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quake.ie main news nine inch nails doomed?
 06/01/2002   nine inch nails doomed?5780 views | 2 replies 
Seadna Smallwood

posts : 49

over on telefragged i found news that on macworld theres an interview with trent reznor of nin fame. it is mentioned that trent may be doing the sound track for doom 3. this is not the first time he has worked with id as he has also worked on the original quake sound track.

James Eavis

posts : 91

NiN doing the soundtrack would be excellent, and I believe Trent had a hand in the sound fx for Quake 1 so hopefully he can do the same for D3. The soundtrack on the Quake CD was great at building atmosphere, to the extent of including screams in the distance and the sound of grenades bouncing and echoing around.

Seadna Smallwood

posts : 49

i played my quake cd in my big bass woofery hi-fi real loud, some of the tracks are scary
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