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quake.ie main news
  trick jumping competition - 08/07/2002Jay | 7081 views | 0 replies 
there's an ongoing trick jumping competition being held by team ixion here.

if you think you're up to it follow this link!

  qpo win la7 tdm - 08/07/2002Jay | 7122 views | 6 replies 
qpo (quad people org) take home first prize of €5600. match report here

ic (ice climbers) follow in second place with the prize of €2800.

full results here

  return of pro ball - 08/07/2002Jay | 6241 views | 2 replies 
i've never played this but supposedly it was quite popular for a brief period of time. well anyway, there is a new version on it's way.

read about it

  la7 - 05/07/2002saik | 6627 views | 0 replies 
la7 is on now. (8 ish gmt friday 5th july)

gtv: screen3.gamer-tv.de - games.clanbase.com:40000 - clanbase1.edome.net.

the site www.lan-arena.com has some scores.

if you want to see anything, head into #la7.q3 on irc.

  sweden beat russia. - 03/07/2002Jay | 7312 views | 8 replies 
sweden have overcome the russians to win this years clanbase nations cup. the full report is on cyberfight.org.

the russians were out pinged according to polasity.
that's something all of the irish players can relate to when trying to play competitively with the rest of the world. hard luck russia, well done sweden.

  lan arena 7 - 02/07/2002Jay | 7302 views | 0 replies 
lan arena 7 is on this weekend in paris. they are holding a quake3 tdm 'world championship'. visit the website here.

  not quake - 01/07/2002Jay | 7312 views | 0 replies 
the first ever official warcraft3 tournament has already taken place. unbelieveable.

read more here.

  rtcw being milked - 01/07/2002Jay | 7183 views | 0 replies 
id have released a new edition of rtcw, called the game of the year edition.
read more here.

  barrysworld q3 dm league - 01/07/2002Jay | 6887 views | 3 replies 
bigfoot has posted the start date for the season 9 of the bwq3dml.

the deadline for new clan entries is friday 7th july, with the draft divisions being posted shortly afterwards. clans will have a few days to ask for changes before the divisions are finalised and the fixtures posted around the 16th of july. the league will then commence on tuesday 23rd / wednesday 24th july.full post

  tribulation q3 movie released - 27/06/2002Jay | 9736 views | 11 replies 
i just saw this over on xsreality and thought some of you would be interested.

tribulation, michael flatley's q3 trickjumping movie is finally out. it's about 20 minutes long and about 600mb in size, but there is also a low res version which is only 300mb. (only 300 lol?)

you can download the 300mb one from


and the 600mb one from




  america's army - 27/06/2002Jay | 8076 views | 0 replies 
this seems to be the newest way to create interest in the us army. i'd say it will be an interesting game.

america's army homepage

the release date is set to be the 4th of july.

god bless america.

  a pro-gamers thoughts - 26/06/2002Jay | 8458 views | 25 replies 
i was just over on xsreality and came across this article written by tomcat who considers himself a professional gamer.

he mentions one thing about a person's reaction time that perhaps makes one player better than the next: how long does it take you to react, from the second you see a guy to the second you actually press fire?

i suggest you have a read and try out this test to determine your reaction time. you might amaze yourself.

i got 0.153666666666664.

  freeze tag and the new ultra fre - 26/06/2002Jay | 7394 views | 2 replies 
i don't think many of you play this, but when i was in the us in march nearly every freeze server was full.

it's much more fun than standard quake or osp and is a good laugh at the worst of times.

i suggest that a server running this be put up over here. it might help bring a bit more back to the quake community.

check out freeze on planet quake here

check out the newest addition ultrafreeze here.

  savage ctf - 25/06/2002Illkillya | 7379 views | 3 replies 
savage ctf league is just about over, just a few postponed games left to be played. in div2, as expected ts are top of the table, despite their less than half effort, never fielding their strongest team and even conceding a default. if lkff win then their postponed game vs inf then they will move to first, but ts will still be promoted to div1 i think.

this time last season, tortured souls won division 4, and fh are following in their footsteps we somehow managed to finish 1st after a dodgy season missing key players for most of our games because of the early match time. luckily our challengers conceded a default each, but i won't say we didn't deserve the title since there were two occasions when we could have defaulted but stuck with it and managed to salvage a point which gave us the title.

division 1 looks like it will go to gzd.ctf - the team that was promoted there ahead of ts, despite finishing runner-up to them in division 4 in the previous season, having lost the clash between the sides. expect a season review by taylor or fruitbat (or both) at some stage.

  irish weather - 21/06/2002Zero | 8982 views | 24 replies 
40 degrees-californians shiver uncontrollably. - irishmen sunbathe.

35 degrees-italian cars won't start. - irishmen drive with the windows down.

20 degrees-floridians wear coats, gloves, and wool hats. - irishmen throw on a t-shirt.

15 degrees-californians begin to evacuate the state.- irishmen go swimming.

zero degrees-new york landlords finally turn up the heating. - irishmen have the last bbq before it gets cold.

10 degrees below zero-people in miami cease to exist.- irishmen lick flagpoles.

20 degrees below zero - californians fly away to mexico - irishmen throw on a light jacket.

80 degrees below zero-polar bears begin to evacuate the artic. - irish boy scouts postpone "winter survival" classes until it gets cold enough.

100 degrees below zero-santa claus abandons the north pole. - irishmen pull down their ear-flaps.

173 degrees below zero-ethyl alcohol freezes. - irishmen get frustrated when they can't thaw their guinness.

297 degrees below zero-microbial life start to disappear. - irish cows complain of farmers with cold hands.

460 degrees below zero-all atomic motion stops. - irishmen start saying "is it just me or is there a nip in the air?"

500 degrees below zero-hell freezes over. - irishmen support england in the world cup!!!!! gwan brazil!!!

  q3 news - 20/06/2002saik | 7855 views | 1 replies 
gzd (gunzoids, that used to have sponsorship with irish net cafe dnc) win the href=http://www.clanbase.com>clanbase opencup premier league over eye (eyeballers) of sweden. gzd have won a place in the clanbase eurocup 6. cb match report is here.

ospdm5: gzd 137 - 105 eye

cpm4: gzd 145 - 121 eye

ospdm6: gzd 138 - 130 eye

the swedes were not used to their 50 ping apparently. the two clans will meet up again at la7 - because schroet kommando have quit q3 tdm - see href=http://www.schroet.de/news.php3?nid=772>here, leaving space for gzd in la7. this gives scope for a rematch between eye and gzd on a more level playing field.

rp< (reverse psychology, another uk side) also won the second league over 8mm - more href=http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?mid=7678&lid=518>here.

finally over on href=http://www.cached.net/?go=main/newsarticle/single/4505>cached i saw that notorious cs player "fatal1ty" is signed up for q3 at quakecon, having quit his cs clan 3d and that game.

  ireland win world cup. - 18/06/2002Zero | 8480 views | 2 replies 
as with all the pro-q3 players who are afraid they'll get beaten, fatality joined the other gimps in a move to fulltime counter-strike. xsr have an interview with the monkey himself here.

mr vicious himself, panicore, has rejoined iceclimbers. their impressive lineout now looks something like panicore, belth (jesus), toxic, gopher....need i say more??

i have added a 17meg avi in the files section of triumph the dog taking the serious piss out of a bunch of nerds in a queue for attack of the clones. it's absolutely class, recommend you download it.

  ul lan cancelled - 14/06/2002LordKhan | 9848 views | 5 replies 
i'm pissed off at this... 1 week before it is due to take place and i have to cancelled it...
yesterday got word that there was a problem with security so i pulled a sicky to sort that out then to find that was just the tip of the ice-burg.

room bookings getting screwed up among other things.

but it appears it has to be cancelled i know it's really short notice but i don't want to risk running any longer and canceling the day before it is supposed to be on.

i'm really sorry to everybody who took time off to come and who were looking forward to it. it promised to be great with a good turn out and some descent games too.

i'm really sorry again, with the low turn out at the last ones... maybe it's an omen.

  ul lan - fort fragg 3 - 14/06/2002Zero | 8881 views | 1 replies 
who's coming to the ul lan? lots of quake3/qw/sc/whatever with doses of beer afterwards, dont be a pussy, go over to www.room101.org and sign up now!

  cmon ireland!! - 11/06/2002Zero | 9809 views | 0 replies 
well i'm off on a half-day to watch the match and get plenty of beer in. cmon ireland !!!

  udpbouncer - 11/06/2002Zero | 9768 views | 0 replies 
lsd productions has released a program called udpbouncer, in the version 1.01. it basically is, as the name says, a program to forward udp packets from your host, through a bouncer/server, to another server, and vice versa.
the program can be used for what purpose ever, but it was mainly created for gaming. it has been tested with q3a, but should work with every game that uses the udp protocol. for people with access to a computer/server with better routing than their own inet, it's an easy way to get better pings to certain servers.
the program comes with a server program and a configuration client. get further information from the readme file.
check out our files area for the programme. ripped from xsr.

  germany 1-1 ireland. biased ref - 06/06/2002Zero | 10867 views | 3 replies 
new reports from fifa have indicated that yes, the referee in the ireland-germany game was indeed biased towards the germans.

  ecal iii - 04/06/2002Illkillya | 11026 views | 4 replies 
ecal iii is set to start soon - only one irish clan this time around, thats clan gauntlet. there are plenty of familiar names in other teamlists though. there are 12 teams entered, including a good few newly formed ca clans, suggesting that the qw ca scene is still thriving.. although thats easily known from the activity on the servers. its very hard to tell who the title contenders will be, but i expect fast forward will be very hard to beat, featuring a number of former eazy and gt players including swing, koopa, joi and honky. ecal site is here hosted by ukgamer.

  fortfragg 3 - the ul lan - 04/06/2002nDPodgeen | 10524 views | 22 replies 
lordkhan has organised another ul lan for 21st for june. details can be found here also i plan on running a quake3 2v2 competition, details in my column. please post a reply if you are interested.

  mtw.alternate says: "bye, bye q3 - 31/05/2002saik | 11122 views | 1 replies 
this means that unr qualify for the
href=http://www.clanbase.com>clanbase ec5 lan finals in rotterdam, and that shuuk are now autoberthed for la7. from my poor german, i understand that zyz and neok are trying to bring back(?) unmatched for ut2003.

it's a pity to see the likes of zyz and neok go inactive from q3 tdm.

click href=http://www.mortalteamwork.de>here for the announcement. (in german)

  savage ctf update - 29/05/2002Illkillya | 10927 views | 7 replies 
taylor has posted a review of the savage q3ctf season so far. ts are top of division 2 as expected, comfortably beating gm in week 1 and inf in week 2 before an understrength team suffered from terrible connection problems (mindphuck and aly pinging like modemers) resulting in them dropping a map to lkff. the fact that they remain first without performing anywhere near as well as they're capable confirms that ts are a div 1 team, out of place here. taylor mentions in his review that they will be losing some of their janetters during the summer.. i don't know how badly this will affect their team but a win over rv this weekend would keep them nicely on course for the title.

theres a similar story in div3, where fh are somehow top of the table despite giving minimal attention to the league so far, with exams and other commitments forcing us to play an understrength team each week. a comfortable win over 3p in week 1 led onto a defensive game vs sec, where our attackers were unavailable thanks to work, holidays and er.. lightning. that resulted in a narrow loss for fh, which we made up for in week 3 with a big win over mia leaving us joint 1st, top on cap difference. according to taylor we'll need 9 points from 12 in our next few games if we're to remain on top.

the league has been well run and very enjoyable so far, the rest of the season should be interesting with some unfamiliar maps, q3wcp1 and ctctf3, still to be played.

  doom 3 vid - 29/05/2002Zero | 10553 views | 4 replies 
some guy at e3 filmed the doom 3 demo that they played on the screen. looks pretty impressive, altho someone commenting on it on the clanbase site said that the vid doesn't do it justice, that it was way better.

decide for yourself. it's not zipped, the zipping only cut a meg off it.

  la7 - 28/05/2002saik | 10521 views | 0 replies 
lan-arena 7 is an international event of video games tournaments. it will take place in paris france, at the great hall of villette on friday 5th, saturday 6th and sunday 7th july 2002. (robbed from http://www.lanarena.com)

it's promising to be the best quake3 lan ever, with many of the biggest names in quake3 tdm attending, including forze who recently won the cpl in cologne and the two top teams from america - although most of the clans need to raise money for travel and will have to drop if they don't get it.

unfortunately there's no irish representation, but in the unlikely event that 8 teams drop out, bio will fly the irish flag there. even without bio attending it should be an even bigger spectacle than the cpl.

list of teams to attend is href="http://www.lan-arena.com/eng/?act=q3teams">here.

  doom iii interview - 28/05/2002Jedi | 9778 views | 3 replies 
spotted this nice little interview with id software over on shack . discussing the antisapated release of doom iii. heres a snipet of the interview;

graeme devine: the goals are to make it as if you're in full control of a horror movie. it really should be on that scale, that you feel you're in full control at all times, i'm doing everything as the player, and i'm experiencing the background story, which is going along, and it's really beginning to talk to me, and get to me…

we want to give it that style of background in your head, so even when you're not playing the game, you're still thinking about the game.

heres the rest of the interview . enjoy.

  iqool is back! - 28/05/2002Zero | 9638 views | 2 replies 
the iqool was 'paused' midway due to a number of reasons, and we have decided to finish it off now, rather than let it die off. i acknowledge that some people who may have been doing well are not around for the summer/various other reasons, but we'll finish it off as best we can.

news up in a few days time.
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