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quake.ie general discussion Pleasently surprised...
 18/05/2010 14:37  Pleasently surprised...1291 views | 4 replies 

Old skool CTFer

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...to find that quake.ie is still up and running after all these years, Im even more surprised that QW has reigned supreme and is alive and well. Ive been out of the scene for about about 10 years or so but recognise some of the old names on the forum (Spaceman, youll still a boll!x by the way!).

Is CTF still alive and kicking or am I way out of date in terms of the current gameplay of choice? I must dust off me auld hook and get grapplin again for old times sake....


27/05/2010 15:33#1


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reply sent by post

27/05/2010 15:38#2


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but seriously, if you wanna check up on qw then your best bet might be quakeworld.nu
qw is dead in ie afaik

29/05/2010 20:02#3

I look far too much like my avatar these days.

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Yeah, its just me and some guy called "Zedar" left from ie.

Luckily, connections are good enough these days that we can compete just fine in Central European and Scandinavian servers, especially since they implemented backwards reconciliation for hitscan weapons (or "antilag" as it is called) a few weeks ago.

CTF is completely dead, as is the old newbie favourite that is Clan Arena. Competition is all about 4on4 team deathmatch and duel, although 2on2 is still actively played casually.

http://www.quakeworld.nu is indeed the place to go for qw these days. It has links to just about every other relevant quakeworld site in the header bar. http://nquake.com is where the best modern quakeworld package resides so you dont have to dust off qwcl.exe anymore.

01/06/2010 07:47#4
name real


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hello I am looking for quake demos!
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