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quake.ie main news
  new promode release - 16/01/2002MindPhuck | 5345 views | 5 replies 
later today, the latest cpma v99w will be released. i'll post links etc to it when it comes available. what i found interesting in this one, besides some cool features, is that cpma will no longer support vanilla q3. intesting to see that occur. more news on the promode site.

  rtcw patch - 16/01/2002MindPhuck | 5416 views | 0 replies 
a new patch for return to castle wolfenstien is out. the 1.1 release is a mere 1.5 mb and fixes various minor issues. you can nab it off here. i saw this on xsr.

  university cup - 14/01/2002Illkillya | 5809 views | 3 replies 
quiff is looking for teams to enter the university tdm cup hes organising. theres a few uk teams that are looking very strong, but there will be a lot of teams in it just for fun, so it would be nice to see ireland represented by at least one team (ul? tcd? dcu?) i'd put in a ucc team but i'd doubt we could even field four cs players. you can find him in #nottsq3 on quakenet.

  irish qw trials - take ii - 14/01/2002MindPhuck | 5696 views | 18 replies 
the last trials were a bit of a mess, so we've decided to re-run them due to the messing about that took place. mostly my fault as i had to bugger off just before they started and it went downhill from there. im sorry about that.

so, heres whats going to happen.

stick your name down here (or www.boards.ie - same news posted), if your interested in taking part. you must be of irish origin. you are not irish if you drank a guiness once.

format for trials.

date - sunday 20th of jan

time - 8pm sharp - no delays

maps - dm3, e1m2

teams - 4v4 (picked based on who-ever signs here)

demos - will be recorded in mvd format from the servers.

the only clients allowed are qw2.30 and morequake. players must be using qismo. f_modified must not report errors. anyone without these setup and working correctly will be asked to leave the server.

there will be no delays accepted because of -

a) qizmo /client reporting errors (get it fixed before hand)

b) connection problems - (get it fixed before hand)

c) no bitching/bl33ting/moaning on the servers.

d) ready up when told!

sorry if this sounds draconian. we, as a team don't have the luxory of time on our hands if we wish to participate in the euro qw cup.

cyahs sunday.

  barrysworld euroctf kicks off - 14/01/2002MindPhuck | 5486 views | 2 replies 

the barrysworld
cup kicks off this tuesday night with a cool set of games lined up.
ireland won't be playing till next week due to the isle of man squad dropping out
recently. team.ie's first
game will be versus the welsh squad and will prove to be a hard game for the irish lads.
we'll give 'em hell no doubt. anyway, you can watch all the matches via gtv with scorebots all in #euroctf.


holland vs belgium 7pm


germany vs hungary 8pm

austria vs croatia 8pm


iceland vs denmark 6pm

france vs portugal 8.30pm

scotland vs n.ireland 9pm

spain vs greece 10pm

friday 18th

russia vs sweden 6pm

  definetly not quake related. - 13/01/2002nDPodgeen | 5922 views | 3 replies 
ok no reference to quake here but this is very funny stuff. some of you may have spotted a link on boards, if you have take another look anyways.

*zero - token news update

  clanbase eurocup4 - 12/01/2002MindPhuck | 5527 views | 0 replies 
ec4 kicks off today at 11am gmt. there should be some really excellent games being played and well worth a look into. #eurocup on quakenet.

  i smell your brains - 11/01/2002MindPhuck | 5529 views | 4 replies 
ahh, the new team.ie bind!

  bwdml week 8 - 10/01/2002M1ke | 5716 views | 2 replies 
with the league almost coming to a conclusion here's a quick update on the goings on in week 8.

in division 1a bio v gs was a draw - 98 v 115 to bio on milktdm and on q3dm12tmp 86 v 77 to gs. in the scheduled fixture bio v unr, unr went onto win 120-57 on milktdm, bio however put up a much better performance on dm14tmp but still loosing 110-90. this puts bio in 3rd place with 2 matches in hand, in a good position to challenge for a place in the bwdml finals.

div2a saw hat take all 3 points vs f - f 71-126 on milktdm and a default 0-75 on dm12tmp. this leaves hat in a nice position mid table, with 2 matches left in hand, promotion looks just a little too far out of reach.

div3b sees bio.r move up into 3rd place with a crucial win vs lsr last night, 78-82 74-97 respectively. bio.r are in a good position now to challenge for promotion if they can win next weeks big fixture vs t-u who are just below them in the table.

div3d has fh in 6th place picking up a default win vs cn this week. they've two matches in hand and are to face udfc next week in a match they should expect to win.

  cancer - 10/01/2002Zero | 5522 views | 3 replies 
i noticed over on iggy's column on quakenation about a little proggie that you download and apparently it works like [email protected] except it's for cancer research. if, like me, you have a computer with a free net connect i would suggest you take it down and run it, as we all know someone who has suffered or is suffering from cancer. being someone who has been trying on and off for the last two years to give up smoking, cancer is something that puts the fear of god in me, as i'm sure it does for all you smoking quaker nerds, so if you have nothing to do, download the programme here and when you are on an intensive care machine in the bed beside me, maybe there'll be someone who can save us due to our little effort.

  nqr qw league signups - 08/01/2002Spliffy | 5643 views | 0 replies 
this league has been going on for sum time now but has only just opened its doors to the rest of europe. any clan can enter, but would be best if you ping good to foreign servers.

the first season starts next tuesday (jan 15th) and will carry on untill march 15th after that the top 16 teams will go through to the playoffs.

its going to use the clanbase points system and is explained in the rules like this:

when a new season starts each team is given 1000 points to start off with. when winning a game you will be given 10% of the enemy clan's points. note that you can't lose any points by losing a game.

if a clan is ranked pretty high in the ranking and beats a clan with low points it will not gain them much points, that should incourage the better clans not to mash the 'smaller' clans for easy points.

more information can be found on the nqr website.

  no play at the playing fields - 08/01/2002MindPhuck | 5817 views | 5 replies 
a bit of a shock to the system this one. i heard today that the the playing fields has closed their doors for the last time. it's what i call a historicly bad day for gaming.

i met most of the people there, edward watson. ed is a down to earth nice guy and genuinely has his heart in the right place. he was very passionate about tpf and i'm sure the closing of the tpf is a blow to all who worked there.

  qhlan3 - 07/01/2002Bunny | 5666 views | 3 replies 
today we see the end of a long awaited search for quakeworld's best european player. over the weekend qhlan3 took place in sollentuna, sweden, which was attended by around two hundred competitors and spectators. competitions included:

1v1 quakeworld - (1st griffen, 2nd dag)
2v2 quakeworld - (1st space & striker, 2nd griffen, mrlame)
4v4 quakeworld - (1st slackers, 2nd hellfire)

there was also a broodwars competition and a counter strike competition.

wrestling was also thrown in for the amusement of all and to show the world that nerds can hold themselves up in a fight.

prizes were decent enough, griffen waddled away with an amd athlon xp 1900+, 512mb ddr, 80gb.

  nine inch nails doomed? - 06/01/2002ThrAx | 5779 views | 2 replies 
over on telefragged i found news that on macworld theres an interview with trent reznor of nin fame. it is mentioned that trent may be doing the sound track for doom 3. this is not the first time he has worked with id as he has also worked on the original quake sound track.

  watch old q3 demos with ease - 06/01/2002ThrAx | 5756 views | 0 replies 
latest version of demo show creator is out. it will help you to play all the old q3 demo formats with ease.

heres some info on what it can do from the creators:

it's a light version of dsc (quake iii arena demo player) with point release 1.31 compatibility.
look at the context menu for demo files. double click a demo to play it. convert a dm3 demo to the dm_48 format.
open the properties window of a demo, save demo and player descriptions (only dm3 and dm_48 demos for now).
switch q3a version manually via shortcuts.

get it now from dsc

  3wave ctf 1.1 upgrade pack - 04/01/2002MindPhuck | 5590 views | 0 replies 
the new pack was released a few days ago. you still of course need the whooping 120+mb 1.0 pack. this is just an upgrade with fixes and stuff. slurp it here.

  q3 configs - 04/01/2002MindPhuck | 5824 views | 0 replies 
theres an extreamly good article over on xsr by p1erre about your q3 configuration. he goes into some good detail about various areas such as -

- general commands & binds

- movement & attacking

- sounds & connection

- video settings

- mouse settings

- aliases & scripts

- cpma.ra3 & ra3 commands

its good (its not completed yet), so go have
a read.

  qw duel competition - 03/01/2002Illkillya | 5791 views | 4 replies 
i just noticed on uk gamer that theres a quakeworld duel competition starting run by tronus. you can sign up on the league website or in their channel #qwduels.

players will duel in the best out of 3 maps which will take the league over a number of weeks, if a player wins 2 games out of the 3 he or she will automaticaly be the winner.

the spammiest among you will be disappointed to hear that dm4 is not in the map list, the chosen maps are dm2, dm6 and ztndm3. closing date for entries is 20/01/2002.

  ionstorm - 03/01/2002Zero | 5625 views | 4 replies 
an interesting article is over on salon.com about the "rise and fall" of john romero's ionstorm.

  more pocket quake! - 02/01/2002ThrAx | 5667 views | 0 replies 
over on pocket quake they have recently ported quake 2 over to the pocket pc/win ce format. now you can play quake 2 as well as quake 1 on the train or at the bus stop. oh wait, you can do that already with a laptop.

still, its a novel idea and much easier to carry with you than a laptop.

download it for your palmtop here

  mapping the year away - 02/01/2002ThrAx | 5612 views | 0 replies 
alcatraz has posted "quake 3: 2001 in review" over on qmap.org

i documents all the big map releases over the last year.

check out his post on
qmap if you're into mapping

  q3 mods overview - 02/01/2002Illkillya | 5946 views | 5 replies 
leviathon has written a very informative column on qn about a lot of the most popular q3 mods around at the moment. since most of us are stuck on isdn or modem, downloading 80mb mods is rare enough, but here you can take a look at whats available and see whats worth downloading.

  uk qw team announced - 02/01/2002Illkillya | 5881 views | 1 replies 
while team.ie trials are on this weekend (read below), the uk team has already been announced. it features some familiar names from clans dn, jams, wr and 4k. the team is:

blitz, caustic, chad, dynamic, gibbs, m0rph, nih, rabid, r, tezz , kryten (sub), telly (sub)

the team was decided by a committee who voted for their top 10 players based upon history, performance in trials and other factors.

  clanbase maplist decided - 02/01/2002Illkillya | 5883 views | 9 replies 
i just read on quakenation that clanbase have decided on the maplist for next seasons clanbase q3dm eurocup and the clanbase open q3dm cup.
the maps chosen are:

  • q3dm14tmp
  • cpm4
  • ospdm5
  • ospdm6
  • ospdm12

i have been anticipating the dismissal of dm7 from major tournaments for a long time, but i was never convinced that dm6 would be dropped, since despite lacking tactical depth, it is the most popular tdm map in q3. theres 223 comments on the clanbase announcement here so far, and although i've only read about 100 of them, it seems that people are unhappy with the retention of cpm4 at the expense of a classic dm6/7.
its good to see so many of the new osp maps being used, since we could do with some new maps and the other "new" maps being used in leagues lately haven't really caught on.

  quakeworld national team trials - 02/01/2002MindPhuck | 5929 views | 8 replies 
the trials for the national quakeworld team will take place this sunday, the 6th of jan. anyone wishing to trial for the team should be in #team.ie for 8pm.

teams will be picked on the night. players will be expected to have qizmo fully functioning. qw 2.3 and morequake 0.94 will be allowed as a client. the maps will be dm3 and e1m2.
you can download all the above from the quake.ie ftp.

we will not accept delays from players who do not have them running and reporting correctly, without pack errors.

if you have any queries, please contact myself or spliffy. feel free to pass this info onto a friend.

  happy new year ! - 31/12/2001Spliffy | 6131 views | 7 replies 
we at quake.ie wish you a happy and drink filled new years! now let the drinking commence

  q3 trickjumps explained - 29/12/2001Bunny | 5996 views | 3 replies 
viper over on xsreality has made everything okay. his article is an explanation of how to go faster and jump further in quake3, how do make the t2 jump and he covers the dm6 railgun jump from both directions, complete with diagrams and pictures. get it here.

  euroctf - 28/12/2001M1ke | 5867 views | 9 replies 

the euroctf
is due to kick off in about 2 weeks time. below is irelands group
prediction from xsreality.com .you can
read the predictions for the rest of the groups here.

group 2 ::
wales, iom, scotland, england, ireland, n. ireland

england should
take the 1st spot pretty easily, their squad includes very good ctf players
such as blokey and ranger, both from clan neo. the fight for the 2nd spot will
be alot more interesting, i think that scotland and wales have an equal chance
of taking the 2nd spot, but if i had to pick one team now, i'd say wales, only
because they managed to get 2nd place in last euroctf season.

  happy christmas - 22/12/2001MindPhuck | 5834 views | 5 replies 
on behalf of the team here at quake.ie, we wish to simply say, have a nice christmas and happy holidays.

  q3 servers upgraded - 22/12/2001MindPhuck | 5776 views | 0 replies 
all our q3 servers are now upgraded to q3 pointrelease 1.31. you can nab it from our files section.
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