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  leagues update - 03/09/2002Illkillya | 8996 views | 3 replies 
savage ctf league season 8 kicked off this week, ts' postponement request was accepted by the swedish clan wolfclaw. fh got a good start to the season with a big win over bwctfl rivals souls.

another postponement for ts in bwctfl, this time with the belgian clan scarab. fh got a full team out for the first time this season, against the uk clan pr. we were comfortable enough in winning w7 by 2-0 thanks to a strong defence, before losing on the unfamiliar wctf1 in the final minute of the game.

elsewhere, qw activity is likely to pick up again with the resumption of the nqr - a very busy league with 60 european clans entered, split into 3 divisions. the only irish clan there is clan gauntlet, in division 2 with some familiar clans such as jams and 4k.

  cpl? - 02/09/2002Jay | 8768 views | 0 replies 
i just saw a link to this over on cyberfight.org. it's an article written by some guy who has a rather sarcastic opinion on the cpl. perhaps all 'normal' people have the same opinion.

here's a snip...
i guess that's the amusing part. as is indicated on the website, the cpl was launched to "...establish computer game competitions as a viable spectator sport." that's funny. that's very, very funny. can you see tommy jackson and stuart scott on espn covering the big unreal tournament championship? can you see 67,000 fans packed into the new seahawks stadium to watch a couple guys play half-life or jazz jackrabbit 2? move over, baseball, there's a new national pasttime in town!

you can read the rest here.

  quake 2 dc - 01/09/2002ThrAx | 9290 views | 1 replies 
i'm on a bit of a quake 2 rant tonight alright, but those of you who own a dreamcast will be happy to know that quake 2 has been ported over to the dreamcast. you might know that quake 1 has been available for the dc for ages now.

download quake 2 dc from href="http://homebrew.dcemulation.com/quake2.htm">dc homebrew

  quake2max - 01/09/2002ThrAx | 9237 views | 2 replies 
another mod along the lines of tenebrae, this quake 2 engine modification adds enhanced graphical features such as a dynamically lit particle engine, quake 3 style stain maps, spheremapping and detail textures to name but a few.

check out href="http://www.planetquake.com/quake2max">quake2max

  gaming banned in greece - 30/08/2002M1ke | 9498 views | 4 replies 
there's been a change in the law over in greece meaning that computer gaming in general is forbidden. this includes arcades, consoles, pda and cell phone games etc. even in the privacy of your own home.

i saw this over on esreality. there's a petition up in protest now that you can sign.

an interesting topic for debate, or a cheap shot at changing the topic ? you decide.

  config guide - 30/08/2002Zero | 8668 views | 0 replies 
while dossing around and gawking at sites, i see that ek have a nice in-depth config guide done up on their site, have a look

  bwdml week 6 - 30/08/2002Zero | 8216 views | 0 replies 
bigfoots week 6 tdm review is up on quakenation, go have a read.
to summarize the irish end of things, nd lost to mvc over two maps on wednesday, and pulled a draw against ek last night, keeping them in 5th position in div2b, while fh lost to wz on wednesday, keeping them in 7th place in 3c. (7th out of 10).

next week is important for both teams to make sure they stay out of relegation's way.

  new detonator drivers - 30/08/2002Jay | 7882 views | 1 replies 
nvidia has released a new version of their detonator win xp/2000 drivers, 40.41 this time.

"up to a 25% increase in performance"
sounds interesting..

download the new nvidia detonator drivers

if you're having low refreshrates there's a working fix at majorgeeks.com. seeing as most of the old fixes didn't work with the new drivers.

  polycount's legoman q3 model - 30/08/2002Jay | 7422 views | 1 replies 
i just stumbled across this. it's a new legoman model for quake3. it seems that whoever made this has a lot of time on their hands!

"the legoman is a tour de force of modelling and skinning prowess. on the surface, this model is very simple. simple geometric shapes and simple solid color skins make up this model, but closer inspection shows an attention to detail and style that is rare. as you can see, the legoman model is very versatile and completely customizable including hats, helmets, swords, shields, and peg legs."

  bigfoot on the bw leagues - 28/08/2002MindPhuck | 7576 views | 1 replies 
bigfoot send some recent news about the league servers and some ideas on what their going to do to improve q3 games on them.

following recent discussions on the admin mailing list, on public news sites and with arqon (the author of the popular cpm mod and someone with great knowledge of the way q3 works) i have decided that from this sunday onwards we will start to change the settings of the bw league servers in an
effort to further improve the connection quality players have whilst playing their league games (and others).

the first stage of this will be changing the sv_fps on the tdm & ctf league servers from 20 to 25.

this change should, as i understand it, gives a more accurate picture of what the actual state of the game is for people playing in it and effectively reduces your ping by some a varying amount. unfortunately osp currently does not have a minsnaps command so players must ensure that their snaps are set to at least 25 (simply bring down your console and type /snaps 25), you can use higher values but if you choose to do so it is reommended that you use a number which divides into 100 without recurring (for example 40 or 50). i know some of you use the values 30, 1337 or 666 as your snaps setting but as i understand it if you continue to use these settings you might not get the full benefit of this change due to rounding issues in q3's netcode.

  news roundup - 28/08/2002Jay | 7916 views | 1 replies 
from "barrysworld:
gta3 vice city website
rockstar games have put up their gta3 vice city website. on the site you can get a trailer showing some in game footage and a handful of screenshots to look at.

private dancer
kaboom studios have undertaken a rather unique project for the pc gamer market. by gambling and winning against computer generated strippers, you get to see them perform for you.... check out their website here.

from shackes:
fragmart 2002 results
one of canada's biggest lans, fragmart, took place in british columbia over the weekend. you can see the results on shackes.

russian paper reports on quakecon 2002
some russian technology newspaper went esports crazy recently, and did a full page spread about the results at quakecon 2002. the bulk of the page is an interview with lexer, the homecountry hero that won the first prize. there's also an interview/picture with daler, however, which creates the strange situation where daler has appeared in a russian newspaper, but not in an american one. image.

from esreality:
esports pro q3 2v2 tournament
doubleteam2 is on the horizon, and it got a huge response from the north american quake 3 community with over 130 teams signing up. with this comes another promising quake 3 2v2 tournament, but in lan form. esportspro has announced they will be running a small quake 3 2v2 lan event in tampa, fl this weekend. with more and more competitions being offered for quake 3, this could mean the revival of quake 3 in the us.

from qwplayers.org:
name your baby turok
there's funny article on qwplayers.org and it's real.

"video game publisher acclaim entertainment inc. said on tuesday it will give $10,000 in savings bonds to the first family to have a child on september 1 and name it "turok," after acclaim's new game of the same name to be released on that day."

read the full story here.

  clanbase q3a dm open cup fall 20 - 27/08/2002Zero | 7997 views | 1 replies 
it's starting up again soon, go and sign up if you haven't already.

  savage q3ctf preview - 27/08/2002Illkillya | 7460 views | 0 replies 
taylor has posted the savage ctf league season 8 preview. he has ts down to win division 2, while he expects fh to come 3rd in division 3 behind ql and rv. the predictions look good, i don't think he'll be too far off in any division. you can read the preview here. unfortunately, a late sign-up by jobos was not accepted.

  teamspeak 2.0 - 26/08/2002MindPhuck | 7347 views | 0 replies 
the latest version of the voice comms proggie, teamspeak, just came out. you can grab the client here or on our ftp - ftp://ftp.quake.ie/misc/teamspeak.

  bigfoot's bwdml review - 26/08/2002Jay | 7793 views | 9 replies 
bigfoot's review is up as usual over on quakenation. take a look here.

i think his comment's on nd requesting a postponement was a little unfair, seeing as he knows well how bad the connections have always been from ireland.

despite having nice 50 ping connects for once the nd lads requested a postpone with ek due to "connection problems", ek relunctantly agreed which i personally thought was a mistake but there ya go.

aside from that we are in a bad situation in the group and need to make the best of the remaining games to avoid relegation. hence we only want to play when the connection is at its best. why should we play with a crap connection? what does that prove? who is the better team or who has the better connection? having a 50 ping in quake 3 means nothing, the ping time can remain constant with spikes and lags not being reflected in the ping displayed. anyone who has ever tried to play quake 3 online is aware of this. ek also know of our strife (as we play them about 3 times a week) and were very decent to give us a postepone. (thanks guys!)

nd face mvc another formidable opponent this week so we are keen to play when the conditions are right.

fh played two great games this week versus brother, to take them away from the relegation zone. well done lads! keep it up! they face wz this week on tuesday at 9pm. gl n8s.

  fde 3 trailer - 26/08/2002Spliffy | 7682 views | 0 replies 
its been quite a while since the last frags done extreme movie was released, so they've released a trailer to give us a taster of whats to come. it looks well and the full thing should be pretty mad "when its done"

check it out here

  tenebrae quake - 25/08/2002x0n | 9948 views | 22 replies 
give a million nerds a million copies of knuths algolrithms along with the q1 source code and about seven years later and someone will come up with this:
tenebrae is a modification of the quake source that adds stencil shadows and per pixel lights to quake. stencil shadows allow for realistic shadow effects on every object in the game world. per pixel lighting allows you to have fine surface details correctly lit. these are essentially the same algorithms as used by the new doom game.
-- check out these screenshots. omfg.

  custom locs - 23/08/2002Illkillya | 8510 views | 8 replies 
i noticed a post by a guy called kjoer on the savage ctf forum regarding a new q3 utility called map2loc. this is a tool he made with griffon26 which allows you to extract the location marks from riginal q3 maps, as seen in the hud team overlay and convert them into osp location mark cfgs, ready to be customized. you need the included bspc.exe to decompile the bsp file from the pk3 file into a map file (plain text). then you can use map2loc.exe to filter out the entities with classname "target_position" and output these into an osp loc format.

you don't have to worry about all that though, since hes done the work for us already:

"i've made a zip containing all the original locs extracted from all popular tdm/ctf maps with the tool above, to spare you the work. u can just unzip it into your q3 dir (be carefull not to overwrite any existing locs). if a particular loc is empty, that means the bsp contained no location markers (doh).

fire up q3, connect to an osp tdm server, type cg_customloc 1. not happy with the result? (well these are the original locs from the maps.) just edit the loc cfg."

you can download the map2loc tool here or just get the ready-made zip.

  savage draft divisions announced - 23/08/2002Illkillya | 7561 views | 4 replies 
savage q3ctf draft divisions have been announced, they're likely to change a little bit between now and the start (1st sept.), since three clans have already pulled out. ts, who won div2 last season, are still there this season, while fh move up to div3 after coming first in div4 last season.

ts shouldn't have too many problems in div2 this season. there are two clans there that i don't know (murk, and the danish clan qrz), but ts are well capable of beating all the other clans in this division - inf, wc, tc, bop, and zn, and i would expect them to finish 1st again this season, as long as they don't concede any defaults.

fh's division 3 looks like a mid/lower bw div2 standard, aside from ql who are on great form, undefeated in bw div2b. on paper, i think ql would be favourites to win this division, but as usual with savage it will come down to the commitment each clan has to the league. there are always a lot of defaults in this league which sometimes end up shaping the division.

the maplist is a bit disappointing thanks to the inclusion of laggy q3wcp1 (japan ctf) and also the new, unpopular (as far as i can tell) ospctf2. still, they've stuck with the old reliables cp5, cp9, w2, w3, and w7 which is fairly standard now. ctctf3, which was used last season, has been dropped (pity imo).

  interview with a sujoy. - 22/08/2002Jay | 7514 views | 11 replies 
there is a very interesting interview with sujoy over on esreality. he talks about how he came to be where he is and where things are going.

here's a quick snip to get you interested...

when i returned to university in october with my room plugged straight into the leased line, i ended up playing practically all the time. it was such a buzz back then, everything was new and the people were always friendly. id be playing and chatting to these guys all night and skipping lectures the next day.

i think most of the oldies here can't argue that those truly were the days. i know i'd do anything to be back in university playing 24/7.

here's the article. there are three pages...

  q3tdm @ oslo cpl - 21/08/2002Jay | 7462 views | 2 replies 
yes! that's what it says. not sure if is just a rumour or not though. the origin of it was the topic in #cpl,

"topic: next event: october 2002 oslo (norway) - counter-strike no retail 1.5 and q3 tdm"

apparently they have removed ut2k3 from the line up to make way for a quake 3 team deathmatch event.
jolly good news indeed!
you can read more here, over on shackes.

  doom iii update. - 20/08/2002Jay | 8021 views | 7 replies 
i've just read an article over on ign.com about the presenation and demos given by id software at quakecon 2002 on the upcoming doom iii.

it's a two page article (page 1, page 2) that gives a promising outlook on the game. they seem to be working really hard at recreating an in-game atmosphere that made the origonal, doom i so popular and enveloping.

here's a snip...

if you look closely you can tell, but for my money it looks better than anything i've seen in the gaming industry ever. "in stills, you'll see the edges and look lower polygon to people," argues neilsson, "but when you actually see it all actually moving and all of the detail, you'll be like, okay, wow." of course, this means that the team has to create these incredibly detailed models to start. "the technology has definitely added a lot more time to make textures and monsters and everything. we can't just paint the wall anymore, we have to go and model every nook and cranny and bolt and nut. so building all of that stuff takes a lot more time."

if you are looking for more info on doom iii you can find a lot of stuff including articles, files and screenies over at the phobos lab.

  strange results from quakecon - 19/08/2002Bunny | 7806 views | 2 replies 

over the weekend there was a big money q3 duelling tourney taking place in texas - quakecon 2002. all the big name americans were taking part, zero4, fatality, socrates and as far as i know only about 3 non americans, lexer (russia) aim (europe) and fist1 (brazil)

free-for-alls were used to determine the seedings and as usual all the top players did very well, except for lexer who didnt seem to have a clue what to do. zero4 got off to a great start, destroying his first opponent 50-0, none of the top seeds loose out in the first round. lexer comes close to being beaten in round 2 and zero4 continues his good run. fatality then knocks out the only european (aim) after coming back from 8 - 0 down on dm6. zero4 is still going strong having a closer game against ni3 on pro-t4 whilst lexer seems to be having trouble but manages to beat carde on dm6.

zero4, undoubtably one of the best in the world, comes up against fatality (who hasnt been to the last few tourneys) on dm6. amazingly enough fat dominates the entire game and destroys zero4. down in the losers bracket zero4 loses again, getting beaten by chaoticz, hes out of the tourney. fat then loses to newcomer *69daler in some strange games. the whole time lexer has been winning his games and makes it to the final with daler. the games aren't close as lexer, after his bad starts earlier in the tourney, beats daler well. lexer wins 20 grand, not bad.

1. lexer - $20,000
2. daler - $10,000
3. fatality - $5,000
4. kuku - $3,000
5. chaoticz - $2,000

  xsreality renamed to esreality - 19/08/2002Jay | 7246 views | 4 replies 
i can't find an exclamation for this but if any of you find out post a message. i know there has been a new esports company set up, and maybe that has now taken over xsreality. who knows.

  koopa -vs- nemesis : results and - 19/08/2002Zero | 7448 views | 4 replies 
well, the lan is over and koopa has unsurprisingly emerged victorious, winning prodm6 28-0, demo here, and winning tourney4 47-0, demo here.i'll put up an account of the w/e on my column later today, but i must say thanks to searrard and brendan from cybermart, the lan was run very well (if a little short!), and we had great crack. and also, for those of you who weren't there, nemesis was quite a sound bastard, and a hell of a lot more gracious in defeat than a lot of people would have been if they had handed over 200 euro before the game.

p.s. nemesis, your setup is all wrong, that framerate etc is totally crippling, all that 3d stuff should be turned off, take my config here, and change the binds etc to the keys you are used to.

  new clan - 16/08/2002MindPhuck | 7770 views | 6 replies 
a new irish q3 clan emerged today with some new and old faces as their members. jobos looks like a good clan so far and has the potential to really make a name for themselves. i'm looking forward to giving them a game.

  new doom3 screen shots - 16/08/2002Jay | 7688 views | 0 replies 
gamespy have posted a couple of new screen shots from the upcoming doom3, taken at quakecon 2002.

  barrysworld goes subscription - 15/08/2002MindPhuck | 7628 views | 10 replies 
in a move which has been on the books for some time now, barrysworld, one of europes longest free gaming service, has changed over to a subscription service.

for a mere 2 quid a month (24 per year), you get access to the bw ftp, their bookable servers, their public (or not) servers, email accounts and some other nice stuff. apparently the leagues are still free.

for further info, check out the press release.

  boards drinks. - 15/08/2002Zero | 7382 views | 7 replies 

  busted by etg - 14/08/2002MindPhuck | 7052 views | 1 replies 
a 14 year old gamer, xbn-phocus was raided yesterday for hax0ring and dos'ing the irc network, enterthegame.

phocus was responsible for hundreds of attacks on etg and thousands against the gaming community members and other gaming organizations. with the successful raid and apprehension of phocus, it brings the close of one phase off the investigation and the opening of many new ones.

check out shakes for the full story.
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