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 10/01/2002   bwdml week 85717 views | 2 replies 
Michael Breen

posts : 288

with the league almost coming to a conclusion here's a quick update on the goings on in week 8.

in division 1a bio v gs was a draw - 98 v 115 to bio on milktdm and on q3dm12tmp 86 v 77 to gs. in the scheduled fixture bio v unr, unr went onto win 120-57 on milktdm, bio however put up a much better performance on dm14tmp but still loosing 110-90. this puts bio in 3rd place with 2 matches in hand, in a good position to challenge for a place in the bwdml finals.

div2a saw hat take all 3 points vs f - f 71-126 on milktdm and a default 0-75 on dm12tmp. this leaves hat in a nice position mid table, with 2 matches left in hand, promotion looks just a little too far out of reach.

div3b sees bio.r move up into 3rd place with a crucial win vs lsr last night, 78-82 74-97 respectively. bio.r are in a good position now to challenge for promotion if they can win next weeks big fixture vs t-u who are just below them in the table.

div3d has fh in 6th place picking up a default win vs cn this week. they've two matches in hand and are to face udfc next week in a match they should expect to win.

James Eavis

posts : 91

was played tonight, on cpm4 and pro-q3dm6 (rescheduled game). Wz took all the points with two wins, 107-72 on CPM4, 129-87 on Pro-Q3DM6.

Ronan Condon

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clan : n8z

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site administrator

cool, its nearly over, expect us in the next one.
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