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  bikini karate babes demo - 06/02/2003MindPhuck | 11878 views | 4 replies 

the trend in fighting games lately is to have the female fighters wear less and less. in steps - bikini karate babes!

it's a hilarious spoof on the trend in the fighting game genre with 19 characters and 10 play modes. plus lots of hidden secrets. check out the side and download the demo here. since that site is getting huge hits (i wonder why), you can also check out the bkb dojo here and the fansite for a glimps of the game.

yes.. you can count on me to bring you the gratuitous games.. im a simple man!

  dc take the bw tdm title - 06/02/2003MindPhuck | 11313 views | 0 replies 
last night saw dc beat pzz over two straight maps, which saw them take the division 1 title for the bw tdm league. this brings the season to an end. the official standings are as follows -

division 1

champions - demonic core (dc)

relegated - ndc, m5, lem

divisions 2a & 2b

champions of 2a - clan revenge (rv)

champions of 2b - reverse psychology (rp<)

also promoted - clan fury (fury)

relegated - q, rnf, lkff, 911, nd & cat

divisions 3a, 3b & 3c

champions of 3a - no visible remorse (nvr)

champions of 3b - lifestyle (style)

champions of 3c - caos del infierno (ci)

also promoted - iy, storm & d5a

relegated - n2s, potzw, 3xs, rush, bdi & s9r

divisions 4a & 4b

champions of 4a - quadquakers (qq)

champions of 4b - ex-elite (xe)

also promoted - w4a, hot, ryu & cwn

relegated - sca & ox

division 5

champions - overpower xtrem onslaught (oxo)

also promoted - uc & da-b

wooden spoon - 404

  quake 4 modder interviewed - 05/02/2003MindPhuck | 10283 views | 1 replies 
ravens jeffery unay was interviewed over on 3d-station last week. although its in french, theres some excellent screenshots of the models for some of the creatures and the likes being used in the next gen of games.. quake 4. check it out here.

  league update.. - 03/02/2003Illkillya | 10592 views | 1 replies 
season 10 of bwctfl has just about finished... a good season for the quake.ie clans. ts did well in very competitive division 1, finishing 5th; below last years champions gzd, the french clan holyshit, swedish/euro clan recap, and this season's winners fear.uk.

same as last season for fh, finishing 4th in division 2a below the euros scrb, zn and x4. this was another very competitive division, with scrb and zn finishing comfortably enough at the top. you can tell how close all the teams were here by the amount of draws... inf, x4 and scrb finished the season with 6 draws.

jb had a fairy decent debut season in division 3a. despite a low cap difference they finished 4th below the uk clans lag, xpd and dp. keep an eye out for bigfoot's season review on quakenation.

savage tdm league is starting soon. although '70 is the only irish clan in the league, there are other clans of irish interest (q3p and judas... a new clan led by z3on, featuring at least 1 familiar name in the teamlist) are in the same division (2b).

jolt q3dml season 4 kicked off last sunday, with nice wins for '70 and q3p, over oxo and lsr respectively (both in division 2).

theres 1 week left in bwdml but not much interest there, since nd have given up q3 tdm and are confirmed relegated and q3p look safe enough in div3a.

  jolt preview - 03/02/2003saik | 10905 views | 1 replies 
by reaper, see it here. 70 and the "adopted irish" side of q3p get a mention.

  eurocup invitations - 01/02/2003Bunny | 11381 views | 1 replies 

on wednesday clanbase announced its invitations to the various leagues for eurocup 7. there are some qualifying matches to be played, but here is the list..

counter-strike european conference: ]i[nfernum, neophyte, against all authority, good game, advanced online losers, mousesports, mtw.alternate, pro-pain, the elder gods, 4kings, one

scandinavian conference: dynamic crew, erratic, team magic, all-stars, coercere, ig3l, ocrana.fi, esu.eolithic, clan matrix, esu.swe, schroet kommando

q3 tdm: prophecy, unmatched, against all authority, paniek zaaiende zigeuners, cyberfight, forze, action ligan, foe, eyeballers, ice climbers, wutai, demonic core, ironfist

ut2003: ]i[nfernum, neophyte, nocturne commando, mtw.alternate, schroet kommando, redeemers, guild of rising evil, viruz, cats and logs, deathreign, four kings

rtcw: illusion, king, four kings, ocrana.dlink, plan-b, radium, apical, exido, 187, rewind, septagon, snaps, violence solves everything

in other news the space shuttle exploded.

  darkside lan - 30/01/2003MindPhuck | 11967 views | 26 replies 
darkside v is a 24 hour byoc lan, kicking off on the 22nd of feb. there will be tournaments / competitions and there will be some prizes. this will be one of the biggest lans to-date in ireland with over 80 people signed up and ready to rock n' roll.

sign ups for the lan can be found over on room101.org and the sign ups for the 64 player quake 3 1v1 tourney can be found here.

biohazrd (richard), chowmein (arann), ppc (kieran), the_bullman (cormac mc donald), ronan|raven (ronan briem), spookydonkey (barry kelly), elial (dave gillen), overlord (david m. woodlock), clinical waste (simon lyons) , mindphuck (eric mooney), wossack (ian), tratagist (trev), rambo (trevor) , mloc (colm walshe), nor (john o'sullivan), jonnynew (adam kelly), global_killer (fintan), dardoz (darren) , legion (dave) , pyro (stephen), bazh (barry hand), jinx (sean scrivener), gorthaur (john), lucutus (tony worrall), justice (oscar malone), battlingcheese (wesley kelly), blue-wing (travis), dilo (jonathon flood), [email protected]@r (nick), cr8or (jason), beast (nicky condon), lethal dose (leighton), zero (ronan condon), blondie (andrew dunne), stan (david), megasheep (jason o'mahony), wildhound (leigh harborne), phaxx (phaxx), count (darryl conlan), bk (owen mills) , melachi (rickardo melchor sun), loose cannon (anthony mcgovern), mulder (dave fox), k9 (janus johansen), jaques (jan hvidberg jensen), lord_shadow (seb),
saik (dan o' carroll), straker (mark hibbits), benji (ben), toxicragerabbi (jono), anakin47 (michael meys) ,dest (owen mcnally), swiss (tony), vincent (eamonn deegan), rayzer (ray), redrum (kevin), black_omen (philip bannon), spaceman (paddy conway), tellox (owen), azez][l (seán brennan), chopper (kevin marshell), ace (eric bermingham), sam (sam), oddball (john o' neill), dragula (david warrington), petri (paul campbell), padmundo (paddy), carl33to (carlos philibín e si), myg (adam krock), frankie2fast (frank hajaistron), poc (patrick o connell), lunatic (jason farrell), monty (shane), preytec (stasis), superoposum (thomas), rapier (john), saruman (reuben), bunny (louise jane wilson), sgt_johnser (john curran), jazz (jermain williams)

if your not on this list, your soo missing out!

  russian 2v2 - 29/01/2003Bunny | 11146 views | 2 replies 
last weekend a good quality 2v2 tourney took place in moscow featuring some of the best russian q3 players.


asus|c58 (unkind, cooller) vs asus|c58 (polosatiy, nobap) @ dm7 (demo)

losers final:

asus|c58 (polosatiy, nobap) def. forze (mikes, shadzy) - 58:37 @ dm7

winners final:

asus|c58 (unkind, cooller) def. asus|c58 (polosatiy, nobap) - 78:29 @ dm7 (demo: unkind)

loosers semi-final:

forze (mikes, shadzy) def. tmp (lord, apocalypse) - 34:26 @ dm7

final results:
1st place - asus|c58 (unkind, cooller) - 2 x asus v9280 gf4 ti4200

2nd place - asus|c58 (polosatiy, nobap) - 2 x asus v9180 gf4 440
3rd place - forze (mikes, shadzy) - 2 x asus p4pe (intel 845pe) series
4th place - tmp (lord, apocalypse)
5th place - b100 (death, hammer) - special prize - asus cdrw-4012a
rest of the demos can be found here.

  esr tourney - 28/01/2003MindPhuck | 10473 views | 0 replies 
for those of you who missed it, es reality are running their first tourney. the tournament will be taking place over four weekends, one for quake3, one for unreal tournament 2003, one for counter-strike and at the fourth weekend there will be finals for all competitions, date of this weekend is friday 7, saturday 8 and sunday 9 march.

  first they invade us, then they - 27/01/2003Zero | 10435 views | 11 replies 
uk defaulted to italy in yesterdays clanbase tdm nations game, amid a flood of controversy. according to a news report on esr, the uk team aliased a player as vorv for the first game, and the level was defaulted. there are reports of the uk players being ping-flooded, but as usual that kind of thing can't be proved. seems like a lot of guys are moaning about flooding, not half enough realising how sad it is for a team of cheating bastards that skill level to have to go and alias....

  qw teamplay manual - 22/01/2003Illkillya | 11655 views | 6 replies 
if you didn't notice the other news down in the bottom right corner of the page, bunny has made a qw teamplay manual. if you're new to the game, then this is essential reading, it covers everything from weapon damage to set tactics.

  qw custom map tournament - 20/01/2003Spliffy | 12049 views | 5 replies 
there has been a lot of quakeworld league hype recently and now theres another new league started which will only be using the cmt (custom map tournament) map pack, so if your clan wants to give these new custom maps a go then you can check the site out here.

other leagues currently taking signups are:

href="http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=760" target="_blank">clanbase open cup, qw-cup, european mid-air league, european clan arena league and not forgetting our good auld irish clan arena league.

  q u a k e w o r l d - 9 teams al - 16/01/2003Zero | 15196 views | 43 replies 
ppl have been talkin about leagues etc recently, and it looks like there is gonna be an irish qw ca league. not sure who is going to run it, but it's happening anyway, and a ca server is about to go up on ign. so you can provisionally sign up here, with your clan name and members. there are going to be other comments too, so if you are signing up a team, put signup - [clan name] as topic in ure comment, and list team members afterwards, i have a token example for our team under here. if you play qw and dont have a clan, sign up here.

update: devore has agreed to run the league, details up soon.
signed up teams : nd, fs, gt, hiv, ez, redux, wh2, ffwd, nqeu.tk

  arena extreme - 13/01/2003Spliffy | 13668 views | 8 replies 
a new quakeworld clan arena movie has been released called arena extreme (aex). the project has been in the making for nearly a year now, and is worth checking out.

here's a snipet from the site:

aex is a quakeworld clan arena movie, the idea for which was formed by tezz and myself (darff) at a lan meet in the summer of 2002. seeing how well received great quakeworld tdm / duel movies such as frags done extreme were, we felt the clan arena community should be represented in a similar way.

  mid-air qw league - 13/01/2003Spliffy | 13639 views | 4 replies 
a european mid-air quakeworld league is starting soon (9 days left of registration). basically you get points for shooting your opponent out of the air, the higher they are in the sky when you shoot them the more points you get, tis good fun.

check out the site here and get signed up.

  qhlan review - 13/01/2003Zero | 12775 views | 0 replies 
sassa from the qhlan crew posted a decent review of the lan here, check it out for a first person view of what happened at the lan.
"...1on1: the player that was most surprising was phantasy from the forsakens !
he played really good and went really far, in the end it was nabbe who won vs this guy from northern sweden..."

  thanks. and some quake. - 08/01/2003Zero | 13471 views | 10 replies 
just wanna thank everyone who contributed to koopa's excursion to stockholm. he did well, could have done better, could have done worse. wouldn't have happened if the readers of the site hadn't helped out. cheers.
on the quake front, things are only starting to roll again after the christmas lull, nd and 70 still playing in the gs.net league, (yes im too lazy to link it), on the bwdml end, q3p (featuring killy and space), are sitting nicely mid-table in div3a, nd pretty much the same in div2b thanks to me fucking off and leaving half our team without connections before christmas. in the bwctfl, fh are battling it out midtable in div2a, while jobos sit midtable in div3b. in the final rounds of the opencup, nd are in the semis of the 2nd league, a match to be played sometime next week against pzzfun. finally, nd have entered the clanbase 4v4 qw tdm league, maybe a few other irish teams should join up for a laugh, we're gonna get the shit kicked out of us.

  challenges - 07/01/2003MindPhuck | 13218 views | 0 replies 
back in december (yea i know.. old news!), the finals of donkings challenges competition took place. if you want the nice low down on the finals, you can check out sky's column over on ch-uk. the final standings being as follows -

1. apheleon

2. rat

3. daler

4. zero4

you can grab all the demos here. anyway, the second season is about to kick off with alot of interest from players all over the world. with a limit of 128 players, its gonna be tight to get a spot. you can sign up here.

  clan arena league - 07/01/2003MindPhuck | 13159 views | 0 replies 
tronus has set up a new clan arena league. its only getting off the ground, but it might be worth a look into. you can find details here.

  koopa's matches - 06/01/2003Bunny | 12477 views | 10 replies 

round 1 koopa takes on totslime, easy dm4 game, loses by 1 on dm2 and barely wins dm6.

round 2 easily beats virus. dm4 and dm6.

round 3 plays oldschooler phantasy who was looking pretty sharp, wins dm4 but loses dm2 and then makes a good few mistakes loosing dm6. goes down to loosers bracket.

loosers bracket beats timmi, beats case, then beats locktar on dm6, but looses to striker on dm6. koopa finishes joint 6th or 7th with sod! and didn't loose a tournament dm4 game.

overall he was weak on dm2 and dm6, but despite no lan practice and various other things he did pretty well, especially on dm4, which is what he was there for really. some pics can be found here.

  who's that? - 06/01/2003Zero | 11677 views | 4 replies 

who's that? oh it's nd, in the semi-finals of the opencup. yayyy.

  promode 1.0 released - 06/01/2003MindPhuck | 10542 views | 0 replies 
just catching up on this one.. as the title says, the new.. full version has been released. you can nab the 40 meg full version here (which includes the maps) or the upgrade, here.

  dag wins qhlan - 06/01/2003MindPhuck | 9652 views | 2 replies 
dag went on to beat griffin 2-0 in the overall 1v1 finals of qhlan. taking griffin down 8-2 on dm2 and 16-6 on dm6. no demos available just yet, but you could check the usual suspects like ch-tv and esr later. our koopa didn't do too bad in the overall stakes, getting knocked out of the winners bracked by phantasy in round 3 and beaten by striker in the loosers bracket in round 5. you can check out the match results here.

  gooo kooopa - 30/12/2002MindPhuck | 11397 views | 26 replies 
sam heads off north to the bitter wastelands of stockholm to compete the worlds biggest qw lan - qhlan. tournaments break down as follows -

* quakeworld 2on2
starts: friday january 3 (yes, first day)
teams: 32
maps: dm2, dm4, dm6

* quakeworld 1on1
starts: saturday january 4
players: 128
maps: dm2, dm4, dm6

* quakeworld 4on4
starts: sunday january 5
teams: 16
maps: dm2, dm3, e1m2

g'luck sam.

  clanbase quakeworld - 27/12/2002Spliffy | 12090 views | 0 replies 
clanbase have now taken some interest back to qw and are starting a qw 4on4 dm cup. the sign-ups will start after the xmas period is over.

this is a good sign for qw'ers as it will hopefuly bring more attention back to the game and get more new people playing it.

  eurocup 6 finals - 27/12/2002Bunny | 10782 views | 0 replies 

the finals will take place tonight (friday) at 7pm between against all authority (french) and eyeballers (scandinavian)

in the euro corner we have against all authority. they had a pretty tough groupstage: 2 losses and 3 victories made them finish 2nd of their group. but after a hard groupstage they conquered their place in the final fairly easy by beating pzz (3-1), pro (3-0) and dc (3-0) in the playoffs. and thus, with only 1 maploss in 3 playoff matches, aaa finally makes it to the final of the eurocup

in the scandi corner we have eyeballers. after a nice 2nd place in the open cup last season, the reformed eye returned to the eurocup. since they finished at a nice and clean (without losing a map) first place in their group, they only had to play 2 playoff matches to place themselves for the final. after quite an easy match vs wutai (3-0), eye had to play ic for a place in the final. and what a match it was, after 5 long maps vs ic, eye placed themselves for the final of the eurocup 6!

the channel to go to is #eurocup.q3, shoutcast will be provided by djwheat and there should be gtv.

  starcraft - 26/12/2002Bunny | 10616 views | 2 replies 

sclegacy has come up with what it thinks are fifteen of the finest most original starcraft plays and moments from the last year. some are hilarious, some are crraazzy, some are simply impossible, but all are pure gold. you'll be crying for more when you see boxer pull his whacky nuke rush or tillerman does his super medic/marine combo's. these 15 unforgettable magic moments "are a testament to the unparalleled depth, versatility, and skill of starcraft and its players. by reading the following pages, you will see why starcraft, a five year old game, is still the best real time strategy game that has ever existed, revolutionizing and setting the industry standard for all rts games to come."

so don't hesitate, get to sclegacy's pimpest plays and download them now!

  cb nations roundup - 24/12/2002Illkillya | 10791 views | 1 replies 
clanbase nations tdm and ctf is over this season, ireland avoid the wooden spoon in both competitions. in the ctf we finish tied on points with holland and belgium, and despite us beating holland, they finish above us thanks to a default win vs belgium. we finish above the belgians even though they beat us both maps when we met, they lost interest over the course of the season. in tdm, our win vs slovenia gave us 3rd place. here are the final standings in ireland's groups:

1. sweden
2. france
3. uk
4. holland
5. ireland
6. belgium
1. uk
2. france
3. ireland
4. slovenia

hopefully this means we'll have an invite into the next competition, when we're likely to have easier access to broadband and will be able to get some decent practice in

  merry xmas ! - 24/12/2002Spliffy | 10984 views | 0 replies 
merry christmas and a happy and drunken new year!. if your reading this your sad! you should be in the pub getting pissed

p.s. remember the offys are shutting early tonight so you better get your carryouts in quick!

  intel masters - 24/12/2002Bunny | 10928 views | 0 replies 

over the past weekend, the intel masters tournament took place in the science museum, london. twenty-five grand in prizes, an imax screen, latest state-of-the-art machines from intel, unfortunatly it seems things didn't work out so well. large crowds turned up for the event but some of the gamers themselves experienced problems, machines failing, bad organisation, etc, etc. the irish counter-strike contigent, dnc, placed a respectable third at the event, with infinity esports taking £5000 and first place. dnc|dave said the problems weren't too great for them, but that the team were missing a few key players.

[pg]in.tillerman won the warcraft 3 competition and 4kings took first place in return to castle wolfenstein netting themselves six grand.
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