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quake.ie main news European QW League playoffs
 08/01/2008 11:42  European QW League playoffs91961 views | 2 replies 

clan : tayto

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The playoff stages of the European Quake league is now about to finally take place.
Irish clan Na Fianna who topped the league stages of Division 5 unbeaten and only dropping one map in the process will now play Finish Clan Vitun Kova Bosse in the semi-final of Div 5.

Na Fianna features a formidable lineup up of the following:
undone, john_rambo (vinnit), mickah, jonnie, furious, driz (Aus), beast and a few rookie newb players such as hotel and hedgehog

For all you one time Irish Quakerworlders now is the time to download the new QuakeWorld client and support the Irish lads as they once again do battle in the final stages of a Competitive Quakeworld competition.

Make sure to check progress on http://www.quakeworld.nu
European Quake League - http://www.eql.nu

or join
#nafianna on irc.quakenet.org

edited by pleuraXeraphim on 08/01/2008 11:42 

08/01/2008 14:20#1
Paddy Conway

The Dude Abides
clan : fish heads

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Formidable - John_rambo - rofl

16/12/2011 03:44#2


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