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  QW Ignition Tourney launched - 24/10/2011pleuraXeraphim | 3280 views | 0 replies 
Its time for another edition of the famous Ignition rookie tournament for the first-person-shooter game QuakeWorld (QW) which was developed by ID Software in 1996. Since back then, the game has been maintained, polished and played by thousands of players throughout the years and there is still a very active player base competing for the fun and honor in QuakeWorld. The goal of the Ignition tournament is to introduce new players to this game under fun and fair, yet competitive conditions.

The tournament format is 1on1 deathmatch in a double-elimination bracket playoff and the matches will be played on the maps Aerowalk, ZTNDM3, VDM3V3, Hate and Skull in best of three maps series. The tournament will last between 7th November and 20th December 2011 with matches scheduled in specific weeks - you agree with your opponent on when to play - rather than on a set date to allow for flexibility for players.

You can get started with QuakeWorld today by downloading nQuake which is a quick-starter pack that includes everything you need to play QuakeWorld and participate in this tournament. The nQuake pack is based off of the Quake shareware version and thus only includes the maps from the first episode and custom maps. If one wants to play the classic DM maps, then the pak1.pak that can be found on your original Quake CD is required.

Questions on the tournament or the game overall can be asked in the comments to this news item or by taking advantage of the friendly community on QuakeWorld.nu.

We hope that the tournament will see many rookies signed up and we encourage current established players to tell their friends to sign up for this frag fest! (bear in mind that we have a strict rookies-only policy though)

There has been plenty of famous irish QW players over the years so hopefully we can unearth some new Irish talent.

So Head on over to the registration page!

  quake.ie domain - 03/08/2010MindPhuck | 34088 views | 13 replies 
Hi folks,

For many years, i have been the owner of the quake.ie domain, from creating and making news, site design, programming, hosting and paying for the domain, etc.

As most of you well know, i dont really play quake any more and dont have the time or interest. Rather than keep the site static, doing nothing, it would be in better hands if it is going somewhere, designed to suit todays world! I would be open to someone taking over the site and domain, including its hosting, etc.

I am only interested in passing this over to those with a genuine interest in continuing the site as quake.ie in whatever guise they wish to make it - but it must always remain dedicated to irish and international quake and keep the site history and posts in some form.

if your interested and I am convinced you will do something or even just to keep site hosted, then please, drop me a mail and let me know - eric.mooney1[ .at. ] gmail.com


  gun islanders - 12/05/2010johnie | 37298 views | 2 replies 

  ESL Quakelive Worldchampionship - 04/03/2010Spaceman | 39416 views | 4 replies 
Alright - Ive been watching the ESL Quakelive and WoW Worldchampionships over the last couple of days. There are live streams on the main page http://www.esl-world.net/masters/season4/hannover/ if anyone is interested. Think Cooller v Rapha is on tomorrow which should be an excellent match. There are some WoW on some streams too.

  Read This - 04/09/2009MindPhuck | 45460 views | 5 replies 
Attention all players out there looking to get an introduction to the fast paced challenging game of Quakeworld. Sign ups are currently open for the Ignition Duel tourney which is aimed purely at attracting in new players to the community.

Quakeworld has a very tight nit community and despite the game being over 12 years old, it is still at the forefront for online games in terms of skill and fast paced action. While there is a very steep learning curve in getting up to speed with QW, this tournament hopes to bridge that gap and to give new players a chance to play other like skilled players and to get assistance from experienced players in getting setup.

For more details make sure to go to the Tourney website:

You can download the latest QW Client Package nQuake from here:

For Quakeworld News you can go to the Euro Portal website:

  Quake Roleplaying - 12/05/2009x0n | 50979 views | 2 replies 
I havent posted here for years due to chronic and slow recovering RSI caused - yes you guessed it - from a two week intense session of q3 promode playing. The damage was done in two weeks, but its been two years now and I still cannot use a mouse for longer than 30 minutes (initially it was 3 minutes). Oh, the irony. Be careful folks.

Anyway, I had to post this:


Nutters using roman candles for RL and firing at each other, with added authentic quake sound effects. Brilliant.

  Irish Quake Live 1 on 1 League - 07/04/2009Illkillya | 52753 views | 1 replies 
Sign up!

  Tuesday Night: Irish Quake Live - 31/03/2009Illkillya | 52985 views | 4 replies 
Who: Irish players (new and old), players living in Ireland, players with Irish grandmothers, players who once drank Murphys while on holiday in Cork... all skill levels welcome.

Where: Meet in #quakelive.ie on IRC (or add Jamasdf as a friend on QuakeLive)

What: Irish Quake community convenes for some friendly games - game type TBD.

Why: Bit of a headcount/jump-start of the Irish QuakeLive scene, lots more to come if we see a bit of activity. LANs, Irish team in Nations Cup, tournaments, etc. & should be good fun.

When: Tonight, and every Tuesday night. 8pm+

How: Quake Live is open Beta now, probably 200meg download, so just sign up (get some random username because all the good ones are taken). Go to IRC - http://webchat.quakenet.org/ join #quakelive.ie

Check out the thread on boards.ie: http://boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2055526550

  QW Stats Site Release - 08/02/2009pleuraXeraphim | 55879 views | 2 replies 
It has been said for years now that Quakeworld scene is shrinking and numbers are dropping. Well now we can get a better indication as to the numbers playing Quakeworld and trends with the release of QuakeWorld Statistics (http://stats.quakeworld.nu). developed by pleuraXeraphim and JohnNy_cz .

The new site is a resource which details almost all QuakeWorld matches played on KTX servers. The website allows users to to view matches in the following categories: 4on4, 2on2, 1on1, pov, end, endif and ffa matches with an end of match scoreboard. The site collects and compiles match data and presents this in an easy to view format giving a whole variety of information.

There are weekly awards based on a player ranking system and a profile for all players detailing all their matches and statistics. This is for fun and if nothing else gives an idea of a players activity and can be used to size up an opponent for a league match.

If maps are your thing then their is a map section with detailed stats for all maps played. Finally there is a list of all servers and players with corresponding statistics and a detailed statistics page for all game modes broken down per day and per week.

Any Irish Quakeworld players should hop on IRC and join #nafianna channel. There is still an Irish clan playing in the upcoming 4on4 European Quake League.

  eSports.ie launches - 13/11/2008Sabre0001 | 60365 views | 1 replies 
Hello all!

Would just like to inform you that www.eSports.ie has launched! This will be a local site with a global view on the competitive gaming scene. The site has been launched for the last week and has been working away nicely but there is still a lot that we would like to do.

We would greatly appreciate if ye would visit, register, post and tell others! And of course, if there are things ye would like to see, news or articles ye would like to submit or just general words (of encouragement please ) let us know at [email protected] (or in #esports.ie)


  QuakeCups - Help us help you - 29/09/2008Sabre0001 | 63052 views | 4 replies 
So interest has dropped a little since the start of the Quake Quick Cups - there are now two for various skill levels and we want to find out how to improve sign-up rates in each.

Got a little poll over on boards.ie concerning the day (http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2055387833) that the tournament should be run on...However, I want to hear ALL feedback - the good, the bad AND the ugly (especially the bad and ugly - only way to make things better).

We are mixing up the game types with a 4 week cycle of different modes. So is it the day? Is it the gamemode? Is it just a temporary slump? Do ye want entry fees and prize money?

Also - try to expand. i.e. Instead of just saying a gamemode - perhaps back it up with a reasoning...But happy to hear all suggestions and comments...

  QuakeCups - NEW & IMPROVED - 23/09/2008Sabre0001 | 76767 views | 3 replies 
Last week saw a bit of a change-up to the format of the http://qqc.tourney.cc Quake Quick Cup as it split into a cup for higher level players (Quake Quick Cup) and a cup for newer or more inexperienced players ( http://notquitepro.tourney.cc Not Quite Pro Cup – Congratulations again to SearrarD).

Now, things are being altered again slightly thanks to feedback received from the community. Both cups are going to take on a more scheduled look so that players can plan ahead . http://www.altfire.com

Quake Quick Cup: Capture The Flag – Team Deathmatch – Free For All/Instagib – Duel
‘Not Quite Pro’ Cup: Rest Week – Duel – Rest Week – Duel

What does this mean and why are there “rest weeks” in the NQP Cup – It’s all in the name of variety, trying to get people involved and trying to make sure that everyone is having fun. The “rest weeks” are scheduled to coincide with Quake Quick Cups where the game mode is more friendly for newer or lower skilled players. So while you may be a NQP player, you will get to play with higher skilled players and have fun because you have support!

In Capture The Flag (which will be the next Quake Quick Cup on Sunday 28th September) teams will be balanced to ensure that the overall makeup is at a similar level. So all are welcome to play regardless of skill level. Please sign-up early because teams do need to be balanced – if there are uneven numbers, unfortunately some players will be acting as substitutes. Sign-ups will close on Sunday at 08:00. This will enable us to make up and balance teams.

So to sign-up or for more information visit the Quake Quick Cup site. The NQP site will be updated during rest weeks to keep people up to date with what is happening and because the events in the QQC that week will be of interest to ALL Quake 3 players. As usual, any questions or comments just let us know...

Supported By:


  TWO Quake Cups this weekend! - 16/09/2008Sabre0001 | 63680 views | 2 replies 
The Quake Quick Cup series is coming along strongly and the 4th edition will take place this Sunday 21st September (http://qqc.tourney.cc). However, there will be a small change. It will be run in association with a new launch - The "Not Quite Pro" Cup (http://notquitepro.tourney.cc) which is for new / inexperienced / low skill Quake 3 players in order for them to have fun, improve and play against people at their own skill level.

Both tournaments should see competitive fixtures rather than several blow-outs until the final and should hopefully see more players coming back for more action!

  Quake Quick Cup III - 09/09/2008Sabre0001 | 63971 views | 1 replies 
After two successful outings, Quake Quick Cup III has arrived - Sunday 14th September! As usual, all are welcome to play, spectate, idle, chat and provide feedback. Find out more at http://qqc.tourney.cc/ and keep up to date in IRC #eSports.ie

Good luck, Have fun!!

  Quake Quick Cup II - 20/08/2008Sabre0001 | 65566 views | 12 replies 
Back for more punishment! A second Quake Quick Cup has been organised. Some lessons have been learned from the last one and we hope to get a few more signed up. So come one, come all! Any player / spectator is welcome and all skill levels are encouraged to join, in either capacity!

For more information and to sign up: http://qqc.tourney.cc/

  Irish Game Site hosts Quake Serv - 20/08/2008pleuraXeraphim | 65456 views | 0 replies 
In case you havnt come across it, there is a decent news site called http://www.altfire.com which is regularly updated with the latest Gaming and General Tech news by rawshark .

This Irish owned techie/gaming site hosts a Quakeworld, Quake2, Quake 3 and Urban Terror Game Server. Its always great to have someone host servers for the Irish Quake Community so make sure to check out the site and have a read.

  Quake Quick Cup - 15/08/2008Spaceman | 66090 views | 3 replies 
Saber0001 is running a Quake Quick Cup on Sunday 17th August go here ->


for sign ups and details

  Irish Quake 3 / Quake Live Playe - 17/07/2008Illkillya | 68579 views | 13 replies 
If you play Quake 3 or Quake Live, or if youre interested in playing a bit, head over to this thread here on boards.ie and let us know. There could be a bit of a revival on the way.


  Ignition Rookie QW Tournament - 15/07/2008pleuraXeraphim | 67934 views | 0 replies 
Attention all players out there looking to get an introduction to the fast paced challenging game of Quakeworld. Sign ups are currently open for the Ignition Duel tourney which is aimed purely at attracting in new players to the community.

Quakeworld has a very tight nit community and despite the game being over 12 years old, it is still at the forefront for online games in terms of skill and fast paced action. While there is a very steep learning curve in getting up to speed with QW, this tournament hopes to bridge that gap and to give new players a chance to play other like skilled players and to get assistance from experienced players in getting setup.

For more details make sure to go to the Tourney website:

You can download the latest QW Client Package nQuake from here:

For Quakeworld News you can go to the Euro Portal website:

  NQR 11 Final - NaFianna v - 06/05/2008pleuraXeraphim | 81398 views | 2 replies 
The Grand Final of the NQR11 Bronze Cup will take place this Wednesday evening the 7th of May at 21:00 CET (8PM Irish Time) featuring Irish clan

Nafianna and Quakeklan

Earlier in the season NaFianna defeated Quakeklan in the group stages 2-0. The scores were as follows : DM3 (The Abandoned Base) was 179-124 and on DM2 (Claustrophobopolis) 164 - 152. Match Screenshots here: http://nqr.nu/nqr11/battle/428

They were very close maps with NaFianna just about coming out on top. Quakeklan have had plenty of practice since then though and have been tweaking their team play and tactics. NaFianna on the other hand have not been less active the past two weeks due to work commitments and real life getting in the way.
So the result is anyones guess and is sure to be a nail biter.

So best of luck to the Irish Lads tomorrow and if you can, try and spectate the match for some real great action.

The match will feature commentary from Kryddturken

Instructions on Viewing and Listening

To Listen to the commentary use:
and the Team Speak Server to login to is: ts.quakeworld.nu

You should download the latest QW Client nQuake from here:

Further Spectating instructions will be posted here later or else keep on eye on

  European QW Summer League - 30/04/2008pleuraXeraphim | 82044 views | 2 replies 

The Summer edition of the European Quakeworld league kicks off in under 11 days.
It will run for just about 5 weeks so that it is out of the way before the summer really kicks in and people head away on holidays. There will be a rookie division again and the Irish Clan NaFianna.b team are looking for some summer recruits. So leave a message here or join #nafianna on http://www.quakenet.org

EQL7 League Site:

  NQR 11 Finals - 30/04/2008pleuraXeraphim | 81460 views | 0 replies 

NQR news: Irelands only QW Clan NaFianna had a very successful season in the Nations Quake Rank Tournament. The clan was able to field two teams this season.

NaFianna.b topped the Rookie division in the group stages coming in ahead of 8 other teams to make the Semi final stages. However some connection problems hampered them in their clash against the Swedish clan Quakeklan.b in what was an epic battle. The match went down to the wire but in the end the lads went down 3-2. With their team play improving more than any other clan, another season should see them avoid any slip-ups to take the crown. They will compete for the 3rd place play off sometime this week against Comfortably Numb.

NaFianna.a topped the Bronze cup going undefeated in the process. With 10 wins out of 10 and a points difference of +2568 no team has come close to them apart from the Norwegian team Naim led by the formidable Arnette who has an average frag count of 71.9. Naim managed to run the lads very close even taking a map from them. However one player does not make a team and Naim were knocked out by QuakeKlan.a. NaFianna.a and QuakeKlan.a will now fight it out for the title of the Bronze Cup this week. QuakeKlan.a have been improving all the time so it should be a close encounter.

For more information, demos and results check www.quakeworld.nu

  Na Fianna NQR - 04/03/2008johnie | 86502 views | 6 replies 
EQL division 5 champions Na Fianna have joined up to Europes premier TDM competition "NQR" to partake in the bronze division which has a mixture of div3/4/5 teams. The lads have made a great start winning their first 3 games without droping a map. You can follow the results at http://nqr.nu/nqr11/

With a very active Irish scene at the moment we were also able to spilt the team in two and create Na Fianna B who also joined up to NQR aswell in the rookie division. Lead by the influential Stev they have just played their first game and secured a 2-0 win.


  Na Fianna - EQL Div 5 Winners !! - 28/01/2008pleuraXeraphim | 89432 views | 3 replies 
Irish quakeworld clan Na Fianna in their first season have won the final of Division 5 in the European Quakeworld League. They defeated Austrian Clan clan Respawn Addicts in a comprehensive manner with the following scores.

Map DM3 - Na Fianna 224 - 77 Respawn Addicts
Map E1M2 - Na Fianna 234 - 64 Respawn Addicts
Map DM2 - Na Fianna 211 - 54 Respawn Addicts

NaFianna will now go on to compete in the Nations Quake Rank Season 11 which is starting next week. The clan have also expanded and will feature a second squad of players to compete in the Rookies Division while the main Squad will compete in the competitive Bronze Division which features Division 4/5 clans.

For any of you ex Irish QW players. We will be having internal 4on4s every Wednesday and Sunday. So join #nafianna on irc and get involved.

Match screen shots are included below.

Well done to all the lads !!

attachments :
402-Fian_vs_rEAd_dm2.jpg (97.8 kb)
402-Fian_vs_rEAd_dm3.jpg (138.19 kb)
402-Fian_vs_rEAd_e1m2.jpg (100.48 kb)

  Irish Clan Na Fianna Into Final - 23/01/2008pleuraXeraphim | 89950 views | 3 replies 
Irish quakeworld clan Na Fianna have qualified for the final of Division 5 in the European Quakeworld League. Na Fianna who feature many of the old skool Irish quakeworld players defeated Finish clan Vitun Kova Bosse in a comprehensive manner with the following scores.

Map DM3 - Na Fianna 246 - 24 Vitun Kova Bosse
Map DM2 - Na Fianna 311 - 18 Vitun Kova Bosse
Map E1M2 - Na Fianna 214 - 16 Vitun Kova Bosse

The final will be played this weekend against Austrian Clan Respawn Addicts with Na Fianna tipped as favorites to take the title.

Match screen shots are included below and check for match coverage on www.quakeworld.nu which is now back up and running.

attachments :
402-Nf_vs_vkb_dm2.jpg (90.18 kb)
402-Nf_vs_vkb_dm3.jpg (83.58 kb)
402-Nf_vs_vkb_e1m2.jpg (84.2 kb)

  EQL Playoff update and fixtures - 18/01/2008pleuraXeraphim | 90201 views | 0 replies 

Just in from Itsinen:

At the moment Im quite surprised, Div1 seems to be quite alive after all. The best thing with it is that there are REALLY HOT playoff games already in the quarterfinals!
The Viper Squad won over Clan Malfunction quite easily but it wasnt clear until the end of dm2 that tVS actually would win 2-0. It was something like 3-4 minutes left when you could see that CMF were running out of time.

So this was a game worth watching!
Demos for that game are available here: http://www.challenge-tv.com/index.php?mode=demodetail&demo=34677 .

In the other Division 1 quarter final playoff we had Fragomatic taking on Firing Squad. In the first map Fragomatic were leading however and with 5minutes in all spectators were quite sure that Fragomatic was going to take it home.
In the decided we had ... dm2...
But then autotrack spotted 2 players of Fragomatic at quad and I were quite sure this was the end of [fs] in the map (FD really small). Somehow Keyser got that quad again and got the map under control (have no clue how he did it and [fs] won 2-1!

Demos for this game are available here: http://www.challenge-tv.com/index.php?mode=demodetail&demo=34678 .

Division Rookie is looking quite in-active atm, most of teams have lost some members due to inactivity so Comfortably Numb got a WO from Shortys. Shortys werent the only clan with the problem of inactivity, Misters were also forced to give a WO to the Mob of Oddballs. So the Rookie Division will feature Comfortably Numb vs the Mob of Oddballs in the final!

Division 5 have not played yet but Na Fianna and Vitun Kova Bosse have scheduled a game for this coming Sunday. Allans Vittnen seems active and I have spotted some READ members practicing so hoping for them also to schedule so we can this league finished off!

Division 4 Still waiting for Enemy Quad vs Chosen. Chosen practicing quite a bit at the moment. So I guess they are serious about getting into the finals. Hoping for a tight game there!

Divsion 3 appears to be idle as well or is it ? I have actually heard nothing about the clans who are into the playoffs, hoping they will play their games! Come on guys, make us a show or two

Division 2 is still inactive and rumours are floating about that it might be a Walkover for Easy Riders. This is not definite but its looking really bad :(

Division 1... The only quarter final game left is Koff vs Slackers 2. So who will win here or is this going to be a Walkover ?
The semi finals in DIV 1 will be: the Viper Squad vs Koff/Slackers 2 and Firing Squad vs Slackers.
Please NOTE, these matches will now be Best of 5 (b05)! So lots of frags and hopefully some drama also!

Also remember: http://schedule.qdrama.com -> Get the game scheduled and people will know when you will be playing and then we can also place bets!

Now happy fragging and Good Night

  EQL 6 Upcoming Games - 15/01/2008pleuraXeraphim | 91030 views | 0 replies 

The following match will take place tonight (16/01/08) at 2200CET:

the Viper Squad vs Clan Malfunction

ALSO the following fixture has been moved again to
the 17th January 20:45CET:

Fragomatic vs FiringSquad

On Sunday the 20th at 08:45 we have the much anticipated playoff semi for the Irish lads:

Na Fianna vs Vitun Kova Bosse

It is the first time in a number of years we have an Irish Clan competing for a title.

So make sure you place your bets on
and tune in for coverage of these eagerly anticipated games.

Also for all other clans make sure you get your games played before the end of the week. Time is running out !!!!!!

  EQL Playoffs Update - 13/01/2008pleuraXeraphim | 91097 views | 0 replies 
Just in from Itsinen : After first week of the EQL playoffs only 2 games have been played. Still many to go epecially for Division 1! The only game in div1 that has been played was Slackers vs Suddendeath, with a dramatic 2-1 win for Slackers. The difference was 4 frags in the end with a very chaotic finale!

The other game that was played was Clan Metally Troopers vs Bear Beer Balalaika in division 4.
Scores were Clan Metally Troopers 3 - 2 Bear Beer Balalaika with a lots of drama in the end too! 2 frags!!! So seems to be quite tight games, hopefully the upcoming ones are too! GL HF and play your games before last night

  EQL 6 Playoff Fixtures - 09/01/2008pleuraXeraphim | 91706 views | 1 replies 
Unfortunately the Host Server for qw.nu and eql.nu websites was hacked recently.
With these down the fixtures have been placed here.

The Play off stages for the sixth season of the European Quakeworld League has been finalized.
This is what we have been waiting for with matches decided and the dates set.

Fixtures are as follows:

Division 1, round 1:

#1 the Viper Squad vs #8 Clan Malfunction
#2 Fragomatic vs #7 FiringSquad
#3 Slackers vs #6 Suddendeath
#4 KOFF vs #5 Slackers II

Division 2, round 1:

#1 Easy Riders EZ vs #4 Oblivion
#2 Ballistic vs #3 Losing Squadron

Division 3, round 1:

#1 No Pasaran! vs #4 Hippushnik
#2 Fraggers United vs #3 Demolitian Crew

Division 4, round 1:

#1 Enemy Quad vs #4 Chosen
#2 Clan Metally Troopers vs #3 Bear Beer Balalaika

Division 5, round 1:

#1 Na Fianna vs #4 Vitun Kova Bosse
#2 Allans Vittnen vs #3 Respawn Addicts

Division Rookies, round 1:

#1 Misters vs #4 Mob of Oddballs
#2 Comfortably Numb vs #3 Shortys

The first playoff game for Div 2-Rookies must be played before the 20th January.
The first and second playoff games for Division 1 must be played before the 20th January.

The finals (and bronze matches) will be played before sunday the 27th (monday 28th morning)!

Remember to add your games to
schedule.qwdrama.com and place your bets on GoldRush.......

For the finer details please make sure to check with EQL Admin Itsinen
on irc: #eql.qw on quakenet.org

Now play your games and have fun. Good luck......

  European QW League playoffs - 08/01/2008pleuraXeraphim | 91963 views | 2 replies 
The playoff stages of the European Quake league is now about to finally take place.
Irish clan Na Fianna who topped the league stages of Division 5 unbeaten and only dropping one map in the process will now play Finish Clan Vitun Kova Bosse in the semi-final of Div 5.

Na Fianna features a formidable lineup up of the following:
undone, john_rambo (vinnit), mickah, jonnie, furious, driz (Aus), beast and a few rookie newb players such as hotel and hedgehog

For all you one time Irish Quakerworlders now is the time to download the new QuakeWorld client and support the Irish lads as they once again do battle in the final stages of a Competitive Quakeworld competition.

Make sure to check progress on http://www.quakeworld.nu
European Quake League - http://www.eql.nu

or join
#nafianna on irc.quakenet.org

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