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quake.ie main news
  cpl qw tournament expanding? - 21/04/2001Osiris | 5985 views | 0 replies 
due to the greater than anticipated response to the planned small qw tournament the cpl is organising, they have set up a poll on their forums to get a clearer idea of the level of interest. anyone interested in going should post a reply at the cpl quakeworld poll.

  eurocup ctf game tonight... - 19/04/2001Lucutus | 5816 views | 0 replies 
eurocup, apparently has been postponed until next week, because wales don't have players for tonight.

it's to be played next week instead.

  amd invitational xs cup intervie - 18/04/2001nDSonic | 5899 views | 1 replies 
over on xsreality xenon has interviewed all 16 of the attendees of the upcoming invitational competition in the uk

  quake3 on ps2? - 18/04/2001x0n | 5734 views | 0 replies 

a daily radar review of quake 3: revolution for the playstation 2.

it's the ps2's turn to try its hand at the quake game. but is it possible to rocket-jump if you're not allowed a keyboard and mouse?

but multiplay will be confined to 4-player split screen action, so i guess we won't be duelling joypadders any time soon...

  going to the cpl in amsterdam? - 18/04/2001Bunny | 5800 views | 21 replies 
for all the people intending to travel to the cpl in amsterdam, you need to contact mindphuck asap or just simply stick a comment here to let him know. this is important.

  cpl quakeworld tourney - 15/04/2001MindPhuck | 5579 views | 3 replies 
i spotted this over on esports america. angel munoz, the cpl head, has announced a cpl tourney to take place in the hyatt regency (america somewhere?).

"as other organizations who previously were not for cash prizes move towards that direction, we'd like to take the opportunity to go back to our roots," said munoz

although its just an anniversary thingy, its still cool!

  what is the mind? doesn't matter - 13/04/2001Bunny | 5568 views | 3 replies 
what is matter? nevermind. now anyone who has heard of ff (flaming fist) will know that they don't just beat their opponents in quakeworld, they completely break them, so its very rare that another clan can actually give them a bit of a fight..however, in this demo from dag's pov you can clearly see them getting into trouble. if you want a close demo with incredible movement, utter luck, great vertical midair shots then this is the one for you. i just like it because he bounces a guy around with midair grenades.

speaking of midair shots, this is, quite possibly the demo with the most midair shots you will ever see in one game...its on the end map, from paradok's pov...and alot of people (myself included) thought this demo was manufactured or changed somehow simply because of the sheer amount of direct hits he gets in.

finally for absolute spawnrape i really recommend this one, its reload from down under on dm4 creaming some guy who just keeps charging out...yes. you need qizmo to watch these demos as they are in compressed format (.qwz)

  q3 trick jumps - 13/04/2001Illkillya | 5702 views | 1 replies 
theres a load of new trick demos on xsreality. a collection of trick demos by drpd brings a whole new meaning to the term. some seriously good use of grenade jumping and plasma. there are also some very handy jumps on hub3tourney1 that will be of interest to duellers who are trying to learn this map properly.

  the gathering - 13/04/2001MindPhuck | 5604 views | 0 replies 
eaze from clanbase sends word about the biggest lan ever to take place in norway -

the gathering 2001, the world's largest lan event held in norway has started. with over 5000 geeks in one hall, and several gaming compos running as well. this is the place to be this easter. the gathering is a complete lan covering all aspects of computing, from chatting, file sharing..

you can read more about it here.

  history of irish quake - 13/04/2001Zero | 5735 views | 3 replies 
a quote from hobbes on the irish quake boards : "it would be interesting to see if someone could compile a perfect timeline of the quake scene from it's start to current date while remaining totally impartial"

while i get the hint of a dig from a backseat driver, it is a good idea, and us lads here at quake.ie were wondering would anybody be up for having a go at it? someone from the oldschool would be ideal, who has been around since the start, like sickboy or one of you guys. it would make a good read and we'd put it up here as a feature.

if anyone is interested let us know in the comments.

  europe vs america - 11/04/2001Bunny | 5584 views | 6 replies 
just over 2 years ago the top american quakeworld clan, deathrow, faced off against the top european team, clan 9, setting the scene for one of the biggest rivalries ever in quake, a few months after this famous event the tgi invitational took place which brought together the best duellers in the world to duke it out and decide the overall champion of the universe. combine a world duel competition, the euro v yank rivalry and throw in quake3 and you have the the amd invitational xs cup. on april 21st in maidenhead, england, eight top european players will take on eight of the best american players to play out the competition in a ryder cup format - a win will result in a point for your respective continent. here is a list of who's been invited...

-unr-blokey (england)

-unr-luke (scotland)

all*lakerman (sweden)

all*doomer (sweden)

all*blue (sweden)

polosatiy (russia)

anc-stelam (germany)

anc-slinger (germany)

ck-fatal1ty (usa)

revenant (usa)

pureluck (usa)

wombat (usa)

vise (usa)

c3 (usa)

socrates (usa)

ck-insano (canada)

sujoy will be managing the european side so we are garunteed that there'll be plenty of tv and media at the event. there's more info in the full press release and anyone who is interested in going should send a mail to [email protected]

  ever get flooded? - 10/04/2001MindPhuck | 5509 views | 2 replies 
i spotted this over on the barrysworld
columns where archlight, from clan ss, goes on to describe his recent
game with hood and how he felt cable their cable modemers flooded his isdn connects out,
making the actual game play, near impossible to move.  its worth a read and maybe you
can target="_blank">relate to this.

  eurocup3 news - 10/04/2001MindPhuck | 5486 views | 0 replies 
on eurocup3, our irish lads
bio faced off neo on href="ftp://www.clanbase.com/pub/demos/neo_bio_q3dm14tmp_chase_325409.zip" target="_blank">dm14
and target="_blank">dm7 respectively.  from the news report on href="http://eurocup.clanbase.com/news_league.php?mid=2267&lid=338" target="_blank">clanbase
it does look like a bit of a beating.  the finals scores were 106-48 on dm14 and
101-60 on dm7.  this puts bio in 6th place in href="http://eurocup.clanbase.com/league_schedule.php?lid=338&league=1&poule=3"
target="_blank">group c.  im not entirely sure, but i think this completes the
matches for group c with the winners being href="http://eurocup.clanbase.com/claninfo.php?cid=15" target="_blank">mtw, who go to
the finals.

  savage sunday cup - 10/04/2001MindPhuck | 5599 views | 0 replies 
the savage q3 ctf league
finished this week with some interesting results all round.  the overall winners of
division 1 was ss.  closely followed, is both neo and potzw, who are tied on points.
  they have to play it out to see who comes 2nd.  for the irish teams competing,
bio came 2nd after rv
in division 3, hat also came 2nd in
division 4, with 7cs taking the division title.  both hat and bio
get promoted to their higher divisions for the next season.  i'll be looking forward
to next seasons games.

  how to bug counter-strike player - 10/04/2001Illkillya | 5822 views | 12 replies 
how frustrated do you get trying to play counter strike? your bullets don't go where your crosshair is, any bravery or "rushing in" (pfff) and you end up dead watching your teammates camp for the next 5 minutes until someone else dies. [email protected]/3z has written an article which will give you some extra firepower in your disgruntled retalliation against the muppets who play cs.
'if you see a teammate in a tight corner or a little hideaway, block them from getting out. then repeatedly knife them while repeatedly flipping on your flashlight while saying "im in position."'

you can find the article here. you'll have to scroll down a bit, but the other articles are quite interesting as well, even to non-cs players who are rigidly loyal to the true faith.

  maddest frag ever - 08/04/2001MindPhuck | 5531 views | 0 replies 
the guys over on prewar have been running a 'maddest frag ever' competition, judged by reload. the winner was klintz for a cool mid air frag on aerowalk.

personally, i've seen better from ser (remember that frag against aerotus at rapture?), but its good all the same. you can download the demos here

  barrysworld ra3 cup - 08/04/2001MindPhuck | 5537 views | 9 replies 
hat, the only irish team to compete in the barrysworld ra3 cup will kick off their matches next saturday.

once the cup has been played off, the teams are then entered into the ra3 league based upon how they do. it's still not too late for other irish teams to enter into the league which might be worth doing if you have feckall else to do on a saturday.

  barrysworld tdm roundup - 08/04/2001MindPhuck | 5440 views | 1 replies 
trying to catch up on a few things, so here is how us irish did over the last week on
dm14tmp and cpm4.

team dm14 cpm4
bio hood 92:107 59:87
hat tp 74-77 104-65
fh bog 74-72 61-85
lsd ax postponed
hat-b da 34-124 50-110

  unveiled - 08/04/2001MindPhuck | 5426 views | 1 replies 
and now you know why there's been a lack of updates.

after alot of re-coding and reworking of the core system, i've finally got a backend to a web site which i can do some real work with. as you can see, its a new look. hope you like it, and if you don't.. i can change it on the fly.

big huge thanks to havok for the gfx. sorry i butched it a bit to make it fit

  halfway stages of the savageeuro - 07/04/2001Osiris | 5497 views | 0 replies 
there were a good few more games in the savageeuro championship, although no games from group 3 went ahead.


sweden - finland 3-0, 5-0 and 15-0

denmark - iceland 3-0, 1-0 and 2-1


england - wales 4-0, 7-0 and 6-0

scotland – n. ireland 1-2, 4-0 and 4-3


belgium - portugal 13-0, 8-0 and 8-0

france - switzerland 2-1, 1-1 and 1-2

the maps played were ctf3, wctf1 and wctf3.

  for the "old" ones among us - 06/04/2001x0n | 5496 views | 3 replies 
does the name steve polge ring a bell for anyone? no? ok, how about "c:\quake>winquake +set game rpbot"? aw, c'mon.. reaper bots -- yes he's the guy who was responsible for the coding/ai of arguably the best q1 bots around (at the time). i have sweet memories of running around dm6 like a lunatic whilst these f*ckers, circled, strafed and charged with perfect aim; "x0n ate rp3bot1's boomstick" etc. well, he's the ai programmer at epic games now (unreal etc). there's an interview with him up at ozunreal if you fancy a glance in the mind of this legend.

  cpl registration - 02/04/2001MindPhuck | 5334 views | 17 replies 
griff sends word that the cpl holland registration is open. the event is to take place on 11-13th of may in loosdrecht, near amsterdam.

the quake 3 1on1 competition prize fund is 15,000 euro's, the counterstrike 10,000 euros, and the quake 3 female competition 1,000 euros.

i suggest you get over there and sign-up.

  female quakers get the boot by s - 02/04/2001MindPhuck | 5204 views | 0 replies 
one of my clan mates, slof, has posted an article over on planetquake about how females are treated on the servers, and by the big tournaments. its worth a read. you go gurl!

  bwl defeats bio - 01/04/2001MindPhuck | 5210 views | 0 replies 
bio was defeated in last nights clanbase eurocup game. the first map was cpm4, where bio lost 65-34. the second was dm14tmp, where bio bearly lost 69-52.

i can't help think that from screenshots, it really looked like bwl had a huge ping advantage and possible would have won on even pings. demos courtesy of clanbase. heres a chasecam pov of the dm14 game and another on cpm4.

  irish cpl results - 01/04/2001MindPhuck | 5234 views | 4 replies 
the irish cpl qualifiers took place yesterday.  the winner was ser,
coming in second was koopa.  third and fourth place was snatched up
by beast and osiris.  we had an excellent day, with
everything running smoothly.  a quick thanks to all the players who participated and
a huge danka to nethouse who have
sponsored both ser and koopa to go to the cpl holland event.  i myself will be going
there and will be very much looking forward to the whole thing. 

in the mean time, heres the demos of the finals.  koopa comes back from the loosing
bracket to face ser again.  beating him once on tourney2 and getting defeated on
hub3tourney1 by an excellent champion.  grab the demos while there hot.

koopa - ser
- t2

ser - koopa
- hub3

for a complete breakdown of the brackets, results and demos, check here

  irish cpl qualifiers - 31/03/2001MindPhuck | 5149 views | 2 replies 
today sees the irish cpl qualifiers take place in nethouse in dun laoghaire, dublin. players from all round ireland are coming up to participate. heres the list of players signed up -

sico, beast, sonic, psyk, el_pres, guinnessman, jay, ser, koopa, jedi, havok, rapier, clamor, lucutus, kharn and airk.

bets are all laid down and theres a few favourites. i'll be running the whole thing myself so i won't be actually playing. ye are getting off lightly this time, right? anyhows, best of luck. i'll keep people up to-date with the latest scores and happenings.

  cpl europe cash - 31/03/2001MindPhuck | 5203 views | 0 replies 
cpl europe has now finalised the cash prize fund for its next event to be held in holland between 11-13th may. the total prize fund will be at least 26,000 € and will be divided as follows :

quake 3 male - 15,000 €

counter strike - 10,000 €

quake 3 female - 1,000 €

  cpl pacific - 31/03/2001MindPhuck | 5232 views | 0 replies 
for those who are interested, the cpl pacific event, sponsored by atomic, is currently in motion in melbourne austrailia. with both q3 and cs competitions, it will probably be an excellent event. you can catch up with the latest scores here. you can also take a look at some photos and their webcam here.

  dark rift pimpage - 31/03/2001MindPhuck | 5170 views | 0 replies 
one of my team members from hatstand, purity, has spent a huge amount of time on a game called dark rift. you should really check this preview movie out as i would say it will really rock.

  euroctf ireland versus england l - 30/03/2001Lucutus | 5179 views | 2 replies 
score and maps in our group versus england were...

england vs ireland group 2

3w3 eng 8 ire 0
ctf3 eng 3 ire 0
3w2 eng 7 ire 0

a fine trashing, and no doubt about it. the team chosen was sky, jedi, koopa, m1ke and skelt. unfortunatly, skelt (our main attacker) never showed up and m1rv had to play in his place. overlord was coaching and m1rv dropped from the game and never return, thankfully, overlord was the only person on the server and could step in when m1rv dropped.

there was no scorebot or gtv and i couldn't get a connect to the server to watch, so reports of details will have to wait for a player to post up here or a couple of demos.

our next game is against wales in two weeks and i will be organising practices against countries in our group in order to win it. wales drew with scotland, (who we narrowly lost to last week), last night, so we have a *real* chance of beating them in 2 weeks time.

also, sky is dropping from all online q3 in around a week or so while he utilises the last year of university to actually get one of those degree things. so last night was the last game we have sky's excellent skills sitting on the flag. wp and thanks to sky, and gl in your exams.

the team for the wales game will be announced early next week and practices emailed to the squad and posted here.


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