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quake.ie main news
  "skillz" q3 movie - 26/11/2001Zero | 5439 views | 2 replies 
just watched this now, pretty good q3 avi, some of the kills you would have done yourself, and some of them are pretty cool. it's 100meg so dont bother downloading it unless you have bandwidth to waste, because it's not going to change the way you live your life or anything. get it here.

clan nd are still looking for a player, anyone interested send an email.

  perfect mouse - 26/11/2001MindPhuck | 5296 views | 0 replies 
interestingly enough, a few of us were discussing whats the best mouse about at the moment and low and behold, the guys over at cybernews have a cool article on the 'perfect' mouse which is worth the read.

  new team.ie web site - 25/11/2001Zero | 5290 views | 0 replies 
mindphuck has gone and done a cool web page for the national team. the team for the upcoming euroctf cup isn't fully selected yet, but at least the site's ready to go. have a look here.

  happy anniversary q3 - 25/11/2001ThrAx | 5235 views | 4 replies 
saturday the 24th of november is the date the game we all play and love went gold.

happy anniversary quake 3!

  buy'n sell to close - 24/11/2001MindPhuck | 5796 views | 13 replies 
irish teams and players competiting in the uk leagues will now find it even more difficult to find a decent ping with the news of buy and sell closing in feburary of next year. here's a snippit of the press release :

the irish isp, buyandsell.net, has been forced to close after majority shareholder scoot.com pulled out because it was no longer 'part of their corporate strategy'.

buyandsell.net said that it had made arrangements with the isp utvinternet to ensure that customers continue to have internet access and e-mail use.

according to buyandsell.net's web site, customers can transfer to utv internet by logging on to this web page.

this is yet another blow to the irish isp market.

  new l33t promode - 22/11/2001MindPhuck | 5178 views | 0 replies 
if you don't already know, you do now. the lastest version of promode arena has hit the shelves over on promode.org. this is the one with the exchellento netcode and soo worth playing. local mirror here.

  bwdml week 3 - 21/11/2001Illkillya | 5275 views | 0 replies 
in div1a, bigfoot's pick of the week on qn bio.b vs mr was postponed. the other 3 matches went well, as hat got a good win over the uk clan dfl in div2a, winning 100-81 on dm7, and 89-77 on milktdm1.

fh in div3d beat the spaniards ucq, despite them holding ra for longer than us on both maps. the scores finished 74-62 on dm7 and 81-51 on milk. in div3b, bio.r shared the points with the iu, winning dm7 101-99, but losing 87-96 on milk. this is a good result imo, as i had expected iu to be one of the main title contenders this season.

next week, the maps are cpm4 and pro-q3dm6, as bio.b face dc, who have not been very impressive lately.. suffering from adsl problems, etc, and this will be a good chance for bio to get some valuable points. for a change, hat will get to see what its like to play against aly's plasma spam, as they take on wizzzards.. should be an interesting game bio.r face koa, who i have never heard of, and don't appear to be doing well (defaulted their game this week). fh face the unbeaten french team dnd, who merged with zaf at the start of this season and have looked good in winning their games so far. bwdml website.

  promode movie - 21/11/2001Bunny | 5645 views | 9 replies 
well, the first promode movie is out, all 90 megs of it. its just trickjumps and i haven't seen the thing yet but heres what the fanclub had to say:

this is one great movie! if you ever thought that all of q3 is slow then you'll be proven wrong when you watch this, these 2 guys get some amazing speed goin and do some awesome tricks, get it and you wont be disappointed! gj shambler and crew.

[edit - zero]

i have put up a local copy of it here. it's v good, definitely worth havin a look.

  quake done quickest? - 21/11/2001Bunny | 5305 views | 5 replies 
a few years ago a group of quake players starting running through huge quake levels at ridiculous speeds trying to beat each other's times, what resulted was quakedonequicker, a 16 minute run through every level in quake1 on nightmare mode, very impressive even by today's standards. but that was a long time ago so i was surprised to find that there is a whole bunch of people still obsessed with this speed-running, in fact theres a huge website with special levels and thousands of speed-running demos, i even tried to get down one of the demos, but its in some wierd dzip format. check it out here.

  in brief - 21/11/2001Bunny | 5193 views | 0 replies 
polosatiy's website: cyberfight.ru has undergone some changes, handily enough theres a proper english version over on cyberfight.org

interviews: been quite a few recently... timber, czm, python, lexer and lakerman.

the argument between 4k and sk (or godsmurf and bigfoot) is just starting to slow down over on quakenation. sk 'lost' to a supposedly weaker team knocking 4k out of eurocup4 in the process, this caused alot of grief, so much so, some 4k members are thinking of quitting tdm...read it in all its glory here.

a reminder that the limerick lan is being held from 30th november to 2nd of december, thats in a week and a half. there'll definitely be qw, q3, q2 and starcraft competitions and by last count about 35 people have signed up. all the details are over on lord khan's page.

cpl president angel munoz did a 16-minute radio interview with a french canadian radio station the other day. you can download the mp3 version of the interview at avault

theres been a running poll up on challenge-world and i think its about time it was called a day,heres the results...

(qw=quakeworld, vq3=quake3, cpma=quake3-promode)

qw - 39.55 % (795)

vq3 - 21.79 % (438)

cpma - 12.84 % (258)

something else - 9.40 % (189)

cpma & vq3 - 6.17 % (124)

qw & cpma - 4.53 % (91)

qw & vq3 - 3.88 % (78)

cpma, vq3 & qw - 1.84 % (37)

rather convincing i'd say. oh and eh xsreality is back, looking a bit different.

  last call for ctf trialists - 18/11/2001MindPhuck | 5121 views | 11 replies 
the last trials for the euro ctf team will take place this wednesday night, #ctf.ie, 8pm. if your interested in playing for ireland and you have the skill and commitment, please feel free to turn up.

also, if your up for just a few games, turn up too as their is bound to be a few spots free.

  bio invitational tournament - 18/11/2001M1ke | 5261 views | 12 replies 
bio is running an invitational tournament, it will be run on 2 days (29th of november and 6th of december). the tournament will be run on the wacky level choices of french man nightfever and you can find more info on the website bit.clanbio.com.

there's also an interview with me up on quakenation here.

one of the invited clans fear.uk just folded, so their invitation goes out to either fh or nd if either is interested.

  bwdml week 2 - 15/11/2001Illkillya | 5197 views | 9 replies 
good performances all-round in the bwdml this week. bio.b hammered s9r in div1a, scores of 155-53 on dm6 and 119-56 on dm12tmp. a defensive fh team capitalised on vincent's camping skills (who died 6 times over the two maps) and had no trouble in beating d! by 87-36 on dm6 and 70-22 on dm12. some close games in div3b saw bio.r get three points against 2l* by 104-96 on dm6 and 76-70 on dm12tmp. hat put up a good fight against very talented opposition, x4, but failed to get any points, losing 103-153 on dm6 90-106 dm12.

hat have another tricky task next week against the uk clan dfl, but will be hoping for a win that will be crucial at the end of the season. bio.b will play mr, a uk team with a very strong squad who narrowly lost to unr this week. fh will play the dark horses of div3d, the spanish clan ucq, while bio.r face a solid swedish side, iu.

  irish mapping centre - 14/11/2001ThrAx | 5296 views | 0 replies 
the irish mapping centre is just starting up.

if you've been looking at the game editing boards recently you'll know about this. its the new site for the irish mapping community. will be well worth a look once they have more than just news posted on the site. if there are any people interested in mapping or modding please check out the game editing section of boards.ie. currently the board is mostly cs we need more quake mappers!

irish mapping centre

  clan nd - 13/11/2001MindPhuck | 5139 views | 0 replies 
clan nd are back, and their (under construction) website can be found again back at http://www.quake.ie/nd. welcome back lads.

  bwctfl review - 12/11/2001M1ke | 5180 views | 6 replies 
just to fill everyone in on how the quake.ie clans are progressing in the ctf league at the moment.

week 1 in division 2a saw ts take out xpd who were highly tipped in quakenations season preview 11-2 over 2 maps, their new lineup looks like it's working churning out a very nice result here against a decent clan.

bio's game vs wc was rescheduled and replayed last thursday with bio drawing 1 map a piece, this was a big game for bio with wc being very highly tipped in the division as possible winners. the result still leaves the division wide open.

the week 2 to be - bio vs ts has been postponed due to bio attending savlan and has yet to be replayed.

week 3 games saw more wins for bio and ts with bio taking xpd out 10-2 over 2 maps and ts recieving a default win vs 32nd.

the division has really opened up, the pre-season hype about xpd has been fairly dampened down with both bio and ts brushing them aside fairly easily - the division is still wide open now the big deciders in my opinion being bio v ts / ts v wc.

  no more q3 lag? - 11/11/2001MindPhuck | 5405 views | 18 replies 
the guys from promode may have stumbled upon the most significant fix to q3 since the fps fixes last year.

it's been said that q3 has a "built-in" lag of around 50ms which the promode have overcome to give that lan feeling. worth a read.

  lagless hpb? - 11/11/2001ThrAx | 4861 views | 0 replies 
just spotted a new mod for q3 called unlagged. the mod aims to give hbps the same abilities as lpbs.

heres what the creators have to say:

targhan (from the art of war mod) and i have been hashing it out, and the result is pretty darn good. i can finally say that it feels exactly the same to aim as an lpb as it does to aim as an hpb. the evil fudge factor is vanquished! there's still a bit of testing to do just to make sure, but i'm very confident in this one.

get it from alternate fire

  interview with casey from threew - 10/11/2001Lord Khan | 4874 views | 0 replies 
just reading this a rescent interview by homelan with casey(the lead designer of the q3a version of the threewave ctf mod) by jcal from homelan

homelan - what sort of things are you planning on creating for the next version of threewave for q3a?

casey - we have two or three more versions planned right now. the first update will contain some bugfixes, as well as fixes to the quickstart and ingame server browser so people can find servers easier and get in the game. the second update will contain a full suite of match mode tools for players and admins, as well as a greater level of cheat protection. the final release will implement a lot of great features that we didn't get time to implement, as well as some new maps.

  interview with odee - 10/11/2001MindPhuck | 4492 views | 0 replies 
the stranger from quakenation has done an excellent interview with odee of euro ctf fame. anyone interested in playing in the coming euro ctf cup should have a read here.

  laggy maxpackets - 09/11/2001Illkillya | 4658 views | 6 replies 
in recent seasons, irish clans have been crippled by soaring pings in fights against broadband players, which some people have attributed to high maxpackets settings. i've heard just as many people say that this is a myth, and that this command does not lag the opponent. ster on challenge-fr has written a detailed article on how the cl_maxpacket command effects users and their opponent. its a bit too technical for me, but you might be able to make something of it read the article here.

  ireland off-line blackout - 08/11/2001MindPhuck | 4678 views | 2 replies 
irish net users are hoping for nationwide support next week when it protests
against the lack of unmetered dial-up and broadband net access and the
impact it's having on the economy.

the irelandoffline blackout is scheduled to take place on friday, november
16. the organisers hope that consumers and businesses alike will make their
voices heard by boycotting the phone and internet.

irelandoffline, a well-organised and increasingly vocal pressure group,
believes this internet "strike" is essential to draw attention to the lack
of affordable dial-up and broadband services in ireland.

it claims that unless something is done now the country risks falling behind
in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

despite the lack of progress so far, the lobbyists believe that ireland can
be kick-started back into competitiveness, but only if there is a commitment
to make these products and services available.

in a statement the group said: "the primary aim of the 'blackout' is to draw
attention to the problems in the telecommunications industry in ireland, and
to educate consumers and businesspeople about these problems and how they
can be fixed.

irelandoffline hopes that business and net users will replace their web
sites with a protest page for the day. it also hopes net users will abstain
from using the internet or telephone in a concerted effort to attract
attention to their cause.

the roll-out of dsl in ireland was delayed in september following the
intervention of the telecoms regulator who wanted incumbent telco eircom to
submit revised wholesale pricing proposals and to provide evidence that its
pricing proposals did not breach competition laws.

  wolfenstein test ii - 07/11/2001MindPhuck | 4600 views | 0 replies 
its out. its cool. and you can grab it here.

  bio takes savlan - 07/11/2001MindPhuck | 4447 views | 5 replies 
i meant to do this last nite when i heard, but i was mad wrecked.

the weekend just gone, the bio lads went on a merry trip to savagelan in the uk. and merry it turned out to be as they snatched up the savlan ctf title, beating nme 5-1 in the finals.

aparently, they did well in the tdm competition too, getting through the semi-final stages. they were knocked out by the tournment winners gzd. well done lads. demos can be snarfed on from the bio web page.

  bwdml week 1 - 07/11/2001Illkillya | 4818 views | 20 replies 
not a great week for the irish clans.. in div1a, bio.blue lost to m5, 73-116 on cpm4 and 84-123 on dm14. hat in div2a got a good result drawing with the french clan poq, those games finished 98-57 (to hat) on cpm4, and 57-62 on dm14. fh in div3d lost to kudos 82-43 on cpm4 and 99-59 on dm14.

next week should be very different, with bio.b taking on a battered s9r (got raped by unr this week), while fh play d!. hat face a much more difficult task against the dutch clan x4.

update: in div3b bio.r drew with [+] 93-89 on cpm4 and 99-103 on dm14

  gamer mouse survey - what do you - 06/11/2001Zero | 4898 views | 17 replies 
i want to run a survey here on what type of mouse you people use. the reason for this, is partly to know which is the current most popular mouse, and partly because i own a logitech mouseman wheel, which is nearing the end of it's days, and to my disgust i see that they have been discontinued by logitech in favour of the cordless and optical versions, which, imho are the gamer's antichrist.

so what mouse to buy? stick a comment down, 1 comment telling your mouse type, no discussions or they'll be removed, we just want a tally.

edit: since writing this piece this morning, i have since found a site here that still sells the good mouseman wheel, and the pilot wheelmouse here on this dodgy german site.

  demos, demos, demos..... - 06/11/2001Zero | 4662 views | 5 replies 
while we can all go to sites like cyberfight.ru, cached.net and xsreality.com when we want to watch a few demos, the sites' large lists can be daunting and the downloads sometimes run at a snail's pace.
we are going to put a lot more demos locally here, some of the more "choice" ones that we recommend you have a look at, even if only to remind yourself that after 3 or 4 years of gaming, you still have mount everest to climb to be remotely close to any of these guys.
the three newest today are:
arbiter vs james.mask t4, check out the vicious rails.
[pk]pele vs wkcobra ztn, pele is sick on this level,
and polosatiy-v-demon t2, which is well worth watching.

  were back! - 06/11/2001MindPhuck | 4593 views | 1 replies 
just a quicky to say all site hosting, clan web pages, etc are back on-line again. there was some minor loss of data which there aint much i can really do about but apologize. a big thanks to ecksor again for his help on this one.

  bwdml preview up on qn - 05/11/2001Illkillya | 4678 views | 5 replies 
the bwdml starts tomorrow and bigfoot has just updated quakenation with this season's preview. always a good read, its in 4 parts this time around - i haven't read through it all yet, but theres some fair and positive comments about the irish (and irishish) clans competing, fh (div3d), bio.b (div1a) and hat (div2a).

  site hosting - 04/11/2001MindPhuck | 4642 views | 0 replies 
due to a raid controller failure on the server (hopefully), all clan, league and personal web hosting are down. this includes all ftp access.

this will be until i get a replacement controller and physically get into the server to swap it in. they should be back up early this week with any luck.

apologies for any inconvenience.
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