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  aaa win quakecon '04 ctf - 17/08/2004Illkillya | 11053 views | 8 replies 
has to get a mention on this site, aaa finally receive their just awards, and confirm what

i have believed since they first played ctf as a team, that they're the best ctf team

around. after three in a row in the ctf nations cup, france had proven themselves to be

europe's strongest in the national scene, but despite a few failed attempts they always

just missed out on the clan honours. the man behind the victory is undoubtably thefou,

possibly the best ctfer of all time, who played some great games at quakecon. good

showings by his teammates st_germain on flag def, raoul, and penx.

the final was played against the americans and reigning champions, cloud9. a very well

organised c9 defence (viju and pals) kept aaa at bay on one of their better maps, cp9, but

it wasn't good enough as the frenchies slayed the ghosts of 2003 and took out the

americans on their own turf of cp15. i said before the tournament that i was worried that

aaa's too-aggressive tactics might backfire on lan, but i was wrong about that, and they

were very impressive in the execution of their ambitious strategy. great powerup syncing

gave them the deserved points on cp15, before a very short 3rd map which i missed mar bhí

orm dul go dtí an leithris (a quick "overtime" cap won it for aaa in a couple of minutes).

the gunzoids looked savage before the tournament, blokey's aim working nicely, defmasta

appleseed as rock-solid as ever. i think this was the first time i had seen deus ctfing

on lan, and he didn't disappoint either. the only downside to the gzd team was, as i had

anticipated, that derfel's lack of fragging power and survival made it difficult when the

enemy was hitting 50% lg. nonetheless, gzd had a good tournament, destroying *69's feeble

hopes just like last season with a thorough hammering, and even disposing of the highly

rated tempest comfortably. their best game saw them send cloud9 into the lower bracket,

breaking the americans altogether in the second map. i think that tiredness set in, this

is what it looked like to me as they reached the winner bracket final and performed well

below the standard they had set for themselves. a moderately heavy loss against aaa

damaged their form even further, and set them up for the lowlight of their tournament vs

cloud9 on ctf2, where they never really contended in a map where they should have been


ice climbers deserve congratulations for their campaign, which saw them finish 5th after a

3 map, overtime loss to last season's 2nd place 519. not bad for a clan which has only

been playing ctf for a couple of weeks. their greatest scalp has to be that of the

internet gamers 32nd, who had been sent to the lower bracket in a very close game against


a great tournament nonetheless, and well done to the teams involved. all the results and final standings are on the

target="_blank">qcon site

  n8z in cb playoffs - 17/08/2004Illkillya | 10827 views | 3 replies 
not the best season for irish clans in clanbase, but n8z can sort that with some results in the 3rd league playoffs. they face the def-heavy dutchies ql first, and if they win that, i think they'll take on the germans zr, another very winnable fixture which would set them up for a final, most likely against the impressive asgard. i could have that wrong, because that 'hover over clan name to see who they play next' system on clanbase isn't the best. best of luck anyway n8z4eva.

update: mini preview by right at http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?nid=139638&mid=0&lid=1530.

  good news! - 08/12/2004Illkillya | 11947 views | 25 replies 
"you appear to be able to get iol broadband". got the phone call today from eircom, i had to send a letter to the ceo to get something done, so after over 3 months waiting my line has been tested, and with a positive result. i will order iol dsl today, it has 3 months free, so if its no good i'll switch to eircom or something after that.

  quakelan2/darkdoom-side - 05/08/2004Zero | 12992 views | 13 replies 

  quakecon 2004 mini preview - 08/03/2004Illkillya | 13204 views | 17 replies 
a load of upcoming tournaments this month, foremost among them is quakecon. they're doing a
href="http://www.quakecon.org/tournaments/rules.php?tournament=q3ctf" target="_blank">4v4 ctf
competition again this

season. the maplist looks good: q3ctf2, q3wcp1, q3wcp15, q3w2, q3wcp9.

great competition, with teams like:

32nd (tdo, forever, sifer, squall, corona)

aaa (thefou, penx, raoul, st_germain)

gzd (derfel, deus, appleseed, blokey)

ic (gopher, toxic, tech, mort, fox)

mtw (dk, ruke, chewie, mike)

sheepheads (chr9st, runge, dariddler, miyago, prozze, hybbe) are also signed up but on the waiting list for the tournament,

so i don't know whether they'll be playing or not.

some of the american teams which will be primary contenders include 519 (socrates, zero4, czm, gator), cloud9 (viju, tim, cl0ck, yrim), and tempest. tempest features the champion flag def from last c9 last season, ffsmasher, and one of the best

players of the tournament last year, mickey, the one man team formerly in md.

teamlists taken straight from qcon site. since i don't know the american teams well enough, i won't comment. the european

clans look good but theres no real outstanding team there. i would rate aaa highest since they have thefou in attack. their

positive, aggressive tactics last year backfired, as more defensive play suits lan better and won out in the end. they will

know maps like q3wcp15 a bit better this time around, and will have more experience in 4v4 ctf. quakecon free for all champ

appleseed has been replaced on the flag spot by st_germain.

gzd also looks very strong.. i don't recall deus travelling last season (could be wrong there) so he would be a big boost to

their chances. i can't remember who did flag def for gzd last year either, but this time around its appleseed. i think they

look stronger than they did last time around, and will be title contenders.

its good to see that 32nd are travelling. they won that fear.uk warmup to quakecon but i wouldn't credit that at all seeing

how thefou was in their team, and that makes all the difference. forever and tdo are highly rated as flag carriers online,

but, like [gzd]derfel, it will be interesting to see how much that counts for on lan at a the cost of raw aim.

germany is far from the force it used to be in ctf. and the mtw players have not been outstanding in any recent competition

that i have followed. with the likes of mike in their squad though, you cannot write them off, just don't be expecting too


the 1v1 tourney looks just as

good, with prizes, first place: $25,000, second place: $15,000, third place: $10,000. the maps this time around are

ztn3tourney1, pro-q3tourney4, hub3aeroq3, pro-q3dm6. its interesting to see that the aerowalk remake has been included again

after a successful showing at the eswc. this could establish it as a main duel map for q3's future. i had a run around it

and it looks like a good map, nice and fast and also has the advantage that most people have seen it before in qw or early

days of q3 in some form.

loads of top players at this 1v1 tourney... unfortunately, i've been told that the qlan champ (finished first ahead of

players like cooller, z4muz, and czm) and in form player at eswc, fooki, is not attending, although other swedes like fox,

z4muz, and toxic will hope to make up for it. most of the other big names from eswc are though, the americans, a chunk of

russians, including cooller, unkind, polosatiy (sp?), lexer (a few top players missing there but can't have them all). pity

the belarussians aren't going. theres also the french and uk ctfers, players like blokey and st_germain.

the people's favourite for the 1v1 this year is czm, always near the top of these competitions, but i can't remember him ever

winning, this could be his chance. the bookie's favourite would have to be cooller, the world's number 1. zero4, reigning

qcon champ, is always a main contender. lexer, winner of qcon 2002 iirc, is also making a return. the chinese russian, jibo,

will be attending.. for the first time that i can remember. a lot of people rate him highly so hes one to watch out for.

  doom 3 news - 31/07/2004[spectator] | 11516 views | 13 replies 

looks like it's out in a few u.s. shops before the official release date. dest sent me a link to a post that seems genuine (new screenshots etc):

and also check out this new d3 trailer: http://www.gametrailers.com/gt_vault/t_doom3_4.wmv

  the official doom 3 hardware req - 30/07/2004[spectator] | 10260 views | 0 replies 

it says it all, it's definitely "enjoyable" with the minimum specs. it's not 5fps, it's the entire doom 3 experience.

don't forget boys that carmack is your 3daddy and he knows how to squeeze and optimise those precious frames per seconds.

after all, it's him who did put the very number in that top right corner of you favorite video game. he knows how to talk nicely and convince your low-spec hardware to give you plenty of them ...

us release -3 days


  fatal1ty interview at eswc 2004. - 29/07/2004x0n | 9804 views | 2 replies 
ah, some fresh news. it's nice once in while to catch a piece of news that laurent ([spectator]) has missed, although i'm sure i'm only a couple of milliseconds ahead of him :-). yep, the land of sauerkraut and liebercase has thrust this upon us: a full on chat [200mb] with jonathan "buy my 'fat shoe', its great" wendel. planetquake3 has this to say:

after his fourth place at the painkiller tournament, i asked him about the past, the present and of course the future of fatal1ty. he talks about his first steps, his infamous counter-strike and call of duty career, the fat-shoe and of course doom3.

mirrors available here.

  doom 3 'ultra' mode? - 26/07/2004[spectator] | 7677 views | 0 replies 
as if the "incons" videos previously posted weren't enough to make you dream about the game, it seem that idsoftware has built a game that will be future-compliant:

when doom 3 is released, it will actually be able to use the whole 512mb of memory. we learn that the game will have so-called ultra settings, able to use larger uncompressed textures that will work when the game detects the additional memory.

now that's another motivation to wait for the next 512mb generation of video cards before upgrading.


added link: and on a low note for ati :


  doom 3 icon videos - 24/07/2004[spectator] | 7875 views | 4 replies 

a set of 3 videos from the tv 'icons' serie about doom 3 is available online. after watching them you'll realise that doom 3 will just be unbelievable ...

here is the link to esreality.com where multiple mirrors are available:


  tim willits and todd hollenshead - 22/07/2004[spectator] | 7910 views | 0 replies 

here is an interview from tim willits and todd hollenshead by gamespot. of course the article is mainly about doom 3 but has some interesting facts on various other subjects like quake iv, a possible doom3-engine version of rtcw and some other stuff.

gamespot: what is the status of quake iv right now?

tim willits: raven is very, very busy working on quake iv. they've done some amazing things with the technology and the gameplay. it is different enough from doom 3 that people will be really excited about it. id's very happy with it. as soon as we have more information to share with everybody, we will.

here is the link to the full article http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/07/22/news_6103236.html


... with more from ign :


as well as from gamespy:


looks like the "good boys" gamespot, gamespy and ign got the green lights to release their "exclusive" interviews ...

  doom 3 hardware requirements - 20/07/2004[spectator] | 8430 views | 8 replies 

looks like it's not that bad for the minimum requirements. although it's the minimum requirements and certainly not the fully-enjoyable specs.

  • a 1.5-gigahertz intel pentium 4 chip or amd athlon 1500.

  • 384 megabytes of memory

  • two gigabytes of hard drive space

  • an nvidia geforce 3 graphics card or better; or an ati technologies 8500 or better



you can find here some official video card benchmarks ran by the idsoftware team but only for the latest nvidia/ati video cards :

john carmack:

it should be noted that all of the modern cards play the game very well, and benchmark scores should not be the be-all-end-all decision maker. scores will probably improve somewhat with future driver releases, and other factors like dual slots or dual power connectors can weigh against some of the high end cards.


id software has done a great job of bringing doom 3 playability to the masses, probably including a larger portion of the gamers out there than has ever been done with a cutting edge gaming title.



as regard to your game input, it's definitely not a "requirement" but check out this doom 3 keyboard by ideazon zboard:



and about the next idsoftware game requirements :


  summer cup so far - 18/07/2004Illkillya | 8671 views | 11 replies 
coming into the 4th week of clanbase summer cup, ded with 3 games played, fh with two, and n8z with one so far.

the cup started as i expected, a win for dedanann over an unknown french clan gr (report here). ded played with a significant ping disadvantage on the first map, ospctf2, which was presumably gr's map, but still managed a 4-2 win. things were different on the second (fair ping) map, q3wcp15, where zonic was the main man (i'm just reading stats) with 6 caps (59 kills), in what finished a very easy win for ded. some complaints over wildcards etc. and arild not being registered in time for ded, so it was a good thing people remembered that this summer cup is not designed to be competitive, but as a fun cup.

the second game for ded was vs an old dutch outfit who have been living in the lower divisions of ctf for a few years now. it appears ded suffered from the lack of zonic, and despite scoring 3 caps on each map, lost both in a high scoring fixture. ded went with cp15 again, while c13 chose cp14.

next up for baz' men was the mostly-uk clan sqz, tipped as favourites at the start of the season, it would be a tough game for ded. ded had a strong team out, and took cp15 easily as i would have expected, that game ended 8-3. sqz chose ctf3, where i would have fancied ded to play heavy def and powerupping, use the strong fragging power of zonic to keep a 0-0 draw on what is usually a low scoring map. that wasn't the plan unfortunately, and sqz did well with a 3-0 win. the final map was ospctf2, and good play by hock helped sqz to a 4-1 win. unlucky ded, they must now take the win vs the polish 303 and hope that c13 slip up against gr.

its worth mentioning that ded have also been having a good run in the savage summer cup, with the help of two fh players, where they took a win and a loss vs a 2nd seed dnc. their group also includes omg and ^x^.

things are going as expected in division 3 too, where fh lost the first game vs clan ruda. the swedes won a close w2 3-2 in the last minute, before taking cp14 easily. good play by ex-tkoe killha on the cr team. a week later we managed a win over polish side ff (report here). a comfortable w2 was followed by a very close cp18. that game finished 5-4, a return to competitive play by ch following a season in america marred by cheating accusations (some of the ff players accusing fh of aimbotting). our next game will be against zero, mostly germans, currently top of the table.

n8z had just one game so far, favourites from the start against k0 thanks to a strong lineup featuring the return(?) of melachi. a comfortable q3w2 was followed by faggotry on behalf of k0 who took a default win because melachi didn't have q3wcp18. in a fun cup, this is lame, and imo k0 should have voted another map. but maybe they were kept waiting a very long time or something so i won't go too hard on them. it made no difference anyway as n8z battered them on cp15. they play 3p next, proposed for monday, before a potentially tough fixture vs puff.

  doom 3 release date: august 5th. - 14/07/2004x0n | 9582 views | 12 replies 

there's been a spate of fake posters, photoshopped images of cds and disk boxes recently, all in jest i'm sure, but you can't fake the official word of todd hollenshead himself.

an excerpt:

yes, this is the official word that doom 3 has been code released and has been approved for manufacturing!
it won't be long now until the anticipation ends and the ph34r begins ;-) we literally just hung up with
activision and have confirmed that our latest release candidate has been mutually approved and is finally
gold. thanks to everyone for their patience (yeah right! =) and for everyone at id, activision and our
numerous partners for helping us create what i believe is absolutely the best game we have ever made.

update from t. hollenshead:

demo: our priority was finishing the game first and now we are turning our attention to the demo. i don't have any information to share regarding any specific content, but i don't believe that we have ever disappointed in that regard in the past. we will release the demo as soon as it's done, but this probably won't happen until after the game has arrived on u.s. store shelves.

i guess some of us with vid cards we're not sure we can keep might be able to hold off until the demo arrives in order to test usability.
- oisin

  jolt q3dml season 9 over - 13/07/2004Illkillya | 9253 views | 6 replies 
joltq3dml season 9 is over now, and a trophies for the clans with irish interest, as q3p and n8z each win their divisions, 3 and 4 respectively.

solid form from q3p throughout the season a slip-up vs xe and a loss vs ex-qpo-senti-powered dollz being the only negative results.

after a shaky start in division 4, n8z found their form in time, aided by the return of rapp. heavy wins over their nearest rivals rb confirm that they deserved the top spot.

  doom 3 is done! - 10/07/2004[spectator] | 9707 views | 7 replies 
looks great! let's hope they'll make a truckload of money so they can inject tons of it into quake 4 :d


while at first we thought the "most hotly anticipated and terrifying game" reference was referring to "barbie's after dark adventures in cracktown" ...

  quakelan 2 - 07/09/2004Zero | 10643 views | 33 replies 
40 people.
quake3 only. (well, doom3 aswell if its out)
seeded ctf comp, prize for the winners.
ctf/tdm clan wars, duels (prize), ca, whatever floats your boat.
limited places. will be up on r101 soon.

  doom 3 tourney @ quakecon 2004 - 07/06/2004x0n | 9755 views | 3 replies 

from slashdot: it's confirmed that the 9th annual quakecon 2004 video game festival and tournament at the gaylord texan resort & convention center in grapevine, texas on august 12-15 will host the first doom 3 deathmatch championship ever. be there to game, hang out with 5,000 of your closest friends, and compete for $150,000 in cash and prizes in the nvidia quakecon 2004 championship tournaments. online registration for quakecon 2004 has begun at www.quakecon.org, and the event is free to all attendees."

to paraphrase carmack, "it's done". hehehe, good for them to kickstart the shit-talk by hosting it somewhere called "gaylord".

update by illkillya: its worth mentioning that theres a $40,000 q3 ctf tourney planned for qcon as well, according to that link. enough to entice most european clans, that should breathe new life into the upper divisions and hopefully see a return to strength by fading teams like 32nd and gzd. theres also the usual q3 1v1 tourney with $50,000 on the line.

  later happenings - 01/07/2004Rapier | 9857 views | 10 replies 
in case you havent noticed quake.ie is as dead as a rusty doornail, so i have taken it upon myself to fill you full of bullshit. i'm not feeling nostalgic at all tonight so we'll skip the year of isdn and move onto dsl. dsl makes q3 enjoyable, it makes you about 30% a better player overnight and gives you the ability to use any weapon reasonably in any circumstance, however everyone else that plays quake3 has dsl too and the 30 odd ping you gained from going from isdn to quake3 isnt as big a deal as it seems....or is it, a case study is ded-benj, he was proved wrong, i told him for months 'do you realise what id do to you on 30 ping?' when eventually i was a proper lpb i tore his arse to a cinder with a 3000 degree hot iron. his moment of glory (beating me hammered after 10 cans of bulmers) were over. i will never under no circumstasnces play benjispendlove intoxicated again, irish players take note your life will be full of this irc papperazi man. scientific tests have shown benji is actually worse than ever now, probably because he thinks he can be rambo now on lpb but that alas is not the case.

i think any player coming from any connection other than broadband takes a while to adapt, some isdners are real good players because their ping doesnt allow for the cessing ability, so instead they play a cagey rail and rocket game which often works wonders. i had huge trouble myself dueling on dsl at the beginning, its about not knowing the limits i suppose. any ping, even if its 15 is still a ping - your alledged demonic accuracy is still off slightly - but a lot less so of course. 40 is a good ping, 50 loses you weapons and 60 loses you 50-50 fights, even if you are better.

i've nothing to complain about at the moment. my ping is basically always 25ish, 10-15 to local dutch servers and i'm handing out the ownage to the euro gaylords on behalf of the irish tricolor. i can actually say out of maybe 20 odd et and q3 clan matches, league or prac i've lost none, when i was at home in ireland playing off our very average dsl that was probably an evenly balanced figure. the cunts on the continent have it good, real good your greatness will be for a few years to come be overshadowed by their averageness. i'm definetly gonna think twice about online gaming when i move back home. the thought of a 15 year fat bastard nerd beating me with a white ping is sickening. it wont happen just yet though .

  quake is 8 years old - 23/06/2004[spectator] | 9415 views | 2 replies 
and for its anniversary, ampednews has written an interesting article on when and how it all started:


  doom 3 the 3rd of august? - 23/06/2004[spectator] | 9178 views | 0 replies 
well, this time it could well be the official date!

if you haven't done so yet, start to save now and get ready for a pc upgrade, you only have a bit more than a month ...


  jolt q3dml starting - 14/05/2004Illkillya | 9739 views | 1 replies 
this week. q3p kick off with the div3 fixture of the week against the french clan ac. in my current state of inactivity i can't comment on q3p's chances, but only know that its a pity to be facing the division favourites in week 1.

n8z will be looking to beat wac in div4, and they should do if the wac-star yautja isn't given too much freedom.

maps this week are cpm4 and ospdm5.

  doom 3 this summer - 11/05/2004[spectator] | 9775 views | 1 replies 
"this summer we're sending game fans on a first-class trip to mars -- with a layover in hell,"

- todd hollenshead, ceo, id software.


  quake "3+1" artwork - 11/05/2004[spectator] | 9263 views | 9 replies 
i might get slapped on the back of the hand for posting this but after all, this is quake.ie and the following link is definitely a must-see.

so if you want to dribble on the new upcoming quake, check this out.

  pk in game demo - 10/05/2004bAz | 8726 views | 1 replies 
found this demo over at esr

demo is 10mins long, and around 24mb, grab it :here:

worth a watch, altho from what i can see, the nme model is bent, looks like the fuhquake one, movement seems nice, but on this map it seems if you whore the rl you win :/

  download a free copy of tribes 1 - 05/10/2004x0n | 8063 views | 0 replies 

vivendi universal, in preparation for the release of the upcoming tribes: vengeance sometime later this year, are giving away free copies of tribes and tribes 2 to download from fileplanet.

coming in the fourth-quarter 2004, tribes: vengeance takes the tribes franchise to the next level with a host of new and innovative enhancements. play as multiple characters across two generations of a family at war in the first ever tribes single player campaign experience. tribes: vengeance will also build upon the tribes series’ legendary online multiplayer action by continuing to focus on team-oriented goals, fluid movement and nonstop action while adding new weapons, vehicles and maps. for the dedicated fans of tribes, the mod building tools in tribes: vengeance will be easier and more accessible than ever. tribes: vengeance will be available later this year.

  jolt ctf review - 09/05/2004MindPhuck | 7562 views | 0 replies 
once again, biffy has come out tops and posted an excellent review of the ctf season. some good comments all round and worth a cup of coffee and a read.

  a little....too...quiet....if yo - 07/05/2004Zero | 7770 views | 1 replies 
yes its that time in between leagues where you actually watch a bit of telly n stuff, managing a practise if you can be arsed at the time.
jolt tdm is starting up v soon, as is the ctf, fh are in the ctf, q3p in the tdm, n8z are joining both, and afaik ded are making a debut in the ctf, so should be decent. dont forget if you fancy a few games at night, join #ctf.ie for pickups.

  the ati x800 is out ... - 05/04/2004[spectator] | 7389 views | 2 replies 
here are a few articles about the new video card. it looks promising but it's still early to tell as the drivers for both cards need to be optimised (like for any new hardware release). besides, it's only when the long-awaited doom 3 and half-life 2 will be out that we will be able to tell which card suits which game better.

all i know for sure is that i like ruby more than nvidia's faerie, oh yes ...




  lcd for gaming - 28/04/2004[spectator] | 7995 views | 1 replies 
finally reaching the 12ms response time, samsung has released a nice 17" lcd. so, for those with a budget of 600+eur, here is what you need:

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