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 10/01/2002   cancer5523 views | 3 replies 
Ronan Condon

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i noticed over on iggy's column on quakenation about a little proggie that you download and apparently it works like [email protected] except it's for cancer research. if, like me, you have a computer with a free net connect i would suggest you take it down and run it, as we all know someone who has suffered or is suffering from cancer. being someone who has been trying on and off for the last two years to give up smoking, cancer is something that puts the fear of god in me, as i'm sure it does for all you smoking quaker nerds, so if you have nothing to do, download the programme here and when you are on an intensive care machine in the bed beside me, maybe there'll be someone who can save us due to our little effort.


been using it for a few months now, and've 30.5 days of calculation in them. Feels a bit good, plus you can set it on 'snooze' very easily if you happen to need full processing power for a few minutes.


Michael Breen

posts : 288

yeah i've been running it for the best part of last year knocked up a load of points. Makesure u turn it off before you play a game of quake tho.

17/09/2005 21:05#3

Nice blog!

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