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  irish on tour - 09/05/2001MindPhuck | 6249 views | 2 replies 
with only a couple of days to go to the cpl holland event things are starting to get a little busy around here in the background.

the two irish qualifiers, sponsored by nethouse, were ser and beast. both of these players are vets in the game and have huge experience in playing in various tourney's. with some determination, they should do well.

as for the rest of the irish contingency, myself, sonic, guinessman, overlord, shadow, plant, kharn and van are all going over. we were invited by the cpl to head over a day before hand and setup the actual and help run the actual event. most of the well known players that will be there know us for the craik and drinking to be done at these kind of events, so, with a light heart, i say : bah, must i drink so much this time ?

anyway, i and the others are really looking forward to a few days out in amsterdam to look at the views like, errm, cheese, daffodils 'n stuff. *cough*

  clan x win bwra3l cup - 06/05/2001MindPhuck | 6063 views | 0 replies 
clan x have scooped the barrysworld ra3l cup by defeating french clan
bordeaux yesterday evening in the final 22-10 over 2 maps. this victory
for x follows on from them winning the first season of the league
competition and therefore makes them hot favourites for the 2nd season of
league which is planned to start in 2 weeks time, featuring 60 of the best
uk & european ra3 clans battling it out over an 11 week campaign.

  point release and maps review - 05/05/2001MindPhuck | 6049 views | 0 replies 
i spotted this via our pals on quakenation about the new point release for q3 due out in the next few days hopefully. the new release has nice features like an auto-update, better netcode for low (whoo!), some cheat fixes and a slew of new maps.

also, sujoy from xsr has done a complete review of the new maps and the fixes to the existing ones which is worth a read.

  irelands savage ctf eurocup resu - 03/05/2001Lucutus | 6075 views | 2 replies 
well, the last games in our group happened tonight with northern ireland. the results
see us drop off the end of our group.  the final scores were :

ie v ni
q3ctfw2 3-2

ie v ni
q3ctf2 2-2

ie v ni
q3ctfw3 1-2

(demos are of mindphuck's pov)

very close games, the most exciting of the league for us, i think. (apart from that
game on w1 with scotland when thay capped after the 20 mins   i would like to say
thanks to the ctf squad (mike, simo, skelt, mindphuck, m1rv, koopa overlord, jedi,
and sky) for playing the games.

  threewave ctf - 03/05/2001MindPhuck | 5931 views | 0 replies 
over on the href="http://www.caleague.com/?display=news&sc=1&ctype=league&leaguetype=q3a&x=17&y=9">caleague
website, the long awaited threewave compilation map pack for quake3 has is going to be
released on may 17th. this is excellent news and will bring new heights to ctf gaming.

  week 6 - 03/05/2001MindPhuck | 6159 views | 2 replies 
of the barrysworld tdm leagues went off smoothly. with no gtv's tho, it was scorebot city for the results. here is how they panned out on cpm4 and dm6tmp.

bio v dc - 126:53 | 115:69

hat v k2k - 106:45 | 149:69

fh v eoa - 75:0 | 75:0

hatb v dmn - 83:74 | 100:127

lsd v da - unplayed

with the league nearing is halfway mark, here is where the relevant teams rank in their divisions -

bio - div 1b : 6th place with 7 points.

hat - div 2a : 4th place with 10 points.

fh - div 3b : 5th place with 8 points.

hatb - div 3c : 2nd place with 11 points.

lsd - div 3c : 5th place with 9 points

  cpm arena beta released - 01/05/2001MindPhuck | 5997 views | 3 replies 
the guys over on challenge-world have just released their latest version of the cpm-arena mod. the .99t version sure does look like an seriously good mod with some excellent features. i'll try and get our pal overlord to throw up a version on the local servers later so we can give it a whirl. for the moment, download it here.

  ctf eurocup reminder... - 30/04/2001Lucutus | 6011 views | 3 replies 
thursday @ 8pm we play northern ireland on q3wctf2, q3ctf2, q3wctf3.

  intel sponsors cpl holland - 30/04/2001[sk.Ser] | 6137 views | 0 replies 
just seen this over at chde

cpl europe announced today that the upcoming event in holland will be sponsored by intel as event sponsor and will be named "pentium® 4 processor cpl holland". for more details on the event visit http://www.intel-holland-cpl.com.

the pentium 4 processor is intel's latest and fastest processor delivering performance where users will experience and appreciate it most. for consumers, the pentium 4 processor delivers high performance for processing video and audio, exploiting the latest internet technologies, and displaying 3-d graphics. as they connect entertainment and productivity devices to their home pcs, users get even more value from their high-performance pentium 4 processor-based systems.

they have even changed the name of the event from this new deal. ummm?

  rockets of doom from carmack and - 30/04/2001x0n | 5957 views | 1 replies 

well this isn't exactly about quake, but it is about john carmack and rockets; amateur rocketry. makes for an interesting read, i suppose all of his work on recreating the physics of an artificial world has got him interested in the real one. hope he remembers the spf 25, i don't imagine someone like him gets out very often...

"john carmack of id software fame has gotten deep into serious amateur rocketry. his armadillo aerospace web site gives regular status reports on the efforts of his team of mostly volunteers in building very low cost vtvl (vertical takeoff, vertical landing) hydrogen peroxide rocket vehicles. last week he gave an impressive presentation at the space access society meeting with a description of the progress made in their incremental development of remotely controlled vehicles that will eventually lead to a manned (suborbital) version."

  hell interviewed - 30/04/2001MindPhuck | 5985 views | 6 replies 
dr_gonzo sends word that the winner of the uk cpl qualifier was interviewed earlier today over on quakenation. interesting interview view there!

  hell win's uk cpl qualifier. - 29/04/2001[sk.Ser] | 6074 views | 1 replies 
the cpl uk qualifier which took place today at the playing fields is over. with hell (yes mr.original name) taking 1st place. i think hell has surprised many people being seed #8 and winning the qualifier. top 4 finisher's go like this:

  • 1st hell

  • 2nd logan

  • 3rd sujoy

  • 4th mozilla

    hell picks up £200 plus free flights, accomodation for the cpl holland event which takes place in 2 weeks time, which myself and other's will be attending.

    i think luke's terrible performance was unexpected to many also, coming in 5th-6th.

    ill try and get some interview's with the players later.

  •   best demo i have ever seen. - 29/04/2001[sk.Ser] | 6066 views | 1 replies 
    this has to be the best demo in any game i have ever seen. there are a few mid-air rocket shots, and becuase of this paradoks has been accused of cheating in this demo. i have spoken to crazymac (the enemy in the demo) he says paradoks is not cheating and has seen him do this shit many times.

    if you do not have quakeworld, i suggest you download it, just to see this demo. you will also need the latest qizmo to watch it.

    i do not beleave there is any cheating here myself.

    gg paradoks

       seedings for cpl uk quake 3 qua - 28/04/2001[sk.Ser] | 6038 views | 2 replies 
    the seedings for the cpl. uk quake 3 qualifier which is taking place this sunday at the playing fields have been announced. it is to be an all professional event sponsored by amd. with all participants winning a slice of the $4,000 cash prizes.

    the seedings are as follows:

  • 1st - luke

  • 2nd - sujoy

  • 3rd - logan

  • 4th - 4k^kilem

  • 5th - dc.mozilla

  • 6th - neo*ranger

  • 7th - pumpkin

  • 8th - hell

  • 9th - 4k^atomicjam

  • 10th - dr sid

  • 11th - [ss]nocode

  • 12th - [hood]mame

  • 13th - rocket8

  • 14th - zoser

  • 15th - mekon

  • 16th - ix-ir

    blokey cannot go to the event so will not take part in the qualifier. i expect it to go like
    1st - luke

    2nd - logan

    3rd - hell

    these players will not have to participate in the ffa seeding. a scorebot will be up at #tpf on quakenet as well as gtv. start time is 10am for registration. ffa seeding will start at 11:15am with the event hoped to be finished by 9pm.

    who do you think will win?

  •   polosatiy renames to homosatiy - 28/04/2001[sk.Ser] | 6158 views | 1 replies 

    read over at chde a few jokes going around about polosatiy. according to e-sportgamers, polosatiy won an american beauty contest:

    the stupid joke may turn you life upside down and then turn to carrier of the regular russian guy.quaker, roman torasenko still doesnt knows what surprize waits for him.

    on february 2001, his ex-girlfriend send erotic photo of her ex-boyfirend to interne competition "new men's look", peresnted by fond called "free sex callege".

    the ruslts surprized everyobdy, when the girl whoalready forgot about everything, go shocking later.

    72% of men choose the last photo, and by the results march 2001, roman got title of "mew hot magic".

    the best part about this whole thing is, the magazine is orientied to a homosexual audience. could be quite inbarassing if his friends find out though eh? well, jokes aside, it doesnt bother me at all what he does in his free time

    gg roman

      eurocup news - 28/04/2001[sk.Ser] | 6150 views | 0 replies 
    ice climbers last nite won their game vs all* 2 to 1 maps.

    dm14tmp: all* 53- ic 52

    cpm4: all* 64- ic 93

    dm6tmp: all* 66- ic 142

    i think maybe that all* have been playing too much 1-1 and not enough teamplay, ice climbers are also a very good team with this ice climbers is only one match from the lanfinals. they have one more game vs either vikings (denmark) or evolution (sweden) who's gonna battle it out for a chance vs ice climbers. and in the other scandinavian playoff-group it will either be all* vs vse (violance solves everything) from norway who will meet team9 with the winner going to the lan-finals.

    (playoff matches are best of 5 by the way. )

    the european conference will have their first round of playoffs next week.

    also days ago, team all* took on a new part of there quake team. a female squad, i dont know of any other quake3 teams in europe that have a active female quake team.

    *** the (topic) for channel #allstars: team allstars || clan nuns is now known as allstars girlz! welcome!

      wireplay tdm - 26/04/2001MindPhuck | 5954 views | 3 replies 
    over in the wireplay team dm
    , things are getting a little closer to the end of the season.  things
    are'nt going to great for all irish clans.  href="http://clan-wars.co.uk/wpdml/results/clans.php3?id=30&&divvy=3"
    target="_blank">acid, are in 7th postition in division 3 with 5 points.  href="http://clan-wars.co.uk/wpdml/results/clans.php3?id=48&&divvy=5"
    target="_blank">hat-b are in tied on points with href="http://clan-wars.co.uk/wpdml/results/clans.php3?id=17&&divvy=5"
    target="_blank">fh in division 5, fh slightly ahead in frag difference.  with
    only 4 weeks played so far and another 5 to go, anything can happen.

      barrysworld tdm league - 26/04/2001MindPhuck | 5929 views | 3 replies 
    barrysworld round up.  heres the usual results.  a few defaults and some good
    wins for everyone.

    team cpm4 dm14tmp
    bio ss 127-110 82-69
    hat woop 75-0 75-0
    fh potz 69-95 52-90
    lsd dmn 135-46 130-70
    hat-b cp 118-47 122-55

      savage ctf eurocup results... - 26/04/2001Lucutus | 5815 views | 1 replies 
    4-0 and 3-0 to wales unfortunatly.

    thanks to koopa, simo, m1rv, jedi and skelt who played very well considering some tough opposition, both in wales and fighting pings too.

    northern ireland are next, down with king billy!

      european clan arena league - 25/04/2001MindPhuck | 5688 views | 2 replies 
    the guys over at ecal have posted up the two groups for the league. clan eazy, last seasons winners (and my clan), will have to face off some of the best competition europe can provide with clans like denial and team uk. more news on this as i get it.

      quakeworld cpl update - 24/04/2001Bunny | 5573 views | 0 replies 
    a short update from the cpl:

    the cpl announced that the online registration for the cpl 4-year anniversary event will launch on monday, may 7, 2001 at 2pm central and will close on monday, june 4, 2001 at 10am. the cpl event will take place at the hyatt regency in dallas, texas. the event room will be a large 45,000 sq. ft. ballroom and the byoc area will support 800 computers. the main tournament game will be quake (quakeworld) and the total cash prize is estimated at $15,000. full details for this cpl event will be announced next week.

    flights over and a week in dallas is not going to be cheap, but with announcement of that kinda prize money and simply because its qw (which we are good at) i think there's a strong chance that we'll try get a team over there. i will try not to overemphasis it but we have some topnotch qw players in this country who are easily in the same league if not better than any americans and even some of the best europeans, and thats without much (lan) practice. anyhow i'll keep you all posted on any happenings.

      cpl in holland - 23/04/2001nDSonic | 5713 views | 6 replies 
    the lads who are going, check your mail. if you are going and didnt recieve the mails gimme a shout

      savage tdm league - 22/04/2001MindPhuck | 5607 views | 4 replies 
    the different divisions were announced today for the savage tdm league. the irish teams involved are bio (div 2), hatstand (div 3a) and acid (div 4b). interestingly enough, they have set the games to take place on a monday evening, which totally clashes with the barrysworld ctf league. this is a pain in the cornholio, as it clashes big time with some clans games for the bwctfl. a few of us in hatstand play for ts in that league and to be honest, we possibly pull out of the savage league if its going to be on the same night. nice one savage.

      ukcl season 11 started - 22/04/2001Illkillya | 5629 views | 0 replies 
    ukcl, one of the oldest quake leagues in the world, started season 11 today. the main irish interest is in division 2 represented by clan gauntlet. their match today resulted in a default win over ts.

      euro v america demos - 22/04/2001MindPhuck | 5624 views | 0 replies 
    with the coverage of the euro v's america games being a little low, i thought i'd throw
    up some links to the demos of the big games.  demos are all available on the href="http://quake.xsreality.com/?action=demos" target="_blank">xs reality site, but
    here they are for easy downloads.

    0 - dm6 - slingers pov - warmup game ?

    game 1
    - dm7 - lakerman's pov

    game 1 - dm7 -
    polosatiy's pov

    game 2
    - dm6 - lakerman's pov

    game 3
    - dm14 - lakerman's pov

    game 3 - dm14 -
    polosatiy's pov

    if any more demos become available, i'll throw the links here.

      intel 1.7ghz p4 due monday, at $ - 21/04/2001nDSonic | 5806 views | 0 replies 
    over on the register news that the intel / amd price war is hotting up, maybe its time to upgrade and get those frames in quake iii to a decent level?
    the 1.5ghz p4 will be priced at $256 and the 1.4ghz at $193

      the rich and famous - 21/04/2001MindPhuck | 5594 views | 0 replies 
    i spotted this over on clanbase. they have their cb bookey section where you can list the top players in order of winnings / earnings made on bets and the likes. its very interesting to look at anyhows.

      in case you forgot - 21/04/2001MindPhuck | 5524 views | 0 replies 
    the xs reality invitiational starts today in the uk. sponsored by amd, it surely will be an excellent event with an all-star line up of american and european players. for more details, you can join #xsr on quakenet or check the xsr live coverage page. i'll try and give you updates myself, so stay tuned.

      barrysworld results - 21/04/2001MindPhuck | 5584 views | 2 replies 
    running late on this one, as i've been a wee busy of late. i'll try and catch up and
    get some proper and constant news back in ship shape. anyhows... here's how we all fared
    in this weeks barrysworld

    team cpm4 dm7
    bio aaa postponed postponed
    hat cs 79-65 107-71
    fh xtc 75-0 75-0
    hat-b sxr 97-84 82-140
    lsd soul 62-54 96-60

      barrysworld q3 tdm league week 4 - 21/04/2001Osiris | 5678 views | 0 replies 
    bigfoot has posted his weekly review for last week. you can read it here.
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