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  Duelmania is BACK. - 10/01/2006MIXU | 23861 views | 0 replies 
For any of you QW nuts that want something to do.




Thx to dardoz for the reminder.

  Team.ie Q4 Squad - 07/01/2006Illkillya | 22980 views | 10 replies 
Dest (FH)
kRoNic (veL)
sno (lsr)
windowlicker (IK)
Searrard (IK)
Buds (MKC)
melachi (rZ)
ol (IK)

Captain: killy (FH)

This is based partially on the trials, and partially on what I know about the players. Apologies if I missed anyone who should be in the team, please post here if you think I did. There are some players, namely Ser, Vinnit, and Chas, who would be in the squad only for the fact that theyre unable to play at the moment due to lack of time, connection, and fps respectively. If circumstances change for any of those three, then there is a place in the team for them, as ClanBase allows us to add new players at any time. Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest; the standard was very high all round, but we had to make the squad a reasonable size, and in the end the deciding factor was commitment to TDM, and desire to improve.

  Team.ie Trials - 01/01/2006Illkillya | 23988 views | 9 replies 
Trials for team.ie Q4 TDM team will be held on 5th January at 9pm. Meet in #team.ie on Quakenet at least 15mins beforehand.. I realise it is a bad time of year, so if you cannot make that date then let me know in advance and we can work something else out. Everybody should have q4max .71, xbattle .1, the TMP02 maps, galang phrantic and pro-blip (so that you can connect to servers). Make sure you can connect to games4.iol.ie.

Well use voice comms for the trial - Ventrilo version 2.1.2 - this is an old version of Ventrilo, you can download Ventrilo Mix at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/michaelgadge/VentriloMIX/Download/VentriloMIX0.5.exe which contains all versions (you might be required to uninstall your current version of Ventrilo first). We might not stick with Ventrilo for the official tourney, we will consider other programs, namely Teamspeak, but for the trials well go with Vent.

Despite the voice comms, basic team binds are still required - we will write up a set of team.ie binds after the trials but for now just use whatever you already have.

  Clanbase Q4 TDM Nations Cup - 30/12/2005Illkillya | 23418 views | 12 replies 
Groups have been announced in the CB Q4 TDM NC. Irelands group also contains Belgium, The Netherlands, Estonia, and Spain. There will be trials for the team, and a date will be set for that soon, during the first week in January. If you know of any Irish Q4 players who do not read this website and want to take part then please let them know and tell them to join #team.ie to send me a message. The cup will probably start around the 16th of January, so we need to move quickly.

  q4max 0.71 on games4.iol.ie - 26/12/2005OverLord | 22592 views | 8 replies 
Revhellfire has kindly updated games4.iol.ie to q4max 0.71. This is just like OSP folks with all the associated stuff that osp had including many fps increasing cvars. And includes Clan Arena by default. No excuses now. Come on in for the big win!

  happy christmas - 24/12/2005MindPhuck | 22903 views | 7 replies 
from the team here at quake.ie, wishing you a happy Christmas and a great new year. best of luck

  q4max 0.71! - 24/12/2005melachi | 20518 views | 10 replies 
Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas from the Q4MAX team as they release the new version of the competition mod just in time for christmas.

this mod blows xbattle out of the water really, makes the game feel twice as smooth (like q3) and has almost all of the little features from OSP.

http://www.q4max.com/changelog.txtFull Q4MAX 0.71 Changelog
http://www.q4max.com/news/9/Q4MAX.com News Announcement


http://q4max.fragstore.net/071/q4max071.zip.php Fragstore (click from Q4max news post)
http://files.filefront.com/q4max071zip/;4511897;;/fileinfo.html FileFront

  Quake 4 Team.ie - part two - 22/12/2005Illkillya | 19625 views | 13 replies 
The issue is still not resolved imo - do we have enough active players to justify entering Clanbase Nations Q4 TDM?

This is the situation at the moment... I know there are some people who could potentially return soon, like Zero.

killy (isdn but can go broadband for games)

Rapier (considering returning)
Ser (only just got q4 last weekend)
Vin (ISDN and does not want to go broadband for games because its too much trouble)
Dest (Playing as well as ever despite sucky PC - havent spoken to him yet, question over activity and availability because of college and other commitments)

The problem here is that all our best players are on the Maybe list. I know that FH and IK each played a few games in Clanbase, but aside from that, I dont see enough interest with people looking for games, or playing regularly in any of the pickup chans. Its possible that once we got the squad together and had a lot of prac it could work, but at the moment I dont see enough activity or enthusiasm to justify us entering the league. Signups are open till the 28th, so theres a few days still.

  Official Quake4 id mappack - 21/12/2005melachi | 19080 views | 2 replies 
Yep, q3dm6 is back in Q4 with an official version by id Software.

They released a QUAKEMAS mappack the other day with 3 new maps (one q3dm6 remake) a ctf map and a totally gay 1v1/tdm map which is called RAILED...


  Campgrounds Redux? no Remix! - 21/12/2005OverLord | 19049 views | 1 replies 
Some random (and awesome) person made a new version of Pro-Q3DM6 for Quake 4 using Campgrounds Redux as a template. Its called Campgrounds Remix.
Features: Different weapon, health and ammo layouts for TDM, DM and Tourney. TDM now has Quad and DM/Tourney have Megahealth.

Download it here www.it-netsoc.ie/~pconnolly/campgroundsremix.rar

PS I dont think this random person is awesome it is merely a copy and paste job.
(Vinnit) :/

  games4.iol.ie - 20/12/2005Illkillya | 18063 views | 3 replies 
Thank Rev Hellfire - the server is back and better than ever now running xbattle .10. Theres a known bug in this xbattle where if you are in tourney mode, and more than one game is going at once, the second game is bugged and there is no armour in it.

  X-Battle 0.10 - 19/12/2005[spectator] | 16516 views | 1 replies 
For those who are playing in Clanbase :

Some nice features implemented but after having watched the CPL the entire week-end, I start to think that Q4Max is superior even if it doesnt have all the features that Battle have (yet).

Teamlocks and coaching features are the next updates for Battle which Im happy with as Im coaching FOE and I cant wait to go back to training ...

  Creative Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse - 19/12/2005[spectator] | 15962 views | 0 replies 
For the Wingman lovers, here might be a mouse that will fit your nostalgia needs :


  Q4Max 0.7 - 18/12/2005melachi | 16147 views | 9 replies 
The new "unsupported" q4max version is downloadable from q4max.com
It features immense fps improvements. I currently dont get any drops on any of the maps with the vertexlightning fix. 4v4 fps is capped out now as well. Other fixes include SG bug fix etc.

The new map galang is quite decent, the rest are still a bit crud though.
Another fix to make the game more smooth is that theyve stopped the game from drawing the hud twice every frame. Now just once every frame instead which apparantly makes a lot of difference to the overall smoothness.

  CPL Winter Championship 2005 - 18/12/2005[spectator] | 14543 views | 3 replies 
As you probably know, this week-end is the CPL Winter Championships with a 30.000USD Q4 1v1 tournament (http://www.thecpl.com/winter2005/).

I have been following a few matches via TSN (www.tsncentral.com/go?play=q4) and its great to see some very high quality games going on.

Dont miss the final today(Sunday) at 20:00 GMT (14:00 Dallas time): Cooller vs Toxic.

Both have played very well during the entire tournament. The swedish got beaten on the third map by the russian when they met at the last round of the winner brackets (Phrantic 3-7, Lost Fleet 17-6 and Galang 8-13).

Tox went into the lower brackets just the time to beat his compatriot Fox in two maps: Lost Fleet 12-9 and Phrantic 27-6 and he is now ready to give Cooller a rematch in the Championship Final.

Brackets and coverage :

  Q4 NationsCup... - 15/12/2005Illkillya | 14580 views | 11 replies 
Do you think Ireland should enter? What active players do you know who would be willing to commit several nights a week?

  Quake 4 Patch 1.0.5 BETA - 13/12/2005[spectator] | 14355 views | 5 replies 
A beta patch that is based on hardware optimisation and some network issues but not gameplay.

id Software and Raven have worked with Intel to dramatically improve QUAKE 4 performance on systems with HT Technology, multiple processors, or dual core processors. Players who have a system with one of these configurations will notice performance gains in QUAKE 4 of anywhere from 25% - 87% depending on processor type.

I have a P4 2.8 with Hyper Treading so I will try this and hope Ill feel the difference.


  Quake 4 ASE problems etc - 12/12/2005x0n | 14144 views | 0 replies 
So, I was sitting there wondering about why ASE (yahoos All-Seeing Eye server browser) is only showing 4 servers, 3 of which are private. Im one of the sad gits who paid 15$ for a lifetime membership so I then spent about 40 minutes reading through all the bullsh*t on yahoos ASE forums and discovered that theres only one inept programmer assigned to maintain it. Anyway, the issue has remained unresolved for months while countless free server browsers (including the in-game one) seem to work perfectly. I tried a couple of the 3rd party ones but theyve all got their quirks:

* Quake 4 Echelon http://q4echelon.thewizclan.com/
* QXMon (web based) http://www.qxmon.net

post any links to more browsers as comments and Ill update this post. Btw, you can read the whining and excuses from yahoo at the following threads:

* http://ase.staticservers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=267&start=15&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=
* http://ase.staticservers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=181&start=195&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=

If you dont want to use another program out of pure spite towards yahoo (unlike me), you can import the server list through ASEs file menu. Ive uploaded a current server list to http://www.quake.ie/files/15-quake4.txt so right click, save as and with ASE, choose "import servers..." and select quake 4 as a game type. Youll then need to hit F5 to update the server info and ping info.

  Quake Tournament Timeline - 12/12/2005[spectator] | 14162 views | 4 replies 
Must have been a big job to bring this interesting piece of info to the web. Fair play to that vincent_prince2000 guy :


(Source: ESR)

  ET:QW scans - 09/12/2005Rapier | 14439 views | 2 replies 

  A Q4 mod for the QW players - 09/12/2005[spectator] | 13790 views | 1 replies 
- Better air control
- Increased players speed
- Bunny-hop
- Instant weapon switch (after reload)
- Brightskins
- New Armor System (that is not yet in its final state)
- Lots of Weapons tweaking
- Some new sounds
- New menus (GUI)
- New HUD and weapon bar control (with ammunitions left)
- The q3 type timer
- g_fov unlocked (no limit)
- RJ through teleporters
- and some other gameplay tweaks (quad makes 4 times the damage, faster (and more powerful) rockets, hitboxes are smaller..)
- TDM can be played with more than 2 teams (A Team vs Team B vs Team C vs Team D)


  Quake 4 in Quicktime VR - 09/12/2005[spectator] | 13498 views | 0 replies 
These are full rez, antialiased, panoramic shots of Quake 4. I found that link interesting as with my GeForce 5900XT 128mb, I cant get top rendering quality in the game.

I must say that looking at those shots you really can see how good the D3 engine is. I really wonder what kind of image quality well get with the new engine theyre working on atm.


  Aerowalk for Quake 4 - 04/12/2005[spectator] | 14715 views | 9 replies 
Spotted on ESR, it plays nice!


  Quake 4 and mods - 01/12/2005[spectator] | 14623 views | 1 replies 
Interesting read about the current situation about the Quake 4 release and the needed mods:


Even if it doesnt look that way, lets hope that qmax and xbattle will merge soon because its a bit sad to have a choice of two mods for (almost) the same results

  Q4 Map Phrantic "final" version - 30/11/2005x0n | 14784 views | 1 replies 
supposedly the last tweaks have been made, and its time for another copyfest; from our friends at www.esreality.com

After an extended period in beta, Phrantic (swq4dm1) is now final. Thanks to all those that have given feedback. I hope you enjoy the end product.

Changes since the beta:

Added r_lightdetaillevel support
Tweaked + added spawns
Removed 1 RL ammo
Fixed bug "getting stuck in roof lights"
Polished visuals

* mirrors listed at http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=944446

and in other minor news, Quake 4 MP demo has been released at:

ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/quake4/demo/Quake4_Demo.exe (340MB)

  Raven's interview about Quake 4 - 29/11/2005[spectator] | 13743 views | 0 replies 
Server-side, the firing delay, travel speed, and fire rate of the Rocket Launcher all match QUAKE III. There’s certainly the appearance that rockets in QUAKE 4 travel more slowly, but this is just an illusion. People here at Raven were convinced that the rocket was moving slowly so we setup a test with timing code. QUAKE 4 rockets fire at the same rate, with the same delay, and travel the same distance in the same time as their QUAKE III counterparts.


  Playing Catch-Up: id's Paul Stee - 29/11/2005[spectator] | 13690 views | 2 replies 
Interesting article from Gamasutra, probably the best website about game developement :


  TMP mappack update #2 - 28/11/2005x0n | 13610 views | 1 replies 
from http://www.esreality.com:

Version 2 of the TMP map pack is available. For those that dont know already, the TMP pack is a collection of some of the original Q4 maps with minor modifications for competitive play.

This version includes 1v1 layouts for Fragging Yard 1v1, The Lost Fleet and No Doctors. No Doctors TMP has the same 1v1 item placements as Pro-Doctors (thanks Tectonic/Pha3z et all), but with the FPS pack changes and some extra health in TDM mode for 2v2. Also, the edge has various fixes including removal of the ability to get the upper RL from the ledge below it, a fix for the weird clipping issue near the rail, and a tweak of the the geometry on the roof near the mega-health.

Note that this serves as a replacement for the first pack which you no longer need. See the text file in the zip for more info. For server admins, it may be wise to put "TMP2" in your server name.


* http://www.clanbase.com/miscdl.php?did=1512
* http://levi.teamspeak.org/dl/redirect.php?ileid=1537
* http://www.gotfrag.com/q4/files/616/
* http://mydeepwave.org/q4/map_tmp02.zip
* http://rapidshare.de/files/8128511/map_tmp02.zip.html

  Q4CTF Map Contest - 22/11/2005[spectator] | 14280 views | 0 replies 
CTFZone is having a contest for CTF maps. Lets hope some decent mappack would come out of it to give the CTF community some nice playground (I miss q3wcp9 even if it has been overplayed on pickups).


  www.clanfh.net - 17/11/2005Spaceman | 15568 views | 1 replies 
new FH site under construction

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