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quake.ie main news NQR 11 Final - NaFianna v
 06/05/2008 09:18  NQR 11 Final - NaFianna v81396 views | 2 replies 

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The Grand Final of the NQR11 Bronze Cup will take place this Wednesday evening the 7th of May at 21:00 CET (8PM Irish Time) featuring Irish clan

Nafianna and Quakeklan

Earlier in the season NaFianna defeated Quakeklan in the group stages 2-0. The scores were as follows : DM3 (The Abandoned Base) was 179-124 and on DM2 (Claustrophobopolis) 164 - 152. Match Screenshots here: http://nqr.nu/nqr11/battle/428

They were very close maps with NaFianna just about coming out on top. Quakeklan have had plenty of practice since then though and have been tweaking their team play and tactics. NaFianna on the other hand have not been less active the past two weeks due to work commitments and real life getting in the way.
So the result is anyones guess and is sure to be a nail biter.

So best of luck to the Irish Lads tomorrow and if you can, try and spectate the match for some real great action.

The match will feature commentary from Kryddturken

Instructions on Viewing and Listening

To Listen to the commentary use:
and the Team Speak Server to login to is: ts.quakeworld.nu

You should download the latest QW Client nQuake from here:

Further Spectating instructions will be posted here later or else keep on eye on

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09/05/2008 17:29#1

I look far too much like my avatar these days.

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Congratulations to the lads. A very tense match resulting in a 3-2 win and a second successive league victory for Na Fianna.

They Lost the first dm3, won e1m2, won dm2 then lost dm3 again. All of these maps, with the exception of e1m2, were very close finishes that could have gone either way.

So it was a surprise (to say the least) when Na Fianna chose dm3 as the final map, having lost it twice already. Perhaps their pride wouldnt allow them to walk away from the final without beating Quakeklan on all maps.Regardless they brought home a decisive victory, with the match finishing 184-88.

Theyll be taking a summer hiatus and skipping the EQL7 summer tournament, but the boys of the B squad will be taking part in one of the lower divisions. The addition of two maps to the map pool will make this tournament unpredictable so perhaps we will see another Irish victory in 5 weeks.

09/05/2008 17:39#2

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"all credit to the lads"
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