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  tsw takes the quakelords title - 26/08/2001MindPhuck | 4469 views | 0 replies 
today saw the final week in the quakelords league. played over four weeks it was an excellent league and very enjoyable. heres the final standings -

1st: tsw - 7 wins (710 frags)

2nd: inc - 6 wins (513 frags)

3rd: jams- 5 wins (1066 frags)

4th: nd -- 4 wins (633 frags)

5th: gt -- 3 wins (-183 frags)

6th: cw -- 2 wins (-701 frags)

7th: cd -- 1 wins (-412 frags)

8th: zt -- 0 wins (-1656 frags)

a big congrats to tsw for being great champions and a huge thanks to all those who made it a sucessfull league in participating. season ii in a few weeks time.

  warped reality invitational - 25/08/2001Illkillya | 4616 views | 3 replies 
while interest in q3 has been waning steadily lately, there has been a substantial revival in the qw clan scene. this is set to get a boost with the introduction of a new invitational uk-based tourney run by matsui of warped reality. there will be six seeded teams, all familiar names consisting of dn, jams, 4k, qc, wr, and our very own gt. the two remaining spaces will be filled from those of the remaining clans who qualify, including wh, fe, mor, and another to be announced.

the league aims to improve the uk scene and allow the less active clans to develop. the invitational website should be located here but its a bit under construction now by the look of it expect more info during the week.

  not quake related - 24/08/2001nDPodgeen | 4711 views | 0 replies 
but funny all the same

windows rg (really good edition

  while the site was down... - 22/08/2001Illkillya | 4647 views | 7 replies 
week 6 of the bwctfl saw bio take a heavy defeat at the hands of the title-hopefuls and division leaders xyz, 11-0 on q3wctf2 and 4-0 on q3wcp1. ts in div2a managed to get a good 5-2 win over wc on q3wctf2, before losing their cp1 encounter by the minimum 1-0. the fh vs n2s game in div3c was postponed and will be played next sunday.

also, honky tells me that ukgamer have opened sign-ups for the ecal iii. the third season of the european clanarena league promises to be very competitive with two exciting seasons experience. some dangerous new clans have been formed, and some of the former giants are unlikely to enter. as soon as the participants are confirmed i'll take a look at the clans involved and give my tips for the title

  we're back!!! - 22/08/2001Zero | 4527 views | 1 replies 
thanks to mp, ecksor and dev, they sorted out the problems with the server, and we are back. hopefully we should have vishnu up asap, but if not we can throw quakelords servers up here temporarily.
well done lads, more later.

  barrysworld leagues - 18/08/2001MindPhuck | 4587 views | 5 replies 
i hav'nt been giving as good a report as i have in previous seasons, but with hand on heart, i'll try. i have given up playing q3 competitively (due to shit network code that has finally pissed me off too much) and i have begun honing my coaching skills. so, i'll put in a decent effort now

were into week 5 of the barrysworld tdm leagyes and things are starting to shape up. were getting to see how our clans are doing. bio are doing very well in division 1, sitting in second place. just below 4k. hat just snatched the 1st place spot in division 2 and fh are having a bad time in division 3. here's how the games played out this week on dm7 and dm14 -

bio - div : 81:90 | 55:89

hat - rw : 110:48 | 130:31

fh - ci : 35:177 | 53:130

  interactive matrix - 17/08/2001MindPhuck | 4575 views | 0 replies 
here is a really class bit of fun. you've seen the arcade games, youve played them to dead, now do it with stick figures!

its great fun. (btw, reload is space)

  flaming fist dispand - 17/08/2001MindPhuck | 4566 views | 2 replies 
possibly the best quakeworld clan ever is going to disband. flaming fist is one of my favourite clans ever and certainly the most talented. they played over 65 wars in two years and only ever lost 3 times.

their last ever game will be on sunday night, 22 cet (11pm), against slackers. no details on any qizmo's yet, but there will be qizmos set up for people who wish to watch this final game which will be played best out of 5 games.

  mail leaked by the cpl - 16/08/2001MindPhuck | 4674 views | 1 replies 
in a nutshell, an email was leaked(?) by the cpl. it was to the cpl sponsors.

the e-mail contained a set of quotes from various major news sites on quakecon, painting the cpl's in a favourable light by comparison.

having a look around other sites, like quakenation and challange-world, it is very clear that most of the gamers are unhappy with this eye opening incident. altough, the cpl is a business, do people have to 'bend' the truth to get the same results?

what i find interesting is how he makes out how bad quakecon was ran, which was probably due to the power problems (sounds familiar?). but a recent cpl qualifier, and i could name some events too, was ran just as 'bad' if you were to paint it with the same brush he does. i wont go much further into this.

while your thinking about that one, check out what angel munoz himself says about the letter over on the cpl forumns.

  quakelords movie - 15/08/2001MindPhuck | 4620 views | 4 replies 
i got a bit a time on my hands this week and i've always been dying to do this. i've put together some highlights of this weeks quakelords league. its my first attempt at this so no larfin!

i only had four demos to work with so its not got alot of quick shots, maybe next sunday, more people will make demos. anyways, go download it here.

  bwctfl week 5 - 14/08/2001Illkillya | 4858 views | 6 replies 
the bwctfl passed its half-way mark yesterday in week 5. heres how ts and bio fared in last week's (fh got a default win).

in div1a, bio played their first bwctfl game of the season and were heavily defeated by tc, scores of 9-0 and 7-1 on q3wctf3 and q3wctf2 respectively.

ts (in div2a) played the belgian clan iced, that match finishing 4-1 on wctf3 and 3-1 on wctf2.

  cpl news - 13/08/2001MindPhuck | 4750 views | 11 replies 
in an effort to further professionalize the sport of competitive gaming, the cpl will no longer allow players to represent themselves with a nickname in league tournaments. the cpl now requires that all players use their surnames in official cpl matches.

for example, john smith, formerly known as wrecker from team zbg, will now be zbg|smith. variations to this format will be allowed for duplicate surnames within a team. all team tags will be uniform and subject to approval by the league.

  zero4 takes quakecon - 12/08/2001MindPhuck | 4699 views | 1 replies 
zero4 has won the quakecon championships by beating fatality in the final. you can nab the demo from xs reality. the finalists (and their cash prizes) were :

1st - zero4 ($30,000)
2nd - fatality ($10,000)
3rd - revenant ($5,000)

  quakelords week 2 - 12/08/2001MindPhuck | 4778 views | 2 replies 
some great games played this week seeing the league into its halfway stage. a poor show from zt (*smack*), for not showing, resulted in two default wins to tsw and cd. the jams v gt game was a surprise to me, as i thought gt would have done better. i've yet to watch the demo, but i presume it was near/complete lockdown by jams.

the nd v inc game was a very exciting game, with both teams taking control of the game several times through-out the match. nd unfortunetly were plagued with a bad connect and it made the difference. be sure to check out the quakelords site for demos and scores for more details.

  quake 4 officiall! - 11/08/2001MindPhuck | 4603 views | 0 replies 
in true copy n paste fashion from clanbase :

the rumour had been floating around for weeks, but now it has been officially confirmed by id ceo todd hollenshead at quakecon: raven software is working on quake 4, which will use the doom 3 engine and will be set in the quake 2 world of stroggos.

also at quakecon the doom 3 engine was demonstrated. trent reznor (of nin) who already made the music for quake 1 will be making the doom 3 music.

  quakecon 2001 - 10/08/2001Bunny | 4744 views | 6 replies 
just a reminder that quakecon has actually started, a big 128 bracket quake3 duel competition in the states. the big names have already made it through the qualifiers, czm, fatality, aim, zero4, lakerman (who is actually seeded 15th) the main competition will take place tomorrow and i suggest you check cached for news and results. be interesting to see if lakerman doesn't manage a 2nd place finish but my money is on czm to win.

  blue bug returns - 10/08/2001Bunny | 4675 views | 2 replies 

during the babbages event some months ago blue experienced a bug which caused him to shoot through his opponent on several occasions, this bug has resurfaced at the recent cpl london event in the unr v c58 game (q3dm7) apparantly unr|luke rocket jumps a few times without taking any damage and also sustains rockets from c58 players without taking damage either. cyberfight have the details and you can read the argument in all its glory here.

  savage euro semis - 10/08/2001MindPhuck | 4887 views | 5 replies 
saturday see's the two semi final matches taking place.

england v belgium - 4pm
germany v denmark - 6pm

no info on what gtv's, scorebots or even irc channel just yet, but i suppose one could check #savageeuro ?

  quakecon this weekend - 09/08/2001Drexciyian | 5008 views | 4 replies 
the famous id software yearly run competition will be happening this weekend in dallas (home of id). for those of you who dont know this is the event in which killcreek and thresh made a name for themselfs.

the purse for this event is as follows:
first place: $30,000
second place: $10,000
third place: $5,000

id say this is were most of these 'pro-q3player' will be making most of there cash this year ever since that cs stole there thunder

over on ch-uk blokey gives a run down of the event and gives some of his predictions, check it out here.

  barrysworld death match league w - 09/08/2001Drexciyian | 5133 views | 2 replies 
this week games were mostly either postponed games from previous weeks or the games that couldnt be played last week due to bw servers being b0rked

this weeks results:
div 1a bio vs 5e 75-0, 75-0 (default wins)
div2a hat vs at 69-65, 106-105
div3b fh vs i 43-98, 75-80

the current standings are:
bio 1st in div1a
hat 2nd in div2a
fh 9th in div3b

  wireplay to be no more - 09/08/2001Drexciyian | 5258 views | 0 replies 
it seems from this announcement that from this friday wireplay will be no more. this year has seen alot of gsp getting into trouble, we had gi go down then barrysworld get in to trouble and now this, it seems such free gaming model doesnt work as hoped, and we could face a time when we have to pay-to-play online =(

  urban terror - 09/08/2001Crusader | 5220 views | 0 replies 
the new beta of urban terror and a cool new map pack is out this friday. the pack will have 8 new levels! check it out :

the new levels are:
- ut_alleys by botkiller
- ut_austria by tub
- ut_casa by sweetnutz
- ut_riyadh by dotexe
- ut_rommel by bar-b-q
- ut_pressurezone by gerbil
- ut_uptown by battlecow
- ut_village by tub

  bwctfl update - 07/08/2001Illkillya | 5126 views | 0 replies 
we're approaching the middle of the bwctfl, so a review of the progress of the irish and partially irish clans in the leauge is in order. i had too much to say for a front page news update, so i stuck it in my column instead, which you can access here.

  osp quake3 0.99v2 - 06/08/2001Drexciyian | 5205 views | 6 replies 
yup its been updated again and in the words of rhea this release contains 'bug-fix o-plenty!' in prep for quakecon. there have been no added features so does that mean we will soon be blessed with the full release? i wont be holding my breath you can grab it here.

  quake chaos quakeworld league - 05/08/2001MindPhuck | 5010 views | 0 replies 
the european 2on2 qw league has ended. there is several reasons which you can read here

  site hosting - 05/08/2001MindPhuck | 5005 views | 0 replies 
its that time of the year again where we are clearing out our old hosted sites that clans are no longer using and making room for those who do need it.

should you find that your site has been moved/altered or you or your team wants hosting, please contact myself and i'll sort it for you.

  cpl london winner - 05/08/2001MindPhuck | 5059 views | 1 replies 
the finals of the cpl london were won by ice climber. played over three maps, it was an excellent final. it broke down as follows :

map 1 - dm6

unmatched 130 - 140 ice climber

map 2 - dm7

unmatched 117 - 110 ice climber

map 3 - cpm4

unmatched 89 - 100 ice climber

  cpl - current standings - 05/08/2001MindPhuck | 5112 views | 7 replies 
myself and drex have been working keeping you lot up to date. here's the current
standings at the london cpl.

dnc got knocked out of the tourney when they faced off ice climbers. 195-87 dm6, 132-86
dm7. both games went to ic. hard luck dnc. now you can put your feets up and slag the rest
of them!

i did manage to find the dnc demos and have put them on our local href="ftp://ftp.quake.ie/q3.demos/cpllondon/" target="_blank">quake.ie ftp.

mr unmatched
mortal teamwork mortal teamwork
against all authority
team c58
infernum team c58
clan unreal
clan unreal clan unreal
ice climber
ice climber
does not compute ice climber
ice climber
4kings tulls
ice climber
schroet kommando
pod schroet kommando
schroet kommand
vikings vikings

  cpl update - 04/08/2001MindPhuck | 5115 views | 0 replies 
update 8pm : dnc are through to the top 16 and have to play ice climbers(ic) in the next round. the winner of that gets the play the winner of 4k v's tulls.

i'll keep you up-to-date as it comes in.


update 3pm : dnc just played 4k

166-102 dm6 (4k)

115-64 dm14 (4k)

  groups for cpl london - 04/08/2001MindPhuck | 5042 views | 6 replies 
the irish lads have landed in london. consisting of a team of m1ke, ser, koopa, jedi and simo their coach. they have been placed in group g (does not compute), along side 4k and armateam. the groups for the event were broken down as follows :

group a



against all authority.red

5th element

group b

ice climbers




group c

schroet kommando


shoot 2 kill

group d



against all authority.blue

group e




group f




group g


does not compute

arma team

group h

mortal team work

mortal retribution

quake wizzzards

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