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quake.ie main news Na Fianna - EQL Div 5 Winners !!
 28/01/2008 09:29  Na Fianna - EQL Div 5 Winners !!89430 views | 3 replies 

clan : tayto

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Irish quakeworld clan Na Fianna in their first season have won the final of Division 5 in the European Quakeworld League. They defeated Austrian Clan clan Respawn Addicts in a comprehensive manner with the following scores.

Map DM3 - Na Fianna 224 - 77 Respawn Addicts
Map E1M2 - Na Fianna 234 - 64 Respawn Addicts
Map DM2 - Na Fianna 211 - 54 Respawn Addicts

NaFianna will now go on to compete in the Nations Quake Rank Season 11 which is starting next week. The clan have also expanded and will feature a second squad of players to compete in the Rookies Division while the main Squad will compete in the competitive Bronze Division which features Division 4/5 clans.

For any of you ex Irish QW players. We will be having internal 4on4s every Wednesday and Sunday. So join #nafianna on irc and get involved.

Match screen shots are included below.

Well done to all the lads !!

attachments :
402-Fian_vs_rEAd_dm2.jpg (97.8 kb)
402-Fian_vs_rEAd_dm3.jpg (138.19 kb)
402-Fian_vs_rEAd_e1m2.jpg (100.48 kb)

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01/02/2008 05:16#1

I look far too much like my avatar these days.

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Well played, Na Fianna. A complete whitewash of Respawn Addicts.

An especially fine performance on e1m2. Gl in div4 next season.

03/02/2008 01:05#2
matty mc cloud


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ive donated to quake.ie!

Congrats guys, might see me around soon!

04/02/2008 17:05#3

clan : tayto

posts : 71

Stop talking about it mixu and get back online

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