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quake.ie main news
  nqr cmt finals - 05/04/2003MIXU | 9675 views | 2 replies 
last night, slackers took on firing squad in the nqr custom map tournament finals, slackers proving too much for the dutch lads, winning the final an impressive 3-0. more info at the site.

  megalan - 03/04/2003MindPhuck | 10990 views | 29 replies 

for those of you that didn't know about the biggest lan this year, (and in ireland for that matter), megalan, kicks off this coming easter weekend.

hosting 150 players only, it should be one kick ass of a lan. this will be the first yearly event, which will be held in the rds. heres the quick blurb -

venue: rds
date: 19th april - 21st april
cost: 60
seats: 150 byoc
registration: 11am - 1pm 19th april
schedule: 19th april: 11am - midnight
20th april: 10am - midnight
21st april: 10am - 6pm.

if you havn't already signed up, most people have, head on over to their webby and get cracking!

  bwctfl - 02/04/2003Illkillya | 10197 views | 0 replies 
bwctfl announced its divisions this week, and fixtures are up on the webpage now. bigfoot is finishing off his preview, which will be up on quakenation once hes got all the interviews done (will probably be a few days). i've taken a quick, biased, and completely inaccurate look at the divisions in which the quake.ie clans find themselves this season. it was too big to fit on the main page, so i stuck it in my column.

  quakeworld.nu - 02/04/2003MIXU | 9706 views | 1 replies 
paradoks, sassa, apollyon, zalon and eter have gotten the new quakeworld.nu site up, and it's looking quite impressive with already 100 user's have signed up on the first day; to use the various facilites. check it out

  quakenet fragged? - 01/04/2003MindPhuck | 10157 views | 7 replies 
due to a pending lawsuit against quakenet by a german internet company providing bnc's and shells to it's customers, quakenet staff has been forced to choose between closing down the network or suspend all of it's active staff pending the outcome of the lawsuit. if the lawsuit doesnt work in quakenets favour, the servers go down!

  forget qlan - 30/03/2003Illkillya | 10723 views | 4 replies 
lan europa, to be held in france, has announced $200,000 in prizes for its competitions including q3 ra3, 1v1, and tdm. what makes this competition so appealing to me is the list of clans signed up so far... familiar names from all over europe, including some interesting lan prospects such as 666, aaa, hf, masterblasters, qud, and xeno (the portuguese/euro clan). some of the clans signed up have bad connections normally, and have only been division 2 level online, but if they put a lot of preperation into it there could be some upsets on lan.

it will be interesting to see who else signs up over the next couple of weeks, with space for 2500 players, this could be a great lan. might even be worth sending an irish team over

  sweden's qlan - 28/03/2003saik | 9612 views | 6 replies 
a big swedish lan is planned for the 18th of april. nearly all the top swedish q3 clans and players (cept mel) are going along with c58, iron and pzz who got invites. big day for the duellers also, with swedes like fox and z4muz getting their shot at the russians on lan. prize pot is 8,000 euro - dunno how it breaks down.

cooller, polos, nobap, b100.death(unconfirmed) and lexer(won a russian comp recently) are supposedly attending. it should be well worth watching on the promised gtv, especially after the 27 - -1 number fox did on cooller during the esreality tourney. other names to look out for would be fazz, prozac, if22 and allpact. e4-reef the brazillian fatal1ty beater is unconfirmed but could make an upsetting appearance. q3dm13 fanboys should be pleased to see it added to the usual maplist. oh yeah, if any of you are interested in q2 duels, purri is taking on polosatiy in an exhibition match.

looks pretty good!

fair balls to mp for getting quake.ie back up :>

  we're back! - 28/03/2003MindPhuck | 9438 views | 7 replies 
okay what happened?

because we give free web and ftp space to gamers, we gave some free space to a gamer who decided to run some untested .asp script, this resulted in the server basically crashing.

apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  happy paddys day - 14/03/2003MindPhuck | 10286 views | 6 replies 
from all the staff here at quake.ie and all the people in the world who somehow mysteriously are suddenly irish, (it might be 'cos you drank a guiness or saw a leprechaun once)... heres to a happy paddys weekend!. go drown that shamrock!

  bw leagues - 12/03/2003MindPhuck | 10922 views | 0 replies 
bigfoot sends word about the up and coming seasons for both the href="http://leagues.barrysworld.net/bwq3ctfl/">q3ctf & href="http://leagues.barrysworld.net/bwq3dml/">q3dm leagues. my clan ts are signed for the ctf league and nd withdrawn from the tdm league. fh are undecided if they are playing in either. also, the decision to pay to play has not yet been taken which might have an effect on the clans that are signed up. if you want you clan in either of the leagues, i suggest you head over to the relevant league sites.

  retro-style: qw - 12/03/2003MIXU | 11279 views | 13 replies 
is there any one on these boards apart from the regular qw'ers, that would start playing qw or maybe go back to it ? donking's post made me wonder if there's gonna be any new life in this classic old game. as far as i know, you only need the shareware version, then with fuhquake, u can play any where, any time. give it a go.

  clanbase nations cup - 11/03/2003MindPhuck | 10600 views | 2 replies 
its that time again and clanbase have posted requests for anyone who wishes to be the captains of either the tdm team or the ctf team to let them know.

  q3ultrav - 09/03/2003Illkillya | 11333 views | 10 replies 
esque is working on a nice conversion of the popular qw duel/ffa map ultrav for q3. its well suited to 1v1 and 3 player ffa. its in a very early beta stage at the monment, but hes looking for feedback and suggestions. download it here.

  es finals - 06/03/2003MindPhuck | 11718 views | 1 replies 
the esreality league finals happen this weekend coming, the 7th, 8th and 9th. theres gonna be some class duel matches.

the winners bracket currently has these players - fox, cooller, zero4 and socrates. whilst in the lower bracket finals are - booms, fazz, if22, z4muz, st_germain, dreg, clast, kronos, daler and ffsmasher. as you can see, theres not many players left so you wont have long to wait for the class games.

the first games kick off on friday at 8pm and bots/coverage can be found in #eso.tourney.

shotucast here


paste that into winamp to hear djwheat doing his thing. get gtv details on irc, #eso.tourney

first game at 4 today, saturday 8th march
fox versus cooller , can the little ru-nt get his revenge? who knows.

later on at 9,

zero4 versus socratez. heavyweight americans.

esreality.com for all your cyber sport coverage needs.

  ctf history - 05/03/2003MindPhuck | 11277 views | 0 replies 
bofh from shackes has posted another excellent article on quake 3 ctf history. this is the second part of a 2 part article. the first can be found here, which was posted in 2000. for the moment, you can read his latest stuff here.

  quake remodelled - 04/03/2003MIXU | 11486 views | 3 replies 
i've came across this site switch.to/qmodels, which is basically a site dedicated to the remodelling of quake, all weapons, monsters, armours, item's etc... it's still in progress and the actual site design it's self is'nt the easiest to navigate, but the model's are top notch considering they're working with a 6 year old game. well worth the download. also,
qmb is another site dedicated to keeping quake alive, featuring the new "qmb" engine, download the qmb 1.14 file and load it up, you won't believe your eyes

  another osp - 01/03/2003MindPhuck | 11765 views | 0 replies 
osp 1.03 released. bug fixes 1.02 basicly. go grab the full or the upgrade versions here.

  darkside demos - 28/02/2003MindPhuck | 11508 views | 6 replies 
theres a good few demos after been uploaded by you kind folks up on the quake.ie ftp. unfortunetly, the final is not up yet, but two particular set of matches which are well worth downloading are rapier vs melachi and saik vs koopa (aka commando). both sets of games were the semi finals.

  megalan - 25/02/2003MindPhuck | 11764 views | 9 replies 
boasting to be irelands biggest lan yet, megalan, could proove just that. to seat over 150 gamers on the easter weekend, this could be teh lan of the year.

19th april: 11am - midnight
20th april: 10am - midnight
21st april: 10am - 6pm

go sign up!

  darkside lan 1 v 1 - 23/02/2003saik | 11914 views | 0 replies 
congratulations to melanie! he won the darkside lan duel competition. in the final he beat saik(!) 17 - 5 on pro-q3tourney4 and 11 - 6 pro-q3dm6. he gets 100 euro and bragging rights over everybody else. he also took the ut2k3 tdm and the lightcycles prizes home. if you get the chance, upload your demos to the upload folder on the ftp.

  barrysworld season 10 review - 21/02/2003saik | 12209 views | 6 replies 
the end of season review is up here. it's a good read. your's truly does an interview. unmissable!

  qw dm3 rap ! - 20/02/2003Spliffy | 12144 views | 13 replies 
swoop of clan enslaved (#enslaved on quakenet irc) has unleashed a new quakeworld rap upon the world. you can listen to it here. it's gota be the best qw rap i've heard so far.

  darkside lan predictions. - 18/02/2003Rapier | 11735 views | 7 replies 
this coming weekend celebrates a rare moment in irish quake - a lan without monopoly prize money. after a quick vote of confidence on irc, i've decided to go ahead and look into my crystal vibrator for futher enlightenment on who will be the ultimate victor in the quake3 1v1 duel tournament. the premonitions were rather fuzzy so like any true quaker, i fucked off to the pub. parental advisory explicit lyrics, yo. looking down through the list of the 80 signed-up players on www.room101.org, it seems we have many pretty boys fancying a title shot. however they'll have a tough time with a decent show of both old skoolers and new generation hardcore playa's. the most notable being (in no particular order) rapier, koopa, zero4, lakerman, zero, mindphuck, overlord, melachi, vin, steak, beast, spaceman, carl, benji, dest and last but not least the great greek tactician, bunny. see more here.

  osp 1.02 out - 17/02/2003saik | 11776 views | 6 replies 
you can get it on the orange smoothie site. it has freezetag built in and a few bugfixes. timenudge has not been locked, but maxfps has been capped at 142. there is an option to display your ping underneath the timer on the hud. the next version is supposed to have all the big improvements people were looking for, but it is at least 6 months away as a "rewrite" is required.

  security flaws in games - 12/02/2003MindPhuck | 12831 views | 6 replies 
games on all windows, linux, and macos platforms that implement the unreal network gaming engine by epic games find themselves vulnerable to a laundry list of dangerous exploits. this battalion of vulnerabilities include local and remote dos, ddos, bounce attacks with spoofed udp packets, fake players, execution of malicious code without size limitations, unreal url crash, and more. "naturally this attack is very very simple, yet very very powerful" explains luigi. for detailed information please see the full advisory. a list of some affected applications can be found below:

- star trek: the next generation: klingon honor guard

- unreal

- the wheel of time

- deus ex

- mobile forces

- rune

- unreal tournament

- hired guns

- navy seals

- tnn outdoor pro hunter

- werewolf

- x-com: alliance

- adventure pinball

- america's army

- unreal tournament 2003

- future games (if the developers will not use a fixed

unreal engine) like deusex2, duke nukem forever,

postal 2, thief iii and xiii just for example

luigi has provided many proof's of concept and supporting code which can be found here.

  q3 at the wcg - 11/02/2003Moll | 12578 views | 13 replies 
it appears quake 3's days at the wcg are numbered. it's being replaced by warcraft 3, which makes alot of sense.

  new 65m national broadband - 11/02/2003MindPhuck | 12375 views | 7 replies 
the minister for communications, dermot ahern, has announced the rollout of a new 65m national broadband scheme which will deliver high speed internet access to 19 towns and cities around the country.

among the cities and towns to benefit will be cork, waterford, kilkenny, athlone, ballina, letterkenny and gweedore.

over the next 12 months over 50,000 fibre kilometres of cable will be installed in these towns and cities.

minister ahern has promised that the network will provide cheap access to the internet, which is vital for business and industrial development, as well as invaluable for educational, health and research bodies.

the first rollout got underway in cork city today at the national software centre at a cost of 11m.

  online duelling - 07/02/2003Bunny | 12574 views | 7 replies 

esreality are offering a pretty decent online q3 duel competition this weekend. americans/canadians play in their own 16 player tourney which includes likely winner zero4 and wcg runnerup socrates, even makaveli is going to have a go at it. the european (incl. russians) division is another 16 lads split up into groups of 4 including wcg winner unkind, his mate cooller and their dutch mate if22. all the group games will be played this weekend, with demos and gtv most likely. the finals seem to have some far away date in march. everything you need to know is on esreality.

  iqcal - closing date approaching - 07/02/2003Zero | 15004 views | 27 replies 
we currently have nine teams signed up for the irish ca league, which is starting very soon.
nd - beast, bunny, devore, jay, overlord, zero, mindphuck
fs - mixu, envi, kalliath, darshan, tic, cosmos, ex_hale, jet-li, giblet, regen
gt - ```, argh, creamylust, hot-ice, izer, joker, lorcan, nexus, raz, reko, slayer, viag, vincent
hiv - rev hellfire, butcher of nog , deadlock, praetron
ez - audio, gibbson, vibes, fires, juani, killah, 242, johnor
redux - blitz, gibbs, corax, silver, rags, caustic, storm, scenic, ser
wh2 - aa23, fuze, guardian, pattah, karatebob, makaveli, tronus, tyrone, voo, woofboy, oddjob, psycho_dad, dalagonia, mark, ollli, karatebob
ffwd - swi, honky, mili, cav, than, joi, spook, koopa
nqeu.tk - sassa, trouby, thebeast, iggy, noffe, blaps, juggernaut, birken, casey, auf
ek bbowfish, djuhn, surg, dawg(joey), raw, coda, sd, z3on, verbal
mqb pb, clem, blemish, bleader, park, t00nsy
[insert name] - saik, dest, slaan.

the closing date for signing up is next sunday the 16th february so any other teams wishing to join up should sign up in the comments section here. bear in mind that this league will be played on the ign servers, you can test your qw ping to vishnu.ign.ie as a pretty close test.

  vishnu servers - 06/02/2003Zero | 11805 views | 4 replies 
for those of you who don't know, just a rundown on the servers currently running on vishnu.ign.ie :

q3 osp - vishnu.ign.ie:27960

qw ca - vishnu.ign.ie:27500

qw tdm - vishnu.ign.ie:27503

qw qizmo - vishnu.ign.ie:27666
update: the qizmo is there as a trial, if it becomes too "resource-hogging", it will be taken down.
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