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  n8z -vs- fh(b) - 15/01/2004Zero | 9433 views | 15 replies 
the second last game of the iq3cl '03 went ahead on monday night with n8z taking on fh(b). n8z needed to win 4 maps and by a decent frag margin to hope to take the league title, based on the assumption that fh(a) would beat xl badly. fh(b) picked osp5 and ctf2, n8z picked dm7 and w2. the maps were played in the order - dm7, osp5, w2 and ctf2. n8z took both tdm maps without much danger, winning by roughly 30 frags per map, will have to check scores. as was expected fh(b) didnt play for the win, they played to keep the scores down in the tdm and didnt really come out to play until the ctf maps and even then quite cautiously. w2 was won 2-0 by n8z in a very tough game with both defences flat out defending for 20 mins. on the final map (ctf2), dest took a cap at 5mins in, a lead that was kept til somewhere around 17, when n8z evened the scores. the match hit overtime on a very brief cross-steal ending in fh(b) taking the last map 2-1. so, 3 points for n8z, 1 for fh(b). ggs. final game of iq3cl to be played this week, and unless xl manage to take two maps from fh(a), fh(a) appear to have this one in the bag.

  *q*u*a*k*e*l*a*n* - 13/01/2004Zero | 9701 views | 21 replies 
it's happening.
quake(all types) and painkiller with comps and prizes. all other gay-mers can keep themselves busy by going here instead. more info as it comes, all we know atm is its "on the drawing board". if you miss this lan you are definitely a homosexual. that is all.

  ttdml signups - 12/01/2004Spliffy | 8211 views | 3 replies 
trickery.net have started up a new 4v4 quakeworld league. the kick off date is monday 26th january and games will be played every monday night with different divisions starting at different times. also the final week is 4v4v4v4 which will be good craic.

it is giving priority on the signups to uk and irish clans but there arnt many off them so itll likely be full of other euro clans anyway so its prety pointless but aw well.

sign up here

  iqcl - the end - 09/01/2004Zero | 7868 views | 2 replies 
the last two matches of the iqcl are set to go ahead next week, with xl playing fh(a) and n8z playing fh(b).
the winner of the league will be decided by these two matches. if n8z and fh(a) both take 4 maps from their opponents it will come down to frag and cap difference between these two teams. unfortunately for n8z, it is in their opponents interest to keep everything at a minimum seeing as their "other half" is the other runner to win the league. it will be interesting.
the fh(a) -vs- n8z has been agreed for monday at 9pm, no day yet on the xl game but its being discussed.

  clanbase duel cup - the paddys - 07/01/2004Zero | 7479 views | 9 replies 
the signups for the clanbase duel cup should now be closed (the link is still there for anyone wants to try but apparently it was last night it finished).
the following irish players have signed up for it:
baz, benji, dest, j-uno, killy, overlord, pyro, rapp, reiko, sk!a_ie, spacey, zero.
three of these players will make it through to the next stage in europe. best of luck to everyone. (you are all dead).

  iqcl finishing up. - 23/12/2003Zero | 8921 views | 7 replies 

"if i don't get cc-ed in an email from the respective clan leaders in the next 3 days attempting to organise the games, i'm going to be handing out walkovers quicker than vin hands out sweets in a creche."

the following results have come through with certain walkovers happening due to me not getting emails from clan leaders about games:

fh(a) -vs- n8z ended in a 2-2 draw, with fh(a) winning both ctf maps and n8z taking both tdm maps. 4 great games, i havent time here to report on them but hopefully one of the lads will (killy?).
xl were given a full walkover -vs- lsd, lsd were given a walkover vs fh(b) and fh(a) got a 1map walkover -vs- lsd.
fh(b) were given a 1map walkover -vs- xl.

the walkovers were done with 50frags per tdm map and 5 caps per ctf map, i.e. a full walkover gives 4 points, 100 frags and 10 caps.

the following games remain to be played:

fh(a) - xl
fh(b) - n8z

these two games will decide the winner of the irish quake3 clan league, both n8z and fh(a) are tied on points, wins and losses, with fh(a) leading on cap diff and n8z leading on frag diff. these games are to be played asap after christmas, as we have a new irish cup starting in january which will be way better. stay tuned and have a shit christmas.

  barrysworld closure :( - 22/12/2003Jedi | 9643 views | 8 replies 
as of the 23rd of january all barrysworld league servers, clan servers, email accounts and hosted websites will be shutdown. see link below.


  happy christmas - 22/12/2003MindPhuck | 9251 views | 6 replies 
its almost that time again when we all go veg for a week or two, perhaps get a few games in, but mostly.. to relax and get utterly dwunk!

from all the admins here at q.ie, have a happy christmas!

  nations quake rank 5 final - 19/12/2003MIXU | 9839 views | 19 replies 
nations quake rank came to an end last sunday, with slackers and disorder battling each other in a 5 map final, and what a thrilling final it was.

]sr[ players: paradoks, gamer, goljat & hib

ds players: mrlame, nabbe, jovovich (slime), star player (akke) & riker (mr lame played first 3 maps)

first game was dm3,

where disorder isn't known to be as strong as slackers (and a lagging mrlame did'nt help either). goljat does a nice and nifty tactic at the start, delaying the pent by 15 seconds (which means he gets rl, and goes to secure ra still pented) which secured ra for them pretty quickly. 2nd pent goes to gamer who has no weapon, but goljat comes quickly and bores his rl to him, who then goes to ra to secure it for his team. ds gets the next 3 quads; nabbe gets quad and goes to ra, but after quad has ran out he gets killed re-entering ra. akke gets the 2nd one, but cant do much with it and is quickly killed. 3rd goes to mrlame but again, gets killed and did'nt do much with it. 3rd pent coming up, and mrlame has quad ready to go for pent, but something really fucked up happens; ends up getting spammed at window with grenades bouncing around (really funny to see tho ) and is too late to get pent but falls from window where pented paradoks takes him out. paradoks goes straight to ra, takes it then gets lined up for the next quad, taking it and doing a good job with quad/lg. 8 mins left, ]sr[ lead by 36 frags. paradoks takes the next quad again and is thrown down to low health under ra (9h) but survives and runs to sng for health then retreats back to ra to pick it up and takes the next quad and sweep's pent area but gets killed at ra by a ds sg. 4th pent is coming up but this time jovovich gets it, while nabbe gets eyes. jovovich secures ra, while mrlame takes next quad but is soon killed. 3 mins left, ]sr[ leading with 52 frags, ds still has control of ra and slime gears up for 17th quad; securing ya effectively then back to ring/sng area. last quad going to slime who takes out some enemies and does a really cool quad rjump -> frag on hib but its not enough.. and ]sr[ win by 42 frags. quads shifting side to side, ds getting 11 while sr get only 9. paradoks leading the scoreboard with 67 frags along with a 63.6% effeciency. imo, ds did well; losing the first dm3 with only 42 frags, considering there not known to be so good on it compared to slackers, and a 40 - 150 ping mrlame

e1m2, king of the castle

disorder's strongest map. goljat gets the first rl and goes straight to mh, fraging on his way; then goes to ya and secures it. along with mh/ya he takes the next quad and makes sure ya is secured. next few quads are taken by paradoks/goljat, sweeping mh/ya each time. then ds get the next two, akke being killed by rl when he takes it but the next one nabbe takes, who makes a nice run taking out one of sr's rl's, but goes through tele and hits himself and his teamie lowering his health for a sr player to kill him with ssg. ds had some really bad luck, sr spawning on rl amonst others things didn't go their way here either; still a close game, with disorder loosing by 32 frags. nabbe coming top with 65 frags and a 63.2% effi. mrlame's performance hindered by his isdn, would of been nice to see him play with a stable connection.

dm2, lotto map time \o/

disorder had to win this, or they'd be knocked out by slackers 3-0. slackers get full start here, getting both rl's and quad; and take full advantage of it; locking it down in the first few mins. the game is rather even up until the 11th minute, when disorder, especially against slackers; who know how to keep there lead. then it happens, ]sr[ runs out of luck (for once!) 3 mins left, full map control and a 50 frag lead; ]sr[ loose's map control. in 180 seconds, ds must make over 50+ frags in order to stay in the final. this might not sound that much; especially on dm2, but when ]sr[ start slow spawning it really does look there was no hope for ds. 1:20 left, ]sr[ up with 26 frags, and 2rl's at low-rl. akke (star player) gets quad, and attacks lower rl, taking out first e rl at secret ra; grabs secret ra and goes to attack 2nd one, taking him out too! 50 seconds left, ]sr[ still up with 15 frags but no rl's. ds players furiously looking for frags to stay in the game. akke running the last quads, showing every one that nothing is impossible when he plays 16 seconds left, and its 160 - 160, ds making 7 frags in the last 15 seconds. the best come back i've ever seen, really good fucking game. 10 quads to each team on this map, jovovich (slime) coming top with 52 frags and 57.0% effi. some really nice play by him in that game.

now its,

disorder's choice of map, and they pick e1m2. riker shows up for this game(\o/), replacing mrlame. akke gets first rl, slime gets first quad but is killed by gamer who spawned ya and went straight to rl, picking up the 2nd one that spawned. akke gets the 2nd quad and gamer dies some where in between. next quad goes to ]sr[ but is quickly killed by nabbe's rocket. ds really get a nice start, 3mins with a 30+ lead. riker gets the next 2 quads and goes on a mission, fragging ]sr[ players like no tomorow. 5th minute, ds dominating ]sr[ 82 - 11, jovovich (slime) taking the next quad, but gets killed by hib. 8 mins and ds still has a hefty 90 frag lead, quaded paradoks gets killed by riker when picking up rl 10 mins remaining and ]sr[ now has control over ya, but are missing important quads. goljat keeping ya safe, escaping a fight with 2h ds lead is starting to shrink, 7 + 1/2 mins left; now only 75 frag lead. hib taking the 13th quad, taking out alot of ds players. 5 mins left and ds has a lead of 55 frags, goljat takes the next quad and secures ya, then to rl, anxiously looking for frags. but it is'nt over for ds; slime taking next quad and waiting for ssg. then goes to ya and takes out goljat. 1min to go, ds up with 22 frags and goljat tries his luck attacking rl with quad but soon gets killed. ds wins by 27 frags, jovovich playing yet another great game (along with the rest of the players!) with 68.3 effi and 56 frags. 11 quads to ]sr[, 9 to ds.

2-2; decider time,

the decider map being dm3. ]sr[ being favourites for this. jovovich gets rl and heads to ya, while gamer gets quad, hib eyes and goljat pent. goljat stalls the pent again this game and gets 2nd rl then goes to secure ra, picking it up and taking the next quad. next 3 quads go to ds but are soon killed, both having little health. ra is in ]sr['s possession. 5 mins gone, pent is delayed by 15 seconds and gamer takes quad then goes and takes pent. ]sr[ leading by 44 frags with ra, fully tooled up hib taking the next quad but then gets discharged at pent, few seconds afterwards paradoks also dies at pent, giving away a rl pack. ra is still in ]sr['s control, with a 53 frag lead on the 8th minute. riker gets the 8th quad but gets killed in a funny way. spam'd at center mh with pines, he runs into tunnel only to walk onto one :( ds now have control of ra, akke making sure its safe. next quad is quickly killed and pent is coming up. pent was delayed by 26 seconds, and goljat takes this one but has no weapon so goes to rl box where he quickly "scripts" his way to ra but then gets killed by akke. akke takes the next quad and goes to pent where hib is hiding in lifts. he kills hib tho, with 3 h remaining and advances up to drop down out of lifts only to be sg'd by a ]sr[ spawner. next quad goes to riker but only has sng and gets killed at ya. 6 1/2 mins left, ]sr[ leading by 20 frags. akke gets next quad but is quickly gunned down by paradoks. coming up to the 4th pent (delayed by 26 seconds) and nabbe secures it, heads to sng kills some ]sr[ players then secures ra, while goljat attacks ra with quad, but nabbes fancy footwork on ra top is too much for him and takes him out. 3 mins left, ]sr[ stil up by 24 frags, akke taking the 17th quad, hunting down ]sr[ players as fast as he can. 2 mins left, ]sr[ with a 15 frag lead thats slowly decreasing with akke's quad runs. 1 min left, akke gets the next quad and goes down water way only to get discharged :/ ]sr[ are now 9 frags ahead, 30 seconds left. ]sr[ decide to hide in sng with a 6 frag lead, akke has the last quad and goes to ra but then goes to water/ya instead of sng where the ]sr[ players are hiding. ds lose dm3 by six frags, 150 - 144, so close. 3 pents and 7 quads to ]sr[, 1 pent and 13 quads to ds. nabbe coming top again with 53 frags.

really have to give a gfg to ds for their play. mrlame on isdn and a sick riker, still managed to beat ]sr[ on 2 maps, including an excellent comeback on dm2 and only losing the last dm3 by 6 frags. and congratulations to slackers for winning nqr 5! (even if you had a "little" bit of luck )

demos can be gotten here, along with mp3's commentary by hangtime & sassa on all maps along with pre and after game talks, including an interview with paraodks. get them here:

nqr 5 final game 1 dm3 5.8mbs

nqr 5 final game 2 e1m2 5.0mbs

nqr final game 3 dm2 5.3mbs

nqr final game 4 e1m2 4.5mbs

nqr final game 5 dm3 4.8mbs

nqr 5 final pre/post game talks 3.2mbs

any one out there interested in watching these games, but does'nt have qw, can download the equake package which is a very easy and nifty installation package for quakeworld. and if 24bit textures does it for you, then get them here! any help/questions can more than likely be answered at equake's home page.

looking forward to nqr 6!

  ireland v belgium - 17/12/2003MindPhuck | 9812 views | 5 replies 
in irelands last game of the clanbase nations ctf league, we faced of the might of the belgians. belgium are currently top of group b and are hot favourites to win the entire league.

irelands line up was yet again different, playing with vinnit, jedi, vampiro, sno and dest. starting off the matches on w2 (we did a mass pummel fight to see who got home map first.. at least we won that ). ireland held off the belgians for over 14 minutes and then they managed to get a 2 crosssteal caps. i feel that the game could have gone to ireland just as easy, but i'm not taking away from the win of the belgs : score - 2:0 to belgium. (bastids )

2nd map, the belgians showed us how good they really can be and played the game extreamly well, their attacks were just an onslaught of powerup running and their defence excellent. i have to hand it to them, they were ace. score 7:1.

great games and a good laugh. (if not a bit painful on w3). this game pretty much concludes irelands participation in the league as we don't make the playoffs.

overall, i believe we have shown ourselves to be an excellent strong side and not to be taken for granted. considering this is the first season we have had broadband connects (with some isdn players) i think we did well. the results dont do us justice, but any team that played us will tell you we were damn good and i am very proud of all the players who took part

we'll played to all the team.ie players and a big thank you for putting in the effort and time.

  euroctf finals - 16/12/2003MindPhuck | 9791 views | 8 replies 
gzd played 32nd in the clanbase eurocup ctf finals last night. 32 defeated gzd over the best of 5 maps. the scoreline was -

c2 0:0, w3 0:0, w2 1:0, cp5 1:2 and cp9 0:6. demos and match report on clanbase

  ireland v portugal - 12/12/2003MindPhuck | 9849 views | 7 replies 
sorry about the lateness in the results, i didn't get a chance to post these all day as work takes prority. the cheek eh!

ireland played portugal over two maps, the first being irelands choice - w2. we had a slight change of lineup last night and proved that were not all anarchy (jim, your cut ). playing for ireland was vinnit, kazz, sno, dest and killy, with bd stepping in for mr. crashed q3: vinnit.

score 3-0

with the first map down, we changed our line up putting bd in for kazz and doing a 9-0 number on the pt lads. the score doesnt do portugal justice tho as they really did play a good set of games.

get snos demos here.

gg's all round. ireland play belgium in their next game sometime next week.

  ireland v portugal - 11/12/2003MindPhuck | 9148 views | 0 replies 
as the title says - ireland play portugal tonight at 9pm in the clanbase nations cup.

the usual channels - #team.ie and #cbnations.q3

  iqcl fh(a) -vs- n8z tonight 9pm. - 09/12/2003Zero | 8644 views | 7 replies 
right. lets get this league finished for christmas, i have loads of ideas for the next one, its going to be deadly. the following games have to be played, clan leaders please organise them asap:
if i don't get cc-ed in an email from the respective clan leaders in the next 3 days attempting to organise the games, i'm going to be handing out walkovers quicker than vin hands out sweets in a creche.
we have a pretty decisive game tonight with killy's fh(aly) taking on n8z, which could decide the league winners, check #quake.ie later on for a gtv if we can get one up.
also, for those of you too lazy to click a link in irc, if we are to have any hope of getting a deadly q3/qw-only lan after christmas with possible prizes, i strongly suggest you put your name down here and show that there would be some support for such a lan.

  interview with a cheater - 06/12/2003Illkillya | 8734 views | 7 replies 
i noticed this interview done by azer with a belgian q3 player zionteck who has been making q3 hacks that are not detected by punkbuster or osp. it is interesting because this player (under different aliases) has been in a number of barrysworld clans, and was even trialling for my tdm clan q3p (known as nator at the time) before he got booted when flamey found out who he was. he has a 20 q3 cd keys, which led to a mistake by jolt q3dml who banned a player thinking it was ziontek.

its just a reminder that we still have to keep our eyes open on the servers, there are still plenty of cheaters around and this one at least is likely to ask for a trial in your tdm clan at some stage

  dorkside compo - 03/12/2003Zero | 9035 views | 18 replies 
alright lads.
word on the street is that there's more than likely gonna be a clan competition on at darkside with a possible prize n all. i see from the attendance list that there will be a n8z team, an fh team, an xl team and possibly even an acid team (gerry luc baz?) and whatever makey-uppey team is formed on the day. should be good crack, anyone who was at the last darkside will remember the comp was the best thing about it. aight.

  ireland defeated by sweden - 28/11/2003MindPhuck | 9651 views | 5 replies 
ireland played sweden in the clanbase nations ctf cup last nite. played over two maps, wcp1 and w2. with anarchy, killy, sno, vinni and kazz playing on swedans map first - wcp1. the 2nd map, w2 was anarchy, killy, sno, vinni and bd.

something was wrong.. everyone was in foul humour, there was no pre-game banter that there usually is before we play another country, irc was having net city splits and in general, things just wernt the way they normally are.. (no, this isnt excuse time.. im just telling it like it is)

okay, sweden were good, they outplayed us on their home map.. but they wernt that good. considering we have never practiced that map as a team, (yes, we should have practiced it), we should have been totally analed by sweden. on our home map, we wernt on form and sweden were playing well.

now, to the bitching.. why?.. because i have to. basicly, when the servers search started, sweden would only suggests gs.net servers, were all the sweden were pinging 32 or less (god knows what their draw ping was). we pinged about 45-54 on dsl (killy was 65 - in game: 70-170 ping).

we asked for a server in the uk and we were getting on average a 10ms advantage. despite our best efforts to provide multiple other choices of servers (swe gave no other choice but gs.net), the admin felt it was too much in favour of ireland and forced the match on the gs.net servers. (even with killy on isdn and vinnis connect often bouncing up and down from 200-500).

add all that up, i donno what you got, but it just wasn't our night at all and we got punished for it. sweden were a better team on the night and i cannot/will not take that away from them. but i feel the circumstances, not necessarly in our favour, but were just not right. fair enuf if you think i'm talking bollox.

anyway, heres the screenies and the match report (none yet) can be found here.

  doc - 27/11/2003Illkillya | 9046 views | 1 replies 
i haven't managed to get this confirmed 100% but slayre tells me he was informed that the co-leader of my freezetag clan tdi and head of bw freezetag league passed away yesterday. he was a very friendly and enthusiastic player who spent some years quaking in ireland, but moved back to america temporarily, was due to return to ireland next summer or so. if the news is reliable then the community has lost a great character and a really nice guy. anyone who knew him can post your condolences here.

  ire v swe - 27/11/2003MindPhuck | 8533 views | 2 replies 
ireland play swedan tonight at 21:00 in their 4th match of the clanbase nations cup. check out the usual channels for information and gtv, #team.ie and #cbnations.q3.

also on tonights menu is estonia v portugal at 19:00 and uk v belgium at 20:00, both matches could be very intereting to watch.

  nations quake rank 5 season ends - 26/11/2003MIXU | 8576 views | 0 replies 
the 5th season of nqr came to an end on monday night, the last day for reporting the games. cmf came 1st in division 1, winning 12 out of 12, followed by slackers coming 2nd and firing squad 3rd, but there is still play off's, containing the top 8th clans from division 1. gauntlet also played, coming first by winning 22 out of 23 maps in their divison, with vincent (teh gay) getting 62.6 frags in average out of 23 maps!

xhrl did a nice and long report of all the divisons, check it out here.

  cpl considering q3 - 26/11/2003saik | 8236 views | 5 replies 
if you hope to see another cpl quake 3 event follow the instructions over on esreality. registering and voting only takes a few minutes. as it stands bf1942 is running away with the poll, quake3 one vote behind rtcw.

  promode 1.2 - 26/11/2003MindPhuck | 8005 views | 2 replies 
the lastest version of promode just came out, 1.2.

[snip]the big feature of this release is obviously hoonymode, but you could argue that it has two new gametypes rather than one: we've made a couple of small but key changes to ctf, and the end result is something that has very little in common with what cpm ctf is generally like now.

the days of two people playing defrag while 8 others ffa are over. get used to the idea of escorting and path clearing for your fc, because it's going to be extremely difficult for even the best players to make a cap without proper support. with the increased skill demands, the difference between a great fc and an average one is going to be huge: something that quake hasn't had since q2,

for all that ctf is generally viewed as a "casuals" game, i hope to see it take off to at least some extent within the community. it's a lot of fun, and very suitable for pickup games as well as competitive ones. if you'd given up on cpm ctf as a dead loss, this is the time to try it out again.


you can get the latest version here.

  sweden defeat uk - 25/11/2003bAz | 7306 views | 5 replies 
score: 3 - 1

"the scandinavians come out victorious and now even up the scores against
uk in their 4 matches in the nations cup. both sides played very well and on
both maps it could have gone either way but overall swe had the slight edge
over the british team. "

levels: wcp9, wcp1

demos : here

report and excuses here

league table here

  ire defeats est - 23/11/2003MindPhuck | 6422 views | 7 replies 
ireland played estonia in the clanbase nations ctf cup earlier. going over two maps, both of which were on w2.

ireland were playing with a very different line up than normal. playing in the 1st map, casc, kat, vinni, sno and killy - the irish team got off to a rocky start in the first few minutes as the estonians snuck out the flag and capped. est are known for their defensive skills and went 5 defence for the next few minutes until ireland managed to break down their defence with some well managed powerups and equalised. we then went on to take another 2 caps to win 3-1.

2nd game, casc, vinni, bd, sno, killy - with the 1st game down, ireland were feeling alot more confident much more stable with slight change of tactics. some excellent team work broke down the (at times 5) estonian defence. taking the win at 3 caps to nill, the two games were enjoyable and good fun.

clanbase report - here

demos - match 1 and match 2

  ire v sui - 20/11/2003MindPhuck | 6918 views | 6 replies 
ireland played switzerland last nite in two very close games. the 1st game, (anarchy, vinni, sno, killy and dest) was on w2, irelands home map. the swiss sneaked in an early cap just before the 1st powerups, catching ireland totally off guard. ireland came back strong and placed the pressure on the swiss. taking the flag a total 33 times, going 4-5 attack at powerup times and contineously giving them lots... but the swiss dug in and defended, defended and then some. 1-0 to switzerland.

the 2nd map, ireland (anarchy, vinni, sno, killy, kazz) and took the lead about 4 minutes in and kept the swiss at bay. a tense cross-steal took place shortly afterwards, with the flags been held off for nearly 8 minutes, swapping from player to player as the swiss put some extream pressure on ireland, eventually, the pressure lasted and they returned to equalise 1-1. ireland desperately faught to get a 2nd cap in, but switzerland were content in holding onto the draw and went defensive. game ends 1-1.

they were two great games which could have easily went to a third map. i feel we made a couple of mistakes which lead to the draw on w3 and we shouldnt have let sui get that sneak cap in on the 1st map. never mind.. there is always the next time. i think we did well tho and again, we have proved that ireland are alot better than some people would like to make out (hi bigfoot!). considering, switzerland are ranked 2nd best in the cup, we did well.

demos -

admin demos : w2 and w3

anarchy pov : w3

clanbase report - here.

  ire v suj - 19/11/2003MindPhuck | 7114 views | 3 replies 
a reminder.. ireland play switzerland tonight at 9pm. scorebot in #cbnations.q3 or #team.ie and gtv will be available for the games.

go on!

  quakelan 1 - 19/11/2003MindPhuck | 7030 views | 11 replies 
.. the inside story - biohazrd tells me there might be a quake only lan happening in the new year. inviting all the players who are currently playing in the iq3cl and a few other boddies, it could proove to be an excellent lan.

24 hours of action packed, quakeworld, q2 (action packed?) and quake3. with 50+ players, thered be plenty of room to chill / drink / smoke etc

.. its all good!

stay tuned....

  iq3cl update - 18/11/2003Zero | 6929 views | 3 replies 

standings are going to be updated now per map rather than per match, seeing as full games don't always get done each time. teams on equal points are for now listed as per frag diff. games played so far:
week 1
n8z 4 -vs- 0 xl
fh(a) 4 -vs- 0 fh(b)
lsd -v- hiv (postponed)

week 2
n8z 4 -vs- 0 lsd
fh(b) 3 -vs- 0 xl (1 tdm map to be played - confirmed: sunday 10pm)
hiv -vs- fh(a) (postponed)

week 3 - i want dates for these games this week or wildcards forced
maps: (tdm) q3dm7, ospdm5, ospdm6 (ctf) q3ctf2, q3w2, q3wc6
n8z -vs- fh(b) (confirmed: monday 9pm)
xl -vs- hiv (postponed for now)
fh(a) -vs- lsd (confirmed: tuesday 9pm)

  iqcl games this week. - 13/11/2003Zero | 6918 views | 0 replies 
n8z-v-lsd is tonight (thursday) at 9pm.
fh(a)-v-hiv is sunday at 9pm.
fh(b)-v-xl is monday at 9 (but not confirmed).
just a point here, i'm getting a little annoyed at how slowly people are organising games and how there is only the odd clanleader who isnt too lazy to email me and tell me when the games are. fh-xl on monday is ok this time (even though its very late), but the following games also have to be arranged for next week:
maps: (tdm) q3dm7, ospdm5, ospdm6 (ctf) q3ctf2, q3w2, q3wc6

to make sure games start getting played, i am introducing a "kick-up-the-arse" rule, if i havent gotten emails from the various clanleaders by the sunday of the previous week, (i.e. this sunday for next weeks games), the matches will be forced to a day and time and if your team can't make it the wildcard will be pulled and the second time it happens there will be a walkover. sorry if that sounds a bit nazi but it doesn't take much effort while ye doss on irc to send a few emails and organise a game, and i have better things to be doing than chasing after ye.

  bw ctf review - 13/11/2003MindPhuck | 7019 views | 0 replies 
bigfoot posted his review of the barrysworld q3ctf league end. the usual mug of coffee and an hour to spare and have a read here.
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