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quake.ie main news
  sui v pt - 11/10/2003MindPhuck | 7489 views | 9 replies 
two teams in our cb nations group, switzerland and portugal faced off last. this is interesting as ireland play switzerland this saturday coming (not 100%). winning 7-0 on their homemap, sui did a job on pt. the 2nd map it was a little closer on w2, the sui winning 7-5.

anyway, you can grab the demos from cb here and here. finland play germany tonight at 8pm our time. g'wan aly

  iqcl week three two - 10/11/2003Zero | 7014 views | 0 replies 
the iqcl scores/standings are updated here.
seeing as n8z-v-lsd had to be postponed last night, and none of the other teams turned up to play this week, we are turning back the clock again, and we are back in week 2 of the competitions. this week we have xl-v-fh(b), lsd-v-n8z and hiv-v-fh(a). we also have hiv-v-lsd, and i believe the fh(a)-v-(b) mosh was finished up last night, have to read report etc. if i don't get an email from the various clan leaders with at least an attempt to organise games this week, your wildcards will be forced, and the date and time of the game will also be forced. not trying to be a nazi, but i'm not going to sit here like an idiot because people are too lazy to organise their teams.

  ireland barely loses to the uk - 11/05/2003MindPhuck | 7474 views | 8 replies 
over three maps, they were viciously exciting games.

lineup was anarchy, killy (isdn), vinnit(isdn), sno and dest(isdn). sno and dest were having problems, with kazz getting swapped in to replace them when they dissed. the team proved to be able to match the uk's side and gave them a seriously good whacking. on the 3rd map, there was a cross steal just at the end of the game.. it goes into over time and they get our fc 10 seconds in.. unlucky.. it could have gone any way.

in my honest opinion, i believe we were the better side through-out the 3 maps and deserved the win. anyway, it was a moral win for us and a good start to the cup.

demos from anarchy - w2 map 1, w2 map 2 and ctf2.

demos from vinnit - w2 map 1, w2 map 2 and ctf2.

read the clanbase report here.

  ire v eng - 04/11/2003MindPhuck | 7393 views | 0 replies 
just a reminder that ireland play the uk tonight in the first of the clanbase nations ctf cup.

tonight - tuesday
#cbnations.q3 & #team.ie

  european quakeworld leauge - 04/11/2003MIXU | 7418 views | 13 replies 
lads over at eqwl have decided to start another international 10v10 league.

any one interested in playing, come to #qw.ie on quakenet!

  ire v uk preview - 01/11/2003MindPhuck | 7592 views | 0 replies 
eri contacted me during the week to do a interview for the match between ireland v uk in the clanbase nations ctf cup.

check it out here.

  iqcl update - 30/10/2003Zero | 7019 views | 2 replies 
i have to copy over the league details from the quake boards, i'll do it when i get a chance, but just a quick update to let you know that the first three games of the iqcl will be kicking off this sunday:
  • fh(a) -vs- fh(b) 9pm

  • hiv -vs- lsd(ai) 9pm

  • n8z -vs- xl 10pm

  • all three games should be good, especially watching fh tear each other apart, i'm sure a certain amount of specs will be allowed in via gtv if we get the time to get it sorted out.

      demo watch - 27/10/2003MindPhuck | 7421 views | 2 replies 
    im gonna try and bring you a weekly 'favourite demos' list which are worth a look at. firstly, kicking off with some old skool quakeworld ctf. i was happily astonished to see this up on esr. its a friendly game between sweden v netherlands. if you liked qw and if you like ctf, get it! the speed of those guys bunnying and grapling at the same time! get it here.

    next up, is some cpma action courtesy of cyberfight. this is a dual between gellehsizzak and elpajuo (aparently he went on to win the gcl cpma 1v1 tournament). two players i have never heard of myself, but what the hell, i looked at it anyway. right, whats so cool about this ? dammit man, this is one fast paced game! watching from gellehsizzak's pov, he moves so quick its like he is hasted, with wings! unbelieveable stuff. get that here.

    then we come to the nqr. this next demo, is a trashing of cmf v tot on dm2. i think this is the new dm2 ownage record.. cmf 567-0 tot. unbelievable stuff. its not like as if tot are newbies or anything.. having said that, its a tad boring.. nab it here.


      team.ie ctf dates - 27/10/2003MindPhuck | 7283 views | 4 replies 
    ireland have a number of hard matches to get sorted over the next 7 weeks. our first being the uk. match date and time is to be arranged yet. more news as it comes in.

    uk ire   - week1 : 3-10 nov

    ire sui  - week2 : 10-17 nov

    est ire - week3 : 17-24 nov

    swe ire - week4 : 24 nov - 1 dec

    weekoff - week5 : 1-8 dec

    ire por  - week6 : 8-15 dec

    ire bel   - week7 : 15-22 dec

      team.ie ctf team - 26/10/2003MindPhuck | 7326 views | 2 replies 

    after a lot of time looking at demos, watching players povs back to front and a few deliberations about some players, we've come up with a team for the next clanbase nations ctf cup.

    caps : mindphuck/killy

    anarchy, bd, benji, carl, dazza, dest, jedi, kat, killy, melachi, mindphuck, rapier, sno, spaceman, vinnit, zero

    some players who didn't make the squad, i am 100% sure, will make it next time round if they continue to show the skill and desire to be on the team. well done to all that make the team, thanks to everyone who trialled.

    the team.ie web page will be back soon.. more news on that later.

      quakeworld news! - 24/10/2003MIXU | 7955 views | 1 replies 
    nqr has kicked off and is in its 3rd week running with 225 games being played so far! our very own irish clan gauntlet has also entered, with vin and the boys running amok in there division, with three 2-0 games so far. this season, there's 833 players and 93 clans playing in nqr, not bad a for a game in its 7th year!

    empezar decided to make a pretty cool quakeworld installation named equake. here's a list of some features:

    fuhquake client
    frogbot clan arena with ready to go config files
    102 of the best custom maps available!
    668 standard quality skins!
    24-bit hud and item textures
    advanced scripts that make your life easier!
    optional fullbright skins
    quake scripting examples
    additional crosshairs, conchars, hud faces and hud numbers!
    useful tools for customizing quake to fit your needs!

    this pacakage also comes with an easy to use nsis installer, so no dificulty installing qw! gg emp!

    now, if downloading a full installation package is'nt your cup of tea, then check out gibbage's site. this is a pretty cool qw site, including everything you need ranging from bots to textures, each one can be downloaded seperately or together, which ever you fancy. this site is updated on a regular basis, so check it out for some new stuff!

    qhlan 6 signups are open, entrance fee being 29 euros, but getting there is another thing since its located in sweeden. this is the biggest qw lan of the year, with all the top players entering it! the qhlan crew have decided to stick with the same 3 maps for dueling, dm2, dm4 and dm6, no sign of aerowalk or ztndm3. 2on2's/4on4's will have the same maps as last year.

    more soon!

      right you slackers - iq3cl - 24/10/2003Zero | 7518 views | 0 replies 
    all details, rules, and future tables with standings etc will be moved here from the boreds when i get a chance.
    in the meantime, remember that next week we have :
    fh(a) -vs- fh(b)
    hiv -vs- lsd-ai
    n8z -vs- xl

    get your games organised and mail me with the match plans.

      were back!!!!!! - 24/10/2003MindPhuck | 7485 views | 8 replies 

    a quick, and a very big thank you to ronin for both helping me sort out the dns's and for hosting the site.

    weve been down for a while - why?

    basicly, the servers which host quake.ie in eircom. they are part of the original ign agreement with eircom and are hosted for free by eircom with the agreement that we run their game servers. eircom have decided to no longer host the servers and simply turned them off. gutted.

    a big thanks to ronin for rehosting the site and getting us back up and running. there is a few coding changes to be made to get it to work. mainly new members and password reminders. i will get this done as soon as possible so there is little or no issues with the site.


      qw news: fuhquake / nqr / clanba - 16/09/2003MIXU | 7035 views | 1 replies 
    nqr has opened its sign up page for its 5th season. last season was a great season, possibly let down a bit by the lack of activity in some divisions, but other than that, it owned . this season, they've decided to include the new cmt maps into the map pool, but due to typical "qw" whine there will be only 3 selected, each clan picking which ones they want. these maps are a nice improvement to the qw scene, but alot of people have moaned about them, not wanting to learn new maps. they are excellent for 4on4, properly designed for them with nice layout of all the weapons/armours. noe time to waste, signup now!

    on another note, fuhquake .30 will be released on the 22nd of september at around 20:00 gmt!
    quote of a small list of features from fuhquake.net

    added support for automatically recording demos on match start.

    added support for auto scoreboard screenshot taking at the end of a match (and it works even if your console is down or you are in menus).

    added support for saving or discarding demos after a match has completed.

    added support for recording directly to memory for potentially reduced hard disk activity.

    added support for sorting demos and screenshots into customisable directories and sub-directories based on the game type (duel, 2on2, 4on4, tf duels, clan matches etc).

    added support for completely customising the names of demos, screenshots.

    improved frame interpolation for all models including monsters and other packet entities.

    frame interpolation for models now works in software fuhquake as well as gl. this means that all models animate perfectly smoothly in both gl and software.

    great to see a qw client still in active development, good work fuh!

    clanbase has also got a qw league running, starting very soon. sign ups are closed and 48 clans are signed up.

    last season was good for some groups but a bit shit for others. rapings of 600 - 1 were occuring alot :> a bit idle too, but for my clan it was great! activity was fine for us, got all the games played and enjoyed them all apart from one then made it into the 1/4 finals to get knocked out by sweede's :< but it is and will be a good qw league to be in. it's also only using the 'the big 3' maps, dm2, dm3 and e1m2. a nice idea considering the result of smackdown. looking forward to it!

    on a more sadder note, challenge smackdown has decided to come to a halt and step down into the shadows. after a 3 years running, it was one of the most honoured qw leagues around, best clans from all over competed with each other trying so hard for the leagues title. the reason for its departure is because of one the admins appolyon, has no more time to keep the league going. challenge smackdown without appolyon, is like bread with out butter :|

    good luck in the future appolyon, you did the qw community alot of good!

      irish q3tdm revival - 12/09/2003Rapier | 7717 views | 11 replies 
    there isn't any irish tdm clan going at the moment, which is and has been disappointing since clan'70 last left the scene in the last clanbase openup(which nd ran in also). we did pretty well considering 3 isdn players and one high ping dsl player. one shot can turn a close game, on isdn that shot is luck or else pulled from deep inside the anus. it doesn't matter, what i'm proposing is a unification of clans/players to form a new actually loyal team. the days of rivalry are long gone. broadband is available here right now as we speak, some of the best players even have it. speak up and give your opinion or shall we all just fuck of to subsidaries.

      leagues... - 02/09/2003Illkillya | 8722 views | 4 replies 
    a good or at least ok week for all quake.ie clans this week in the bwctfl where ts took a point off european superclan med, courtesy of a 0-0 draw on w2. they just missed out on some more points on w2 though, as med took that map 2-1. next week, on cp5 and cp9 ts have a winnable, but potentially very difficult game against the erratic swedish clan wc. judging by wc's opening result, taking maximum points from iqs, i predict it will be the latter, and ts will need to be at their best to profit from the fixture.

    jobos made a good div2 debut vs the experienced clan zn, thanks in part to the welcome return of storm who looked like he would be playing for 32nd this season. those games finished 3-0 and 3-2 to jb, although w3 was probably a bit too close for comfort for jb, their winning cap coming close to the end of the game. it was a good game for some of jobos english players, dallow in particular, although icelandic eyky's ping was much worse than usual, around 160. their performances won't suffer from the loss of nutkins who returns to clan pr, the phoenix risen from the dead at last to rejoin the league (minus a few key players though). it was a good result for banjo's team, making the season look promising for them, especially given the withdrawal of tc (whom i tipped to be a class above every other team except x4) in exchange for a swiss clan suq who don't have the same proven record at this level in a uk league (although i could be doing suq an injustice - i don't know how good they are since they are the only team in this division that i have not played against or seen play).

    next week they face the unpredictable clan rofl from austria, who had a good start to the season by comfortably beating mdu, but mdu does not really belong at this level so i wouldn't read too much into that result.

    fh had a brief return to the glory days of season 8 where we faced familiar opposition in the dutch clan mia. mia had a guy with connection problems who dropped after 4mins, so we played most of that map game 4v4, but he came back a few mins from the end of the first map, and w3 was 5v5 all the way through and despite poor powerup control, fh managed to take that one 6-0 in a game where all of our players capped. was good to see jc back in action for fh in bw for the first time since season 6 when we had an unsuccessful attempt at starting up ctf. also for the first time ever, we had 2 broadbanders playing. unfortunately thats set to end as of this week, when i will be losing my dsl. hopefully i'll be able to get broadband in the new place i'll be living, but tbh i think i'll be lucky if i'm able to get isdn. so we are unlikely to see a lineup as organised or low pinging as we had in week 1 for the rest of the season. next week vs klf is a fixture i would usually be looking forward to with enthusiasm, given the maps (lovely cp5 and cp9), but since it is very unlikely that i will be able to play, i'll have to watch from #bwscores like in season 6 and hope for the best

    i suppose i'll have to mention the blueyonder 2v2 qw tournament2 that took place this week, where the gt players vincent and predsr, aka john_rambo and jetli of team camped, came out best in the 2v2v2v2 clanarena (despite not living up to their name thanks to the "no excessive camping" rule) thus grabbing the number 1 seed. they weren't quite so lucky in the tdm 2v2 competition proper though, as they lost out by 3 frags in the semi finals to firing squad, finishing 3rd overall.

      bomb in ballyfermot? - 29/08/2003Zero | 9387 views | 3 replies 
    a shopping centre in ballyfermot was cleared by police authorities this morning after a suspicious-looking device was found in a car parked outside. on further inspection by the bomb squad the device was identified as a tax disc.

      darkside 7 - quake3 - 25/08/2003Zero | 9752 views | 2 replies 
    nerds. for those who don't know, darkside 7 will be happening on oct 3rd-5th. the usual deal, 73 places with quake3 competitions, see boards.ie here and here.
    goto room101.org to sign up, at time of this posting there are only 26 places left.

      ><(((*> - 18/08/2003Illkillya | 11302 views | 5 replies 
    quakecon has just finished up... too much to write about here, but dynamic core has a rundown of the ctf results. the european teams looked very good, and there were some excellent performances from all 3, aaa, gzd, and mtw. aaa were probably the most exciting team to watch in all of the tournament, plenty of impressive tricks from thefou and penx. cloud9, 519 and md were the best of the americans, cloud9 were deserved winners, and only aaa might feel a bit unlucky with plenty of jamminess in their fixture. 519 looked comfortable in second place. md were a bit of a surprise for me since i hadn't heard much of them, but their player mickey was one of the players of the tournament.

    the flagtime rule was a bit disappointing (if teams are tied after 10mins of overtime, the team with more flagtime wins), especially on q3w2 where people often chose to hide behind the flag or play for flagtime rather than take a risk and trying to leg it for a cap. the inclusion of cp15 also managed to dampen the competition, it was clearly an american map where the europeans teams appeared very out of place (except for aaa vs pm). it was a very enjoyable tourney nonetheless, and well played to aaa and gzd for proving that they were more than worth the plane fare.

    the quakecon 1v1 was won by zero4, who beat the swedish player zamuz in the final. also congrats to creamy from the irish qw clan gauntlet who played for 4kings and managed to come 4th in the rtcw tournament, with $6000 prizemoney for the clan.

    elsewhere, clanbase summercup group stages have been finishing up. fh topped our group, fourth league group b, which turned out to be a disappointing division. both @tarctica and kreaturen dropped out midseason, it didn't really affect us since we had already beaten @ and kreaturen were bottom of the table and didn't look like getting any wins anyway, but it was still disappointing to finish the season with only 3 and a half clans in the group (clan death defaulted a few too i think). dynamic core says fh will be playing the spanish clan sac in the playoffs. ts have been cursed with familiar bad luck in summer 4v4 ctf competitions, narrowly missing out on points each week.

    bw draft divisions are up, scheduled to start on 31st august / 1st september. fh are currently in division 3a, a division where we made our debut a few seasons ago, and finished the season without losing a map despite having all our players on isdn. a few of the clans from that season are still there... dp, mia and 28+. xpd is a team we have played a few times in division 2, which has always given the majority of the points to fh. we're in with death from portugal again, who defaulted in our clanbase summercup group, along with yadegari (mostly kuk players i think), klf, sps and bdi. on paper it should be an easy season, i think fh is still a div2 side even with our bad connects, but last season's lack of organisation and player shortages gave us too many 4v5s and unpractised lineups, so we deserved to be relegated. it is difficult to predict how the season will shape up, i might be losing my connect for awhile, and the results will depend on the team we have available to us. unfortunately the l33t broadband from other players in the clan never materialised, so it won't be a return to season 8's ownage.

    ts face another season in division 1. theres plenty of competition there this season, with gzd and h' likely to be fighting it out with the newly added 32nd for the title. for 4th place though, its anyone's game... except for yo! who look very out of place here. i have played them several times in leagues in the past for fh and nvr in clanbase, and as far as i can remember it has always resulted in a heavy defeat for yo! i've been told theyve got some l33t players now, but their lineup does not look convincing so i hope for their sake that they've got super teamplay a noticable absence this season is that of recap, with wc being the only clan flying the swedish flag in the top flight this season. ts have the ability to finish in the top 5, but they lack the consistency of other teams like nv, who have been improving again since the addition of blokey to their squad. some people might be surprised to see elaw and lag playing at this level, but elaw have looked very good at times in clanbase... even if it is 4v4, thanks to their new recruit (i think hes new anyway) erazor... formerly in top german clan hf. lag's multinational team stormed through the league so far, always improving, but i think they still have a bit to do before they're comfortable at this level.

    and finally jobos have swapped places with fh and find themselves in a familiar looking division 2a. they'll be expecting a win vs l2i and frenchies super fruits.. but theres plenty of competition from the other clans. x4 and scrb are down from division 1, and along with tc, i would expect them to be too much for most clans in this division. zn have plenty of experience at this level and i think they'll be spending another season here after this one. inf the mostly uk clan should be well at home here.. and rofl, when they play well, can beat any team in the division. mdu and zn are the other french clans, i would rate them both above super, even if mdu can be erratic at times, their teamplay is good, but i expect them to be the third clan relegated (along with l2i and super).

      duelmania 3 final - 10/08/2003MIXU | 12810 views | 16 replies 
    duelmania 3 final kicks off tonight at "20:00 cet", between the two finalists, milton and champ (xamp) in a best of 5 map game. both have already met already, milton being victorious with a 3-1 win, knocking champ into the loser bracket, where he went on beating every one in his way to get into the final. a few favour milton for this game, but its hard to say, with a shaft % like champ anything could happen \o/

    qizmo's will be available for people to spectate the games, the following will more than likely be used (they've been used for the season so far)

    (swe) bbb2.quakeworld.nu:28000

    (den) quake.get2net.dk:29000

    (nor) rhesus.uio.no:28000

    (fin) z2.quakeworld.nu

    (ger) grunt.splatterworld.de:27501

    (nl) clanwars.xs4all.nl:27501

    if you have no idea what so ever on how to use qizmo to spectate games, paradoks wrote a small and simple guide on how to set it up, check it out here.

    also, #duelmania on quakenet for any questions relating to the league.

    hf :>

      bw tdm news - 21/07/2003MindPhuck | 14898 views | 0 replies 
    the sign ups for the next barrysworld tdm league (season 12) is now up. clans can sign up here.

      irish qw sevrer - 18/07/2003MIXU | 12953 views | 8 replies 
    thanks to ronin, we now have a qw server in ireland \m/ \m/ \m/



      ctf update - 18/07/2003Illkillya | 11906 views | 11 replies 


    clanbase summer cup - 4v4 q3 ctf competition is about to enter its 3rd week. although its a fun cup, which most clans wouldn't take seriously, it is worthy of coverage if only because of the growing interest in 4v4 ctf in europe at the moment, mostly inspired by the upcoming quakecon2003 ctf tournament (more on that later).

    the league, being fun orientated, uses mostly nonstandard maps, w2, ctf3, c6, cp2, ospctf2, and cp18. all of those maps except for cp18 have been used in european 5v5 leagues in the past, cp18 is something completely different from what is usually played.. its a tiny map, and makes very hectic games, but appears to be well suited to 4v4. i'm getting to like the idea of 4v4 ctf... regardless of the gameplay, theres less lag for isdners and its easier to get an impromptu game together for a 4v4, which makes it a good thing for the irish q3 scene

    ts are in the second league, and although on paper they would be well capable for the premier league, they're experiencing some bad luck, narrowly missing out on points in both of their games so far, against insomnia in week 1, and against scrb this week (no report there yet). i think they have their most difficult fixtures behind them at this stage. next week they play the solid swedish side sec, a team that i would have placed in division 2 barrysworld, so i would expect a win for ts there. following that, a freshly dsl'ed mindphuck will be out to get revenge on the clannamestealers inc, a mostly croation team of players traditionally associated with tdm to my knowledge, but likely to prove handy at 4v4 ctf nonetheless. to wrap it up, they'll be looking for a win over a still-improving elaw side, who were impressive this week imo in taking a map off insomnia, albeit .8 seconds too late to force a decider. its interesting to note that both insomnia and elaw have acquired germans from heinerfest, one of the best ctf clans around last(?) season. theres a bit of irish interest to insomnia's squad, with melachi registered for them, i don't know whether he still plays for them or not.

    fh were placed in the fourth league, a fair placement going by our form last season. i was still expecting third league, since that would have been more true to our form had we been able to field a full team each week for our bwctfl and savage campaigns. instead, at least we've got plenty of experience in playing with 4 players after the past couple of months now with myself on broadband, and enough strength in the squad to put a decent 4 players out for each game, i was looking forward to an easy time of it in the fourth league. thats not the case unfortunately, since the lower divisions were poorly made. i can see 4 or 5 clans in the fourth league that i think would finish in the top half of either groups in the third league. i'm pleased with fh's group nonetheless, although we're in with some tough opposition, such as the former eurocup clan @tarctica, the rapidly improving french clan hf, and the solid belgian clan 3p, there are no german clans, no italian clans, and no scandanavians 8) group a were not so lucky as dp have found out.. the spaniards sac, a clan who impressed with their high ping skills and teamplay in past seasons, lost to an unfamiliar 'pb' clan from finland. the group also features a misplaced jobios-enhanced intensitiy, and a couple of german clans that i've never heard of.

    fh have been lucky so far, a narrow win in 2 maps over @tarctica was followed up with an even narrower win over whiney dutch clan 3p (no report on that - but it was a 2-2 draw on our map w2, while we managed to take their home map in our q3wc6 debut, 2-1). our remaining fixtures include the familiar french clan hf, whom we have met in many competitions in the past, usually resulting in a comfortable win for fh but most recently hf taking the honours in savage last(?) season. i've always known that the benelux ctf scene is huge, but i'm still surprised to find a decent side that i know nothing about... kreaturen is the clan in question, from belgium. looking at their website, they appear to be an rtcw team, although their week 1 game, almost taking w2 off 3p, suggests that they know what they're doing in q3 ctf. our final group game is against the erratic portuguese clan death. the problem with clans from portugal usually is that they're at a severe ping disadvantage over every clan (except fh's isdners) when they play outside of their own country. clanbase gives them a chance to play at their best, by allowing the option to one game on a home server, and one game away, and its its 1-1 in maps after that then the third game is split into 2 halves of 10mins on each server. while this does not sound like a favourable option to me, it would be interesting to have a on official ctf game on an irish server... something that has never been done afaik.

    it will be interesting to see what the rest of the season holds for fh playerwise... we'll be missing one our regulars as saik heads off to israel today for a few months, and is likely to be without a connection for some time after returning to ireland. for the first time in over a year, we have recruited, only one player to help us get a full team out for games, a belgian cable cpm player called sg, althoguh even he has been inactive for the past couple of weeks due to temporary problems with his cable. one of our star players, the long lost jc has finally got broadband and got his q3 set up the other day, whether he decides to become active again is another question. even the legendary 2fish will soon be on broadband, so hopefully we can convince him to return to the game, and by october when casc and nex get dsl maybe we will be capable of fielding an all-broadband team.


    a small bit of quake.ie interest in the savage summer cup. fh didn't enter and neither did jobos, but ts topped their qualifying group, the closest thing to a group-of-death this season, with a flawless record to reach the a cup. they took nice wins over the dutch clan lkff, swedish bl, and english smak, before beating the german clan >v< in overtime in round 1 of the a cup. next up they play gunzoids. this cup is 5v5, and also fun-orientated, but they have stuck mostly to normal maps. i'll have to mention the good work taylor is doing running savage leagues, with minimal help... hes looking for someone else to take over so if you think you're the man for the job then go read what it says on the website somewhere.


    at the moment it looks like ctf is bigger than tdm... for q3ers at the massive dutch lan, "drome", last week, it was the q3ctf tourney that was the highlight (won by gzd afaik). now quakecon have decided to run a ctf tourney, and although i don't know what the prizes are its big enough to lure several top euro clans into it. while quakecon is not an exclusively american event, they have gone to no lengths in the past (that i have noticed) to include the rest of the world. they went a little better this time around, by giving european clans a chance to qualify. the qualification was a bit of a disgrace in my opinion - only 4 slots out of 16 available for non-american clans, maybe this is fair enough considering the difficulties the problems that euro clans would have even going to qcon... but the rules of qualifying games were terrible for euro clans - the games had to be played on american servers at american times. of course this led to almost farcical games on 100+ ping. i've said it before, ctf on 100+ ping is a completely different game to ctf on 40 ping, let alone ctf on lan! its frustrating that so many top european clans cannot get the chance to participate in this lan, but at least we have four familiar outfits qualified.. namely mtw (featuring the best of med), gzd (needs no introduction, goe derf), aaa (featuring the top frenchies from an assortment of clans), and four kings intel (blokey/blunt/jay/x afaik). all capable clans, this event will definitely be one to look forward to, kicking off in 27 days i think, and there will be plenty of biased coverage on quake.ie (i might throw up some predictions later, once i've seen a few of the american teams in action). the maps are ctf2, w2, cp1, cp9, and cp15. all quite standard maps except for cp15 (i don't even know what that map is).


    jolt q3ctfl goes on, despite the departure of its talisman tnxeh. theres a surprise leader at the head of division 1, in clan lag. the quake.ie interest is in division 3 though, where jobos have been underperforming slightly despite their recent acquisition of dc.storm, and sit second from the bottom. this week, they lost to a litzter-powered bl, after a default loss earlier this season. however, i expect they'll be moving up that table in the next few weeks, since their remaining games are a lot easier, with wins to be expected vs lsr (who could be a handful given the addition of nv-bd to their team), l2i (potentially katostrophic), and my own jolt clan n2s (another improving side, having added pumpkin to their team this week).

    for more ctf coverage, have a look at dynamic core - a new comlete ctf community website with plenty of updates and interviews demos and all that. unicious appears to be the main man over there, and thankfully (unlike some people) he seems to know what hes talking about.

      well - 10/07/2003MindPhuck | 10587 views | 13 replies 
    can you say -
    40 ping
    in game
    to barrysworld?

      that big lan thing. - 08/07/2003Rapier | 10595 views | 14 replies 
    if you havent got your head up a random camels ass, you really should know about eswc. they say this could be one of the very last big quake3 tournaments, which i personally doubt. cooller has his predictions over on esr predictions he does not appear too confident because he has a girlfriend now and hasnt been laning, well at least not with cables and stuff.

      irish quake server - 03/07/2003saik | 11510 views | 3 replies 
    as you are all well aware, the irish server on games2 has been down for quite some time now. it was hoped that it would be back on monday (31st june) but as ronin is on holidays, the earliest we can expect to see it, (according to revhellfire) is the 11th of july.

    ps. mp got dsl, congrats!

    games2 is back.

      new q3 maps from id - 30/06/2003saik | 12156 views | 5 replies 
    fred nillsson has released new(ish) q3 maps from id. the first is a team arena map, a remake of pro-q3tourney6 called mpteam9. the second is for normal q3 and it's called pro-q3tourney7. it's similar to q2dm1.

      germany takes uk - 30/06/2003MindPhuck | 12090 views | 6 replies 
    in a four map thriller, germany beat the uk in the clanbase q3 nations tdm cup. scores were -

    ger - uk 133:82 (ospdm5)
    uk - ger 152:116 (pro-q3dm6)
    ger - uk 144:123 (q3dm14tmp)
    ger - uk 144:123 (q3dm7)

    demos can be got from here.

      cb nations cup final - 29/06/2003saik | 10294 views | 5 replies 
    uk take on germany tonight (sunday 29/june/2003) at 6pm for the title. join #cbnations.q3 for scorebot, gtv and possibly shoutcast.

      darkside vi - 27/06/2003MindPhuck | 10520 views | 2 replies 
    one irelands most consistant lans, darkside, kicks off tomorrow for another 24 hours of fun packed gamin.

    there is still a couple of slots free of the 70 places, so you can still sign up and get there. dont miss out. for more info, check out this.
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