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quake.ie main news
  q2 source released - 22/12/2001MindPhuck | 5751 views | 7 replies 
saw this on clanbase. id software have released the source to quake ii. now, i'm not a fan of q2, but its still played by a huge amount of players and all i can see is cheats being brought out for it now that the source is available. ahh well, i guess you q2 freaks will have to turn to q3 or some other game.

  generations mod - 21/12/2001MindPhuck | 5611 views | 0 replies 
the long awaited and much hyped mod for q3, generations, was just released. generations is a game concept that has spanned games, spanned engines, spanned teams, and spanned fps fans' collective consciousness. its finally out and you can slurp it here.

its still a beta (0.99a) and it uses the 1.30 pr at this moment in time, but i would imagine they will release an update for it.

  q3 point release 1.31 - 21/12/2001MindPhuck | 5576 views | 4 replies 
i was shocked myself to see this on quakenation, but hey, if id are gonna release the fixes, cool.

anyway, its a 26mb download, which you can nab here. you can also get it via the auto-update feature within q3, but i have no idea how big it is.

  quake-done-quick divx - 20/12/2001Zero | 5922 views | 2 replies 
if you ever played quake/qw, then you probably watched a few versions of the quake-done-quick team's efforts at clearing quake's four episodes in record time. well they put the latest effort into avi divx format and of all the movies and general quake shite that we all download, this is an utter must.

it is 170megs and worth every minute you sit waiting for your download. absolutely savage. of course, being ever so thoughtful, i put a local copy here on quake.ie. download it, its brilliant.

  progression - 20/12/2001MindPhuck | 5572 views | 5 replies 
the boys from clanbio are at it again with a teaser from their new q3 movie called progression. its very classy and worth a download. it sort of reminds me of the film se7en with the way its done. class. i'm looking forward to seeing the full thing.

  bwdml week 7 - 20/12/2001Illkillya | 5520 views | 2 replies 
bio.b picked up a default win this week over 4k who have quit q3 tdm. next week they play their first bwdml in a long time against gs, a belgian clan with a lineup similar to the ctf clan iqs.

in div2a, hat got a good result against rp, forcing another draw from the english team. hat were at their jammiest on cpm4, and their hiding skills in the last minute of the game gave them a win of 89-87. they had a bad start on dm7, and despite a good effort to come back into it, they ended up losing the game 96-114. this gives hat an important fixture next week against the lowest placed active clan f34r. a win here could set up a nice finale vs lkff to decide who will remain in div2 next season.

bio.r got a good win over n2s in div3b taking cpm4 by 131-84. dm7 was a ffa-like game where bio's new recruit blunt made his presence felt, finishing on 56 frags and a net of +33, the only posivite net on his team, but enough to give bio a 145-119 win. a similar performance could give them a win next week over lsr to keep them in touch with promotion.

fcuk postponed the div3d fixture vs fh, and next week we have a default win over cn.

  quakeworld national team - 19/12/2001MindPhuck | 5689 views | 19 replies 
jeese, theres more national teams going at the moment then you can shake a stick at. i'm sorta jumping on the bandwagon here, along with splif, were gonna try and get the irish national team up and running.

from the way trends are taking place, with germany playing netherlands recently and now the qw uk team is being created, it does look like people are hotting up for a nations cup.

anyway, if your interested in being on the team and you have the skill/dedication and commitment, stick your name down here in the comments or drop me or splif an email and we'll get you sorted.

  servers upgraded to osp1.0 - 16/12/2001MindPhuck | 5516 views | 1 replies 
over 100+ (*cough* slosh.ign.ie) of our servers have been upgraded to osp 1.0. we'll probably have to upgrade them again in a couple of days when they fix the bugs in it

  eurocup 4 lan finals - 15/12/2001MindPhuck | 5464 views | 1 replies 
clanbase have announced that the dates for the lan finals in rotterdam is on the 12th and 13th and january, 2002. more details on clanbase.

  osp 1.0 released - 15/12/2001MindPhuck | 5435 views | 0 replies 
as the topic says, the long awaited non beta version of osp is out. at a whooping 45 megs and some cool features, most people have been really looking forward to this baby. nab it from the quake.ie ftp.

  uk + i? - 14/12/2001Crusader | 5897 views | 4 replies 
ok, i'm running the trials for the uk quake3 urban terror team this sunday at 9pm, meeting in #ukut on quakenet. whats that got to do with the price of weed some of you may ask, and the answer is that as far as i know there is no ireland side currently, so if anyone out there wants to trial for the uk side, i'll make it uk & ireland so they can play if they want.

i'm told quake3 urban terror hasn't really taken off in ireland yet but on the offchance there is a secret club of q3ut masters out there, here's your chance to play in the espl-europe.net and clanbase nationals competitions coming up in the new year.

  whats in osp 1.0 - 13/12/2001MindPhuck | 5533 views | 9 replies 
as most of you may know, the first non-beta version of the popular mod, osp, is getting released this coming friday, 14th. what i spotted over on cached was a nice article from method about whats in osp and the new 'n cool stuff coming with it. worth a read.

  bwdml week 6 - 13/12/2001Illkillya | 5549 views | 5 replies 
bwdml div1 was very busy this week, so its a good thing bio.b postponed their fixture vs unr, reduce the strain on overworked div1 admins this means they remain in 4th place, and with 4k removed from the league, a win over unr (however unlikely) could put them into the playoff spots at the end of the season.

hat were unlucky in div2a as a low pinging ir managed to secure a win late in each game, on 99-84 on milktdm1 and 116-100 on dm14. this leaves hat midtable, where they should be fairly satisfied given the unsettled squad they've had to deal with. next week they play rp, who are a talented side but seem doomed to draw all their games.. although they managed a win over lkff in week5, only by 11 frags on one of the maps.

in div3b, bio.r lost to >> by 101-120 on milktdm1, before convincinly winning dm14 with a scoreline of 140-68. this should be a disapointing result for bio.r, as a win on milktdm1 would have put them top of div3b table with a superior frag difference over iu. as it is, they're still in 4th place, just behind t-u. seeing as t-u lost heavily to iu this week, i would expect bio.r or lsr to take their place in the promotion spots before the end of the season. next week they play n2s, a team with plenty of potential plagued by connections at the start of the season. if n2s get their best team out, they could make it tough for bio (is tourniquet still banned?).

a disappointing game in div3d which has turned me into a ctf'er saw a completely lagged fh helpless against the conservative tactics of pr on milktdm1, that game finished 66-39 (see my column). dm14 finished 119-72 to pr. this was a game where we were needing a win, and having narrowly missed out on points against craps last week, it will most likely be div3 for fh again next season by which time i will probably have moved to amsterdam to make use of my brother's chello dsl. the worst is over for us though, and a win over fcuk this week should bring about a good end to the season.

  urban terror map pack - 11/12/2001MindPhuck | 5445 views | 1 replies 
some time ago, the urban terror team ran a map competition. the winners -

ut_paradise - paradise by exkalibur
ut_dam - hydro-dam by nyk
ut_sliema - sliema, malta by ozedood
ut_campus - campus by dick dastardly
ut_complex - the complex by mb
ut_afterhours - afterhours in the mall by dragonne{triad}

the map pack can be downloaded from barrysworld. (52mb)

  starcraft cup - 11/12/2001MindPhuck | 5327 views | 0 replies 
i posted this as i know a sh1t load of irish quakers play starcraft/broodwars. clanbase have expanded their leagues empire and have produced a starcraft cup. if your into sc, check out the cup page.

  ireland -vs- ni - 10/12/2001Zero | 5458 views | 4 replies 
news over on the team.ie site.

  fatal1ty wins avp2 in dallas cpl - 10/12/2001Zero | 5592 views | 7 replies 
jonathan "fatl1ty" wendall won the alien-vs-predator 2 competition in the dallas cpl last weekend, and won himself a 2002 ford focus.

i'm sure the first thing he does, if he doesnt sell it, is to take it to a body shop and get that green shit sandblasted off it, at least i would. nice car otherwise tho.

  barrysworld connections - 10/12/2001M1ke | 5519 views | 8 replies 
some good news for all of us who play quake 3 on barrysworld servers. eircom and indigo are no longer routed through amsterdam meaning much lower pings can be achieved on these isps.

i emailed bigfoot recently to see about getting barrysworld linked more directly to eircom and since eircom already peered with the london internet exchange it was easy enough for barrysworld to get in touch with them and cut out the nasty european detour. pld bw.

  zero4 wins - 09/12/2001MindPhuck | 5480 views | 0 replies 
over in korea, the world cyber games came to conclusion for the q3 duels. zero4 beat lextor on prot4, leaving the champion totally undefeated through-out the whole tourney. for more details and demos, you can check out xsr.

  wolf server - 06/12/2001MindPhuck | 5567 views | 0 replies 
and its here. i finally got round to getting the server up and running. have fun on - eddie.ign.ie:27960

  euroctf stuff - 06/12/2001MindPhuck | 5563 views | 3 replies 
the irish team have been placed in group 2 :


isle of man


northern ireland



and of course, the schedule for the irish matches, which commence the 12th of january, are as follows :

week 1 - scotland vs ireland

week 2 - england vs ireland

week 3 - wales vs ireland

week 4 - ireland vs n.ireland

week 5 - isle of man vs ireland

the official maps will be c2 w1 w2 w3 wcp5 and one other (not known at this time. and lastly, barrysworld are sponsoring the entire event. the official euroctf page can be found here.

  bwdml week 5 results - 05/12/2001Illkillya | 5564 views | 5 replies 
mixed results in this week's bwdml, a default for bio.b and bio.r over bx and vgs. in div2a, a refreshed hat team beat rm fairly comfortably, 68-109 on dm12 83-108 on dm7. fh suffered with 2 of our first team unable to play, and lost a potentially deciding fixture to craps, 65-73 on dm12 and 74-116 on dm7.
next week bio.b play unr, who have not dropped points yet. hat face div 2a leaders ir, who have recently added former-hat 15-pinger riot to their squad. bio.r and fh play >> and pr, both of whom haven't been very impressive so far this season.

  bit group stages concluded - 04/12/2001M1ke | 5554 views | 1 replies 
a bit of news on bit , (har har). gzd and mistermen qualified from group a. gzd beat neo and wz to keep a 100% record in their group.

this thursday sees the conclusion, pop into #bio and the cannarbar!11[bot] will be showing scores from 7.30-12.

  recent bug/cheat in q3a - 04/12/2001Zero | 5674 views | 15 replies 
i might as well let any of our readers know this, seeing as cyberfight.ru have it up on their main page, there is a newly discovered bug in quake3 in relation to the cg_bobup command. apparently, (i havent tried this, i'm working atm) if you set cg_bobup -0.3, it's like sticking a pair of x-ray specs on, and you can see straight through walls, which is obviously a very serious bug, and will fuck quake3 up for everyone until it's fixed.

the full article is up on cyberfight.ru, but here's a sample of what the command does.

  team.ie ctf team announced - 03/12/2001MindPhuck | 5483 views | 3 replies 

after alot of practice over several weeks and a huge amount of deliberation and hard decisions, i've finally come up with the final squad for the team. most of the team are soo close skilled to each other i found it extreamely difficult in deciding the final 10 players.

i would like to thank all the other players who turned up for the practice and trial sessions, namely, jedi, lucutus, napalm, psyk and town. jedi would have definately been on the team, alas, he's off to mexico with work. thanks to everyone else who trialed and sorry if you didn't make the team this time around. for the the following who did, well done :

capt - mindphuck

team - dest, kazz, killy, koopa, lorcan, m1ke, osiris, simo, vincent and zero.

you can check out the official team.ie web site on www.quake.ie/team.ie.

  afghanalan - 30/11/2001Zero | 5551 views | 6 replies 
the ul lan kicks off tonight with excess of 40 pcs expected over the weekend. anyone who doesn't come will miss out, (we hope), as a great weekend is expected with lots of qw,q3, starcraft, wolfenstein, avp, etc. etc.
it's mainly setup tonight until we get it all going, but should be up and going tonight without any problems. i might add, anyone coming that has any form of cat5 cables, bring them, last time i checked in on khan his fingers were nearly bleeding

  bit group stages - 30/11/2001M1ke | 5450 views | 1 replies 
the results table over at the bio
invitational tournament
has been updated with all the results from tonights
game. the tourney group stages were a wacky ztn3dm1 success with 10 out of the
12 games taking place and two being postponed to be replayed later this week before
the next stage on thursday december 6th.

thanks to all who played tonight and won't be with us next week (fish
, wizzzards
and either mistermen, gzd
or neo depending on how the
2 replayed fixtures turn out !) hope to see you back for the next bit ... rumours
have been knocking about that the next bit will be ctf... however these are unconfirmed
canny lame rumours

  want to kill bin laden? or bush? - 29/11/2001ThrAx | 5393 views | 0 replies 
political arena,



take control of the us, play as bin laden or bush. sounds like fun. might not be the realistink shooter that cs or ut(urban terror u unreal freaks!) is but it looks like a laugh.

political arena for quake 3

  bwdml week 5 - 28/11/2001M1ke | 5401 views | 15 replies 
week 5 saw some good results for the irish sides with bio in div1a taking out dc on pro-dm6 109-166 and on cpm4 87-139. hats div2a game vs wz has been postponed.

bio.r have still to play koa on wednesday in div3b. fh managed to pickup a point vs dnd loosing cpm4 51-54 and winning pro-dm6 83-74.

this leaves bio well positioned at 4th in div1a, with 4k recently going inactive the season will be easier for the side. hat are placed 6th in div2a just above the relegation zone, however they've a game in hand and bolstered by the addition of the members of nd are likely to climb their group in the coming weeks.

in the lower divisions, bio.red are positioned 5th. it's been a very tight division so far, a lot of close draws and only 2 points separating bio.r from top placed [+]. the face of div3b is likely to change many times before we know who will make the promotion spot, the recent addition of collie, and term from gzd can only help the side go further though. fh are also placed 5th in div3d. they're 5 points behind league leaders craps. with the top 3 clans being promoted from this division fh would have to work hard to reach promotion.

  stripcreator owns - 27/11/2001MindPhuck | 5433 views | 3 replies 

ahh, endless fun.
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