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  bigfoots reviews - 06/02/2001MindPhuck | 4788 views | 9 replies 
bigfoot has posted up two reviews of both the barrysworld tdm and ctf leagues. they are equally worth a good read with a cup of coffee in hand. here's an extract -

ps will be the team taking automatic promotion, and that the loser will probably struggle to take the play-off spot, it`s that important. ea have had a strong season so far, but in losing to current 2nd placed team bio..

  ie.ctf training this thursday @ - 04/02/2001Lucutus | 4732 views | 1 replies 
...with a match versus belgium after a lowdown on tactics and a knock-about first, please be there on time peoples.

  savage super sunday cup - 03/02/2001MindPhuck | 4622 views | 4 replies 
the second round of the savage ctf cup kicks off tomorrow nite with the first set of games kicking of at 6pm with the quarter finals @ 7:30, the semis at 8:15 and the grand final @ 9pm. here's the inital line up of teams -

6pm - game 1 dmn v 7cs

6pm - game 2 potzw v v

6pm -game 3 wc v vfc

6pm - game 4 neo v uksg

6:45pm -game 5 og v ss

6:45pm - game 6 mex v nts

6:45pm - game 7 iqs v hat

6:45pm - game 8 gm v nko

for full fixtures and results, check the savage cup site.

  koopa's initiation to nd - 03/02/2001Zero | 4636 views | 6 replies 
i have to put this up to tell you lads....we went to the pub on the piss tonight, koopa was his usual cluck self, spilling vodka all over everyone, so the nd lads decided to give the guy a proper initiation to nd and myself, sonic, bunny and gman took a limb each and tossed him into the ul fountain, you should have seen the flying arab in the air on the way into his watery grave, jesus i didnt think the others would let go, i knew i would for definite, but sure enuff, the lads let fly and sam went screaming thru the air into water that was at least 0 degresss. welcome to nd, sam, you're the f**kin king.......

i am not drunk, i swear it

  gaming going down? - 02/02/2001MindPhuck | 4577 views | 1 replies 
today another giant in the gaming industry cut 275 jobs. gameplay said there will also be "some rationalisation to reduce the cost base in germany" and it appears the outfit could pull out of france altogether. earlier this week, gamers.com also let its entire staff go in a bid to stay afloat. and we all know about barrysworld. is there light at the end of the tunnel ? it seems not. i would say it will get worse, before it gets better.

  cpm2 beta released - 02/02/2001MindPhuck | 4532 views | 0 replies 
the latest version of the popular cpm mod has been released from the boys at promode.org. it's basicly cpm with osp with team arena, all-in-one. anyway. its uploaded in our files section for ease of use.

  irish q3 ctf practice on saturda - 01/02/2001Lucutus | 4640 views | 1 replies 
from 3pm to 5pm we'll put in a couple of hours of organisation/games on sat.

don't forget tonight (thursday) @ 8pm in #ireland.ctf for training as well.

  progress in the bw leagues - 01/02/2001MindPhuck | 4559 views | 1 replies 
with three weeks to go in the barrysworld league, its getting rather
exciting around here to see who will pull through as winners of the various divisions,
whos gonna be relegated and whos gonna get promoted.  this week, week 9, saw the
irish teams do well again.  it break downs as follows -

team q3mexx1 q3dm8
bio imp 109-77 79-84
ps vvv 88-81 120-72
hat utp postponed postponed
hat-b wz 79-103 85-113

this leaves the divisions in an interesting postition. 

div team points position
2 bio 21 2nd
2 ps 20 3rd
3 hat 27 1st
3 hat-b 19 6th

for more details on the breakdown of each division and match results, check out the href="http://leagues.barrysworld.com/bwq3l/dm/" target="_blank">barrysworld league

  chorus - internet connectivity? - 01/02/2001MindPhuck | 4598 views | 17 replies 
recently, chorus announced their
solutions. i took the time to check out their prices and what they offer. there's two solutions which would be ideal for the gamer - residential and business. looking at the two solutions their not bad. discounting the modems, as most of us gamers can get cheaper and probably better modems than what they can supply, the actual line rental is quite reasonable. considering it is a 24/7 connect, it would probably save alot of us a huge amount of money in the long run.

what i wasn't able to find out is the actual bandwidth. they say 'up to 512k', but this does not mean that its a dedicated 512k nor does it mean
that the residential user gets 512k. another thing was the types of modems their
supplying, what make are they? and how come their so damn expensive? their flat rate is
dead cool, 3gb is excellent and even 6gb is over the top, but still nice. oh, and another thing, i asked them for ping times to various servers across the uk and europe. of course there's feck all point in getting this if the connectivity/ routing sucks beyond belief. so.. i await their reply's and hopefully, we might get the answers were looking for.

residential user

high speed modem installation - irp 150.00 inc. vat

monthly rental - irp 40.00 inc. vat

monthly flat rate download limit - 3gb

volume charge above limit - 2p per mb

business / single user

high speed modem installation - irp 299.00 exc. vat

monthly rental - irp 79.00 exc. vat

monthly flat rate download limit - 6gb

volume charge above limit - 2p per mb

check them out at www.chorus.ie.

  hope for barrysworld? - 31/01/2001Jay | 4501 views | 0 replies 
i just had a quick flick over on barrysworld news page to see if there has been any change. tedthedog has an update on his column saying there may yet be hope....

he starts off by saying "since we announced we had opted to go into voluntary liquidation the response has been overwhelming. the community has rallied round and has helped generate such a media interest that many companies couldnt fail to notice us..."

he goes on to say "at least we now have people interested in saving parts or all of the company, either in its current form or something that would fit their business. thats something we didnt have before.
many of us we`re convinced we were completely screwed. now there is a glimmer of hope."

lets hope barrysworld gets it together and is with us for a long time.

have a read yourself to get the full story here

  killcreek moves on - 30/01/2001MindPhuck | 4767 views | 3 replies 
one of my favourite women, stevie 'killcreak' case, whos career i've watched over the years, has decided to give up gaming and move on to bigger and better things. shes the lass who beat john romero in quake, a few years back and also the quaker, who is famous for taking her kit off for playboy. anyway, stomped have a nice interview with her which is worth a look.

  wireplay q3 team dm league - 29/01/2001Bunny | 4698 views | 4 replies 

the wireplay q3 tdm league is scheduled to begin in early march and will consist of 6 to 8 divisions depending on interest. all current and custom maps will be supported aswell as a map voting system, if you are interested you can signup here. with the imminent demise of barrysworld other leagues should become more competitive so its probably a good idea to at least check this one out.

  jedi leaves ps to join bio - 29/01/2001OverLord | 5249 views | 37 replies 

just heard it from el_pres there on irc. might seem likea shock to a lot of
people but its understandable really, ps havent really been playing online
recently. like nd they havent been able to get a team of four online
consistently. while bio play every night.

i think bio will be a lot greater force now with jedi in it. 

what happens to ps now with the driving force of jedi gone?

what will el_pres do now that the heart and soul of ps has left?

 <el_pres> no idea what ill do

 <el_pres> might start playing qw again...

m1ke from bio:

 <m1ke> yeah, very pleased myself

 <m1ke> just read it thru the email now

 <m1ke> it suprised me !

<m1ke>  nice of you to post it to quake.ie eheh :d

 <ol> hehe

 <ol> yes its like hot news

 <m1ke>  ya i suppose :d

 <m1ke>  fair play to him, difficult leaving a clan :/ but whats the point in being in one without playing games

 <ol> yes hes the the founder of ps like

 <ol> the heart and soul of it

 <m1ke>  yup

 <m1ke>  and to be fair to him - the amount of effort he put in to keep them going was phenominal .... i wouldn't have put in half as much and i put in quite a bit to keep bio goin

 <m1ke>  oh arr... today has been a kewl day so far

good luck to bio..

  its cpl time again. - 29/01/2001MindPhuck | 4506 views | 1 replies 
the $35,000 euro cash prize - cpl holland was announced by our pal griff to take place on may the 11th-13th in holand. details of the version and age limit goes as follows -

- the age limit for the event will be 16+

- we will use the latest 1.27 version for the quake 3 tournament

- it is not certain if we will have a female quake 3 tourney but most likely

- there will be an unofficial ut duel tournament with cash prizes to be announced in the byoc area, organized by netgamez. the final games will be played in the official cpl tourney area on the dedicated tourney machines

- any lan or gaming cafe that would like to hold a qualifiying tournament for the holland event please make sure to apply under [email protected]

  savage tdm league - 29/01/2001AlyGreeny | 4669 views | 1 replies 
with the probable closure of the bwdml, for a short time at least, clans will be looking for another league to play in. savage are planning to run a new league starting soon and have over 60 clans signed up already. it will run on monday nights so if bw restarts it won't be a problem to play in both, most of the top uk/euro clans are already signed up so it could well be the way to go. i notice that a couple of irish clans are already signed up, maybe the others should consider it too (registration closes on the 3rd feb). sign up here

  eurocup2 finals - 28/01/2001AlyGreeny | 4697 views | 2 replies 
eurocup2 champions: unmatched

2nd: team formoza

3rd: quadarena allstars

the championship final has now finished beween 4z (who beat all* earlier to secure their place) and unmatched the first placed team from yesterday's league stages. won the first 2 games very comfortably taking large early leads and holding off the russian's fightback. the final game however was very close, took a reasonable lead from the start and 4z seemed to be out of it, but they came back and tied the game. the lead changed hands a few times and with less than 10secs remaining had a 1 frag lead, 4z attacked but managed to pick up another frag to win 109-107. 4z will be disappointed to have lost after looking in very promising form against all* but its a significant improvement after la5 and they have justified their bye into the lan finals. well played , deserved champions. final results:

- 4z : 104-90(cpm4), 68-42(dm14), 109-107(dm6), win 3-0

in the first game of the day all* were favourites to beat 4z after beating them comfortably in yesterday's league stages. however 4z played superbly well to pull off a shock victory that left the pre-event faves all* in a disappointing 3rd place and took 4z through to the final. results:

4z - all* : 61-60(cpm4), 98-86(dm6, 73-85(dm14), 86-72(dm7), 4z win 3-1

  eurocup2 update - 28/01/2001AlyGreeny | 4726 views | 1 replies 
all of the first day's games are now completed and the standings are as follows:

1. unmatched

2. quadarena allstars

3. team formoza

4. 4 kings

5. evolution

this means that allstars will face formoza to decide who goes through into the final to play unmatched.

the day's matches went pretty much according to the form book right until the last game of the evening. all* and faced off to decide which team would fly straight into sunday's grand final. in each game started much better opening up a large gap before all* started to reel them in. in the dm14 game scores were levelled near the half way mark and after a furious battle for ra control pulled out a lead and managed to hold on until the buzzer. in the 2nd game (dm6) all* overhauled the initial deficit easily and went onto take a large lead, this time holding off a late comeback by to win by 11 frags. and so to the final game, dm7 was chosen by all* as they had a superior fd from the previous 2 games. again started strongly pulling out a large gap and by the halfway stage it was looking all over for all* but to their credit they fought back hard closing the game to within 2 frags near the end and looked on to take the win. however all* failed to grab the last quad and made a few quick frags to take them to safety 93-88. all* will be favourites to beat 4z tomorrow and so go onto the final with looking for revenge for today's defeat. should be two excellent games (details of gtv below).

  net trials for team.ie this week - 27/01/2001MindPhuck | 4740 views | 0 replies 
bunny has posted details of the trials that will be happening during the week, read his column for more.

  eurocup2 update - 27/01/2001AlyGreeny | 5140 views | 1 replies 
the finals are underway, live commentary for all games by godsmurf is available on shoutcast games-2.clanbase.com:8000 , and gtv at (at last

we'll keep you posted with the latest results here:

teams game1 game2 game3 winner
evol 56-75(dm14) 87-91(dm6) - 2-0
4k all* 70-114(dm7) 78-127(dm6) - all* 2-0
4z evol 107-62(dm7) 103-93(dm6) - 4z 2-0
4k 122-80(dm7) 118-116(dm6) - 2-0
all* 4z 80-62(dm7) 93-78(dm6) - all* 2-0
evol 4k 131-139(dm7) 126-94(dm6) 70-93(cpm4) 4k 2-1
4z 101-65(dm7) 75-67(dm14) - 2-0
all* evol 170-70(dm6) 114-46(dm14) - all* 2-0
4z 4k 123-92(cpm4) 117-89(dm7) - 4z 2-0
all* 62-55(dm14) 101-112(dm6) 93-88(dm7) 2-1

  barrysworld - week 8 - 27/01/2001MindPhuck | 5396 views | 0 replies 
another good week goes by in the barrysworld tdm league
with some exciting results all round for the irish squads. heres the break down -

team dm7 cpm4
bio ea* 95-70 99-74
ps bnl 87-92 152-73
hat nc 144-9 183-25
hat-b im 103-53 127-35

  eurocup2 - 26/01/2001Bunny | 5172 views | 0 replies 
eurocup2 starts tomorrow with 5 teams in the finals : 4k (english) 4z (russian) unmatched (ocr, german) evol (swedish) and allstars (swedish). siro from challenge-de will have 24/7 coverage of the event up here.


evol - u (11:30)

4k - all* (12:30)

4z - evol (13:30)

u - 4k (14:30)

all* - 4z (15:30)

evol - 4k (16:30)

u - 4z (18:00)

all* - evol (19:30)

4z - 4k (21:00)

u - all* (22:30)


12:00 2nd ranked vs. 3rd ranked: best of 5, winner
plays 1st ranked in the final

15:00 eurocup 2 final: best of 5

  point release incoming - 25/01/2001M1ke | 5161 views | 4 replies 
id are planning a new point release to cover the mess up they made with the current 1.27g/h one. will it cause more problems or less ? only time will tell. have a read of robert duffys .plan file anyway.

point release status - we are getting close to finishing up fixing issues, from retail team arena and the 1.27g/h builds. no specifics yet but it should be in the not too distant future. this release will address all ( or most ) the bugs we have had reported and adds some new things as well. we have added a new "fs_basegame" so mod makers can base mods on other mods ( read that as use content from other mods ). there are more fps speedups, some sound fixes, general ui fixes, better collision, etc. lots of stuff and demos and protocols should all remain compatbile so 1.27g and above will all communicate just fine.

  ie.ctf training tonight - 25/01/2001Lucutus | 5185 views | 0 replies 
just a reminder for the irish ctf squad...












please show for praccie/training tonight to #ireland.ctf @ 8pm

we will be taking advantage of a bio training session with wales by playing a team against them @ 9pm (all nice and friendly of course )

  new acid site - 25/01/2001Havok | 5426 views | 0 replies 
acid's new site has gone finally gone live.
designed by meself and coded by nightstrike.
still a bit of stuff to go in but tiz 90% there.
check it out

  quake lan at nethouse - 24/01/2001Osiris | 5412 views | 2 replies 
if anyone is up for a little lan quake action this saturday 27th, drop by nethouse beside the ha'penny bridge. it will be starting at 10pm and will carry on until around 8-10am in the morning. all the machines are p3 733s with geforce 2 mx's, lcd monitors and logitech pilot mice. everyone attending is advised to bring their own mouse mat. all places must be booked, and there are 9 of the 12 left. to book either post in the comments or here

  barrysworld to end! - 22/01/2001Lucutus | 5168 views | 0 replies 

very sad news today as 4 year old barrysworld comes to a close due to lack of funding, as of the 31st of this month, barrysworld ceases to exist.

heres a snippet : barrysworld are to cease all operations from 5 february 2001, and have already gone into voluntary liquidation. basically, we have run out of money and, with the current state of the market, have been unable to secure sufficient alternative funding/revenue.

we are all devastated by this situation and despite our best efforts to secure some sort of deal to keep the business alive, we have been forced to pull the plug before someone pulls it for us.

you can read ted's statement on the situation in this press release.

  going bogside. - 22/01/2001MindPhuck | 5353 views | 0 replies 
src="http://www.quake.ie/images-news/zeros-leaving-tn.jpg" border='0' onerror="this.src='http://archive.quake.ie/images-icons/forums.gif';">

as some of you may know, zero has been working with me in the same job
for over the last year, and the year before we worked in the same place too.  i
dragged him up to dublin over two years ago with promises of gold, wine, women, music and
quake.  i think it took him about a week to figure out its not all bright lights in
the big city but he stuck it out anyway.  hes gone back home now, to what he calls
home - university of limerick to complete his exams and stuff.  i thought i'd say
thanks and all that, but i wont.. just get lost yah big eeejit and i'll leave you with a
picture from his going-away party.  thats no. 18 in the series and if we get over
1000 comments, i'll post the rest on popular demand src="http://www.quake.ie/images-misc/icon16.gif" border='0' onerror="this.src='http://archive.quake.ie/images-icons/forums.gif';"> best of luck zero, i'm
sure we'll be hearing from you.. bogside.

  promode.org - 22/01/2001MindPhuck | 5183 views | 0 replies 
challenge pro mode now has it’s own site www.promode.org which deals with the ongoing development and news of the mod. its looking good and i'm confident, like the other challenge sites, it will do well.

  leagues round-up - 22/01/2001MindPhuck | 5193 views | 2 replies 
i normally lash up whats happened for irish clans who are participating in their
respective leagues as soon as i get them.. last week, i was feeling particularly lazy .
  in the barrysworld
tdm league
, tuesday nights games took place, both ps and bio playing.
  wednesdays games were called off due to unforeseen circumstances.  so, it was
a bit of a dull week in fact.  ps and bio took defaults v's sq and xl respectively
and the hatstand games are to be played later in the season.

in the barrysworld
ctf league
, bio, the only irish clan competing, are storming through division 3a with
a clean slate of 12 wins.  unfortunetly, bio didnt get to play n2s this week as it
was postponed.  still, its nice to see the guys doing so well.

yesterday saw the start of the target="_blank">savage super sunday ctf cuphatstand had to
play three games v's top ctf clans, neo, vfc and deluxe.  the overall scores were
0-12 to ne0, 2-2 v's vfc and 6-0 against dx.  its still not clear who goes through
from each group as its the top two teams. i believe vfc got a higher cap count v's dx
which, i think, puts hat out of the competition.  more on those games in my column

  quakefest - 22/01/2001Osiris | 5395 views | 0 replies 
i have noticed that quake.ie has gone nostaligic as mindphuck has added a feature on the famous lan. take a trip down memory lane.
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