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  raven. milking the q3 engine? - 19/04/2002ThrAx | 8637 views | 0 replies 
i was just checking out the raven website. the soldier of fortune test is out now, that game really stretches the quake 3 engine and puts it to great use. i noticed how many games raven have based on the quake 3 engine. id software only have one!

i also hear that they are releasing elite force 2, i havn't seen much of it though, but i know that it will use the quake 3 engine. the screenshots i've seen look very similar to the last game but the graphics seem a bit more detailed. in my opinion it doesnt look different enough to warrant the ii at the end of its name, but the game looks worthy of a play none the less.


  the new quake.ie - 18/04/2002MindPhuck | 9581 views | 21 replies 

welcome to the new quake.ie -  please don't adjust your monitor,  yes, it is
green.  as you can see, its all new bells 'n whistles.  i've still to complete
some of the niftier facilities like articles, features, polls and some other cool stuff.
   i completely re-coded the entire site from scratch and learned a few new
tricks along the way.   importing the data from the old quake.ie was a complete
biotch.  i managed to get most of the data over correctly only having real difficulty
getting the demo comments in.  ahh well.  we all know koopa blows, no need to
read about it eh?

you will find your old quake.ie account works just dandy and
you may notice that you will get automaticly logged in.  registered users, not just
admins, can post news now and there will be some really cool play things coming online
real soon.  for example, say you don't like that nasty green colour, you can edit
your profile and change the style.  i've only got two styles up now, but as things
progress, i'll put some more up.  or if you got a cool style of your own, i can put
that up too.

alt="the green machine!">      src="links/qie-blue.jpg" width="150" height="90"
alt="blue thunder!">

for now, have fun and let me know if you run into any problems.

  rtcw source - 12/04/2002MindPhuck | 8513 views | 1 replies 
saw this on bluesnews that activision have released the source to both the single and multi-player version of return to castle wolfenstein. this could be a good move as mod makers will develop extra's onto osp/gtv, new player missions, etc. you can grab the source here.

  now ctf final - 11/04/2002MindPhuck | 9091 views | 4 replies 

last night saw the finals of href="http://www.splashdamage.com/sections.php?op=listarticles&secid=3">splashdamage
ctf cup aka, nowctf.   after sevaral weeks of battling it out with the top
teams for the grand prize of an xbox for each player on the team (8 players max), the
final took place between ts and href="http://www.we-are-lame-ass-benders.com">tc.  href="http://www.fragged.org/">tc win 1-0, snarf the prizes, fade to black, roll the

now, you can read it like that or you can read it like this -  tc were allowed to
play four players that wernt on their team list, right before the final, the league rules
allowed it and they beat ts.  the league is a great league and very enjoyable,
however, that sort of shit is just lame on behalf of tc.  to have to bend the rules
to ensure a win, make sure they get the prizes, blaa, blaa.   here, don't bother
listening to me, go to the following -

gunpower - godsmurfs news item

-  bigfoots news item

malc - the
strangers column

  peering back - 09/04/2002M1ke | 8838 views | 9 replies 
eircom and indigo peering to barrysworld is back. to be precise the journey to barrysworld is only 7 hops rather then 13 and the bad return traffic issues bbplanet were giving are resolved with the new route eircom and indigo take through the london internet exchange.

tested with indigo and eircom both of dublin pop numbers - 7 hops 35 ping average. hopefully this will make the coming league fixtures a little easier.

  bwctfl week 6 - 08/04/2002Illkillya | 8088 views | 3 replies 
ts, encouraged by their victory in the easter cup, continued their good form and beat nv in a couple of narrow games, 2-1 on w7 and 1-0 on ctctf2. they should be very happy in 4th place after 12 games, although they'll hope to remain ahead of iqs who have a game in hand. the two sides clash next week, but on current form i would expect ts to be favourites.

bio weren't so fortunate, and took a hefty defeat from 1st placed kr (the guys who don't like tdm anymore because they lost to nd), the scores there being 0-5 on w7 and 0-8 on ctctf2. this has been a bad season for bio, currently in last place despite having played more games than the other clans in the relegation zone. i don't think they'll be worried about returning to div2 next season, it will give them a chance to rebuild their team after so many players leaving. having said that, they will still be aiming to scratch up a few wins over the other struggling sides, such as potzw next week.

another postponement in div3a for fh.. this time w33d postponed in advance due to lack of players. that leaves us in second place, with 2 games in hand, and all rusty for our week 7 fixture vs 3rd placed b&k.

  quake.ie back in action - 05/04/2002MindPhuck | 7665 views | 0 replies 
the quake.ie, hosting and ftp services are now back in full swing. apologies for the down time. again, thanks to ecksor for the assistance in getting them back up and running.

  bwdml week 5 - 05/04/2002Zero | 7806 views | 15 replies 
bigfoot has his bwdml week 5 review up on quakenation this morning, worth a read. in the irish side of things this week, we saw 3 draws from the 3 irish teams, some welcome, some not.

after a reasonably comfortable win on cpm4, the fh lads became the usual victims to ping against ucq, who took osp6 by nearly double scores. according to bif, fh have to beat da next week to avoid the mingin-ness that is relegation. having seen these guys rock on lan, its frustrating to see them lose because of ping, div 3d is way below their level.

bio had what seemed to be two pretty close games vs ea, winning cpm4 but getting pipped at the post in the last minute on osp6 to lose by a shitty 5 frags to cost them the 3 points, although i wouldnt think they are worried, as they are sitting pretty comfortably at the top of the table in 2c.

this week saw nd face down kr, who are leading div 2b, and went in expecting a loss. the superior-pinged kr ran away with cpm4, winning 122-65, playing the level very well, but didn't seem to have the same knowledge of osp6. nd took a slight lead and held it throughout the game, holding ra and getting all but 2 or 3 quads, coming in at 111-100, to take a point from kr, who "were disgusted by nd's tactics". god forbid we ever win a game.

  easter cup review - 03/04/2002MindPhuck | 7114 views | 0 replies 
bigfoot has done up his review of the weekends barrysworld easter ctf cup. as usual, its a great read.. get coffee, snacks and sit back, etc.

  stuffage - 04/01/2002MindPhuck | 7035 views | 1 replies 

its been a little quite lately with it being easter and all that (i hope you had a
happy easter btw). this weeks scheduled href="http://leagues.barrysworld.net/bwq3ctfl/">barrysworld ctf league was postponed
due to i10 being on this weekend.

in place of the bw ctfl, the href="http://leagues.barrysworld.net/bwq3ctfl/fixtures.php?section=25">easter ctf cup
took off yesterday. from looking at this,
you can see the way the fixtures went down, although, at the time of writing, its not
up-to-date. ts went on to beat capcom in a nail biting game. pq beat scrb and
kr beat gzd. tonight, ts play pq, kr v pq and ts v kr take place.
matches kick off at 7:30 (rarrr, go ts) with the finals on later tonight.

on ctf stuff, the euroctf league
is coming into its final stages. england lost against belguim on thursday last, over
five cracking games. these have got to be some of the best games of the season to
date, with some amazing skill and team play. ready2kill has done up a match report which
can be found here.
demo's, courtesy of quakenation, can be slurped by map, href="ftp://ftp.barrysworld.com/pub/games/quake3/misc/demos/euroctf/quarterfinals/euroqtrs-ctf-q3wcp5-be-eng.zip.zip">cp5,
and href="ftp://ftp.barrysworld.com/pub/games/quake3/misc/demos/euroctf/quarterfinals/euroqtrs-ctf-q3wcp5-be-eng-2.zip.zip">cp5.
take a look at href="ftp://ftp.barrysworld.com/pub/games/quake3/misc/demos/euroctf/quarterfinals/be-warlock_vs_eng_cwp5_final-map.zip">warlocks
demo for the final game, at 19:44, he pulls off a class rail shot which, imho, won the
game for belgium and saved them from going into a sudden death game.

switzerland take on france on wednesday at 9pm with the usual gtv's in #euroctf.

  quake.ie normal service - 02/03/1931MindPhuck | 6692 views | 1 replies 
some of you may have noticed we've been having a bit of trouble of late. we've been investigating a certain problem resulting in the server crashing from time to time. we hope to have resolved sometime in the very future. the ftp server is down for the moment and we hope to bring back normal service soon.

  bw easter ctf cup - 29/03/2002MindPhuck | 6223 views | 1 replies 

due to it being easter and all, the normal href="http://leagues.barrysworld.net/bwq3ctfl/">bwctf league was postponed this
weekend.  however, the bright sparks over there decided to have a cup instead.
  the barrysworld href="http://leagues.barrysworld.net/bwq3ctfl/fixtures.php?section=25">easter ctf cup
ctf kicks off on sunday night at 7pm.  teams so far are as follows :

upper divisions

div1 - kr, pq, ts

div2a - bop, inf, xpd, scrb

div2b - lkff, so, gzd

lower divisions

div3a - b&k, c++, mia, >>

div3b - 3vil, en, ql

div3c - mdu

div4 - uiq, sa

there will be scorebots and gtv in #bwq3l on sunday and certainly worth a look into if
you've nothing else planned.

  bwdml wk4 - 28/03/2002M1ke | 6511 views | 2 replies 
nd were unlucky to go down to =da= 97-60 on q3dm7 and 69-53 on poq3dm5. from what i heard there was a problem with the slosh proxy they used so beast/zero were left on shoddy pings. and if koopa/overlords ping was anything like mine tonight then they were probably ping owned and nothing else. nd are 2nd from bottom but with a game in hand things could change as there isn't many points separating the other mid table clans.

on tuesday we played our week 4 game vs >q< and won 131-38 on dm7 and 102-21 on poq3dm5. we went onto one of our toughest games this season vs rnf and won a really close match on ospdm5 75-85 and an easier ospdm6 83-119. bio are now 3 points clear of everyone else in div2c with 4 wins from 4 games.

fh took a map off rip winning 49-69 on q3dm7 and loosing 61-47 on poq3dm5. somehow i have the feeling that if the barrysworld > irish isp routing issue was resolved this would have been an outright win as pings/packetloss has been really woeful recently. fh are mid table div3d.

  quake3 fps tweaks - 02/03/2028Zero | 6643 views | 3 replies 
some of you might have seen stony's article about quake3 fps tweaks, he lists a number of commands and what he would recommend. some of them are quite obvious, e.g. setting your lagometer to 0 obviously gains you a few fps but some of them are a bit obscure, the most significant one being s_mixahead 0.1 and s_mixprestep 0.08, which i tested on my own (piece of shit) work computer here and got a timedemo improvement of over 40fps. here they are anyway in cfg format, i recommend you try a few, if you are on a crappy pc like mine:

r_mode 3

r_colorbits 32

r_texturebits 32

r_ext_compressed_textures 0

r_texturemode gl_nearest

cg_noprojectiletrail 1

cg_showplayerlean 0

cg_lagometer 0

cg_drawfps 0

cg_scoreplums 0

m_filter 0

cg_notaunt 1

s_doppler 0

cl_packetdup 0

cg_smoothclients 0

cg_predictitems 0

s_mixahead 0.1

s_mixprestep 0.08

  quark tutorial - 27/03/2002ThrAx | 6258 views | 2 replies 
for all you budding mappers having trouble with your editor check out this tutorial. it shows you how to make a half-life map in quark but the principals are essentially the same as making one for quake.

check it out on rizenet

  agent x gets a new clan member - 26/03/2002MindPhuck | 6144 views | 5 replies 
this is a real log of a guy who tried to get into a cs clan. okay, its not quake related, but its sooo funny i had to share this with ya. have a read

thanks to ser for this peach.

  quake 4 gladiator - 24/03/2002ThrAx | 6520 views | 13 replies 
nice lookin q3 model :


him here (55 megs)

  iol q3 server - 23/03/2002M1ke | 6359 views | 1 replies 
q3 won the server vote and the server is now up at this ip :

osp tourney @ ireland online pro-q3dm osp team .

best connections with iol gold but every other isp seems to give good 50 pings there.

  vote for a q3 server - 22/03/2002Illkillya | 5800 views | 0 replies 
slosh has been a bit dodgy lately, unable to handle anymore than 7 players, and while this problem is likely to be fixed sometime in the future, we have no dependable q3 server in ireland.

rev hellfire is putting up a new iol server, but undecided as to which game it should be, he has left the decision up to the public - vote for a q3 server here on boards.ie, and don't let it get wasted on those beardy tribes fag9ts. voting ends on saturday.

  more on the clanbase nations cup - 21/03/2002MindPhuck | 5806 views | 11 replies 
godsmurf has posted up some news on the cup regarding the captains and more importantly invited nations.

the following countries are invited to send a team: austria, belgium, denmark, finland, france, germany, iceland, italy, luxemburg, netherlands, norway, spain, sweden, switzerland, uk. other countries will have to demonstrate that they can field a national team with good international internet connections and a competitive skill level.

so once again, we find ireland have to prove our connects before we can actually get into a competition. this blows more goats then a welshman! not that i blame cb, its seems to be a constant battle for talented irish players with the irish telecommunications industry.

  bw ra3 league - 21/03/2002MindPhuck | 5665 views | 0 replies 
in true copy 'n paste style, barrysworld now has a new league :

the barrysworld q3 cpm rocket arena league. with an increase in support for
the use of the updated and much more admin / user friendly version of rocket
arena we have decided to support a league for this game type and it is being
headed up by sar, who most of you will know from his days as head of the wireplay q3dm league.

if your clan is interested in joining in the competition then drop by the website -

  more smackdown - 21/03/2002MindPhuck | 5630 views | 3 replies 

more news on challenge-smackdown
quakeworld league. with the groups drawn, the games have to be href="http://www.challenge-smackdown.com/div_eu/games.php3">scheduled between the
various teams. there wont be a schedule for the groupstages, we can play our games
whenever we want during the groupstage period (from now to 28 april). this how it breaks
down -

hellfire vs. href="http://www.challenge-smackdown.com/div_eu/oneteam.php3?cla_code=212">team.ie

vs. team.ie

vs. href="http://www.challenge-smackdown.com/div_eu/oneteam.php3?cla_code=218">redux href="http://www.challenge-smackdown.com/div_eu/oneteam.php3?cla_code=212">

team.ie vs. href="http://www.challenge-smackdown.com/div_eu/oneteam.php3?cla_code=220">guild of the

vs. becköring

also, the map votes are in with some interesting results -

  • e2m2 : 29 votes

  • dm6 : 21 votes

  • e3m7 : 17 votes

  • e1m5 : 10 votes

  • e3m3 : 10 votes

  • e2m7 : 6 votes

  • e3m2 : 6 votes

  • e3m6 : 5 votes

this means that the allowed maps for this season is - dm3, dm2, e1m2, e2m2 and dm6.

  clanbase nations cup - 20/03/2002MindPhuck | 5610 views | 3 replies 

clanbase announced the new season of
their nations cup today.  i was a bit disapointed not to see a q3 ctf cup tho.
  looks like its going to be a brilliant cup and i'm looking forward to it already.
  i've entered team.ie into the q3 tdm cup, more news on that when it comes in.
  for this season, they have selected the following games :


href="http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=572">q3 dm and class="slink" target="_top" href="http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=571">q3 ra3

href="http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=574">ut ctf and class="slink" target="_top" href="http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=573">ut

href="http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=575">q2 ctf

  cpl cologne - 20/03/2002Zero | 5692 views | 4 replies 
the next major cpl-europe event is in cologne germany from the 17th to the 19th may.

(ripped from qn): "the first major cpl europe event in 2002 will take place in the congress centre of the maritim hotel cologne, germany from 17th to 19th of may. the event will feature two tournaments which are played in teamplay modus: counterstrike 5on5 and quake3 4on4."

more information on the cpl europe homepage

could we send an irish team or a clan to represent ireland over i wonder....

  errr - 18/03/2002MindPhuck | 5554 views | 1 replies 
here's something that cracked me up.. cant rocket jump? watch this.

  bwctfl week 4 - 18/03/2002Illkillya | 5516 views | 4 replies 
we're approaching the halfway point of the bwctfl, and divisions are starting to take shape. ts are still cruising in div1, where they beat the french clan sarl this week, cp5 being a very tight game, and w2 also until the last couple of minutes where ts finally got going and scored a few caps. they now sit very respectably in 5th place, and next week play theivery corporation in what should be a close game.

bio remain without any points after losing to an impressive gs, conceding 10 caps despite their very defensive tactics. things aren't going well for bio at the moment - bottom of the division, with their squad remaining unstable, but the situation should improve as they play the easier clans in the division, such as second-last placed omg next week.

fh were fairly comfortable winners over dpq, and are top of div3a on maximum points. next week comes a real test, against second-placed mia, who dropped their first points today in drawing with ndc.

bio cp5 0-5 w2 2-5 gs 0-4
ts cp5 2-1 w2 5-2 sarl 4-0
fh cp5 8-3 w2 7-1 dpq 4-0

  smackdown groups announced - 16/03/2002MindPhuck | 5518 views | 3 replies 

the groups for the up and coming season 4 of the href="http://www.challenge-smackdown.com/div_eu/">challenge smackdown league we
announced.  team.ie, a combined effort from various irish players were put into group
2.  it looks as follows :

hellfire (hf)

trash (trsh)


redux (re)

guild of the
pentagram (]666[)


looks like its gonna be fun

  happy st. patricks day - 15/03/2002MindPhuck | 5603 views | 3 replies 
wishing everyone a wet, drunkin, st. patricks day, from all of us here at quake.ie.

  bwdml wk2 - 13/03/2002M1ke | 5816 views | 2 replies 
this weeks games saw only 2 of 3 fixtures played. with barrysworld peering down it was a tough week for irish players but some decent results were had.

nd ran utp close on poq3dm5 coming from 20 frags behind but utp held on for an 88-80 win. on q3dm7 utp got off to a good start going 13-1 up immediately. nd came back into it but utp managed to hold a consistant lead of 20 frags. with 2 minutes left on the clock nd closed the gap to 5 frags but utp took control again and won it 102-83. this puts utp top of div2b and the only clan with full points from the last 2 games.

bio took full points from their fixture with pr. the scores were 101-63 on poq3dm5 and a more convincing 156-67 on q3dm7. the suprise in this division was rnf beating d&m by around 30 frags on each map, making next weeks bio v rnf fixture all the more important for both sides title ambitions. report can be found on the bio webby here.

fh picked up a default win vs groove which sees them hit 2nd place in div3b. if fh beat da next week who they are on even points with they could be off to an early good start in the bwdml and could possibily go 1st.

  admins cup - 13/03/2002MindPhuck | 5620 views | 10 replies 
i spotted this over on xs reality. blueman is setting up a cup for the admins on various web sites around the world. here's a snippet.

the whole thought of having several communities fight each other in games such as quake iii arena, unreal tournament, counter-strike, and return to castle wolfenstein is quite grand. for these events to occur, without any confusion, we, the gaming society as a whole, would require it’s very own website.

of course, we here at quake.ie would submit a team and give those other wannabe sites a good irish kicking! anyway, slap down your comments here on idea's for his web site and the cup in general.
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