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quake.ie main news
  change of day for team.ie trials - 11/10/2002Zero | 9025 views | 6 replies 
sunday 9pm, not monday.
z3on and melachi have been reincluded in the potential squad list.

  ch-tv - 11/10/2002MindPhuck | 9007 views | 0 replies 
one of the worlds biggest demo archive sites, challenge-tv, has re-launched with a new look and feel, so don't delay reading this, go have a look yourself!.

  bw ctf season review - 09/10/2002MindPhuck | 9271 views | 0 replies 
bigfoot has done a mighty job on the season end review over on quakenation. you can check it out here.

  team.ie squad updated again. - 09/10/2002Zero | 9498 views | 10 replies 

having had a chance to look over the uploaded demos (some very good), and the fact that certain people didn't show up and didn't email me, there's a slight change in the squad.

a squad:
remaining a place:killy* or overlord* or lorcan* or dest*.

b squad:

remaining:mindphuck, spectator, m1ke(afk), jedi(afk), benji/rapier(conn).

monday 9pm
final trial for a squad
team #1:
killy, overlord, lorcan, dest.
team #2: beast, vincent, sky, zero.
meet in #team3.ie at 8.45pm
maps: ospdm6, q3dm14tmp, q3dm7tmp.

i want demos for each map from overlord, killy, lorcan and dest, in the format zero_ietrials3_dm14tmp.zip

  team.ie picked. (almost) - 08/10/2002Zero | 9113 views | 3 replies 

we had a second show for the trials last night, played some good games. some of the squad have been provisionally picked, these players aren't just based on the last two nights, some of them have established themselves over a long period of time. you will notice that 5 out of the 6 a squad have been named, there is still a place there and i'm scratching my head looking the names with asterisks on them wondering who deserves the place. we'll have another game later in the week, and i want specific people there on specific teams, will update later.

a squad:

b squad:

remaining panel: killy*, overlord*, lorcan*, mindphuck, spectator.
others: m1ke(afk), benji/rapier(conn), z3on*/melachi(are ye still interested? no-shows and no email last night?)

  q3 pointrelease 1.32 - 08/10/2002MindPhuck | 9367 views | 11 replies 
well, its finally here. the long awaited release has some very nice fixes indeed with some connection tweaks and optimization for isdn/modem users, not forgetting the anti-cheat code from punkbuster aswell, it should give a new lease of life for us all. of course, you can download it here.

  loc files - team.ie - 07/10/2002Zero | 8946 views | 8 replies 
get these loc files and type in "cg_customloc 1" to activate them.
so we'll be seeing sky, jay, mindphuck, z3on, spectator, melachi, spaceman tonight then at 8.45pm in #team3.ie

  weekend roundup - 07/10/2002MindPhuck | 8298 views | 1 replies 
if you wern't on-line this weekend you missed some great q3 action!

firstly, cpl oslo took place which has some amazing tdm action. with nearly all the slots on gtv maxed out, it was worthwhile watching. the results and cash prizes being -

1. ice climbers - 2.500 euro

2. eyeballers - 1.250 euro

3. steel - 750 euro

4. murk - 500 euro

demos from esr, here and here

onto the wcg : two qualifers took place, one in engurland and the other in the us. admittedly, i only watched a couple of the cs games *boo hiss* from the uk quals and didn't get to see any of the q3 games. so, even though i just mentioned it, i've nothing really to say except that sid won it.. *cough*.

now, the us quals, that was soo worth watching. winner of the qualifiers was socrates, followed by daler. watching fat getting flatted was a joy, even though hes still the best. fatality was beaten down by chaoticz and doesnt make it to the actual finals. ahh the new breed of q3 kings are here and have given a new burst of life to the game. you really want to check out those two demos. the end results of the qualifers means that zero4, socrates, daler and cha0ticz go to the wcg finals.

  irish team update - 03/10/2002Zero | 9209 views | 7 replies 
{edit: trials on monday, not tuesday}
the_stranger over on quakenation has posted about getting a scottish tdm squad together, and says "if enough nations are interested, some sort of international competition maybe formed from it."

now that would be class, and it's all the more reason for us to get a proper squad out. seeing as there seems to be so much interest in ireland over the national team, we are probably going to put out 2 squads of 6 players, an a squad and b squad (best 6, next best 6 as against "two teams"), so don't anyone be dropping out, everyone has a chance of making one of the teams at least.

i saw 7 of the guys playing last night, and some day early next week we are going to see the rest. anyone who can't make it by then will be put in 'reserve' to try out at a later date, but the provisional panels will be picked next week. we have a few additions to the panel aswell.

a squad: tba

b squad: tba

panel (tried): beast, vincent, killy, saik, overlord, dest, lorcan.

panel (trials next monday 9pm): sky, jay, mindphuck, m1ke, z3on, spectator, melachi, spaceman.

reserves: benji/rapier(waiting on isdn), koopa(busy), ser(busy), jedi(away), slaan, gerry, havok.

if i have left anyone out it's because it's a large number of names, just let me know and i'll rectify it. i have included a list of binds here that i want ppl on the team to use so that we are all using the same ones. they are our own nd ones, but they more or less cover everything. copy these in to a config and use them in-game.

bind alt "say_team ^2#h^5/^2#a^5/^2#w"

bind 3 "say_team need wep"

bind 4 "say_team ^2waiting #m"

bind n "say_team ^5unable/ignore"

bind p "messagemode2"

bind k "say_team ^2quad soon - tool up/dont die"

bind m "say_team get mega; say_team get mega"

bind r "say_team ^3replace me"

bind [ "say_team ^2flood primary now"

bind ] "say_team ^1leave primary now"

bind h "say_team ^3help"

bind 2 "say_team ^2safe ^5(^2#h/^2#a^5)"

bind q "say_team ^2get quad;say_team ^2get quad"

bind i "say_team ^2get battlesuit"

bind o "say_team ^5(nme) powerup killed"

bind l "say_team ^1lost"

bind mwheelup "say_team ^2item #i"

bind w "say_team ^2coming"

bind t "say_team ^5took => #p"

bind y "say_team ^2you take"

  bw ctf league completes - 02/10/2002MindPhuck | 8381 views | 0 replies 
the barrysworld q3ctf league finished off its 9th season last night with the final 2 titles being decided, the full winners list reading as follows:

division 1 - gzd
division 2a - ndc
division 2b - +so+
division 3a - rv
division 3b - rofl
division 3c - yo!
division 4 - bdi

  team.ie tdm trials update. - 01/10/2002Zero | 8679 views | 2 replies 
having looked at who can and can't turn up, we are going to have only two teams of four playing tomorrow for practicality, breakdown as follows:

sky, m1ke and koopa cannot make it.
rapier and benji are on bad connects for the next couple of weeks.
mp is mad busy atm.

that leaves me with 10 names for tomorrow. gerry signed up as reserve and was pulled to make 16, so for this session will be put back. spec, i'll have to put you off aswell til the next day, we'll organise a game for everyone who isn't on tomorrow.
wednesday, 9pm, games2.iol.ie, dm14tmp/cpm4
teams: (alphabetical)

team a: jay, overlord, saik, vincent.
team b: beast, dest, killy, z3on.

can each of the eight players record a demo, and put it on quake.ie. log into ftp.quake.ie as anon and put your demo in the uploads folder, with the name format zero_ietrials_dm14tmp.zip

be in #team3.ie at 8.50pm at the latest. cya then.

  team.ie trial #1 - 30/09/2002Zero | 8565 views | 6 replies 
there are 16 names on the team.ie panel atm, by wednesday there are going to be 8. koopa cannot make trials at the moment, and is getting a "buy" into the main panel, being by far the best q3 player in the country at the moment (next to nemesis).
wednesday we have the first main part of the trial, which will "whittle" the 16 names down to 8.
wednesday, 2nd oct, 9pm
servers on games2.iol.ie, all players will meet in #team3.ie at 8.45pm, if you aren't there and don't have an excuse you're out, it's too much work to organise something like this if ppl aren't going to turn up.

team a: beast, benji, dest, z3on.
team b: killy, koopa, (m1ke), rapier.
team c: overlord, saik, sky, spectator.
team d: gerry, jay, mindphuck, vincent.

9pm, server 1 (dm14tmp) : beast -vs- overlord
9pm, server 2 (dm14tmp) : killy -vs- gerry
9.45pm, server 1 (cpm4): beast -vs- killy
9.45pm, server 2 (cpm4): overlord -vs- gerry

  qw league news - 26/09/2002Spliffy | 9395 views | 3 replies 
this week has seen the start of smackdown 5 and nations quake rank 3 both well known top level qw leagues. with alot of games already been played and loads more to come (nearly 1000 games to be played in both leagues) prepare for alot of quakeworld action over the coming months.

  doom to hit the big screen - 26/09/2002Jay | 9343 views | 12 replies 
over here on yahoo, there's an article announcing that warner bros. are planning to release a movie based on id's doom.

here's how it starts..
los angeles (the hollywood reporter) --- warner bros. pictures is in final negotiations to pick up the feature film rights to id software inc.'s video game property "doom" in a progress-to-production deal that will see the project go in front of the cameras in 15 months, or the rights revert back to the software company

lets hope they can do a better job putting doom on the big screen than they did with tomb raider.

  teamspeak release linux client - 25/09/2002Jay | 9497 views | 0 replies 
for any of you out there that insist on torturing yourself with linux, teamspeak.org have just announced that they have released a linux client.

today we release the release candidate 1 of the linux client. it weighs a hefty 15 mb, because we had to add a complete binary qt2 library in order to ensure that this client will run on every linux target we support. it has all functions that the windows client has, except for all the key interception routines. that means there are no push-to-talk or key-bind capabilities. this will be added later, if possible.

you can slurp the client here.

  demonic core win bwq3dml season - 25/09/2002Jay | 9264 views | 3 replies 
the full barrysworld quake 3 deathmatch league results have been posted over on the barrysworld q3dml page.

demonic core took the title after iron fist shockingly withdrew from the league due to lack of players. up until this iron fist were the favorites to win the league. once that happened all their previously played games became defaults which left demonic core one point ahead of unr.

congrats dc.

  condolences. - 23/09/2002Zero | 9861 views | 18 replies 
condolences to cian cabal aka lordkhan of q.ie, whose 3 year old niece was killed on sunday in a horrific car crash. our thoughts are with his sister and family.

  team.ie 2002 panel. - 20/09/2002Zero | 9949 views | 20 replies 

the panel signups for the online team.ie tdm team has been finished. we have 21 names, which are going to be whittled down to about 8 - 10. from a glance at the panel, there is going to be fierce competition to get on the team. what i'm going to do is run trials on an internal praccy basis, where we pick 4 v 4 and see how people fare. might organise a game this wednesday or thursday. remember that what we will be looking for is teamplay, not score, and for the purpose of getting this team online and practising quickly, the panel will be picked after a few trials and it's going to be final.

team.ie panel
beast, benji, dest, gerry, jay, killy, koopa, mindphuck, overlord, rapier, saik, sky, spectator, vincent, z3on, (m1ke).

reserve panel
havok, jedi, podgeen, slaanesh.


team.ie trial 1

date: tba (sometime between mon 30th and fri 4th)

time: 9pm

servers: cloud.ign.ie (will have two servers up, and will drop other
servers for duration of trials.)

team a: beast, benji, dest, z3on.

team b: killy, koopa, (m1ke), rapier.

team c: overlord, saik, sky, spectator.

team d: gerry, jay, mindphuck, vincent.

9pm, server 1 (dm14tmp) : beast -vs- overlord

9pm, server 2 (dm14tmp) : killy -vs- gerry

9.45pm, server 1 (cpm4): beast -vs- killy

9.45pm, server 2 (cpm4): overlord -vs- gerry

a few things first of all. the team members are listed in alphabetical order,
the "captain" name is the first alphabetically and an attempt has been
made to make the teams even while also separating clan members to a certain
degree. everyone has to record a demo. if you don't turn up without a valid
excuse, we'll take that you don't have enough of an interest. this is the first
of a few trials. eight people of the sixteen will be probably be dropped after
the first trial, with the exception of one of the 8 being a good coach. i don't
think it's too severe after one trial, to be honest most of us could probably
list 6 of the 8 definites purely from playing with and against them.

  server problem - 18/09/2002MindPhuck | 9765 views | 2 replies 
sorry about this, it appears one of our hd's on our ftp server has overheated again. as a result the ftp server and hosted sites are down until the server is rebooted again. normal service will resume asap.

  clanbase ctf opencup poules anno - 15/09/2002Illkillya | 10907 views | 0 replies 
ts find themselves in group a of the first league, not surprising since on paper they're must be the best ctf clan that didn't get into the eurocup (5th in bwctfl div1 last season and 1st in savage div2, currently 3rd in bwctfl div1). they're in with the euro clan bop, german clans x and lab, and maybe the dutch clan lkff and the french clan ug (i say maybe because both of these clans are in playoffs for the eurocup). i've never heard of lab before, but i know ts can beat the rest of these teams, but i suppose all will depend on how seriously they take this league.

fh are in group a of the second league, alongside some familiar teams. inf beat us in bwctfl this season, but we were missing some important players for that game and had an inexperienced side, and attackers defending, so here we'll get another chance. omg are a belgian clan in our div in savage. also in group a are the french clan :e, the european clan uc, dutch mch (mighty cows of holland), and two clans i have never heard of - french clan super (fruits) and euro clan don (although their members list says they're all german).

  ut2k3 - 14/09/2002saik | 11266 views | 18 replies 
the demo (you've all been waiting for?) is out. download links here. don't get the version off nvidia.com, it's corrupt. and early impressions aren't good.

  ut2003 demo soon - 11/09/2002Jedi | 10732 views | 0 replies 
well looks like the wait for ut2003 is almost over. read over on shacknews.

quote: the demo is nearly ready to go. it should be out sometime within the next few days. keep watching this space (the stickies) for an announcement. when it's ready we'll just be releasing it randomly to a few major sites so that hopefully it will spread like wildfire and everyone will be able to get it from their favorite games site. there won't be any special exclusives or anything like that. we want everyone to be enjoying it the minute it goes live. more details to follow, keep watching this space.

i've played the uk2003 beta for about 2 months now and theres plenty of eye candy but hopefully in the demo release the gameplay will be a bit more refined.

  quake3 on the net - 11/09/2002nDPodgeen | 10894 views | 5 replies 
zero sent me this link yesterday, its deadly. takes a while to load but its worth it.

look here

  september 11th remembered - 10/09/2002Jedi | 11195 views | 3 replies 
i'm sure alot of you will have seen this extract wrote last year by nicky condon (aka beast) decribing the september 11th tragedy. well worth a read. i certainly puts things in perspective.


  team.ie - 10/09/2002Zero | 13067 views | 26 replies 
we are going to get a few national "friendlies" going for the irish tdm team. if you are interested stick your name here and we'll pick a panel.

  bwdml week 7 - 09/09/2002Zero | 10933 views | 0 replies 
bif's review of the bwdml week 7 is up here on quakenation.
nd finished up 5th place in div2b again, losing 4th place to ql on equal points, due to the fact that ql-nd game went to ql. again, a weak start to the league cost nd a decent finishing place in the league.
fh appear to be in a tight spot in div3c, which isn't over yet. with two games left to play, a win over sex this week will pull fh out of the relegation zone ahead of ftf, who will undoubtedly lose to wz tomorrow night. if fh follow that on with a win over the beatable da side, they should easily avoid relegation.

  a new microsoft mouse - 06/09/2002Jay | 11086 views | 0 replies 
check it out here.

  bbc covers world cyber games - 06/09/2002Jay | 10324 views | 3 replies 
the bbc have completed a tv piece on the world cyber games, filmed in london and featuring sujoy and greg edwards (from infinity-esports). you can view the video online from the website here.

computer gaming is a sport borne out of kids playing computer games in their front rooms – but now dedicated gamers are competing with each other all over the world. to this new breed of professional gamer the business of gaming is very serious indeed, and with big prize-money, sponsorship deals offering top-notch computer equipment, and flights to exotic competition venues – who can blame them?

the piece is also going out on the bbc world service - news24 from saturday and on bbc1 in the uk on sunday.

  new flat rate access - 05/09/2002saik | 10174 views | 9 replies 
utvi are now offering flat rate 56k/single channel isdn access. there's a 150 hours/month cap and you have to take carrier pre select.
this means that utv become your phone provider and eircom rent you the line. (thanks to ppc for that)

"utv internet today launched voice and internet services to irish consumers, becoming the only internet service provider to currently offer flat rate access. the new services will be available throughout ireland. they will provide consumers with savings of 25% on eircom call rates for local, national and international voice calls and off peak internet access (evenings and weekends) for a flat rate of €29.99 per month."

"further details of the newly launched services are now available at utv internet’s website, www.utvip.com, by telephoning 1890 926 000 or by emailing [email protected]"

robbed from boards.ie here.

  loc files. - 03/09/2002Zero | 9487 views | 1 replies 
i mentioned this on the end of a column, but probably wasn't really seen. if you play tdm, get these locs. put them in your osp\locs folder and all the locations are way more specific and colour-coded for teamtalk and teamoverlay.
they are the ones we did up, they can be edited and added to, (with the \addpos command), as much as required.
the levels covered are pro-q3dm6, q3dm7tmp, cpm4, q3dm14tmp, and ospdm6.
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