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  clanbase nations cup groups - 16/11/2002Illkillya | 9058 views | 0 replies 
clanbase groups are finalised, and there is no change from the draft divisions to ireland's group in the cb nations dm cup, we're in with france, slovenia, and uk. that competition begins next week, starting 25th november.

in the ctf nations cup we're in group a (the west division)with belgium, france, netherlands, sweden, and uk. games start as soon as the 18th of november.

  cb ctf nations cup - 14/11/2002saik | 9384 views | 11 replies 
ireland's ctf side have now qualified for the clanbase nations ctf cup. they beat norway 4 - 1 on q3w2 and 3 - 0 on q3wcp5. well done lads! hear killy's thoughts on it all here. anyone who laughs at his accent is off the squad!
clanbase have a review of the match href="http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?nid=68292&mid=10617&lid=705">here.

  is there such a thing as too muc - 14/11/2002CoLdSaLmOn | 8892 views | 13 replies 
on a bulletin board i found:
"october 10 2002
a 24-year-old south korean man died after playing computer games nonstop for 86 hours, police said yesterday.
the jobless man, identified by police only by his last name kim, was found dead at an internet cafe in kwangju, 260 kilometres southwest of seoul, they said.
quoting witnesses, police detective oh myong-sik in kwangju said the man had been virtually glued to the computer since late last friday and had no decent sleep and meals.
the man collapsed in front of the counter early yesterday but soon regained consciousness. he then went to the toilet where he later was found dead, the police officer said.
initial investigation ruled out the possibility of murder, police said. an autopsy was planned.
south korea is among the world's most internet-savvy nations with more than half of its 47 million people having access to the internet. south korea has some 22,000 internet cafes, also known as pc rooms.
many pc rooms are open 24 hours, but no minors are allowed after 10 pm."
if this isnt true dedication of a gamer i dont know what is. the last lan i went to i stayed up for about 40 hours straight and hallicinated so i wouldnt like to imagine what this guy was under. :d
he is my hero.

  the one chance for ireland...? - 13/11/2002Zero | 12015 views | 47 replies 
ok enough bullshit.

qhlan starts in 50 days time on the 3rd of january in stockholm. it's a quakeworld competition with the l33t quakeworld players going. our own koopa is widely recognised as one of the best qw duellers on the planet but hasn't gone to any serious competitions to get the proper recognition. he is also a broke bum and has no means of travelling to things like this.

so we signed him up. and this is the koopa trócaire appeal. we want contributions to send the only decent player of any game that ever came out of this country, to a competition where he can get the recognition he deserves. (and beat the shit out of reload).
if we get enough support (i.e. possible contributors), we'll mail everyone and arrange the money/flights etc. so reply here if you are willing to give 10 or 20 euro for koopa's holy crusade. we are dead serious.

  bw tdm/ctf draft groups announce - 13/11/2002Zero | 7907 views | 0 replies 
bigfoot has announced the draft tdm and ctf groups for season 10 of the barrysworld leagues.
in tdm, nd find themselves alone flying the irish flag in div2b for the third time around.
fh have opted out of tdm this season to concentrate on ctf in div2a of the league, while mp's ts remain in div1 this season. a new irish entry in div3a sees jobos play in their first league since forming, with quite a serious lineout including some irish players that we hope will stay active and improve the irish scene at home here.(dbc, ppc, dardoz, giblet, bazh etc).
best of luck guys.

  clanbase nations groups announce - 13/11/2002Zero | 7678 views | 0 replies 
over on clanbase, godsmurf has announced the four groups for the nations cup, and ireland finds itself in with the uk, france and slovenia.
it looks like there are two teams coming out of each group. the cup is starting on 25th of this month.

  doom3 article - 12/11/2002Carl33to | 7148 views | 2 replies 
interesting (and lengthy) article on doom at accelenation.com.
it generally deals with the various technical aspects of the game and how they compare to the original quake series.

worth the read

  are you living in ireland and do - 12/11/2002Zero | 9459 views | 16 replies 
if the answer is yes, and you havent signed up here for fragnet on the 6th december, then you are an idiot. go and do it now. anyone travelling long distance, there are always a few inches of floorspace in our gaff.
afaik there are not rental pcs, lk will clarify that when he gets out of hospital. get a lift.

[edit]fh have a team going, nd are looking like 2 teams. we want to see jobos and acid too.

  want a job? - 12/11/2002Zero | 6359 views | 7 replies 
not really a job. we need some people to help out with the site, posting news, columns etc. people who will post more often than once every six months. reply if you are interested. our current list of admins has been "thinned" today.

  savage tdm leagues - 11/11/2002Zero | 6017 views | 1 replies 
slave from savage leagues asked us to post up that the savage q3dm league is restarting soon. details over on savageleagues.com. he says "the head admin for the new league is a guy called vududoll .. who has, in the past, been head admin for the wireplay q3dm league as well as adminning for ukccl q3 when it was about .. so hopefully we should be in great hands to make the league great ..of course p2p isn't an option for this, or any, savage league as we've always said that our leagues would be free .. so no worries there for clan and players alike .."

  super secret private irish 2v2 l - 11/11/2002Zero | 5906 views | 2 replies 
can the teams who have played games in carl33to's 2v2 league post your results up here please so the league can be sorted out. also, any unfortunate souls in the same group as myself and beast can have the privilege of a hiding tonight if you are online.

  qualified! :o - 07/11/2002Illkillya | 6793 views | 16 replies 
ireland managed to get our strongest team online last night for the clanbase nations cup tdm qualifier with estonia. ser and anarchy were on broadband, while koopa and vincent played from home on isdn.

the first map was our home map, dm7, which ireland won comfortably, holding ra all game where our isdners were able to kill spawners or adventurous estonians who tried to regain primary while ser and anarchy did good work to stop them from retooling, and rack up a few frags in the process. final score was 141-54.

estonia's map, ospdm5, was a different story. connects had got worse for both teams, but it was koopa and vin who suffered most on 64k. control of the map changed hands frequently, and estonia led for a long time, but never by much. towards the end we managed to get back into control and took the lead again, but with 2 minutes left when the score was 91-90 to us, something went wrong at eircom and me (coach), vin and koopa all got disconnected. this left us at the mercy of the spawns upon rejoining, but were lucky enough to keep control and swipe the final quad to win the game by 99-95.

both games were played on pzz's .nl server with gtv and shoutcast commentary courtesy of bigfoot and the stranger.

we also have to qualify for the ctf, so we will be playing norway next thursday.

  pay to play? - 05/11/2002MindPhuck | 7064 views | 2 replies 
bigfoot has updated his the bw ctf and tdm league pages regarding the decision to move to a pay to play league for the new season. interesting enough, he has decided to leave them as free leagues for this time round. anyway, check them out.

  [team.ie]i'm on holidays.. - 04/11/2002Zero | 7205 views | 2 replies 
..btw, which is why i havent been "oh lol cmon team" etc but everyone seems to be playing away, we had a praccy last night against uk (they slapped us), that killy organised, and we have another praccy tomorrow night at 9.30, for the game on wednesday. anyone who will be having problems, let me know ahead of time so we can put our best team out.

  team.ie tdm prac - 02/11/2002Illkillya | 7960 views | 3 replies 
there will be team.ie tdm prac sunday night at 10pm, in preparation for the estonia game which has been forced to this wednesday at 21:00 cet.

  team.ie training and estonia pla - 01/11/2002Zero | 8135 views | 2 replies 
the date for the crucial match vs estonia hasn't been decided yet, however it will be some day next week (late next week).
so we are going to get some practise vs serious teams over the next week, i'm gone for the w/e but will update re: practises as soon as i know. hopefully clan uk can give us a few games next week.

  wcg 2002 demos - 29/10/2002saik | 8977 views | 9 replies 
go href="http://www.q3acn.com/?action=demo">here for wcg 2002 demos from both pov, and no spoilers.
i'm using flashget, a download manager, to get around website problems, i just copy the failed url and it works by magic.

edit: having watched the phantom/socratez demo, it seems that the forum paste i put up here was lame american fanboy bullsh*t. phantom really did beat socratez 17 - 0.

[x]pipi injured his arm, so he missed out on his games, pity it wasn't insured eh? maybe we will see a lot more of this insuring stuff (gzd/dreg had it done, see href="http://www.ananova.com/entertainment/story/sm_697757.html?menu=">here) happening in the future (granted, not for 375k.)

  wcg so far - 29/10/2002Bunny | 8918 views | 10 replies 
group a:

zero4 is out, losing to cooller_ru and logan_es in crucial games. radic_ca and cooller_ru go through.

group b:

phantom_za destroyed socrates 17-0 on pdm6, both go through, death_hu didn't make it.

group c:

chipdeep_ua beats sidney11_uk, both go through easy group.

group d:

rocketboy_cn beats daler_us, both go through, st_germain_fr only wins one game.

next games begin tonight at 1:30am, gtv is working almost perfectly (even on modem) python_au, if22_nl, unkind_ru and b100death_ru all playing tonight in the last 4 groups.

  "ah, we're all winners" - 29/10/2002Zero | 8712 views | 17 replies 
in a flash of common sense that hit me the other day, (and having watched a ton of demos that showed a lot of people with very little between them), i realised that picking 8 out of 11 interested players was going to do nobody any good at all. (the 11 is now 10, ever hear of email at all?). picking the four players, on the other hand is a tricky business, and while i have four named as a "preferred team" below, that can possibly change as we practise.

clanbase nations cup team.ie tdm squad (final):
anarchy, (beast), dest, killy, (koopa), melachi, overlord, saik, ser, sky, sno, vincent, z3on

preferred team @ 29 oct: ser, anarchy, vincent, dest(change your f**king mouse).

internal practise tonight at 9pm, #team3.ie for anybody who can make it.

  nations cup news - 28/10/2002Illkillya | 8858 views | 4 replies 
clanbase tdm nations cup has announced the list of captains and countries competing. ireland will be one of the six clans in a playoff, we will be facing estonia, a country i know very little about (its next to russia... lag? and has a really nice looking flag ).

  irish team - almost there... - 24/10/2002Zero | 9143 views | 16 replies 
i don't like changing the "plan" when i have said otherwise for the last few weeks or so, but frankly the response to the chance of playing on the irish team has certainly surprised me, and others too, i'm sure. the fact that there are a lot of people interested also means that the squad should be made up from people who can be, and are online playing every night, to ensure we have a team that is ready for this league. also, i "prematurely" (?) put people on the team and left a few slots open for "the rest", while i find after watching last night's games that some of "the rest" show themselves to be good enough to take any place on this team, just as much as the guys that were put in there two weeks ago. after talking to some of the guys, i'm going to do what i think is the fairest allround way of picking this team, i'm (almost) wiping the slate and i'm going to pick a squad of eight players from scratch, with the exception of beast/ser/koopa.
for people who don't know, beast/ser/koopa are three guys who have generally represented the country since we ever started playing, from qw thru to q3, and while they are not currently available for regular practise online, there is a general consensus that they are that good, and they should be on the team. so they are going to be kept on the a squad, but likely to be on the bench unless they are drastically needed.
with those three guys moved, everyone else is going to have an equal chance, and there are eight places that will be filled from the guys who have been showing an interest, and turning up to trials. i have a reasonable idea of who these eight guys will be, but want to see demos first of all. if you aren't in the following list and think you should be, mail me.
ok, i want 2 tdm demos (last night's where possible) from:

killy (recvd)
saik (recvd)
anarchy (recvd)
overlord (recvd)
melachi (recvd)
sno (recvd)
z3on (recvd)
dest (recvd)
sky (recvd)
vincent (recvd)
shaun (2 tdm demos of your choice)

mail them in zip format to me. like i said, if i am missing anyone let me know. the quicker i get demos, the quicker the team is going to be picked. i think after the last few trials etc, this is the best way to do it, we are all (going to be) part of the same team here so if anyone has any problems with the way things are run, post up here and we can sort it out.

  team.ie demos. - 24/10/2002Zero | 8475 views | 14 replies 
can the guys who trialled last night put their demos up here on quake.ie, or else zip them and mail them to me. no need for the three maps, just your best two in the one zip file. everyone played well last night, which is kind of annoying, as it makes picking the last additions to the team difficult, but take it that all the demos are going to be watched, most of them by bunny, and the squad will be posted asap.

  clanbase ctf nations cup - 24/10/2002Illkillya | 8338 views | 0 replies 
we've applied to enter the clanbase nations cup, so we'll need to get a team sorted asap. could every irish ctfer who is interested in playing for the irish team please email me or msg me (fh|killy) on irc, and then we can see what needs to be done about trialling etc.

  team.ie ctf - 23/10/2002Zero | 8150 views | 20 replies 
i was on the phone to killy and he wants to enter the nations ctf. any irish q3 players who agree on killy as captain, post here. i do.

  final trials tonight. - 23/10/2002Zero | 7647 views | 1 replies 

right, enough messing. tonight is the final night for team.ie a squad trials. the team is gonna be picked tonight, and practises will start very soon afterwards.
tonight, at 7.45pm, in #team3.ie, i want to see :

killy, overlord, dest, melachi, z3on, sno, shaun, saik

i realise that the ni guys (z3on, sno), will have dodgy pings but they ping ok to uk so it will be taken into account. we are playing on cloud.ign.ie, no spectators (except me) as the server isn't the best. playing at least 3 maps in a row so put aside that time. everyone take a demo, i might request one or two of them.
the irish team will be announced tomorrow.

  team.ie trials + q3 leagues upda - 21/10/2002Illkillya | 7439 views | 2 replies 
the trials won't be held tonight as planned since zero won't be able to get online for it this weekend, so watch this space to find out when they'll be held.

savage ctf league just about finished up tonight. there are a few games left to be played, but none that affect the quake.ie clans. ts became div2 champions for the second season running, only dropped points in a 4v5 vs qrz. fh came 3rd in division 3, although there was no clan this season who beat us both games. clan revenge (rv) finished first, a team which started the season as a solid division 3 side, and evolved into a star-studded, potential superpower in ctf. it will be interesting to see how they progress next season, whether or not they will take to ctf and overcome their tdm instincts as ndc did.

clanbase open cups are around halfway over i think. ts are top of their group atm, but could be overtaken by lkff (to whom they lost in week 1). a shaky bop have been removed the division after some very poor performances by their standards were followed up by defaults, i think this means that ts have only one game left (against x on wednesday). fh in the second league have had a mixed season so far and are 4th. we were driven almost to the point of dropping out by a german clan called don (who also created the same difficulties for uc in week1). i don't even feel like writing about it; suffice to say that we have experienced clanbase at its worst and we most likely wont be entering again next season, for fear of having to spend two and a half hours on a dutch server with 5 painfully lame 14 year old germans whose primary tactics are to demoralise their opponent and try to make them late for their other league commitments :|

the tdm open cup has gone well for nd so far, their only loss being a 3 mapper vs aos. one clan has been removed from their division. they're now 3rd in their div, although i would expect them to finish higher. its hard to tell though since all the clans in their div are euro clans that i have never heard of.

  team.ie - 18/10/2002Zero | 8027 views | 1 replies 
yeah so i'm changing things again. with this clanbase league coming up, we are going to have to speed things up, while at the same time we have to be online practising. koopa and ser were added because they are class, however they don't really have the time to praccy with the team atm, so while they are going to be on the squad, i'm not going to have other places taken up by them.
so that makes the a squad look something like this:

team.ie a squad: sky/beast/vincent/./././koopa/ser

we also have more people that have shown interest, and a few previously "knocked-off" people that have since been re-added once it was sorted out. this means that for the remaining three places in the irish a squad, we have killy, overlord, lorcan, dest, melachi, z3on, sno, shaun, saik. saik is brought back to try again for a squad seeing as we have new additions. jay doesn't want to be on a squad as he is away for a while and so remains on the b.

team.ie b squad: jay/././././.

remaining:mindphuck, spectator, m1ke(afk), jedi(afk), benji/rapier(conn).

if i am missing anyone, let me know. we are going to have a trial this sunday at 9pm. i want all the guys in the running for the a squad to be there. if you aren't there, the best you can hope for is the b squad. not trying to be an asshole but we haven't much time and we have plenty of players (for once). mail me if you cannot turn up and it's something serious.

  barrysworld leagues - 18/10/2002MindPhuck | 7888 views | 0 replies 
bigfoot has posted some news on both the ctf and tdm leagues. firstly, he is stepping down as league admin due to more pressing priorities at barrysworld. secondly, there is a discussion on making the next seasons subscriber only and has a bit of an effect to most people who play in the leagues. check out the full story here. gluck to biffeh and thanks for all the fish.

  clanbase nations cup - 16/10/2002Zero | 8528 views | 19 replies 
it's starting, and it's time to apply. the rules for applying, listed here, dictate that they want to see support for whoever declares themselves captain, mainly from top clans in that country. this obviously doesn't apply to us in as much detail, what with having 3 or 4 active irish clans, but they are still the rules and we have to go by them.
so we need a few players from the "top irish clans", i.e. nd, fh, jb, bio, (acid), to reply here acknowledging me as team.ie captain and i can go and enter us in this cup.

  the nokia 7650 is already doomed - 15/10/2002x0n | 7516 views | 0 replies 
quite literally. this is something i would get up to with a large spl^h^h^h cigarette hanging out of my mouth.

look for yourself.
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