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quake.ie general discussion 2 new servers at altFIRE.com
 09/07/2010 13:30  2 new servers at altFIRE.com2136 views | 0 replies 
Paul Scollon

Old School in the New School..........

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Bad news - weve brought down the Open Arena server we had running (it was quite heavy on memory and wasnt getting much traffic).

Good news - we now have a Star Trek Elite Force server! And not just any regular Elite Force server, its 64 bit and based on the ioquake3 code. Details at http://www.altfire.com/main/html/eliteforce.php

We also recently brought up a Soldier of Fortune 2 server, continuing our commitment to providing servers in Ireland for older Quake 1/2/3 based games. Details at http://www.altfire.com/main/html/sof2.php

Any special requests for a particular game or mod? Let us know!
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