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  nvidia strikes back - 14/04/2004[spectator] | 9569 views | 3 replies 
12.000 points in 3dmark 2003. a score of over 60.000 in aquamark 3. over 60fps in halo at 1600x1200 and more than 50fps in farcry with high fsaa and 4tap anisotropic filtering at 1024x768 - these are numbers that will bring tears of joy to pc enthusiasts everywhere.

here is the new born baby:


with also these gamespy articles:



  clanbase nations ctf - 14/04/2004Illkillya | 9105 views | 3 replies 
some of you may have been wondering why it was so quiet in the team.ie ctf front lately... the reason is because we were deciding whether or not it would be worth continuing this season. after speaking to the bulk of squad members, although some would like to make a go of it, i believe the best thing for us is to take a break for this season. i will be updating my column hopefully tonight and will mention the issue in more depth.

  bubbles is back - 14/04/2004Zero | 8445 views | 4 replies 
apparently bubbles is meeting koopa and mixu in dnc in templebar tomorrow night playing each of them on dmm1 e4m7 for 200 quid a go. i'll be very surprised if all three turn up but apparently they are deadly serious..

  mice and mousepads - 04/12/2004[spectator] | 8333 views | 2 replies 
there was some talking about mice yesterday on irc and as i was myself looking around for info online, here are few articles on the topic :


razer goes optical:


optical mice: microsoft and logitech:



first of all, after the fatal1ty fatpad, allsop decided to provide gamers with something similar and have released the gigapad xl.

here is an article about it :


this is a good all-around article about mousepads :


  irish pickup #ctf.ie - 12/04/2004benji | 7320 views | 4 replies 
there was some activity for some irish pickup over the last 2 nights on games2.iol.ie ,so i thought , we might aswell pack all the irish quakers into 1 room for pickups at night to happen more often , and here it is.

so get all ur asses into #ctf.ie

  qlan2 [9th -> 12th april] - 04/05/2004Carl33to | 8583 views | 0 replies 
qlan2 begins this friday!

it promises to be the biggest q3 tournament of 2004 with many of the top teams and players attending.

the following tourneys will be held:

osp duel,

osp tdm,

osp ctf,

cpma duel,

ra3 tournament. o_o

i'm personally looking forward to the duel compo considering how good it was last time around.

no doubt there will be gtv and plenty of classic demos.

for more info see http://qlan2.edsf.se/ and http://www.esreality.com/.

  afk.. - 02/04/2004MindPhuck | 7634 views | 4 replies 
quakelan.. it begins.. dont miss it..

  jolt ctf week6 review. - 01/04/2004Zero | 7702 views | 1 replies 
bigfoot has his usual review of sunday's games up on the jolt ctf site, with a rundown on the fh and n8z games from last week, where both teams got v unlucky (whats new? heh). i must say for bif, since he moved to jolt his reviews have been way more in-depth and a good read, compared to the old bw ones that were usually written based on the end scores.
this sunday sees fh postponed vs scrb in div2a, while n8z face off hc>3 on cp22 and jap gardens, that is, if any of us are still alive after the lan.

  tte clanbase 1v1 - 01/04/2004Zero | 7639 views | 0 replies 
the league is actually gonna stay running even though it almost fell flat on its face from non-playing. however, they are continuing it from the playoff stage, so even if you were gettin your ass handed to you, you can reply to this thread on the clanbase forums and continue to the playoffs.

  countdown to quakelan - 30/03/2004Zero | 8249 views | 18 replies 
well well, four days to the lan, three to the pissup, the numbers have held up well, i assume anybody whose name is still on the list is coming to the lan. a few things to remember:
  • we are drinkin in the big tree on dorset st from about 8pm on fri.
  • lan starts at 10am saturday, with competitions starting on the dot of midday.
  • we have no sponsorship for this lan, i.e. no donated prizes whatsoever, this lan was brought about by us wanting a big quake-only 24hrs with all the irish guys who know each other first goin for beer and talkin the shit, then games all the next day. there is no profit out of this lan, once we cover the cost of the lan, equipment rental etc, the rest is being given back in prizes. the more ppl that come, the better its going to be
  • anyone looking for directions can email me at bluntman at eircom dot net and i'll give them my mobile number to contact me
  • uk team not looking good for coming over, some last minute shite, will keep you posted, ni team still coming afaik.
  • we have beer and a big dirty projector for big screen duels/wars
  • finally, fh are gonna get their asses handed to them by n8z
see you on friday!

  qw stuff for lan - 24/03/2004Zero | 9240 views | 8 replies 
equake/fuhquake client and its documentation - thanks mixu.

  qw world championships - 22/03/2004Spliffy | 7979 views | 16 replies 
the qwwc is a new quakeworld nations cup being run by gaz and telly, we (ireland) couldn't enter the last one as it was 10v10 and we didnt have 10 players :g. this one is a mixture of different formats tho with games being pld in 1v1/2v2/4v4 so it should be good fun and i reckon we have a fair chance of doing prety good in it. me and mindphuck will be picking out ireland's finest wreckin' squad for this and we'll go in and do a bita damage.

want more info ? click here

or #qwwc on quakenet.

  quakelan update - 20/03/2004MindPhuck | 8215 views | 10 replies 

we just wanted to inform you all of how things are going.

from a starting point of a 40 person lan it has nearly doubled that and gone to 75 people.
this is amazing and beyond our expectations. we certainly didnt expect such a good
response. the list of attendees is impressive, having people coming all over ireland,
northern ireland, scotland, wales and england. theres even a couple of swedes coming!
all-in-all, its certainly a good start to a series of lans we hope to run over the next
couple of years.

preparations : we have our tables sorted, seating arranged, cabling
completed, servers prepared, games configured, switches configured and our intranet is
nearly done. i would think were pretty much on top of things. during next week we will be
visiting our food providers and obtaining that much sought after commoditty : beer! yes..
we will have a shit load of beer for everyone attending!! adding to that, we will have
lots of snack foods and plenty of food runs going on. as most people know from the
darkside lans, the location is excellent for food and you will have no problems getting
food, the problem is deciding which food you want! btw, of course you are welcome to bring
your own drink/food, etc.

competitions : the schedule below is what we have currently planned. it
will probably change, but to give you an idea of what your two days will look like, it
pans out like so -

12:00 pm - 03 apr 2004 quake3 1v1

16:30 pm - 03 apr 2004 quake3 ctf (seeded)

20:00 pm - 03 apr 2004 quake2 1v1

20:00 pm - 03 apr 2004 quakeworld 1v1

22:00 am - 04 apr 2004 ni v uk

23:30 am - 04 apr 2004 ie v ni

01:00 am - 04 apr 2004 ie v uk

02:00 am - 04 apr 2004 qw/q3 clanwars and general gaming

dates : just to clear up something. the lan dates are the 3rd and 4th of
april. starting at 10am on the saturday and finishing sunday morning. friday the 2nd is a
pissup night!! there wont be any lanning going on the friday, just a great big drinking
session - irish style! the location for the drinkies is the bigtree on dorset street, 8pm
till late. people travelling from afar should get in contact with myself, zero or one of
the other irish people going to make arrangements to meet them. i'll put up a
map/directions to the bigtree if people want.

monitors : we only have 4 monitors and they are all booked out now by
overlord, empy, ch and casc.

payment : you should expect to pay on your arrival. there will be a sign
up desk, where you will depart with your cash and sign up for the various competitions,
double check your seating arrangement and get stuck in for the best two days of quakeing
your ever going to have!

quick details :

- sleeping bag space, kitchen facilities, toilets

- 30 euro for participants

- 5 euro for spectactors.

- ensure you have a working network card

- dhcp settings, workgroup - quakelan

please let us know if you have any problems, queries, etc.  if you are already
signed up and are unsure you can go, then please, remove yourself from the lan asap and
give your slot to someone who can go.  other than that, we'll see you on the 2nd for
the pissup and the 3rd for some gaming!

seating plan - here.

lan details - here.

attendees : benji,mindphuck, pyro, zero, biohazrd, ronin, beast, guinnessman2, sam, bazh, weemcd, dest, illkillya, the_stranger, vinnit, giblet, petri, jed1, :nutjob:, blue-wing, -chaos-, ppc, zekiel, carl33to, dragula, saik, chas, loose_cannon, spooky donkey, jonny new, belial, ace of space, nexus, bigissue, rapier, overlord, spaceman, legion ,
ch, marclar, gerry, kat-, shevy, devore, revhellfire, clamor, buff0x, weaponhb, emp^y,
predsr, walt, casc, bunny, count, dyna`, sutty, struds, amp, naitkris, sonic, r2k, madhawk, renton, moll, dekken, melachi, oddball, [spectator], lorc, monk, mx, slaanesh, strat, sheep, sno

  happy paddy's day - 17/03/2004Zero | 8614 views | 4 replies 

  weekly ctf - 12/03/2004MindPhuck | 8805 views | 0 replies 
bigfoot posted his weekly review over on jolt. this sunday sees two of my favourite clans compete against each other, ts v fh. mixed emotions on the outcome of this one, but im afraid, gwan fh, give them ts lads a good slapping

anyway, you can read the review here.

  quake3 stuff you need for quakel - 03/09/2004Zero | 9325 views | 7 replies 
..and where to get it :
quake3 pointrelease 1.32
osp 1.03 full
osp maps

will update with qw/q2 stuff when i get a chance. this lan is gonna rock, if you arent signed up by now, go do it, it'll be worth it even if only to see n8z hand fh their asses after ireland hand uk theirs

  ec nations captains - 03/09/2004MindPhuck | 9540 views | 13 replies 

clanbase have are looking for the captains of the nations cup xi
squads.  full details can be found href="http://www.clanbase.com/news.php?nid=121070&mid=0&lid=0">here.
  also, for you et heads, their also looking for a captain for that.  did'nt
rapier or say he wanted to stick a team in ? anyone else wanna play some et for .ie ?

while i'm at it, whos interested in being on the team for the tdm and/or ctf squads ?

  n8z - now recruiting - 03/08/2004MindPhuck | 9464 views | 5 replies 
n8z are fucking out players who cant/don't show for games and practice. they on the up and up and were looking for a reasonable standard of player who is interested in joining a decent clan for ctf and tdm.

leave a comment or mail zero.

  week 1 jolt - 02/03/2004Zero | 9383 views | 1 replies 
bigfoot had done up a review for the jolt ctf league week 1 over on the jolt site with reviews of the fh and n8z games for anyone who wants a read.

  accomodation and directions to q - 27/02/2004Zero | 10196 views | 3 replies 
mindphuck has updated room101 with directions to quakelan and a list of possible accomodation that people may be interested in. check it out.

  melachi comes 8th - 19/02/2004MindPhuck | 11424 views | 11 replies 
following up on an earlier report, our man melachi, who qualified as the irish halo champion, competed in the world championships on tuesday. rick came in 8th place in the finals. i think that is a fantasic achievement and worth a big well done. the overall winner was a uk player called beast aka jonathan finglass.

for further information, check it out here.

  => quakelan <= - 18/02/2004Zero | 11588 views | 24 replies 

ok, we talked about it for months, and now its happening - quakelan, a 24hour lan dedicated to all the quakes, starts friday 2nd of april with a big booze-up and games from saturday morning right through til sunday.

prize competitions include:
  • qw duel
  • q2 duel
  • q3 duel
  • quake3 ctf seeded comp (great fun, ask ppl from ds7)
  • q3 2v2
uk -vs- ie : no, we aren't taking the mick, we are currently in discussion with malc (the stranger) and rooting out a sponsor to bring over the uk team til we see who's still the boss since rapture '99!!

there are limited places for this lan, even the ni guys may be down so you want to sign up fairly lively, you dont want to miss this!
edit : accommodation details can be found here.

  jolt ctfl draft divisions posted - 02/11/2004Illkillya | 11034 views | 4 replies 
bigfoot has posted this draft divisions for this season on the jolt website. he stresses that these divisions are not final, but usually theyre not too different when the league starts, so its worth having a look at them the way they stand now...

fh are back in division 2a. the french clan s? would be favourites here, mostly yo! players who did well in division 1 last time i saw, although missing some of the key players who gave them map wins over gzd among others. i would tip seraph and ac as the other promotion contenders... seraph have always been an upper div2 clan as long as i can remember, and ac have been very active lately with a strong lineup of mostly french players.

the rest of the clans are very familiar... strongest among them i would say is jb or yadegari. yadegari won div3a last season despite losing to fh (on the one time we got our old first team from season 8 thanks to a brief return from lorcan) but this season it is less likely that lorc will show up out of the blue so we won't be seeing that level of teamplay probably. they have some skilled icelandic players who could get teh powerups and win teh games. inf have been consistent enough to stay in this division for a long time, but in my own experience there is huge variation in the level of their performances from one game to the next, and they're likely to finish lower mid table i would think.

mdu are a french clan capable of great teamplay but not always up to par at this level. they will see some success when the maps suit them but i don't think they'll make too big an impact on this division. xsv is mostly made up of 15 year olds who think they're l33t and quit the server when they start losing, so its difficult to say how they will do, but with 20 ping cable and 24/7ing they could finish in the upper half if they don't fold again.

omg and jb are the two teams fh beat in the bigfoot tribute cup this season. both are solid division 2 clans, omg the belgians are a bit inconsistent, but ctfers since the beginning of time and will be hoping that cp22 will be included, and that they can keep the 999 spikes at bay. joblows need no introduction here but i'll give one anyway, founded by banjospendlove their irishness has been phased out over the past couple of seasons, and with n8z entering the league this season and likely taking rapp and benji, jb will only have kat and sk!a waving an irish flag. they have a strong lineup despite missing some other influential players from last season, most significantly the french star raoul who is back with aaa. good connects, good skill and good teamplay should see them safe in this division and maybe cause some problems for s? and other promotion contenders.

n8z will have an easier time, but by no means an easy time in division 3c. dx! (belgian), souls (french), and 3p (benelux) all have division 2 experience and hundreds of ctf games under their belt. i would tip 3p as the strongest of the trio, although if souls can regularly field both the skilled defender slimseb and the tricky attacker yoshi then they will do well. dx! will destroy a lot of teams in this division, but when they come up against the better sides they will suffer if they're as inconsistent as they always have been in division 2. nonetheless i would think n8z has the strongest lineup here potentially, assuming they get enough of prac in before the season starts, and that they can get the key players like rapp out each week. as much as i hate to say it, "former" clanhopper kazz will be a valuable addition to the side, injecting the dose of experience they'll need in attack. the defence should be solid with experienced campaigners like mindphuck and jedi involved. this season will be worthwhile for n8z if only to watch the development of the new rising star of irish q3, pyro, who would surely terrorise the enemy defences in this division if he had broadband, but he will need to adapt to a strategic/speed-based attack style if he wants to rake in the caps on flimsy isdn.

fds are a belgian team who have been in division 3 for a long time and will still be there next season i'd say. hc<3 i have never heard of, but they look like a mostly uk team, and with so many uk players that i have never heard of i can only assume they will struggle at this level and be relegated unless their foreigners are complete ninjas.

hz have a lot of very active players, but they're relatively new and i don't think they will bother the better clans here too much. n2s have been around this level for ages, some days they could beat most division 2 clans, other days they would struggle to beat division 4 clans, but that is the nature of their team (not 2 serious). they have plenty of strong defenders like maj, snipez and animal (and pumpkin if he plays) but they're lacking a 3rd experienced attacker this season. the recently broadbanded tony should complement hopey enough make up for that against most clans here, but like every season they'll probably win or draw against the eventual champions and lose to the clans that end up getting relegated and finish up in mid-table. i have never heard of rw.

anyway, should be a good season if the jolt staff don't decide to ban everyone for life for having cg_fov > 100. hope the divisions don't change too much

  iq3cl '03 finishes - 06/02/2004Zero | 11659 views | 8 replies 
aside from the scheduling/no-show/organisation issues that came up throughout the league, we also saw a good number of excellent matches, some of them very close, and for once there wasn't a row(!). the final game in the league with xl-v-fh(a) has been given as a default to fh(a) due to xl not showing / semi-disbanding so congratulations to fh(a), the iq3cl champs of 2003. (is that only the third iq3cl? (ps,nd,fh(a)?))

for us few irish that still play the game, we (me and mp) are about to code in a ladder system into the site and we're going to run an irish q3 ladder for 2v2s if there is enough interest, think it could be v good.

  clanbase 1v1 cup irish groups ge - 30/01/2004Flash | 11440 views | 5 replies 
at 21:00pm, the 1st match of the irish heats of the cb 1v1 cup got underway with killy from fh and rapp from nvr taking each other on in the opening bout. both players know each other well but down to skill wise, rapp does have the advantage. we started off on rapp's map, pro-tourney4 and from an early stage both players were pretty even on frags until rapp took a big lead and never really seemed to slow down, unfortunately for killy. the 1st map finished 33-10 in favour of rapp.

the 2nd map, which was killy's map, was ztn3tourney1. this map started off much closer and it remained close for most of the map. rapp took a small lead and slowly opened killy up to a 10 frag lead and it stayed that way, regardless of how hard killy tried to get back into the map. the 2nd map finished 34-24 in favour of rapp.

a 2-0 victory for rapp. well played to both players and good luck in your next matches lads! good games!

p.s up to date news has informed me that baz has unfortunately pulled out of the cup due to lack of commitment and his workload from his thesis. sorry to see u miss out m8!

  any given sunday - 29/01/2004saik | 11087 views | 16 replies 
not strictly quake, but (s)melachi is off to the halo all ireland final on sunday, 1st february 2004 in the 3g broadband studio, henry street at 12.30.

the winner will get the honour of representing ireland in the world finals in l.a.

so if you want to see him utterly destroy all comers at what is without a shadow of a doubt the worst multiplayer game i've ever played, be there. quake2 is so much better it's not even funny.

hopefully newspapers will be covering so that rick can let his adoring fans know what he thinks about microsoft, halo and eircom.

in other news i saw on the front of the indo that eircom no longer have exclusive rights on the phone line end of things. esatbt etc will be able to compete on this last mile thing that everyone is talking about. 24 euro a month for a phone line is a bit ridiculous.

update : melachi won the halo comp. details over on room101.

melachi - halo champion of ireland 04!

  jolt q3dml starting - 23/01/2004Illkillya | 10517 views | 11 replies 
this season of joltq3dml holds some interest with irish players, since n8z and q3p find themselves in the same group, division 3. q3p, not an irish clan but its where 4 of the 5 fhaers play tdm (me, ch, flamey, spaceman), suffered two consecutive relegations in jolt q3dml but should hopefully have reached some stability now and might even be able to get a team out every week. n8z should look to make an impact in their uk league debut, despite missing melachi to the division 1 clan stealth for this league they should have the experience and skill to cope with any team in this division, and are deffo a promotion contender.

i have played many times against the rest of the clans, except for the brilliantly named polish clan 'elite mates' (whom i have never heard of and will ignore), and can only say that the division is unpredictable. lsr, and the revived clan d5 will put up a fight for the title. i see azer back on the d5 teamlist, if he is no longer playing for cs or nvr and shows up for d5 then he could certainly sway things in their favour. lsr is another team with some irish interest, unfortunately their star sno isnt very active lately to my knowledge, but they have another irish ctf international bd, and ni player sonar (aka demise) as active as ever. their greatest successes i expect would stem from performances by drastic and tomtom, who have done very well at higher levels in the past, although i don't know how active either of them have been lately.

da, xe and rb-b i expect won't be quite up to that task, although they cannot be taken for granted since they are well capable of taking a map or two off any clan in the division when things go well. that leaves q3p and n8z, each capable of gaining promotion, but consistency will be required since there are no gimmes in this group, and we'll have to see how it turns out. oxi has done a preview of the league on the jolt site, which can be read here.

week 1 starts monday with q3p playing 3m (elite mates), while n8z take on rb-b (basic rip). oxi's week 1 precitions (here) predict a win for q3p and a loss for n8z, but he acknowledges that he does not know the n8z players. although rb-b has a couple of handy players like lordspanky and voil, i predict a win for n8z and a draw for q3p (like i said, i know nothing about 3m but i can't imagine that any team could lose to q3p on osp5).

  boreds.ie quake.ie forums - 23/01/2004Zero | 10085 views | 0 replies 
look over there --->

  quakenation once again - 22/01/2004Illkillya | 9475 views | 1 replies 
for those of you who have been unable to sleep at night, tortured by the impending closure the uk's last quake website, welcome quadnation: 'the bastard offspring of quakenation and a geocities site'. hopefully this means we'll have another few years of coverage from malc et al.

  clanbase duel league - 16/01/2004Zero | 10460 views | 37 replies 
the clanbase duel groups are up, click here for the groups and news.
the irish are split into two groups, group g and h in the third league, with players split up as follows:
group g : baz, benji, dest, melachi, reiko, sk!a_ and zero.
group h : j-uno, killy, overlord, pyro, rapp and space.
it certainly will be interesting, and i'm looking forward to the whole thing starting. click here for a full schedule of group g's matches, and here for group h schedule. check here every week for the weeks predictions, results and demos etc.
wk1 predictions?
group g
sk!a -vs- reiko
dest -vs- melachi
benji -vs- zero
group h
killy -vs- rapp
overlord -vs- spaceman
juno -vs- pyro.
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