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 16/01/2002   new promode release5346 views | 5 replies 

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later today, the latest cpma v99w will be released. i'll post links etc to it when it comes available. what i found interesting in this one, besides some cool features, is that cpma will no longer support vanilla q3. intesting to see that occur. more news on the promode site.


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Vq3(normal vanilla q3) has been replaced by Cq3 which is a mix of vq3 and cpm, all the cpm rules minus bunny hopping and fast weapon switch. Main things you'll notice is the Armour is the same as cpm dual 150 RA(200 2nd pick up) 100 YA(150 2nd pick up) 50 GA(100 2nd pic up) with no count down and also 100 Health spawns, it was ok but it should have had instant weapon switch imo, alot of vq3'ers liked that. I wont be playing it cos i love my bunny hopping and fast weapon switch
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