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  TMP Maps released - 17/11/2005melachi | 15305 views | 4 replies 
If anyone remembers q3dm6tmp which was popular before pro-q3dm6 came around, also the osp maps.. teddy has released a final mappack for q4 with remakes of the current maps.

Read more over on ESReality:

After testing the supposed 1v1 maps, doesnt look like anything has changed on edge to make it a good map. sandstorm is absolutely useless in 1v1 as you can run around for 5 minutes without seeing eachother and if you do get a glimpse of the opponent he can just leg it if he wants. Im sure its a good tdm map though. Didnt try the others as theyre not meant for 1v1.. even though these certainly dont cut it for 1v1 either.

  Patch 1.04 and SDK - 16/11/2005[spectator] | 14932 views | 9 replies 
Patch 1.0.4:

SDK for Windows:

SDK for Linux:

The patch is absolutely great, not. They have focused on what the entire community was asking since the game came out: fix the game browser ... Lame

Also, utterly important:
- com_allowConsole is fixed (who doent have it in the autoexec.cfg???)
- you dont need the DVD in your drive anymore

The only good news is the SDK.

ID bittorrent tracker at http://zerowing.idsoftware.com:6969/

(edited by x0n to add ID torrent link)

  Clanbase Q4 Groups - 16/11/2005Illkillya | 14268 views | 11 replies 
Provisional groups announced today for all the cups...

In the 1v1 there is a full group #42 dedicated to Ireland, with the following participants:

Poor windowlicker drew the short straw and was lumped into a group with a load of Hungarians. I suppose they thought it would be easier to put him in the closest group alphabetically, rather than geographically. Would have made sense to put him into the incomplete UK group, but they decided to stick the Slovenians in there instead

As for Eurocup 1v1... the whole idea of that is a bit silly, should be seen more as an exhibition cup. I know if I were a dueler I wouldnt like some guy who doesnt even duel, and has never seen me play, give me a rating on how good I am based on a couple of screenshots that I show him of me beating some big names. But then, a big name is no guarantee, as former WCG World no.2 Q3 dueler Akiles will tell you as he faces off in a qualifier for the event.

The TDM Cups promise to be very competitive. Eurocup invitations were disappointing, with a lot of clans getting in simply because they have big sponsors and once came second in a tiddlywinks league. I assume this was diplomacy on the part of the Eurocup officials, rewarding the decision of the multi gaming "pro" clans to play Q4 by giving them a shot at the money. Poor Akiles is shafted here again (among others) with just a qualifier for his outstanding team. Still, at least well see a wider variety of games, and perhaps crowds of pro gamers running back to CS with their tails between their legs.

In the Open Cup, theres FH and IK... divisions there are not finalised yet but FH are currently in the third league, with IK unhappy in the 5th. The standard is very high throughout Open Cup though, and with it being the first season there will be a lot of defaults, and a lot of misplaced clans tearing up their divisions. Bí cúramach... of German clans in particular.

UPDATE: Just noticed IK are also playing the CTF - in Third league with Austrian, German, European, Swedish and Dutch clans. The only name I recognise there is the Swedish clan seC, who were a decent side in Q3.

  backporting q4 features to q3 - 10/11/2005x0n | 15264 views | 20 replies 
So, I was saying to Laurent [spec] the other day that Ive started to seriously look into adding quake 4 features in to quake 3 with a mod. Ive not found anyone else doing it so far on the net, so I thought Id ask ye olde quake.ie community if anyone else would be interesting in help me out. Ive not coded a q3 mod before, but Ive downloaded the quake 3 game source and started checking it out in visual studio, and its pretty straightforward ansi C apart from them reimplementing many of the standard C libary functions -- like strrev, strlen, blah etc -- for use in the QVM (quake virtual machine) environment. My reasons for doing so are that in reality, there seems to be very few differences between v4 and v3:

- nades follow bouncepads.

- rockets are slower, q2 style, although not intentionally so if the reports are to be believed.

- projectile weps work through teleporters

- crouch sliding, although not super important unless youre a CTF capper pro

As you can see (or have realised already) its not whole lot different tbh. Im not interested in adding nailgun since its not worth the effort IMHO. So, my question is: are there any other coders out there with a bit of C under their belts who would be interested in getting stuck in? Reply with ideas, slag-offs, reasons not to, etc to be emailed to oising at gee mail dot com, or posted here.

I know Im probably being short-sighted, but I really think if we added these features to q3, we would have the new gameplay dynamics and 10 times the FPS since most of us turn down the details anyway; noone except graphics whores are interested in masturbating to bumpmaps while they play.


btw, Im half pissed writing this.

UPDATE: after four hours with the source code, I have grenades following bouncepads

  QUAKEWORLD COMP - $1000 - 07/11/2005MIXU | 15082 views | 19 replies 
http://ggl.com has announced the beginning of their second AmeriCup season, as well as the 12th annual ClanBase EuroCup league. These tournaments envelop a diverse array of games, such as CS 1.6, Q4 TDM and 1on1, WC3 2on2, WC3FT 1on1, CoD2, BF2, SWBF. For more information about all that, you can view the GGL http://ggl.com/news.php?NewsId=1349 news post.

In this news post, however, I will focus on the AmeriCup premiere of the QuakeWorld duel tournament, which has been slated a purse of $1,000. The top three finishers will earn some cash, and the rest will participate in the inauguration of something that has the potential to grow nation-wide.

The QW AmeriCup season will last 8 weeks -- one practice week and seven group-game weeks (thats one game per week). Groups contain 8 players, and the cream of the crop will go on to the playoffs.

So, how do you get in on the action?

Your first step will be to make a ggl.com account if you do not already have one. Simply go to http://ggl.com/join.php and fill in all the fields. (If you have any problems, contact DonKing on IRC (qn/gs/etg) or via e-mail/msn: donking at ggl dot com)

Then, http://ggl.com/league_signup.php?CompetitionId=134 register for the tournament itself -- you can leave "justification" blank. If you are based outside the North Americas, I believe you can still register. However, because this is "AmeriCup", you will not have the option of playing on servers outside of North America.

Keep tuned at ggl.com and challenge-tv.com for coverage!


  room101.org - 07/11/2005MindPhuck | 14927 views | 4 replies 

new site. might look a little familiar to you lot, but lots of LAN features. If you see anything you want from it on q.ie, let me know. go here!


  X-Battle it is - 05/11/2005[spectator] | 15206 views | 3 replies 
ClanBase and GGL will use Q4 X-Battle as official competition mod.


  Gankmod 1.0 - 05/11/2005[spectator] | 14845 views | 2 replies 
Another one! This one made by a funny modderf#cker, see website and readme.txt for fun.


Features seems good:

Gankmod 1.0 Features
BRIGHTSKINS (good ones :b)
[Dont get me started ! everyone has their own shit, this is mine :-)
I made them trying to pick colors that stand out evenly & look nice]
[The 1st & only mod with no smoke trails because 5p3c7r4 r gene yoo us!]
[The 1st & only mod with Faster core disipation for greater visibility]
[The 1st & only mod with Increased volume and Q3 OSP style hitsounds]
[Because Jenny resfused to wait 100ms for zooming in]
[Treble was way too loud]
[I made em bright so what?]
[Hud shows ammo and 100+ health]
[You can see the impact on walls and targets]
This mod is best when used with

(source: q3euro.com) edited by x0n to add anchor around url

  sticky : whos playin? - 05/11/2005MindPhuck | 15408 views | 4 replies 
found this pretty good linkage for those wanting to know whos playing on what servers -

check this : http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php?country=IE&game=quake4

  Acting on Impulse... - 02/11/2005Illkillya | 15566 views | 5 replies 
Press jump at the right time as you hit a bouncepad, and you get a crazy boost to your bounce... Another movement bug, this one will probably fixed in the first patch, but until that happens I can see some interesting developments coming from it. Thanks to the Belgian impulse from GUNK for this one - check out his examples at http://home.tiscali.be/allwarp/tricks.zip

  Q4 at CPL - 01/11/2005Illkillya | 16160 views | 11 replies 
Just saw on esreality that the CPL have announced a 512 player Q4 tournament for next summer, with $200,000 prize money.
Even the guy who comes 64th gets $500, making this tourney really worthwhile, since most good players travelling from long distances will get their expenses at least partially paid. With admission at $100, soon to be $125, then this will only attract serious competitors. 512 serious competitors with their eye on the $60,000 first prize will make this one of the best 1v1 tournaments ever seen online.

Read about it at http://www.thecpl.com/league/?s=news&p=newsitem_893

  Q4 X-Treme Battle - 31/10/2005PPC | 16243 views | 4 replies 
Another ospesque mod for Q4.

Looks to be a bit better than Q4Max.
Its got an extended hud with weapons displayed at all times.
Im not sure if it as bright skins, but the ammo/weapon bar looks handy.

You can download it here http://www.xn--flt-tna.de/?action=download&mode=leech&id=23
Its only a few hundred K, ill give it a bash when i get home.

Test server at pw: spontan

  ClanBase Q4 TDM OpenCup Maplist - 31/10/2005Illkillya | 16303 views | 7 replies 
The maplist for the Q4 OpenCups Fall 2005 have been announced.

In TDM they went with 5 maps, and it looks mostly as I would have expected... the only surprise really being the inclusion of The Rose ahead of No Doctors, but Im guessing that neither of them would be very well suited to TDM, but they needed a 5th map to make it easy in the playoffs where each team has a different favourite map and second favourite map, the 5th map can be the decider.

My advice to the head admins would have been to wait a few days and include the q3dm6 remake, because surely even a bad or buggy dm6 would be better than The Rose or No Doctors, but you know what ClanBase can be like when it comes to deadlines etc. There are now 64 clans signed up. The only Irish clan signed up there at the moment is FH, but hopefully n8z and maybe another clan or two will be added before it starts.

DM1 - Fragging Yard
DM2 - Sandstorm
DM4 - Bloodwork
DM5 - The Rose
DM7 - Over The Edge

Q4 1v1
The 1v1 maplist is as expected, although many people would have liked some custom maps to be included, eg. bliptourney1. A few Irish signups there - crow, DarK, Doomeh, kRoNic and Sniipe... will Ricardo be taking part?
DM1 - Fragging Yard
DM3 - Lost Fleet
DM6 - No Doctors
DM7 - Over The Edge

They have announced that this season CTF will be 5v5... apparently because thats how CTF is played in Europe. CTF maps arent announced on the site, but who really cares about them anyway? There are 20 clans signed up.

Signups are open till the 9th October though, so plenty of time for you to add up.

  The ugly side of Quake 4 - 30/10/2005melachi | 16322 views | 10 replies 
After extensive playing with some of the best players the horrible imbalances and imperfections of q4 have shown themselves. Theres nothing which cant be fixed but;
if you want to win easily just whore shotgun. On most maps I can just run around with shotgun chase people down as they try to rail me. Youll have higher hit probability, the spread is very low and so for probability to hit and damage output per second the sg is much better than rl, lg and rail close to mid range. Rail was a bit of a mess at first because I found it so easy to hit. I could dispatch of someone whos won eswc and qlan2, coming at me with LG 200/200 when I had 50 armour and a railgun. Then as an experiment he started using SG only, whereas I only used the LG, RAIL and RL. If I was lucky I could hit two rails in the time that he managed to kill me, most of the time id only manage to scrape some damage off. Hed run away with 15 frags just using sg. So for the last 5 it was switched around, I used SG vs RAIL/LG/RL and not to my surprise I was going on a fragging run, this was on bliptourney1...
To further test this I went onto a pub tourney server, one was playing the "rail map" fragginyard1v1 (which is something like q3tourney3 in q3). Now everyone is basically trying to get the rail. I tried my tactics of using rail as secondary weapon here, trying to approach players short-mid range, lo and behold i crushed everyone on the server despite there being some handy railers there, its nothing when I have higher damage output % even at mid range. Again, I repeated this on the dark FLEET map.
The fact right now is that I would never use LG over SG, in any situation. I would use SG over 75% of the time and cruise through matches against players using rail/rl/lg combo using my sg and potshot-rail...

Sooner or later people will figure this out, if you havent already you know now. Basically, the rail needs to be nerfed and the sg needs to be nerfed. I dont think its supposed to be a weapon more powerful than the LG in a midrange fight. Sometimes it feels as if Im playing CS, because one railhit or one clean distant sg hit will comletely turn the game around...

I believe that Q4 can be a good game and there are only some simple changes to be made on damage output. The problem is that the general scene is so slow to discover this as theyre, well, shit. So theres this recurring moaning on forums "dont change anything!!!"..
At first I thought the rail was the only overpowered weapon, as I applied a lot of HITNRUN tactics with it. Where Hit and run means that I hit my opponent whos got maplock and make him run! Now I dont even need rail to break maplock, I can just stand behind a pillar and wait with my sg...

Im not saying Q4 should have the same weapon balances as q3 or be the same. I just dont think that SG should be a BFG here. It destroys the gameplay by far.
I can see the scene eventually waking up and smelling the cheese, I know some people are aware of these problems. The thing is to get everyone else to accept this and have a mod which will make changes for the better that will be accepted by the major tournaments and the general scene. With CPL Winter only 1.5 months away I dont really have much belief that things will change before then. If only people would think and act faster. Im not the only one who will be pulling out of the tournament if the game is played as is. Theres hardly any value in practise and skill when you can TAKE THE SG, WIN THE GAME! Thats just the first hurdle, then we have the railwhoring...
Right now Im not happy playing q4, if I play against someone who doesnt know about Sg 1st Rail2nd I just ravage him, if I play against someone whos got a decent aim and does know about sg youll be going frag for frag and maybe win a very close game on map movement.

another thing ive noticed is that I dont feel any difference between 30 and 60 ping which may be a good thing..

  sticky : Play Q4 ? - 30/10/2005MindPhuck | 71257 views | 46 replies 
emerging from Killys excellent post on the current state of the nation http://www.quake.ie/post.asp?item=1799, how about we find out exactly whos out there playing Q4. We might get a better idea of numbers and many people are not in clans and could potentially create one or be part of a newer one.

Simply reply and say I play and where your from.

(any off topic will be removed.)

Spliffy - Antrim
sno - Belfast
IllKillya - Cork - FH
Nex - Cork - FH
Moll - Cork - n8z
Benji - Dublin
cbs - Dublin
Melachi - Dublin - n8z
PPC - Dublin - IK
Pyro - Dublin - n8z
Osiris - Dublin
Sk!a - Dublin
Sol - Dublin - FH
Zero - Dublin - n8z
nadir - Galway
Quetzal - Galway - IK
Sniipe - Galway - IK
Syxpax - Galway
Fuzzylogic - Kildare
Jedi - Kildare - n8z
MP - Kildare - n8z
Naitkris - Kildare
Vinnit - Kildare - FH
Rapp - Limerick - n8z
Spaceman - Louth - FH
Slaanesh - Meath
Yook - Meath
Overlord - Tipperary - n8z
widowlicker - Tipperary
Serrad- Waterford
Drnknmnkystyl - Wexford
Dardoz - Wicklow - n8z
dest - Wicklow - FH
Gibblet - Wicklow
x0n - Montreal - Canada (GMT -05)
Spec - Mouscron - Belgium (GMT +01)

  Q4Max - 29/10/2005PPC | 16472 views | 6 replies 
Anyone tried this out yet?
Spotted it on http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=918019
Latest features seem to be:

# New brightskins
# New main menu
# New loading screen
# Removed intro movies
# Added "fov" to the multiplayer menu
# Added "green armor" to the items
# Increased server support
# Added exe installer
# Weapon bar HUD always on
# Force Enemy models, on TDM and CTF

Ill give it a look later.
It can be downloaded from http://team.fnatic.com/filestorage/q4max0.3_installer.exe

  Quak4 FPS enhancer utility - 27/10/2005x0n | 16732 views | 8 replies 
(im not sure if this belongs here Eric, feel free to move to diff forum)

I think this is important enough to warrant front page position since FPS is a big issue in this game, even for those of us with a beast on the desk (and a computer); perhaps youve already noticed it on esreality.com, but Angel Munoz of the CPL has had something to do with this NVidia only shader/vertex tweaker for Quake 4. There was one for Doom 3, so presumably this is a modified version of that for those of you accustomed to the latter:


However if you dont know your Swizzle from your Shnizzle, you can download prebuilt configs for your card directly from http://www.skenegroup.net/fornvidiots/quak4/quak4/profiles/gpus/

Cards supported are: 5600u.cfg 5800u.cfg 5950u.cfg 6200.cfg 6600.cfg 6800.cfg 6800gt.cfg 6800le.cfg 6800u.cfg 7800.cfg

  Private Clan Forums. - 25/10/2005Zero | 17489 views | 16 replies 
Want a private forum for your clan? Let us know, we can make you one, you can add your members and nobody else can see it. nice.

  Q4 Duel Map: bliptourney1 - 25/10/2005Illkillya | 17129 views | 6 replies 
I was talking to Seo on IRC about his new map, bliptourney1. He has been working on this for the past while with Jabbor, and the final version is now live at http://www.jabb0r.net/bliptourney1/. Theres a severe shortage of good 1v1 maps in Q4, so hopefully this can help to fill that void. Its a fast map inspired by hub and there are a few tricks built into it.

  sticky : LAN LAN LAN LAN LAN - 24/10/2005Zero | 59700 views | 34 replies 
Its going ahead. Quake4 LAN. Most likely early December due to availability of venue etc. Places will be limited, and if you miss it you arent going. Details to follow later.

  Going to CPL Winter - 21/10/2005melachi | 17490 views | 10 replies 
killy asked for something for you to talk about so I figured I might as well go.
Ill be practising with fooKi and Ill be playing for riZe with him so I spose the irish quake scene will have some sort of representation even though Im not Irish.

234. Karl Johansson (fooKi) Oct 21, 05 - 4:42 PM yes
235. Rickard Sundberg (RUMBLEBeeMELACHI) Oct 21, 05 - 4:44 PM yes

Admission was $75 non-refundable.

The event is pretty important warmup and qualifier for seedings in the World Tour, which Im hoping Ill be able to attent most stops of depending on how I fare. There will be a $30k prizepool which is smaller considering the usual prizepools and what theyll have for the Tour next year. The money doesnt really concern me though its the experience and seeding at stake

  Just Bought Q4 - 21/10/2005Spaceman | 18992 views | 21 replies 
yipeeeeee just got my copy of Q4 in Hardly Normals (Harvey Normans) in Dundalk. It was €49.99 - gone installin

  Quake 4 Linux - 19/10/2005[spectator] | 17347 views | 5 replies 
Its not there yet but everything seems ready for the Quake4 GNU/Linux installer here :


Update: its been released :


  sticky : Melogay Show - 19/10/2005Zero | 17307 views | 17 replies 
Seeing as the man from Mel-Monte says "yes", (kind of), is this lan a go? Mid november-ish, who will go?

In the comments I want a "yes" or "no". Ye can discuss it somewhere else, I just want numbers.

wake up cunts - answer a yes/no

  my 1st impressions - 19/10/2005melachi | 19036 views | 51 replies 
railgun doesnt do 75dmg, still does 100dmg.
the game is about the same pingwise as in q3 so put the isdn away.
been playing duels against 0 ping fooki with 100ping but right now its quite spammy with the rocket launcher.
With my specs i hold a fairly constant fps on the edge at 63 drops to 55 when istand in the middle on the ledge. The 63 fps cap leaves something to desire tho, in the end it feels like the game couldve done with a higher cap. The game isnt as system demanding as D3, mainly as the maps dont have SHINY THINGS AND 10000 shadowcorners. Belive it or not 63 fps feels somewhat smooth. Im using "low settings" at 640x which makes it fairly messy and hard to see, well especially at 8 in the morning... Think I could try 800x600 though. Spawntimes for armour is the same 25 sec, mh 35 etc. pc spec is 3000+ 64 amd radeon 9800pro 1gig of ram, not a highspec pc at all I thought it would be horrible as D3 was but its smooth at least in duelling. right now there arent any brightskins. game definitely needs it but expect a gamemod similar to OSP soon anyway. all the q3 crosshairs are in anyways.

It has a really cool built in tournament system, with brackets in the game. Basically you can have a tournament server, people will connect and you can start the turnament and people will play games and advance in the tournament. It will display and update the brackets as you progress and call out "FINAL, semi final" etc, pretty nifty alright of course I dont see it having any real use at proper lan tournaments but for online matches its a nice reward for playing pub duel servers.

nailgun does quite a lot of damage but its really really slow. I didnt bother binding hyperblaster yet so I havent used it... just hated that frickin gun in q2 hehe. I actually got a frag with grenade launcher shooting one on jumpad as the fucker was jumping away on it, the nade went flying after him and hit him before he managed to move. the rockets are slower than q3 but not much slower. it feels like theyre slighty faster in firing + u manage to pick up more ammo for the rl. especially on edge where there are two rl ammo boxes next to one of the rl spawns (there are two on edge).
Railgun is exactly the same as q3 so.. u can change colours and its the big beamy beam etc.
Current feel I get off it is a q2/q3/(littlebit d3) with a nailgun for good measure.
Machinegun has a singleshot ZOOM mode with some ugly zoomcrosshair sniper hybrid shizat which does more damage than regular shots. I can see this working as some sort of long range finisher after a rail but I havent used it in a fight yet. Especially on edge there are too many other pickups you get to bother with mg.

Theres something called Arena CTF I dont know what that is but A WILD GUESS here; clan arena mixed with ctf..

same strafejumping as q3, jumps arent quite as high though. When youre going up ramps you get a height boost but stupidily enough this doesnt work for stairs which are incredibly annoying. You cant jump up stairs like you could in q3/q2 and just get stuck.

As for teamnames, say goodbye to BLUE AND RED, Now youre either STROGG OR MARINE.. eeek, again easily changed in a comp mode I predict random newbs joining stroggs as they PWN HUMAN WEAKLING MARINEZ!!!!

Things which are needed rightnow as I mentioned are brightskins, maybe better hitsounds (which are there but..) and some doublejump add.. jumping up on boxes/stairs on edge is really a pain in the ass and you end up rocket jumping for armour everytime else ull get bummed in the back.

Really cant be bothered typing properly now so suffer the long sentence syndrome.
I should probably check the CTF mode out along with the maps. I imagine it could be fun, but someone really needs to make a grapplehook mod and get it popular immediately

Theres no question about it, this will be the next dm game whether its better than q3 or not. Right now I see room for improvement but it definitely hasnt disappointed me. Imagine q3 without osp though. As for singleplayer, is there singleplayer? I didnt realize...

Incase you were wondering if it was going to be like D3, eg. not fit to be played, dumped by cpl to be replaced by PK(ha ha pk..), only used be qcon because its id etc.. no. It doesnt revolve around hiding in shadows. There are no shadow hiding spots much to [spectator]s despair, guess hell have to learn some proper skills instead. Nope, what weve got here is an actual attempt at a real deathmatch game.

(13:58:21) (@RUMBLEBeeRICK) when i play q4, I think "this was better done in q3, this was better done in q2, this was better done in qw"
(13:58:26) (@RUMBLEBeeRICK) "but at least it doesnt suck like painkiller and doom3"

  Quake 4 First Impressions - 18/10/2005Jedi | 17037 views | 6 replies 
over on http://www.quake4realm.com/ dark_jackal has given his first impressions of quake 4.

quote :
i booted up a server to try out the multiplayer and im pleased to announce that the game feels like q3a. rockets and grenades go through teleporters, havent had a chance to see if nails do.

gauntlet - sounds freaking beefy now.
mg - a useable weapon in mp surprised
shotgun - lower spread than q3a
grenade launcher - not as floaty as q3a, but nowhere near battlefield 2 m203 speeds
nailgun - basically the pg from q3a, with that distracting blue hue removed, wallclimbing is the same as the q3a pg, except far easier
lightning gun, just like its q3a counterpart as far as i can tell, except it looks better
rocket launcher - q3a clone
hyperblaster - pg with smaller projectile, almost no splash, and an insane rof
railgun - q3a clone
dmg - dunno, havent used it yet.
while messing around in mp i discovered that anything that is not hitscan goes through portals, you can use the hyperblaster to wallstrafe, not as easy as the nailgun but less painful. dmg can hold max 20 ammo, however ammo is rare, the projectile is slower than development of duke nukem forever, and recharge time could also be called nap time.

rockets can go through teleporters. that should be interesting.

check out the full review and some new screenshots over on the link below.


  Quake 4 has hit Australia - 17/10/2005Jedi | 17233 views | 4 replies 
a resident in australia received his special addition copy of quake 4 yesterday. http://www.esreality.com has posted up some of the first exclusive images over on there site.

check out the link below.


  Quake 4 movies - 16/10/2005MindPhuck | 17018 views | 2 replies 

straight from quakecon : it shows some of the attendees playing quake 4 multiplayer and then about fifteen minutes of single player action from the presentation -

http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/lanparty/quake4_quakecon2005_lanparty.com_quicktime7_hq.mov 145 mb, high quality or -

http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/lanparty/quake4_quakecon2005_lanparty.com_quicktime7.mov, 100 mb good qual. both are .mov files, so you may need quick time or just get vlcplayer. there is also a questions and answers movie - http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/lanparty/quake4introqa_quakecon2005_lanparty.com_quicktime7.mov. anyway, that should keep ye going till tuesday. whats tuesday ? thuesday, quake 4 comes out

  Quake4 Review - 15/10/2005Rapier | 16727 views | 4 replies 

  Battlefield 2 funny video - 15/10/2005Rapier | 16013 views | 2 replies 
a video that generally focuses on the gayer aspects of bf2. pretty funny.

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