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  the streets are safe again.. - 14/08/2002Illkillya | 6857 views | 19 replies 
i noticed on cached today that they finally caught the evil cyberterrorist l33t hax0r, who has been ruining the lives of thousands of americans for the past 6 months with dos attacks on enterthegame irc network - a q3 player named phocus from the well known clan xbn. last friday his house was raided by the fbi and he was arrested - it turned out he was aged 14-15, but according to the etg president, dave sherman, "i don't see this as an overall problem however, as in many of our past cases where the person was the juvenile, they were tried as adults and received adult sentencing". he went on to describe why it took so etg and the fbi agents to find the boy:

"in phocus' case one of the odd things was, it's the only case where the person didn't even reveal his true identity even to his best friends on-line. normally we can get a better beat and information on them, but he was pretty smart when it came to that. for over 4 years the name he's been telling friends, location, even the pictures he gave were all fake. collin gregory fortino isn't even close to his name, the pictures he gave out of himself and his suv were all fake ripped off of other websites...."

as usual there are mixed views in the american community - many are calling for his blood, while others have a less extreme view:
"phocus' acts were synonymous to him running into the middle of a ymca 8 year old soccer league and picking up the ball and punting it and then yelling, "haha, you're fucked, look at me, give me attention".

you can read the full press release on the etg website.

they also announced that the etg cyber-crime investigative taskforce has been established to protect the world the criminal scourge represented by phocus and his ilk.

  countdown to nemesis v koopa lan - 12/08/2002Jay | 8722 views | 11 replies 
the long awaited duel between koopa and nemesis is just around the corner, four more days in fact. details of the event can be found over on room101.org if you haven't already signed up and are interested in attending then please go and sign up now.

my money is on nemesis, i've seen a demo of him playing and i think koopa will have his work cut out if he wants to win this one.

[edit] made this post sticky, as the event is only two days away - zero.

  xsreality advice column - 09/08/2002Jay | 7818 views | 0 replies 
i just read over on xsreality that they are bringing back their advice or agony aunt column, dear sit and seven.

i know there are a lot of people in the irish games community with girlfriends and find it difficult at the best of times to find a balance between gaming and girlfriend time. i for one, gave up quake for the best part of a year to spend more time with the girlfriend and my final year in college.

i'm sure a lot of you can relate to this, so keep an eye on xsreality to see if any interesting points are made.

you could even participate if you wanted by emailing seven or sit with your questions or problems.

  unreal tourament 2003 - 09/08/2002Jedi | 7173 views | 8 replies 
found a pretty nice review of the upcomming game unreal tournament 2003. maybe this will be the next big game to hit the highstreet. take a look

  something awful - 08/08/2002Jedi | 6916 views | 0 replies 
spotted this over on challenge-uk. its pretty funny. have a look

  league stuff... - 08/08/2002Illkillya | 6966 views | 1 replies 
in div1 this week in bwctfl, ts shared the points with tc, going down 2-4 on ctf2 before recovering on w7 and winning 3-1. there were also some points for fh in the div2a, although we were unlucky to drop some. for the first time in a league game we didn't have vincent on flag def, thanks to hard drive problems meaning he couldn't start up his pc :( this meant we had to play 4v5, and nearly got maximum points anyway - leading 3-1 at one stage on ctf2 before potzw drew level with 15 seconds to go. thankfully the mighty 2fish arrived 4 minutes into the second game, which we won 3-1.
elsewhere, ts went out of the savage cup in the quarter finals after 18mins(!!) of overtime vs nv.

in tdm, fh got knocked out of the jolt cup by d5a - the uk clan winning ospdm5 comfortably (despite us beating them there in the league last season) before winning ospdm6 by about 2 frags in the final minute. i'll attribute our loss on osp5 to the fact that i was playing (from san francisco on laptop). we had our chance to get revenge 2 days later when we met in bwdml, but dodgy connects, especially for dest who kept getting disconnected, and lack of organisation meant we were well below par and d5 were comfortable winners on both maps.

nd continued their good form on ospdm6, despite ser being new to the map, with a hefty win over the belgians lost. this led onto a much closer game on pro-dm6, but nd held on for maximum points, winning that map by 3 frags. tomorrow they play a rescheduled game vs nv, the team i labelled dark horses of the div, a squad which contains the old bio-duo of m1ke and abyss.

  introducing jobos - 08/08/2002Illkillya | 6817 views | 0 replies 
benjispendlove is looking for players for [jb], a new irish tdm and ctf clan. they're planning on entering the bw leagues next season. no website yet, but that shouldn't take too long. you can find them in #jobos on irc.

  were back! - 07/08/2002MindPhuck | 6979 views | 2 replies 
we vacacted the premises, elvis left the building... err.. okay.. were back with an all new, singing dancing server with lots of nice features which makes our lives easier and should make your lives a little more interesting.

thanks for your yaddy yaddy and sorry for any yaddy yaddy caused while down

  more league results... - 31/07/2002Illkillya | 7395 views | 5 replies 
a lot of results to catch up on... dodgy start to the season by irish clans is continuing, first in bwctfl where an inexperienced fh team lost to bop, a game which saw the legendary quozl play his first competitive q3 match since 2000. its a pity we had to play the title favourites when we're missing 3 of our first team, because our connects were good and i think the result could have been different.

ts didn't play in bw last weekend, but instead they had the savage cup to deal with, where they didn't perform as well as expected, but thats not surprising since its intended as a fun competition. they lost to 32nd, but that was followed bya nice win over +so+ which means they'll probably finish second in their group.

in bwdml on tuesday, fh played the french clan ftf (mindphuck's leagues debut). a fairly comfortable win on dm7 where we were pinging fine but ftf were a bit lagged, led onto ospdm5 where their ping settled down as ours got worse. the frenchies managed to secure a lead by a few frags in the last 30seconds of the game, so it was two points dropped and we're following the same route as the last 4 seasons in division 3 tdm .

nd managed to drag themselves away from the pool table long enough to play the french clan ug on wednesday. i had expected ug to be comfortable winners in this division, but they didn't look it in week1 where they lost to ql. they rectified that this week at nd's expense where the french superclan won both maps fairly comfortably. ug are in action against another quake.ie clan tomorrow when they play ts in the bwctfl.

  ign server upgrades - 31/07/2002MindPhuck | 7301 views | 0 replies 
we are currently upgrading all our servers. the server that quake.ie is currently running on is being revamped to an all new, singing and dancing server.

so what does that mean for you? basicly, we are moving the site to a temp server. the ftp and all hosted sites will be down for the duration it takes to get the system back up and running.

so, be patient, its for the better. normal service will return over the next couple of days.

  new doom 3 screen shots - 31/07/2002Jay | 7320 views | 13 replies 
the shack has a couple of new doom 3 screenshots from the activision press event activate. doom 3 is looking very impressive. let's just hope that the game play is as good as the graphics.


  quake3 update coming. - 30/07/2002Jedi | 8800 views | 22 replies 
read this over on shacknews. theres a plan to bring out another update for quake3 because of the growing issue with cheating. i myself have noticed quite a few aimbots flying around as of late and welcome this update. this is what robert duffy of id software had this to say;

just a quick note on future releases for quake 3 arena. we will be releasing a new point release in the relatively near future which includes a handful of fixes and updates and also includes full punk buster integration to combat cheating. no firm date on when this will be out but it should not be too far off.

  league update - 24/07/2002Illkillya | 7823 views | 7 replies 
theres a good few leagues on at the moment - dodgy starts to the barrysworld leagues for quake.ie clans - first bio drop out of both leagues, then in bwctfl fh are forced to postpone our week 1 game and an understrength ts lose to gzd.

similarly in bwdml, a weak fh team lost to a bdi powered by new recruits, notably the impressive deanocasino. nd's game against nv was postponed.

in qw, things were going well for clan gauntlet in the ecal iii, but then ukgamer redesigned their website and the ecal page is gone now temporarily. having lost only one game (against the swedish clan ugo) iirc, they should be top of their group, ahead of the likes of 4k and n3. all the home games are played now i think, so gt will have to play all the clans again, and the top 2 in the group will advance to the next round.

  the cpl and quake3. - 24/07/2002Jay | 7928 views | 2 replies 
i think everyone was very disappointed when the cpl dropped quake3 as a competition game, around 18 months ago. since then cs has taken over as the predominant competition game at all cpl events. i for one lost all respect and interest in the cpl when quake3 was dropped.

well there may be good news ahead; a small article which can be found here, courtesy of the adrenaline vault, announces that the cpl is looking into televising a quake3 1 on 1 competition this september. the target audience is expected to be around 250,000 people.

this is very welcome news, and if the cpl does bring back quake3, servers everywhere may once again be full.

  barrysworld tdm review - 23/07/2002MindPhuck | 7856 views | 2 replies 
bigfoot has posted his review of the up-'n coming season of the barrysworld tdm league. check it the three different parts.

- part i
- introduction, divisions 1, 2a, 2b & 2c

- part ii
- divisions 3a, 3b & 3c

- part iii
- divisions 4a, 4b & 5

  a nerdess... - 22/07/2002Jay | 8465 views | 9 replies 
yes, it says nerdess, ie. female nerd. i just read this article over on planetquake3.net. it's an interview with "[g0d]genosg1rl" one of the few female gamers out there. she's rather attractive too.

here's a snip...
planetquake3: when your playing q3 online or talking on irc, do you feel people treat you different because you are a girl?

[g0d]genosg1rl: yes, i do. half of the guys that play quake are lonely horn bags that haven't seen a girl in any of their pathetic lives, so when they find out that one plays quake, much less is in an all girl clan, of course they treat you differently. what other channel in irc has over 100 idlers?... not very many *all guys* clans that's for sure. most of them that idle in your channel just want "sumfin" and think that they all have chances.

lonely hornbags eh? well that's only half of us, naturally i'm in the other half.
i am sure however that more than half of you would give her one.... a game that is.

  what makes an online game good? - 19/07/2002Jay | 8692 views | 10 replies 
i just read a very interesting article over on xsreality about what makes an online game good.

here's how it starts:

this is a simple list of things that would dramatically increase
the chances of a game becoming a popular online game. some of these
things are easier to implement that others, but you will notice the
most popular games like counterstrike already have most of these
features. of course, if you design a really shite game, none of the
rest of the article is going to be of any use to you whatsoever.

read on.

  bwctfl preview up. - 18/07/2002Zero | 8658 views | 15 replies 
not sure is it fully completed yet, but bif has most of his ctf preview up over on quakenation. this season we see a relegated bio and a promoted fh clashing in div2a. bigfoot says of both teams:
bio:"as with potzw last season could be a turning point for bio whose long and successful q3 career might just be coming to a close with some key players going inactive / seeking pastures new. although they still have some really strong players on their list like alan and thefou there are big question marks over the clans motivation during summer and just how active they are with talk of this being their last q3 season, if indeed they make it through to the end"
fh:"the best side in div3 last season by far, their potential impact on this division is subject to a few question marks over connects and the activeness of their squad. assuming they have no problems on these fronts then they have got to be fancied to do pretty well as their teamwork is class at times and has even had some people suggesting to me they should be considered for a div1 spot, savage form doesn't confirm this as they only won div4 but did beat some decent sides there i suppose."

read more.

  div2b preview - 18/07/2002Zero | 8450 views | 9 replies 
killy has a good preview up on his column of div2b of the upcoming bw league. looks like nd have their work cut out for them.

  challenges continues - 18/07/2002MindPhuck | 8363 views | 2 replies 
week two of the challenge-tv cpm tournement, challenges, continues tonight with some interesting matchups. kicking off at 11pm tonight, we got some class games going down. my clan mate, drexciyian plays zero4 in one of the games. anyway, take a peak at the games here.

  quake trivia - 16/07/2002Jay | 8608 views | 5 replies 
if you have enough time on your hands, go check out the new quake trivia section over on cached.net

  bwctf schedule announced! - 15/07/2002Jay | 7389 views | 0 replies 
this years barrysworld ctf league fixtures have been posted by bigfoot. they can be found here.

the maps decided upon were q3wctf1, q3ctf2, q3wcp5, q3wcp9, q3w2 and q3w3. the biggest surprise here is the return of q3wctf1, which should be interesting.

standard operating procedure sees bigfoots season preview over on quakenation.

  bwtdm schedule announced! - 15/07/2002Jay | 7371 views | 0 replies 
bigfoot has drawn up the schedule for season 9 of the barrysworld q3 tdm league.

the maps decided on were q3dm7tmp, q3dm14tmp, cpm4, ospdm5, ospdm6, and pro-q3dm6. the only significant change to the map list is the replacement of poq3dm5 with pro-q3dm6.
the main reason for this was complaints from last season over fps problems.

the entire league will be covered on gtv and bigfoot's preview can be found over on quakenation, as per usual.

  eurocup v schedule announced - 11/07/2002Jay | 8010 views | 1 replies 

eurocup v lan gets underway this friday. the schedule can be found here.

the quake3arena and counterstrike matches are played using a double-elimination scheme which means that a team gets a second chance after one defeat.

  bwdml draft is up! - 10/07/2002OverLord | 8120 views | 2 replies 

yes the league we have been waiting for with anticipation these long
cold, wet summer months is getting tantalisingly close.

bigfoot has sorted out the draft divisions for the upcoming league - number

straight from our friends on quakenation: "at the moment the new
campaign will see 94 clans competing over 9 weeks of matches with the fixtures
& map list being posted early next week, the most noticeable change to the
league itself being the return to a solitary division 1." clans have until
monday night to request changes.

checkout bwq3dml site here.

as it stands nd are in division 2b and play on wednesday nights @ 8 pm. fh
are in 3c and start at 9 pm on tuesdays. and last but not least m1ke and his bio
team are in div 1 (no a and b this season just one division) and play 
tuesday at 9 pm as well. of course these are provisional and can be changed. if
you have any queries or need to make some changes, you can contact bigfoot here.

the league starts on tuesday the 23 july. ill miss the start because of
holidays :/.

best of luck to all irish clans and players.

  subconscious -v- conscious - 10/07/2002Zero | 7256 views | 1 replies 
on of the lads on xsreality has put up a column talking about the conscious mind -vs- the subconscious, in relation to gaming. apart from continuing the american trend of telling us what we already know, he does give one decent bit of advice as regards playing : be aware of when you are practising and when you are trying to perform. i.e. to put that in english if you have two mates playing the same level over, concentrate on everything you are doing, or in a friendly war, really concentrate on what decisions to make, and then when you are playing important games, it comes naturally. apparently. i'm too tired to know if i even agree, but have a read sure.

  nqr 3 - 10/07/2002Spliffy | 6943 views | 0 replies 
nations quake rank (quakeworld) season 3 will be starting soon with new rules and a better scoring system. the signup page is up so get yer asses over there and get your clan on the list.

more info @ www.nqr.nu

  america's army:first look - 10/07/2002Jay | 7204 views | 5 replies 

there's an article up on lanaddict on the new game america's army. it is currently suffering a few teething problems, but all going well it will overcome these.

the guys at lanaddict think that "this game is going to be one of the greatest multiplayer experiences ever".
perhaps it's worth a download afterall.

  greyseer, 1973-2002 - 09/07/2002Jedi | 7337 views | 5 replies 
just read some very sad news over on challenge-au. matthew barnett "greyseer" one of australia's most influential quake personalities has passed away after his battle with cancer.

hoony, over on challenge-au shows his respects.

"a good friend of mine and one of the central figures in the brief history of 'quake' in australia has passed away after a battle with cancer - greyseer, aka matthew barnett. he is survived by his wife jen and twins, liam and chelsea (born about 10 weeks ago).

pretty much everyone in the au quake scene knows greyseer, particularly the quake 1 community. internationally, anyone who has updated news via the challenge network will have used "greyseer's truly amazing news updater thing v0.9a". there are over 900 writers in the database, and userid number 1 is greyseer.

i know alot of you people knew "greyseer", especially those who were evolved in the start up of challenge-ie. please feel free to show your respects by saying a few words either here or over on challenge-au. our hearts and condolences go out to his family.

  f.i.g.h.t. n.i.g.h.t. - 09/07/2002Zero | 7082 views | 1 replies 
the "duel of the century" appears to be looming on the near horizon, after a discussion on who the best player in ireland is.
hardened veteran (haha) koopa looks like he's about to toddle down to waterford with his homies and bitches in tow to take on a guy (newbie) by the name of nemesis, the prize starting to look like upward of eur200. i think we'll all be going down to have a look.
have a look
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