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  bw ctf review - 25/06/2003saik | 10236 views | 0 replies 
bigfoot has posted his massive 36,000 word review of season 11 of the href="http://leagues.barrysworld.net/bwq3ctfl">barrysworld ctf league over on href="http://www.quakenation.com">quakenation.

part 1 - introduction, stats & div 1

part 2 - div 2a & 2b

part 3 - div 3a, 3b & 3c

part 4 - div 4

  bot challenge - 24/06/2003Illkillya | 9743 views | 6 replies 
i know a few quake.ie readers were taking part in a dm6 bot challenge started by s1lence. i tried that one myself and it was long and boring and not very good. i went looking for a link to an old tourney run by french people which gave you a server batch file for a 1v4 vs ogc bots on ztn which i thought was quite good.. but could never find the link.

but quakenation have just posted about another french bots challenge, this time on pro-dm6. instead of 1v4 like last time, its now 1v12. definitely worth a try, it might be addictive, read the full details and download the server files from quaddenied.

  duelmania 3 - 24/06/2003MIXU | 8894 views | 0 replies 
duelmania 3
has kicked off and is well under way, nearly having the 3rd rounds played which end some time this week. lot's of familiar faces to be seen, check it out

  group beee - 24/06/2003MindPhuck | 8261 views | 0 replies 
more on alt-nations cup. for those of you who don't know ireland has been grouped with the following teams -

northen ireland

should make interesting games!

  bw season 11 review - 23/06/2003MindPhuck | 7404 views | 0 replies 

bif has posted his review for season 11 of the href="http://leagues.barrysworld.net/bwq3dml">barrysworld q3dm league. as usual it is
a good read.. coffee and food essential :

- part i
- introduction, stats & division 1

- part ii -
divisions 2a & 2b

- part iii
- divisions 3a, 3b & 3c

- part iv -
divisions 4a, 4b & 5

  ctf nations.alt starting - 22/06/2003Illkillya | 7220 views | 5 replies 
the website is up and running at www.altnations.tk. ireland's first game was due to be played vs england, but they kindly agreed to postpone that due to our connection problems at the moment. our first game will be against slovenia next week, no date decided yet.

the current squad consists of co-captains killy (myself) and mindphuck, with active squad members vincent, bd, anarchy, saik, nexus, dest, and melachi, a few players that we hope might get involved are currently inactive at the moment due to sub-isdn connects and real life commitments. only 3 full-time broadbanders in that list, hopefully that will change very soon since mp and i are both expecting eircom radsl in the next couple of weeks, which should hopefully give the 40ish ping to uk that melachi has.

team.ie website is here as always, but not much to see there at the moment while its undergoing slight reconstruction while some of us sort out our passwords so in the meantime i'll leave you with the immortal team.ie leprechaun:

  neoe forces evolution - 20/06/2003LordKhan | 7721 views | 4 replies 
something of a record for a neo side in any competition was established last night, with their first ever first-round-exit from a competition at the hands of eoe. said competition is, of course, the qualification stages for quakecon 2003 - two rounds of play from whence the winners advance to a spot in quakecon proper. as reported earlier, iqs have already set up their second round match by taking down nv, and medusa made short work of sheepheads to do likewise. the full set of euro results since rainyah's last update is:

gzd 2-0 xsx

4k 2-0 scb

eoe 2-0 neo

gzd's game seems to have gone along with derfel's "win please" plan. 4k, on the other hand, were handed a default by scb - something of a disappointment to see them taking up a spot that could've been given to a team that actually intended to play. eoe vs neo (the only match i managed to actually catch on gtv) was actually a great game to watch, 110ms and all. eoe's choice of cp9 produced a thrilling encounter, with both sides going attack-heavy but eoe remembering powerups far more often. even so, the scores were tied at 2-2 with two minutes to go, before eoe scored what must be regarded as a soft cap (not a neo player in sight anywhere on the fc's route) to take the map 3-2. neo's selection of cp1 started much better for the euro side, with the sheer speed of requiem's first cap leaving spectators pondering the location of the hidden haste. it didn't continue in that vein however, eoe coming back strongly with powerup control and coming out ahead on a cross-steal or two as well - up to 3-3 the game was about as close as it gets, before eoe organised a couple of quick cap raids to put the game beyond neo. a series worth a watch, even considering pings.

by challange-uk.com

  wolfenstein: enemy territory - 29/05/2003x0n | 12108 views | 5 replies 

splash damage/id & activision have released a new multiplayer game based on the (rtcw) wolfenstein engine. it's getting good reviews so far, it's class-based in the traditional tf style and this game is _not_ a mod, it's totally standalone. e.g. you don't need to own rtcw to run the game.

oh, and one other thing. it's free. yes. free.

available on activision's rtcw site; click the "enemy territory" link.

update: it appears to be a test release, but i'm reading conflicting reports that the final version (if it's not gold already?) will also be completely free.

  monday night gtv - 26/05/2003saik | 12189 views | 6 replies 
uk clan ironfist are set to take on ze germans of unmatched to reach the eurocup loserbracket semis(woo). esr have more in-depth
coverage, including a short interview with zyz here.

it starts at 21 cet, which i think is 8 o' clock our time. gtv ip's, scorebots etc will be in #eurocup.q3

update: mistless iron win a very close 5 map game. demos and a huge writeup by slay available on clanbase.

  no more eurocup lans - 24/05/2003MindPhuck | 11933 views | 0 replies 
according to the guys at clanbase, there will be no more eurocup lan finals. this is due to them wanting to put more effort into their main web site and the costs thats involved from running the lans.

shame really, it was one regular event that i've always looked forward to seeing.

  alt ctf - 21/05/2003MindPhuck | 12561 views | 7 replies 
the alternative ctf nations cup has been launched over on xsr. for those wishing to sign up for the ctf team, join #team.ie and speak to killy. i'm not sure how accurate this is, but there you go.

  nations quake rank final - 21/05/2003MIXU | 12611 views | 4 replies 
ended in a stunning 3-2 victory for slackers, who beat clan malfunction on the 5th map with a mere 2 frags!! all 5 games were very close apart from 2 demo's below:

1. e1m2

2. dm3

3. dm2

4. dm3

5. e1m2

slackers are now nqr 4 champions, and deserve to be. nqr 4 was fun, and i enjoyed it my self, even tho i did'nt particapte in any of the games, it was still fun to spectate. well done to the admins/clans/players in nqr. good fight, good night!

  q3 ctf nations.alt - 20/05/2003Illkillya | 12790 views | 8 replies 
the irish ctf team opted not to enter clanbase nations cup this season, because of our lack of broadband, and the fact that having to drive a long distance for dsl was too much to ask of the players if we weren't able to put up a decent challenge (which would be the case without regular prac, but theres no point praccying on isdn because we'd have to alter our tactics and team etc etc). but now some of our players have, and are getting dsl, just as a new nations ctf is starting up. this is a fun orientated 5v5 ctf cup, being run by exiled clanbase nations admin d3xt3r. uk is split up into england, wales, scotland, ni. for a change, canada and usa are competing, i can't decide whether this is a good thing or not, but fair servers will have to be chosen, the head admin insists that pings will be fair between american and western european countries on an icelandic server.

rep. of ireland find themselves in a group with england, northern ireland, ireland, slovenia, belgium, holland, and switzerland. england, belgium and switzerland have always been considered top ctf nations, although its hard to say how it will shape up this season, in the last ctf nations, belgium started well but ended up dropping out of the competition. the netherlands consistently produces competent ctf clans, and has a very active ctf scene. they lost to ireland last season, but appear to have improved since then, with some good results in clanbse nations this season. northern ireland is back with a brand new line-up, some of the old names like vicnbob and sar no longer there. i don't know anything about slovenian ctf :o

the ni team is having an exhibition match this weekend vs team usa, saturday at 9pm gmt. they have already announced their squad, featuring a lot of familiar names, sno, mocha, |- , flavor, sonar, seh, z3on, and daunk (jaymz = mascot).

the roi squad isn't decided yet - if you weren't in the squad last season and would like to participate this time then talk to me (fh|killy) on irc in #team.ie. the cup is starting around june 9th, which is a fraction sooner than i had hoped, since a couple of us are ordering dsl this week, i don't know if we would have it in time. (and theres a chance that via dsl might suck).

  clanbase qw final... - 14/05/2003MIXU | 15200 views | 5 replies 
came to an end last night, as both firing squad and clan malfunction battled it off in an exciting 4 map final. fs won the final 3-1, after some impressive play but cmf also showed who's boss as they destroyed fs on 2nd map, dm2. e1m2 was possibly the best map out of all, demo is _definately_ worth downloading, get the demos here:

fs & cmf: dm3

fs & cmf: dm2

fs & cmf: e1m2

fs & cmf: dm2

if you're gonna download any demo of the above, i highly recommend the e1m2, such a tight game :d

on an another note, nqr finals are coming up very soon, after cmf beat disorder and slackers beat firing squad. more on that soon!

  the melogay show - 01/05/2003Rapier | 19428 views | 24 replies 
after bob recently interviewed koopa, melachi came running to me (bobs agent) asking for an interview to boost his ego. i agreed for a wholesome fee of half his pro-gamer earnings. at least now it wont circulate back into rich already, sweden. here is mel's story.

  nqr4 preliminary season is over! - 30/04/2003MIXU | 17923 views | 0 replies 
for those of you any way associated with qw, nations quake rank came to an end last night, with over 300 played games in 6 weeks. playoff's are still to come some time shortly. demo's etc are available at the site!

  koopa interview. - 28/04/2003Rapier | 12853 views | 7 replies 
i recently took it upon myself to interview irelands most predominant quake player ever. he opens his mind to me after i slipped the blue pill into in his phoneline. enjoy or cry, whichever. http://www.quake.ie/comments.asp?item=1634

  server - 27/04/2003saik | 12200 views | 0 replies 
rev is hosting an osp server on games2 again. be sure to say thanks to him on irc.

  rocket arena update - 26/04/2003MindPhuck | 12304 views | 0 replies 
after what has seemed an age, the boyos who created rocket arena have upgraded their mod to ver 1.6.

you can grab the upgrade here or get the full install here.

  shackes to close - 23/04/2003MindPhuck | 12831 views | 0 replies 
one of my favourite esports sites, shackes is to close. muiy explains that the energy is just gone out of him and he no longer has the time to put into the site that he would like. ahh well. i think its another gaming site dedicated to pro-gaming which has dwindled away.. just like pro-gaming is.

  missed megalan ? - 20/04/2003MindPhuck | 16592 views | 16 replies 

you missed megalan ? well, your a fecking eejit,
'cos it was really good fun!! there was some cars.. melachi beat koopa in the q3 finals...
there was some women... the final was over two maps, pro-dm6 and ztn and there was some
more women... melachi won them both.. feck it.. simply, it was a great lan.

i'm a bit wrecked at the moment, so i'll just post up some links to some pix that we
took over the weekend. besides the lan pix, we got some 'interesting' pics of some of the
more glamourous views which happened to be floating around in the car 'no
fear/*thump**thump*' show that was taking place besides us   

oh and before i forget, one word to all attending - bluebink *bink* *bink*... you
know who i'm talking about!

lan pix





and dont forget to check these out -











more pix and some movies coming soon..

  edl signups - 19/04/2003Spliffy | 14832 views | 0 replies 
there are currently signups being taken for the european dope league, this is a 2v2 quakeworld league and theres already been alot of interest in it with 63 teams signed up so far. this will be alot of fun and i suggest you go and signup now!

  qlan begins today ! - 18/04/2003Carl33to | 13058 views | 1 replies 
for those of you not going to megalan there will be plenty of great games to see on gtv over the weekend.

various previews/predictions have been written : one at esreality and another at cached.

gtv info and scorebots (i expect) can be found at #qlan.se .

a timetable is also up at http://www.fragtown.nu/qlan/en/schema.html.

here's hoping gtv delays will be minimal


#qlan.1on1 for 1v1 details.

#qlan.tdm for tdm details.




  2 days and counting.. - 17/04/2003MindPhuck | 10035 views | 2 replies 

are you going to miss it ?

  broadband at last? - 14/04/2003Illkillya | 11105 views | 26 replies 
i know there have been a lot of developments on the availability of broadband in ireland lately, and there have been some good value packages too for the first time in history. for gamers, esat has been the most promising, but is not very widely available. now all of a sudden, iol, using esat broadband are promising low ping, affordable dsl... widely available.

if you check http://register.iol.ie/broadband/signup.html put in your phone number, and theres a good chance that it will say you are eligible for broadband in mid may. lots of people who had been told that there were no plans to upgrade their exchange by esat are now being told that they can get broadband. a 5gb download cap per month, which is a lot better than eircom's miserable allowance, and theres a good chance it will give the low ping that esat 512k and residential 256k dsl gives.

  bw tdm review - 14/04/2003MindPhuck | 9808 views | 0 replies 

biffy has posted his review of the target="_blank">barrysworld q3dm season 11 league. its always a good read.  heres
the standard three parts -

- target="_blank">part i - introduction, divisions 1, 2a & 2b

- target="_blank">part ii - divisions 3a, 3b & 3c

- target="_blank">part iii - division 4a, 4b & 5

  cpming - 14/04/2003MindPhuck | 9707 views | 1 replies 

challenge promode went 1.1 gold
yesterday. for those fans out there, you can nab the upgrade pack href="http://www.quake.ie/comments.asp?item=1608">here, the full 1.00 version href="http://www.quake.ie/comments.asp?item=1607">here and map pack 5 href="http://www.quake.ie/comments.asp?item=1605">here.  of course you can nab
all the map packs from the ftp
.  and if your like me and just love a good kick around, go get the qw
remake of amphi for q3 and have
some fun with some mid air rockets.

the finals of challenges
ended yesterday.  there was some nice exhibition matches and some really good
games with apheleon and fiend, with apheleon taking the title.  he beat fiend 2-0 on
cpm3 and cpm1a.   also, to kick off target="_blank">wansanity,  the stickmen took on team abuse in a very close game.
  you can nab href="http://www.challenge-tv.com/index.php?mode=demodetail&demo=18985&dl=2"
target="_blank">the demo here.

  why pro-gaming sucks - 08/04/2003MindPhuck | 10961 views | 10 replies 
i saw this over on gamespy and thought it was worth a read - the top ten reasons why pro gaming sucks! my personal fav would be no: 2. check it out.

  challenges finals - 07/04/2003MindPhuck | 10232 views | 4 replies 
the challenges ii 1v1 finals is almost upon us. the final between apheleon and fiend, is scheduled for sunday, april the 13th at 9pm (est) and it will include some exhibition matches -

apheleon vs djwheat
gellehsak vs lsv
a|cujo vs a|qancer
tsn|trillian vs tsn|blankz
arqon vs a|rhea
xil-dracostian vs ]km[warri0r
donking vs a|citizenstickmen vs abuse

i would suggest you make sure you have the latest version of cpm and the maps, which you can slurp from promode.org.

  bw season 11 - 05/04/2003MindPhuck | 9807 views | 0 replies 

bigfoot and with some help from iggy have posted their preview of the season 11 of the
coming barrysworld q3ctf league.
you can check out the two different parts as follows -

part i
- divisions 1, 2a & 2b

part ii
- divisions 3a, 3b, 3c and 4

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