c

info: a turbulent few weeks for bio which has seen them merge the two sides back into one with dan and jonjay departing. they should on paper still be considered one of the favourites for this division with the enlarged squad, and with apparently dropping out of oc they can probably concentrate on this and their bwctf campaign which could end up being a positive move in the long run.

fh, div3d

info: supposedly concentrating on ctf now, this talented side has also lost a player to nd (div2b) so will probably find it tough going. that said they have recruited psyk from bio as a replacement, although the lack of competitive matches in the close season suggest they will not be up for this season too much, despite having the talent.

its is split up as follows:

  • part i -
    introduction, divisions 1a, 2a & 2c

  • part ii -
    divisions 3a, 3d, 4a & 5

  • part iii
    - divisions 1b & 2b

  • part iv -
    divisions 3b, 3c, 4b & 4c

  bwctfl week 2 - 04/03/2002Illkillya | 5394 views | 1 replies 
the quake.ie clans were very active in bwctfl this week, with 5 fixtures in all being played, 2 of which were the postponements from last sunday, played on thursday. ts managed to get maximum points in a couple of close games vs potzw, but lost both games to kr.

bio put up a respectable performance vs iqs last thursday (report on bio website), before a bigger loss to neo tonight. their new recruit pabz who was impressive for portugal in euroctf should give them a boost in attack this season.

fh are having things easier in div3a, this week we fielded our only broadbander and it took a lot of sting out of the lag vs 28+. the remaining 8 minutes of our 2nd game was played 5v4 in our favour, although at the rate we were going (9-0 after 12 mins) i don't think it made much of an impact on the game.

bio w2 0-2 w3 0-3 iqs 0-4
bio ctf2 0-4 ctctf2 1-8 neo 0-4
ts w2 1-2 w3 1-5 kr 0-4
ts ctf2 1-0 ctctf2 2-1 potzw 4-0
fh ctf2 6-0 ctctf2 16-0 28+ 4-0

  bwdml fixtures posted - 27/02/2002Illkillya | 5299 views | 3 replies 
the bwdml fixtures have been announced. in week 1, the maps are cpm4 and dm14tmp.

nd (div 2b) have an unpredictable start to the season vs poq, a french clan full of potential but very inconsistent, although i suppose nd can count themselves lucky the fixture didn't occur a week later, when they would have been facing the frenchies on their home pond, poq3dm5

bio in div 2c face another (less dangerous) french clan, craps, while fh in div3d play the uk clan lsr.

  bwctfl season 8 week 1 - 25/02/2002Illkillya | 5355 views | 8 replies 

season 8 of the bwctfl kicked off tonight. this season bio and ts are in div1, and unfortunately both clans postponed their fixtures, vs title hopefuls iqs and kr respectively.

this left only one interesting game and that was in div3a between fh and cc, the curry clan from uk. some insane lag in the first few mins for our all-isdn team, but thankfully our admin was bigfoot himself, so we moved server and it helped a bit (but not too much). cc got off to a good start, and were winning 4-2 at one stage before fh knuckled down to claim a 6-4 win. traditionally we're not as good on w3 as we are on w2, but since w2 is the laggiest map in existence for attackers, there was a clear improvement in our performance. 6-1 after 10mins, we took our fins off the pedal but managed to win 9-2.

next week fh face 28+, while bio have a difficult game against the champions neo, and ts will be looking for a win over potzw, the maps being ctf2 and the new monster map with mushrooms in it, ctctf2.

and that will bring us into season 8 of the bwdml, where 2 of those 3 clans will be competing, fh in div3d, and bio, originally composed of seperate squads, bio.b in div1b and bio.r in div2c, but they appear to have merged the squads and voluntarily moved into div2c after losing some key players. season 8 also sees the return of iq3cl champions na daghda, who will be trying to adapt to 50ping in div2b.

  def and dag extreame - 24/02/2002MindPhuck | 5193 views | 0 replies 
two of the top qw players in the world, def and dag, have teamed up together to produce an amazing qw movie filled with outstanding kills, shots, tricks and all sorts of wowing clips. weighing in at 180 megs its a pretty hefty download, but worth it if you have the bandwidth. slurp it from here or challenge-tv.

  barrysworld gets sponsorship - 24/02/2002MindPhuck | 5263 views | 0 replies 
posted on quakenation, it appears that barrysworld are now getting their prizes sponsored by coolcasemods.com. modding kid and stuff are now part of the prizes for the top clans who win the bw tdm and ctf leagues. cool.

  season 8 ctf preview - 24/02/2002MindPhuck | 5147 views | 0 replies 

bigfoot has posted his preview of season 8 in the href="http://leagues.barrysworld.net/bwq3ctfl">barrysworld q3ctf league, it's split
into 2 parts :

part i -
divisions 1, 2a & 2b

part ii -
divisions 3a, 3b, 3c & 4

  bio lads in p0rn - 24/02/2002MindPhuck | 5324 views | 1 replies 
i just noticed over on the clan bio web site they got a new overhaul. looking nice and innocenct, i think its about time the bio lads came out of the closet eh?

  no doom for geforce 4? - 22/02/2002ThrAx | 5534 views | 3 replies 
found this on megagames:

john carmack, id software's lead programmer of doom fame, has lashed out at nvidia for the release of geforce4.
any public comment from such an influencial figure, which contains the phrase "do not buy a geforce4-mx for doom" is worth a closer look. according to carmack ati 8500 support for doom is complete and "gf4-mx will still run doom properly, but it will be using the nv10 codepath with only two texture units and no vertex shaders. a gf3 or 8500 will be
much better performers."

carmack suggests that nvidia have really messed up the naming of their products and adds;
"nvidia has really made a mess of the naming conventions here. i always
thought it was bad enough that gf2 was just a speed bumped gf1, while gf3 had
significant architectural improvements over gf2. i expected gf4 to be the
speed bumped gf3, but calling the nv17 gf4-mx really sucks."

check it out on megagames

  iqool news - 21/02/2002Zero | 5545 views | 7 replies 
the iqool page is updated. anyone participating please check the page, there are going to be a few people dropped if games don't get played.

  new irish clan - forged by fire - 19/02/2002MindPhuck | 8203 views | 43 replies 
the clan is called 'forged by fire' (fbf). the clan leader, immortal explains a little about the team -

i am the clan leader and renton is in there with me leading.we have 5 other members. caligula, papashiv0, sam0th, g0r3gr1nd and wossack). most of us have been playing q3 and qw especially, since the dawn of quake. i have been in clan [rc],-=arp=-,{tfa} and renton is in [f2b] as u know i'm sure. we are gonna be a competition team pretty much for q3 ctf and tdm. other members have been in other clans as well, can't remember who tho. i'd also love to get back into qw-it was such a laugh and i haven't played it for years now :( .

clan mailing list and irc channel will be up within a fortnight at latest. details to follow.

ps: the clans ultimate aim is for every member to be able to whip koopa's ass in q3tourney4 ....oh and win competitions and tourneys....

so there you have it eh? lets see if other players out there can get up and create some more teams and put a bit more competition into the irish scene.

  season 8 - barrysworld tdm group - 19/02/2002MindPhuck | 5257 views | 5 replies 
the draft groupings for season 8 of the bw tdml has been just posted. they have decided to go with the formats of 2 division 1 groups, 2 division 3 groups, etc. also, there is a new map pool, which will make a change from the older maps were all probably bored to death playing. these are dm7tmp, dm14tmp, cpm4, ospdm5, ospdm6 & poq3dm5. some interesting movements from various clans.

bio.b were placed in div1b who will have to compete with some top players. their second team, bio.b, were placed in div2c.

nd make their barrysworld debut, after 7 seasons, they finally put in a team. surprisingly, they were placed quite high into div2b.

lastly, fh, were placed in div3d. we all know these boys can do the job this time round.

my own team, hat, have decided to call tdm a day with various players splitting and going to other clans over the last season. i myself have gone to div2a clan wz (quake wizzzards), while some have gone to div1a clan ir (irresponsible).

from our humble beginnings as hat in division 5, we scraped all the way to division 2 of last season. not bad, but hey, its been fun.

  wcg poll concluded - 18/02/2002Zero | 5512 views | 0 replies 
as you can see by the poll from over 37000 internet gamers, q3 is still your daddy. take it cs.

  euro quakeworld - 18/02/2002MindPhuck | 5543 views | 13 replies 
the groups were announced earlier for the euro 10v10 quakeworld tdm league. check it out -

group 1 : ireland, hungary, norway, poland, uk, finland

group 2 : portugal, russia, denmark, netherlands, germany, sweden

  woaah - 15/02/2002MindPhuck | 5246 views | 0 replies 
nice move by godsmurf.

  bwq3ctfl draft divisions - 15/02/2002NightStrike | 5657 views | 3 replies 
bigfoot has posted the draft divisions and map pool for the new season of the barrysworld q3ctf league over on its website.

from an irish point of view, bio have been placed in division 1 as expected along with ts. the only other irish clan who will take part this season are fh who have been placed in division 3a

the maps for this season will be as follows: q3w2, q3w3, q3wcp5, q3wcp9, q3ctf2, q3w7 & ctctf2. these will all be played three times over the course of the season, except for q3w2 which will be used four times.

the league commences on sunday 24th / monday 25th february with the fixtures expected to be posted within the next few days.

  room101 - the lan - 14/02/2002MindPhuck | 5296 views | 0 replies 

registration for the big lan of the year has just opened over on room101.org. this is gonna be the lan of the year to go to. head on over and get sign-ed up!

about the site -

we've put together a site which is designed to help people orgainise, host and run their own lans.

members can create their own lans, maintain the users going to it, everything from the lan address, cost details to pc rentals etc. it can be used for simple cafe lan nights or that big lan you want to run.

we encourage you to make use of it, its totally free and it will really help you get organised. with that site and these forums, people can discuss the various issues which may come up along the way.

anyway, feel free to pop along to room101.org and get your lan organised.

  iqool news - 14/02/2002Zero | 5387 views | 3 replies 
there were 6 more duels played last night, the table is updated on the iqool page.
now, there haven't been a lot of games played, and tonight being valentines night wont help for games to be played by tomorrow night. (i myself am guilty of not getting all mine played so can't exactly do the hypocrite on it.)
so basically everybody has until next friday to get their groups finished. the following people haven't played any game yet, and would want to get their arses in gear: lorcan, pug, dabounca, vincent, mindphuck, tarzan, wario and tazzle.
the email addresses of your groups are there, it's up to you to get them played. if there are games still unplayed next friday, there will be dates and times set for the games to be played, and they have to be played or it will constitue a walkover. thanks to ol we have a second server up now, so if you are looking for a server for your games goto:

  new quake3 server - 13/02/2002OverLord | 5697 views | 4 replies 
there is a second quake 3 server online for the duration of the iqool.
server address is slosh.ign.ie:27961
happy fraggin.

  qw team.ie selection - 12/02/2002M1ke | 5662 views | 16 replies 
spliffy has updated the team.ie website with details of the qw squad selection. here it is below.

bunny : dave wilson
fuze : andrew greer
gerry : phil brennan
gman : iann doherty
koopa : sameresh singh
lorcan : lorcan o' toole
mindphuck : eric mooney
overlord : dave woodlock
podgeen : dave lowry
spliffy : ricky james
swoop : mark james
vincent : eamonn deegan
zero : ronan condon
nexus : norman donnery

  more iqool updates - 12/02/2002Zero | 5383 views | 0 replies 
z3on -v- jay (winner z3on)

dest -v- ch (winner dest)

anyone who has played their games, email me with scores etc, anybody who hasn't, you really want to get playing them in the next day or two.

  iqool updates - 11/02/2002Zero | 5308 views | 0 replies 
bunny -v- killy (winner bunny)

koopa -v- saik (winner koopa)

sp^ceman -v- dyna (winner spaceman)

zero -v- devore (winner zero)

demos up later today.


a league table has been added to the iqool page. also, all groups now have the email addresses attached to them. organise your games asap, time is running out.

  nd - fh lan - 11/02/2002Zero | 5455 views | 4 replies 
after 3 days and 3 nights of intensive quake3, my eyes are kinda bleeding as i write this, fantastic quakin w/e with the fishies, sound bunch of lads, got loads of wars and duels played. must do it again soon. koopa will not be invited next time however, it's impossible to make an even team in any game with the bastid playin.
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