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quake.ie main news
  barrysworld tdm review - 24/12/2002Bunny | 10892 views | 0 replies 
bigfoot has posted his weekly tdm review over on quakenation. read it here.

  qw league news - 23/12/2002Spliffy | 10221 views | 4 replies 
the final of the european challenge-smackdown 5 league was played last night ending with slackers beating legeartis 3 games to 1. all the games where very close as you can see in the reports / mvd demos here.

in the other top european quakeworld league nations quake rank, clan malfunction have beatin the challenge-smackdown 5 winners slackers in the semi finals. so it leaves the other semi final between hellfire and legeartis to be played to find out who will play clan malfunction in the finals.

also if your clan hasnt signed up for the new season of qw-cup then do so asap, theres around 50 clans signed up so far. n.b: it's for div2/div3 clans only so you dont have to get raped by any leet div1 teams.

  news o games - 23/12/2002Bunny | 8637 views | 1 replies 

the cpl winter event is over and the two most important events have been decided. fatality easily took first place in the 1v1 ut2003 competition and a us team, 3d, won the counterstrike tournament.

cpl ut2k3 final results
1st - ck-fatal1ty (usa), $10000
2nd - {nbk}cpense (usa), $5000
3rd - k|infinite (usa), $3000
4th - esca (usa), $2000
5th - mtw.atn|solo (ger), $1750
6th - esu.mrfrost (ger), $1500
7th - k|47 (usa), $1250
8th - ck-imageomega (usa), $1000

ut2003 finals demo

final counter-strike results:
1st - 3d (usa), $30000
2nd - gameonline (sca), $20000
3rd - schroet kommando (swe), $12500
4th - team9 (swe), $7500
5th - weekend warriors (usa), $6000
6th - zex (usa), $4000
7th - riot squad (usa), $3000
8th - eolithic (nor), $2000

in russia, the ural cup quake3 1v1 has just finished, b100 death took the win, but apparantly asus|c58*unkind was too tired to play in the finals.

1 place - b100.death
2 place - asus|c58*unkind
3 place - b100.dracula


finally, season 5 of the northern european smackdown qw league has come to a close. slackers only lost one map to beat lege artis over four games. unfortunatly lege artis were missing dag from their lineup.

slackers line-up: gamer, goljat, paradoks, xalibur
lege artis line-up: nabbe, riker, space, striker

dm3: 156:132 to sr
dm2: 178:139 to sr
e1m2: 185:180 to la
dm3: 161:135 to sr
final: 3-1 (675-591 frags)

mvd demos available on chtv

  more big tournaments - 21/12/2002Bunny | 8074 views | 0 replies 

'electronic sports world cup - lan arena 2003 trophy' championship of the universe will be held in france in the summer. last years lan arena was a big success, however this year they've pumped over 150,000 euros into the prize money. the main events will be cs 5v5 (maybe dnc could make it) ut32k35 1v1 and a warcraft 1v1 with a so called 'female' tourney and a q3 1v1 international challenge.

more interesting should be the 'open international golden mouse cup' to be held in moscow in march. no ut this time, but warcraft 1v1, cs 5x5 and most importantly a q3 1v1..finally a comp to sort out the best russians. prize money will be around $50,000 with about $5,000 of that going for q3 first place, not enough to encourage the americans to go over, but i'm sure some euros will make it.

  koopa going to stockholm? - 19/12/2002Zero | 8505 views | 11 replies 
despite the generous "pledges" that amounted to nearly 800, a little over 200 was lodged to koopa's account, and time is running out. the ticket (which is costing over 300) has to be ordered, and then a visa paid for, which needs time to get, and that's before we even start trying to keep him alive there for the few days he's there.
can the guys who were sound enough to put their names down, please take the time out to hop into a bank and throw your 20 quid into the account, it's a small amount that if we dont get it at this stage, might stop the whole thing altogether.
and he's been practising, yeah, if he goes he's gonna bust some heads. make it go.
bank: allied irish bank (aib), dcu branch
sort code: 93-33-84
account number 86230180
name of account holder: samresh singh

  yeah 2003 review - 17/12/2002MindPhuck | 8612 views | 2 replies 
ive posted over on my column my years review of the irish quake scene and a few other little things. you can take a look here.

  challenge smackdown - qw - 17/12/2002Vinnit | 8741 views | 5 replies 
smackdown semi-final bewteen lege artis (la) and clan malfunction (cmf) took place last night. lege artis with a 54-0 map record in smackdown and nqr won 3-1 dropping their first map of the season.you can see the report and get the demos from href="http://www.challenge-smackdown.com/div_eu/onereport.php3?gam_code=1017">here.

its been considered the best qw 4v4 series since smackdown1 in 1999? where the greatest clan in qw ever flaming fist beat euthensia. there was commentry done on teamspeak by hangtime, sassa and def. they had interviews after where koopa was one of the hot topics during the qhlan discussion. it should be available for download soon.

this puts lege artis in the final against slackers, who beat tribe of tjernobyl in the other semi-final. the final should be great there's alot of tension bewteen the clans going back to 1998/99 as lege artis have dag/akke/pietro from flaming fist and slackers have paradoks/vana/goljat from euthensia.

btw qw >>>>>>>>>>x2 q3

  marvellous, friday the 13th - 14/12/2002saik | 9165 views | 5 replies 
punkbuster killed the majority of quake 3 servers yesterday evening. it seems there was an issue in going from 1.004 and 1.005 versions of their absolutely href="http://www.quake.ie/comments.asp?item=1469">watertight cheat detection and prevention software. professional! all the angry server admins talk to the team behind this tragedy href="http://forum.evenbalance.com/forum/index.php?s=3f924744affbec7c3fa4b251d6725923&act=st&f=34&t=1443&st=0">here. it seems they've worked through the night and fixed it with a new trial version 1.006! hurrah! they sound like decent enough guys, just unlucky. but i think the vishnu q3 server is down for the weekend due to this until somebody can fix it.

  gameservers.net - 11/12/2002Illkillya | 9821 views | 6 replies 
gameservers.net q3tdm cup groups have been announced. there are 2 irish clans involved, 70 and nd. because of the seeded cup format, all the groups are difficult. 70, in their first league, will face plenty of strong opposition, especially from the seeded teams eoe (from germany - one of the best ctf clans in europe), and swedish ninjas al. the other names i recognise are ql from uk - in bwdml div1, and fs a dutch clan in bwdml div2. as far as i know, the dutch clan rm are upper div3/lower div2 bw standard, but i can't say for sure since they're only on the waiting list in bwdml, and playing on home ground in holland they will have a significant ping advantage over 70. the remaining clans, rif and re are from russia and sweden respectively, so i wouldn't want to underestimate either of them.

nd's group i would guess is easier, but i don't know half of the clans there so its not fair to say. their seeded clans are a swedish clan n4sa and the dutch clan x4. i would say that these are the weakest of the seeded pairs, but then again, i've been out of touch with tdm for too long so i don't know x4 will have super low pings though. another dutch clan in the group is bms. tric from italy might have some connection troubles. storm is a benelux clan (with 1 french person). they have a few ex-ndc players and others from division 2, and are currently 3rd in bwdml div3b. the danish clan prey are still in the cb open cup second league scandanavian division, so they're no muppets either. and finally, ukntot i have never heard of, and are german.

  q3tdm nations - 11/12/2002Carl33to | 10266 views | 3 replies 
*edit* bleh, both games postponed

rus-swe has been moved to sun @ 7

more news when i get it

from esreality...

russia - sweden :o

france - ireland

mr. rixxkaukurd suxdenburgs was shafted by cooller_rus ... p

  quakenet > cork city - 10/12/2002Illkillya | 10201 views | 16 replies 

"quakenet hit a peak of more than 151,000 users tonight - that means an extra 50,000 users have joined quakenet in the past 3 months.

quakenet is now firmly established as the biggest irc network in the world, with an average of 139,091 users per day, compared with ircnet's 120,033 daily users."

  cb nations update - 08/12/2002Illkillya | 10400 views | 2 replies 
last friday ireland played france in cb nations ctf. unfortunately, we couldn't get myself, vin and 2fish onto broadband as we had expected, so had to change our team and tactics at the last minute, and had a new team of sno, anarchy, nex (on broadband), me (isdn) and dest (isdn). france lanned for the game and had nice pings of 30ish. nexus managed to play off the ul broadband for the game, but his ping changed from 20 to 60 just as the game was about to start, and it didn't go back. france won both maps, 1-0 on our map q3w2 and 3-0 on their map q3ctf2. theres a bit of a report here.

today we played slovenia in the q3 tdm clanbase nations cup. our team consisted of anarchy, beast, koopa and vincent. this time, koopa and vin were able to play from ul lan. we were a bit late for the first map (on dutch server) because of a problem getting around the firewall. ireland had a ping advantage, but still lost slovenia's home map pro-q3dm6. the game was very close until the last few minutes, with the lead changing hands regularly. the final score there was 131-147 to slovenia.

on ireland's map, dm7, we got a very bad start and slovenia took a 20ish frag lead in the first few minutes. ireland recovered though, and managed to regain control. near the end of the game, the ref kicked a slovenian player (drava) for spamming and being lame just about everytime he died (in the previous game also). he had been warned earlier by the ref that he would be kicked, and even his teammates didn't want him playing. the slovenian coach morgoth subbed in for the remainder of the game, but they couldn't stop ireland from extending the lead. final score was 168-143 to ireland.

this meant a deciding map was needed, but at that time a slovenian player, miso, had to go. slovenia had nobody to replace him with, since the other players they had available were in 666 and could not play since there is a maximum of 2 players from a clan allowed to play at once. slovenia would have forfeit the 3rd map, but zero said it was ok to play the 3rd game another time if clanbase allowed it. theres no date set for the decider yet.

update: dm7 demo from vin's pov is here.

  cpm: rat-daler ..sat 1am - 06/12/2002Carl33to | 10873 views | 1 replies 
for those of you not going to the lan...

lb final of challenges cpm tournament.

there will be gtv and shoutcast by dj wheat on tsn.

the gtv is especially tasty since you can switch between players.

the winner goes on to play apheleon in the final.

if daler wins then it has been agreed that the final will take place shortly afterwards, otherwise it'll be played at a later date.


http://www.tsncentral.com/server1.pls - shotcast

screen3.gamer-tv.de:27960 - gtv

  quake 4 videos - 06/12/2002MindPhuck | 10533 views | 7 replies 
there is some movies floating around which, i'm unsure if they are official or not. anyway, if you wanna see whats in store, check out this site. you can get the divx502 bundle from our ftp.

  fragnet - 05/12/2002MindPhuck | 10358 views | 8 replies 

lordkhan (cian caball), bluedrax (patrick o'sullivan) , walt (david hehir) , overlord
(david m. woodlock) , illkillya (james galvin) ,
town (dennis mc cormack) , osiris (phill kerins) , bubbles (bubbles) , zero (ronan condon)
, bunny (louise jane wilson) , beast (nicky condon) , sutty, (ciaran sutcliffe) ,
mollozard (david) , weaponhb (pol mc elwaine) , vincent (eamonn deegan) , kormat (stephen
shirley) , s1lence (chevy) , yankinlk (mike) , nexus (norman donnery) , vl0rk (daniel heffernan) , rapier (john) , dazza (darren dorrian)
, mrtimewalk (victor gannon) , mindphuck (eric mooney) , saik (dan o' carroll) , sam (sam)
, gman (gman) , biohazrd (richard) , #meat# (richard loughnane) , legion (dave) , shevy
(brian flynn) , slaanesh (ronan walsh) , gerry (philip brennan) , havok (neil morgan) ,
megasheep (jason o'mahony) , ndpodgeen (podgeen) , allmighty_cron (jim) , sludgenuts (ivan
kelly) ,
wasted (patrick mcnamara) , igus (igus) , ppc (kieran) , amp (adam jewell) , deagol (carl
woods) , phaxx (phaxx) , stratagist (trev) , spookydonkey (barry kelly) , donkeykongjr.
(brian hickey) , uberpixie (keith nolan) , cardinal (conor o'byrne) , anubis (richard,
dick) , seb (sebastian guest) , cheez (mark shaw) ,
molc (colm quinn) , snaga (eric joyce) , quozl (greg) , spaceman (paddy conway) , 01011000
(colm scanlon) , sonic (jonathan deane)

your not on this list? well, you a damn fool, 'cos your gonna miss out on one of
the biggest lans of the year. starting friday the 6th, ending sunday the 8th,
fragnet is going to be one hell of a session. don't bother bringing your sleeping
bag, you won't need it. choose 800 smokes, choose 20 cans of redbull, choose 50 cans
of beer, choose a fuckoff pc and a dirty cool mouse, choose quake3, quakeworld and all
sorts of fps games... choose not to go? you can't! details about
fragnet can be found here and here.

  punkbuster fix. - 03/12/2002Jay | 10846 views | 1 replies 
punkbuster has been causing a lot of gamers a lot of problems recently especially in leagues such as the bwq3dml and the bwq3ctfl.

a part of the problem was that the guid checking server was moved to id software, where the guids are checked from a database causing problems for players with both legal and illegal copies.

the other major problem affected the spectators and followers, causing gtv to kick the clients with the error message "time out trying to update pb client" after a random amount of time.

anyway, to make a long story even longer, this is now fixed. hopefully we've seen the last of pb problems.

  new movie - 03/12/2002Jay | 9899 views | 8 replies 
own-age has finished his latest trick jumping movie which features the latest runs by cetus, a lithuanian trick jumper. it's 306mb in size...(ouch) you can get it here.

  new clan '70 - 03/12/2002saik | 8723 views | 13 replies 

'70 - a new irish quake3 tdm clan have started up. members are dest, melachi, mindphuck, rapier and myself. we are looking for one more player of a similar standard. our irc channel is #70, and our website is href="http://www.quake.ie/70">here. ded.

update: we've added vincunt and nexus to the squad, we are fullup! lol fh.tdm lol. (deder)

  bigfoots bwq3dml week 1 review - 02/12/2002Jay | 8818 views | 0 replies 

bigfoot has posted his league review over on quakenation.

it seems that punkbuster has been causing a lot of trouble to a lot of players. both those with illegal and legal copies alike. hopefully this won't be an ongoing problem.

as far as i can make out nd seem to be the only irish clan participating.

league tables can be found at the bwq3dml homepage.

  gameservers.net cb league - 29/11/2002Zero | 8633 views | 2 replies 
signups are being taken on the gs.net league page for a (small) tdm league. the one thing to note is that they are using the gs.net servers and no others, which is good if you can ping well to gs.net because it gets rid of the server search crap beforehand. (we ping 40 from here, saik got 50 from isdn).

  cbnations results - 28/11/2002Illkillya | 9103 views | 11 replies 
thanks to mindphuck we managed to get koopa and vin on broadband for tonight, it paid off in the cbnations ctf cup at 8 against netherlands. we didn't know what to expect, since this was the first time our team played together. after a 2-minute server search, we went to lsr's server in uk. it took awhile for koopa and vincent to get setup (putting network cable in isdn ta... wp vin) but eventually we started on ireland's home map q3w2, with a team of vincent, 2fish (koopa), anarchy, sno, killy (me ) with zero coaching. after an early cap for us, the game was stalemate for 15 minutes (except for one moment when we were saved at enemy flag by sno). towards the end, ned really put the pressure on us by attacking with 4 men, but our defence of vincent and 2fish held firm, final score 1-0 to ireland.

ned chose cp9 as their home map: i had expected this since they beat france there last week, even though their traditional home map is cp5. bd subbed in for me and i replaced zero as coach. ned won comfortably 4-1 despite being well outfragged, there was clearly a lot of room for improvement by ireland on this map.

next came time to pick the decider map, which was q3w7. i moved back in to replace bd, and zero returned to coach. another early cap by ireland gave us a room to breathe, like w2 this is a map which can be difficult to score on. after 15 mins, we had settled for a 1-0 win, but as they did on w2, ned decided to go all-out attack. they couldn't get past our broadband lg's though, so it just resulted in two more caps for ireland and a final score scoreline of 3-0. overall result: ireland 4 - 2 netherlands. gg's ned and thanks to the_stranger for gtv.

the cbnations tdm was scheduled for 10pm, and after a late end to bwdml div1, ireland and uk settled on a dutch server where pings were fairest. the irish team was 2fish, ser, anarchy, vincent, with captain zero coaching. most of the players were on 35ish ping, but blokey's 20 ping cancelled out storm's 50 ping. unfortunately this was only the second time this irish team played together (the first time being against estonia in the playoffs when vin and koopa were on isdn). ireland's map was q3dm7, we got a horrible start and it took a few minutes to get back into the game. they just started to cess constantly, regaining ra at times but never holding it long enough to make a comeback, thanks to blokey and jay who were very impressive for uk. the final score was 231-149 to uk.

another bad start for ireland on uk's home map pro-dm6. uk clearly have their own way of playing this map, must be why its their home map, and it was very effective. ireland held ra for a lot of the game, and got a good few powerups, but because of uk's style we were never really in control. the best work was done by jay for uk who finished with a net of +37. theres a report on clanbase here.

  happy birthday to room101 - 27/11/2002MindPhuck | 8353 views | 0 replies 
remember that site which you all use for lans, we'll, its a year old today. check out the news page on room101.org for details.

  ireland v - 27/11/2002MindPhuck | 8180 views | 6 replies 
team.ie ctf take on the netherlands tonight in the clanbase nations ctf cup. match kicks off at 8pm, so be about in #team.ie for some support and gtv.

also tonight, the team.ie dm squad takes on the uk in the clanbase nations dm cup. this has been a forced match, but should be an excellent set of games. game kicks off at 9pm.

  clan roundup - 25/11/2002Zero | 8771 views | 19 replies 
a mixture of news from week 1 of the bwctfl. fh went down to rv 0-6, 0-5 over two maps in div2a, (probably vin's fault), while jobos racked up their first win in div3a, winning 5-2, 3-0 over sa.
nd meet fs this wednesday in div2b of the bwdml, while tonight we play a very important game against s9r in the clanbase 2nd league playoff. 3 wins in the next three games would put us in the final of the second league. 3 hard wins to get but we'll see how we do. in other news, there are rumours floating around about mp pulling a new irish clan together in the next couple of weeks which would be cool for our dwindling community. will keep you posted.

  account details - 22/11/2002Zero | 9490 views | 23 replies 
details for all the people generously contributing to send koopa to qhlan. wed appreciate the money within a week or so, so i can get booking the flights, accom etc, sam is too cluck to make his own cornflakes.
<stuff removed>

thanks again, if he doesnt win we can always kill him afterwards.

offered - 31 x 20 = 620 + 110 = 730
20 - zero, saik, vincent, killy, moll, kharn, logic1, swing, mixu, rook1e, spaceman, rapier, quozl, toulouse, jedi, syxpak, bigfoot, sico, izer, legion, dustaz, gerry, junkie, jaden, carbine, crimsonghost, nemesis, jay, podgeen, sky, ppc

other - bugler(10), giblet(10), kairo(10), biohazrd (30), mindphuck(50)

paid - cybermart(50 thanks guys), melachi, toulouse, kharn, cyan (all 20), kairo (10)

  ctf preview - 21/11/2002Moll | 9140 views | 0 replies 
ctf previews were posted on quakenation today part 1 division 1,2a,2b and 2c .fh will be competing in division 2a and are expected to do well provided isdn doesn't go pants. part2 contains divisions 3a,3b,3c and 4. jb will be competing in division 3a and are expected to be mid table/playoffs.

  clanbase schtuff - 21/11/2002MindPhuck | 9231 views | 0 replies 
in the first game of the season, belgium defeated ireland in the clanbase ctf nations cup. scores were 0-3 on q3w2 and 2-6 on q3w3. full report, comments and screenshots can be found here.

in the clanbase ctf open cup, my clan, tourtured souls, beat ndc down over four maps. some very close games. scores were 2-0 on q3w2, 2-3 on q3ctf2, 2-1 on q3wcp9 and on q3w2, it was 0-0. this puts ts into the semi finals.

  thank you. - 19/11/2002Zero | 9506 views | 9 replies 
we at quake.ie would like to thank everybody who has offered under no obligation to donate a few quid to send our black arab ninja to stockholm. i will post up account details tomorrow at the latest, we are looking good for paying both flights and accommodation, all the details will be up here in good faith in case anybody suspects that we are including a hooker for koopa in the main bill. (not a bad idea eh sam?)

offered - 30 x 20 = 600 + 110 = 710

20 - zero, saik, vincent, killy, moll, kharn, logic1, swing, mixu, rook1e, spaceman, rapier, quozl, toulouse, jedi, syxpak, bigfoot, sico, izer, legion, dustaz, gerry, junkie, jaden, carbine, crimsonghost, nemesis, jay, podgeen, sky
other - bugler(10), giblet(10), kairo(10), biohazrd (30), mindphuck(50)

paid -

  npr quake - 18/11/2002x0n | 8913 views | 1 replies 

according to popular rhetoric, all programs (no matter how simple) will expand until they can read email. how long before your inbox can be mapped onto an in-game surface? have i just put down a challenge for the modders?

this may work for the art students among you if you're caught red-handed playing qw on uni machines:

the sketchynpr attempts to simulate a person rapidly sketching the quake environment on a piece of white paper. the walls are shaded with a hash-style sketching, and the water ripples with every stroke of the writing utensil.

check it out here.

  previews... - 17/11/2002Illkillya | 8758 views | 1 replies 
the_stranger has previewed both the dm and ctf nations cups on quakenation, with an introduction to each country, interviews, and predictions. read the dm preview here and also ctf group a and group b previews.
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